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/l/ ~ Loli's from Western Vydra games. ...
No. 5726 Quote report

File 1417772400649.jpg

Loli's from Western Vydra games.

>> File 1417862775163.gif

>Go to the rule34s
>love fugtrup's tiny tina gifs
>suddenly they start removing all loli from the site
>fugtrup removes them from his site
>find out about rule34hentai.net
>Lots of great Clem, little sisters and aunty greenleaf webms
>recently they too took them all off the site
>can't even share them here because no 3D renders


rule34hentai.net's rendered 3d is still there friend. You just have to create an account and log in to see them now.


>rule 34 removing loli
I was tired of living anyways


He was talking about 3d. But if rumors are to be believed, they're going to go the HF router and purge all underage looking art. Fun fact, exhentai also has 3d loli banned, but they obviously can't acknowledge that because that'd mean also acknowledging exhentai's existence.

>> File 1417892058187.jpg

>But if rumors are to be believed, paheal is going to go the HF route and purge all underage looking art.

"No exceptions" my ass.


If this finally goes through and nobody has managed to mirror or rip all those images, the loss for the hentai community will be inconceivable.


It depends on which Rule34 you are talking about. There more than 3 such sites.


There's just one r34 with tens of thousands of pictures in danger of being purged.


you can see the images if you make an account


we have a rule 34 board.

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