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File anita-headphones.jpg

It has been soooooo long. Don't you have these sets. Can anyone share these.



Anyone? Please.


Come on. Please?

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File lena-unleashed-banner.jpg

Anybody has this holy grail set or any other epic set?


Guys, any wins


I would hardly call it a holy grail when it's just been released on the website!

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File 2.png

Anybody got links or rar's for the girls posted. I know this one had an album on Imgur with high quality pics but can't find it.

>> File Untitled-1.jpg

Also looking for pics of either of these girls


i recognize the one on the left.


I found out the first girl is "Princess Ava Marie" I still want pics or links of the other two girls though





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File serveimage.jpg

Seems it's her latest video as of now (feb/2018).

Does someone have it for free download, by chance?

The only link I found (below) is only for premium users. JAV movie code is JTDK-009.

Thanks in advance.


What link?


Think this is a special compilation - the only ones
available are connected with her normal sets 1 to 4


yes please


I tried to post the link here but the address seems to be blocked for some reason.

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File XJWbf33.jpg

Is there more of her existing?

No. 27873 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File Y1.jpg

somebody have more of this girls?


I want them toooooo




Based off my google fu, the hot one on the right at least is Helga Lovekaty. Not sure about the one on the left.


The girl at the left is Helga Lovekaty

>> File 151321971658.png

Helga Lovekaty candid

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File DNvGBvfU8AA6BH9.jpg

Does someone have the sets #143 or #151 (also video #008) of Karisha Terebun from George-Models? Thanks.

>> File DNvGBu-W0AA3bW2.jpg

Another pic from the set...

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File 14.jpg

Anyone have the full sets of Alicia from PrettyLilPanties. She is also known as Vera and Olivia. PinkPanteens and 18PussyClub and TeenySweets.

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>> File lyuda-alicia-olivia-vera.jpg

Anybody, anything?


Whoa, what studio is this one from? So far, only been able to find or older LS/BD sets. Nothing newer found.

>> File lyuda-alicia-olivia-vera3.jpg

<Teenflood. Other ones also at 18Pussyclub and Teenysweets (Vera). I don't think we had some from BD yet, so feel free to share


links are dead, can someone repost?


hope this uploader is allowed

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File 1520577790845.jpg

This Sofia set

No. 35426 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File Untitled.jpg

Anyone know who she is or if she has sets?

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File Claudia Castro2.jpg

Anyone have a video of hers named "Chorizo sales"? Or any of her vids?

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who is that girl on the left?


Evy (Silver-Jewels & TMTV) and Mother - this was
answer to question in the "Alice" section below

>> File AyOcbCqK5ss.jpg

evy already live alone from parents whith some kind of bf.. buts seems he stupid, and she fall in "first love" but its nto matter, she keep modeling but nothing naughty. just common photosesion for her friend phorographer. More curious will be her younger sis , that very clsoe looking as evy in her young age will modeling as pre-teen or not, sis seems already naughty, and not worry look how evy and her bf make some naughty foreplay


do you have any more of her?



She out from all this Pre-teen and NN stuff.. so let she live her own normal life whith any bother from side. Enjoy girls who back to Taozip.. if Evy have mind do same , maybe one day we will see

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File MarvelCharm_Eva-Rebirth-051.jpg

What happened to Eva? Did you change the agency? Does anyone know what?


She is studying in the U.S.

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File TaoZips-58-e1518207970281.jpg

does someone have her sample set from taozip

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Not the second it's released. Let them make some money first. It will usually end up online within 3 months. If the sites don't make any money, we stop getting sets.


god.. waiting Violette and Evy then


god.. waiting Violette and Evy then


i do, basically what you see in OP is what you get, 10 pictures from 3 "sets"


The first set for Alice is on the main board - but
its very poor - why Alice and Sarah have chosen to
work with these people is a mystery. Seen better
from a cameraphone

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File image.jpg

Anyone got more of these pics


I remember seeing this on Motherless. I could be wrong but they look like two girls I used to hang out with. They were best friends. I haven't talked to either of them in many years. Was surprised to see this. It's gotta be them.



http://www.imagefap. COM /pictures/3006293/Teeny-Girls-im-Urlaub

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File valensiasforest.jpg

Looking for this set, forest trail, from MC if anyone can help, and any sets after this if anyone has them?. Many Thanks

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File a0ef55214158242.jpg

Anyone have this video? I have been looking for it for a while but all the links seems down :(.
Valentina from teenlatinacasting.com

1 post omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.
>> File valentinatlc.jpg

Ok heres a bigger one, the only one i could find

>> File valentina2.jpg

Heres another one from the same model, but on pacinosadventures.com


No one??


No one??


yes i have this video
do you have other video of realteenlatinas o teenlatinacasting?

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File 595c11a41b2fb.jpg

Or even more of this girl? Seen a few Sets, this girl is gorgeous. Please Post everything you have

No. 35371 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 042.jpg


Looking on the wayback machine her name was Violina from Bulgariateens.toplessbabez.com a site that was online around 2005/6


Formerly Anya Aka Oxi Vladmodels Y148, now Georgemodel Anna Zharavina.

>> File set39-modelo2.jpg

This is Anna Zharavina of George Models - aka Oxi,
Anya, etc. think the photo above is TATIANA

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File 402_1000.jpg

Anyone has some rare content with Becky Magson? Some guy on other forum said that she had done some nudes in past.

3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

Rebecca used to do BG work but was very selective. Her ‘glamour modelling’ career came to an abrupt end a few years back when her fiancée put a stop on it. I know there are videos and photo sets, she might be interested in selling if you ask?

>> File Be2zAm9CQAE4NeH.jpg

Nice troll. If you had any of those you would add some fancy picture as proof. But its just a simple trolling and we both know that :)

>> File 799_1000.jpg


Where did this one come from?


this guy has a whole galley on her


her maden name is beck connolly

No. 35387 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File giphy.gif

i am looking for the lastest copy of the legal nude teens in movies text document. don't remember the name of t but it gives names of movies and actresses and their ages.

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