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/l/ ~ Hey all! I'm planning to write some erotic...
No. 5635 Quote report

File 1421091580710.jpg

Hey all!

I'm planning to write some erotica. I write as a living as it is, but I have only briefly dabbled in erotica, only showing one or two short pieces to 4chan…

I wanted to incorporate loli into it aswell, but this causes an issue. I wouldn't know where to post it…

I imagine most sites like DeviantART or Tumblr would take ti down once they realise I'm talking about kids. I used to read a lot from Loliwood, but it has since been shut down (Submitting, not viewing).

So, do you guys know of any sites that might overlook or just ignore my material? of course, I'd prefer a more public site like DA or Tumblr over an unkown site like Loliwood, but I'll make do with what I can get. Beggars can't be choosers.

I also thought I'd ask for a bit of inspiration for scenes from my target audience.

I've planned two serials and a collection of stories.

The first serial is called 'Tales from Earth-69'.

The setting is earth in a parallel dimension where sex is not taboo in the slightest. There is also no prejudice towards preference. This means age limits are gone aswell. In this world, children are raised being taught about sex and being involved in it. School has a weekly class of 'sex-ed' and there are even sexual education shows on childrens TV. Incest is also allowed.

This opens the possibility for sex anywhere with anyone. Two kids going at it in the park. A teacher fucking a kid during detention. A parent and a kid banging it out in a restaurant.

What sort of scenarios would you like to see in Earth-69? And what other things can you think of that might be in this world (Aphrodisiac for children, kid's sex toys, rape is legal, but used as a punishment akin to a light slap on the wrist etc.)?

The second serial is unnamed as of yet (Possibly 'Going Unnoticed'?).

It revolves around an ancient God of sex who grants the ability of going unnoticed for a whole day.

This mean you can do whatever you like and no-one will react, mentally. So, you slap someone, but they don't notice. Of course, physical reactions are still there, such as a bruise appearing, but no one will take notice of it. Their reactions come back the next day, which is why the gift of going unnoticed is risky. You gotta be willing to leave the country pretty much the next day.

I have a few scenarios banging around in my head, but what do you think would be good to see? I'll also be writing about the next day if you would like to see the reactions at all…

And the collection of stories will just be your average erotica. Guy meets girl. they fuck. Of course, each story will be different, but they won't be as outlandish as the above two serials. And some (if not all) will include lolis.

I'm super happy to hear suggestions and ideas! :D

Also, how long do you think each story/issue of a serial be? Like, how long would you actually read this for before jacking off then closing the page? (There will be coherent and interesting stories aswell as just sex. Like I said, I write for a living)

>> File 1421092382664.jpg

An example idea for the collection of stories is a policeman who has a 12 year old daughter that he home schools and has groomed from a young age.

He knows most of the cops around his precinct are into kids. All besides his boss.

He makes arrangements with his colleagues to get $1000 off each of them, in order to fuck his daughter.

After receiving payment, he convinces his boss to let his daughter come to work with him as 'Theres a gas leak at the house'. The boss allows it after a bit of a persuasion.

They drug the boss, sending him to sleep, and each cop has his way with the 12 Year old girl.

She's completely ravaged by the ment that are there to protect her. Thats the angle I'm going with for this one.

Thats just a quick idea.

>> File 1421092538953.jpg

Also, a quick idea about the narrative style of 'Tales from Earth-69'.

Maybe instead of being told by someone from that dimension, it could be told by a being that oversees the various dimensions. An interdimensional being.

He obviously explains at the start that Earth-69 is his favourite, and he spends most of his time simply watching it. Maybe an ascended human being?

That would explain his sexual desire…


/r/pomf is the last semi high profile site allowing that kind of content without people having to jump through 20 hoops to access it.

I don't think there're any western non-r34 fapfiction sites left.

>> File 1421094489355.jpg

Shit. I was worried as much.

What site would you recommend then? Are there no blog sites that would allow this kinda stuff so long as there were no actual kids harmed?

The more activity the better…


asstr.org allows child erotica stories.

>> File 1421097180942.jpg

If I'm not mistaken, thats where loliwood was.

I didn't know they had any child erotica outside of the loliwood section.

Will check it out! Thank you!

Whats the traffic like?

>> File 1421106170833.jpg

Surely a site such as blogspot wouldn't remove my content?


