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/l/ ~ On an impulse I went ahead and purchased this ...
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On an impulse I went ahead and purchased this


the splash screen works-
Anything past the main menu, it just errors. Japanese locale doesn't work, nor doesn't admin.

All the more glory to those who help me crack this nut



i think i can help you . you have to japanese locale your computer, reboot , ectract the game the game , the game will have japanese letters ,for now i did it and i could pass the tittle menu. i hope it will help you



Is the extraction corrupted?

Could you perhaps repack your version into a new link? 



didn't work.

could you be a little more descriptive


ok i'll try to be more descriptive ,
1. download the link from op
2. go in control panel ,language, put the locale as japanese(it's the 4th little window the second button)
3. le computer will ask to reboot push ok
4. extract the file you downloaded from op link (extract here)
5. double click on .exe
6. it work you can masturbate peacefully

OP the game you bought from dlsite is censored the scene with red hair girl is deleted(sorry) only the dmm game is not censored.


well shit

thanks for your help anyway

hopefully someone can get the dmm one eventually


Got it to work, thanks


so, is there a torrent or place I can get this? The Megaupload doesn't work

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