Didn't they retired any subsites and authors writing underage material because of a couple of authors got sued for writing child porn?

>> File 1421128685052.jpg

I'd go for Pixiv. The site used to be primarly japanese and for asian artists to post their work (both adult and non-adult works). However, since Pixiv allows loli/shota content and western equivalents for adult content like Hentai Foundry banned loli/shota stuff (including stories), Pixiv is probably the best place to go cus I don't see them banning loli content anytime soon since they're a japanese site. A fair number of artists from Hentai Foundry mirgrated to Pixiv for posting loli or teen type content of theirs.


I just checked out the site and found a pedo collection right away.


OP, asstr.org is the best place. They have tons of loli stories all over, not just loliwood. You can apply for an account and be given your own html page to upload anything you like. Loliwood is just one of the account on asstr, anyone can open an account and post stuff.

I have an old account there I used to post stuff but I took down all the site because I stopped uploading stuff.
If you don't want to hastle with managing a site with asstr, I'd be glad to host your stories on my asstr site. All credit goes to you.
I have my own html template as well.
Let me know.


>What sort of scenarios would you like to see in Earth-69?

A dick-worshipping loli cult.


I'd love to see >>92754 or >>92765


Typical shounen heroine going on a journey around the world to "catch them all"
"Them" refers to dicks.

>> File 1421180793629-3.jpg

>Also, how long do you think each story/issue of a serial be? Like, how long would you actually read this for before jacking off then closing the page? (There will be coherent and interesting stories aswell as just sex. Like I said, I write for a living)

If I read something for the sex, I'm reading it for the sex and not for the story. I suggest not writing a lot about of non-erotica material in these stories. I imagine that most that read the stories will do it for loli sex and be uninterested in the rest. Not likely that people will go looking for loli stories just because they want something to read.

As for specific things to write about, assertive/dominant lolis should be more common in general. Cowgirl position where she's doing the moving, forced blowjobs/handjobs, footjobs, edging. That sort of stuff would be nice.


>The setting is earth in a parallel dimension where sex is not taboo in the slightest. There is also no prejudice towards preference. This means age limits are gone aswell. In this world, children are raised being taught about sex and being involved in it. School has a weekly class of 'sex-ed' and there are even sexual education shows on childrens TV. Incest is also allowed.

>This opens the possibility for sex anywhere with anyone.

A society where sex seems commonplace is pretty damn hot. And where it's not frowned upon and public sex isn't considered such a traumatizing thing, that would be a great scenario for erotic stories and fictional worlds. Things where sex isn't discouraged, public nudity is a thing, kids are given a deep education with sex ed as well as learning from an early age, exploring sexuality (even bi-curious and/or incestuous stuff) being encouraged, all kinds of sex being acceptable to society's/religion's values (like oral, anal, positions outside missionary, and groups/orgies). Sounds like a pretty interesting society and certainly gives me a hard on thinking about it.

Maybe there could be a Take your kid to work day where the loli is groomed to the point where she's like

"$1000? I'd gladly have a gangbang with your friends for free! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun daddy."

Then maybe instead of drugging the boss to sleep, they get him drunk to the point they convince him to fuck the loli daughter in his drunken state, sneakingly getting the boss's dick to become hard for lolis he always thought he'd be protecting from all the bad men. This could lead to other things like possibility of blackmail, like

"We have you on film having your way with my kid. So speak of this to anyone or go public with the perversions of the department and your life will be ruined. Also, my loli daughter can come to the department whenever she wants, getting fucked by anyone here on request and that includes you too chief."

Gradually, the groomed loli daughter turns from an indecisive loli who happens to enjoy sex, to an assertive, perverted, fully corrupted deviant loli who enjoys getting what she wants. And if she craves cock, she'll do whatever she can to get some even at another's expense if necessary. Something like this could end up getting the head of the department even more knee deep in the blackmail as the loli may keep requesting to have sex with him, making it an unescapable situation as there'd be mountains of evidence to sink his life if word got out.

cont'd in next post

>> File 1421294148863.jpg

Now this sounds like great fun if done correctly. Maybe something like a school or church/religion as a front for their cock worshiping tendencies to help them draw more unsuspecting adults, parents, and lolis in (as well as guys too I suppose, so lolis can worship their cocks round the clock). I've always thought it would be interesting if there were a school for loli sluts, perhaps as a way of training/grooming young and older lolis into lifelong sluthood for pleasing sexually. Maybe even the current teachers there are former students who are still massive sluts as adults like they were as lolis, passing on their knowledge and experience onto the next generation. There could be some very interesting classes and grading scales used in a school like that, as well as different accolades, school activities, and field trips. Maybe there could be a sex sport lolis compete in too since thorough sex-ed is commonplace in society and they'd be well educated and groomed to fancy participating in a sport like that. Maybe something like lingerie wrestling, lingerie football, or something really perverted where it's not uncommon for sexual activities to occur in the field of play. Maybe a sexual version of flag football where defenders have to strip the dildo carrier down, or have something like flash ball where play is continuous and play doesn't stop much (similar to soccer). Scoring points could be based on something like each team having a goalie like in soccer or hockey, however instead of them trying to prevent the other team from scoring goals into a net or something, opposing teams would score points for sexual things like how much they're able to get the goalie to moan, how many times they get a dildo stuck inside them, and how many times the opposing team gets the goalie to orgasm. When it comes down to it, basically something like the Lingerie Football League, but with lolis and without limits. Maybe the less athletic or younger lolis could be the cheerleaders, doing perverted cheers and moves to turn on the crowds. When not doing those things they could assert themselves as cumdumps as fanservice for all the horny fans looking to satisfy their urges from watching all the lewd activity on the field and off.


>assertive/dominant lolis should be more common in general.

Big yes to this. Not enough of the lolis truly wanting to be assertive, or looking like they want the D. Some kinky ideas for lewd situations could could from kinky, assertive lolis looking to have a good time. Maybe even a situation where a few loli friends corner an unsuspecting teen guy who's initially unwilling at all to participate. The lolis using their sexual wiles and education, take advantage of the guy's unmistakeable horniness and shower him with loli group sex. Gradually, this once reluctant guy is turned into a full blown loli lover, becoming a much different person than before while now craving the taste of loli pussy and ass.

Well that was a bit of a long winded post of text and a lot of perverted stuff, but I just thought I would think out loud and jot down any sorts of ideas or scenarios you could possibly use for your erotic work. Heck even something with a format like a graphic novel (a few pics here and there for visual representation to go along with the large amounts of text to read) would make for great fapping material. A world where lolis (and shotas opposite them) are curious to satisfy themselves sexually and in a society where lewd behavior isn't discouraged would be pretty cool and boner inducing. Would also be interesting if there were a higher rate of kids being born as a middle sex, like futas/dickgirls in a society trying to educate kids about all things sex (including science) and not just standard things.

>> File 1421790209031.jpg

How does this sound as an introduction to 'Tales from Earth-69'?

I am the curator. A being of infinite energy. I exist for an eternity. I am what many refer to as 'God', though I do not create or destroy. I simply exist and witness. I witness your world, 'Earth-102', along with many other realities. Each a slight variant of another.

I witness 'Earth-481', where dogs are the sentient race. Humans went extinct a long time ago. I witness 'Earth-2', where Abraham Lincoln was a Muslim woman, living in a camel on the edge of Antarctica. I witness 'Earth-21', where every living human being is the exact same person - Michael Jones, a thirty-two year old used car salesman with a persistent stomach ulcer and sever eczema behind his left ear.

I also witness 'Mars-289', where life has inhabited Mars. All human beings are of brown skin and carry with them enormous bulbous sacks of pus they have collected from each others spots during puberty. I witness 'Saturn-11', where dinosaurs roam the rings, watching over the human peasants on the planet surface. I witness 'Pluto-5', where the entire planet lives underground, feeding off giant ants.

I witness many, many possibilities. Infinite in fact. I have favoured realities, and ones I choose not to view. But this story isn't for me. It's for you.

In the following pages and chapters, I compile stories from 'Earth-69'. I do this for you. You, sitting behind the screen right now, reading my words. The words that I choose to project into Earth-102 because I know you crave this kind of story. And I am here to help.

Earth-69 is akin to your Earth-102 in most aspects. The only difference is that the activity you refer to as 'sex' is more common. So common in fact that it can be had with anyone at any time in any place. I wish I could take you to this universe, but I am just a curator.

In Earth-69 it is not uncommon to find a man having sex with a dog in a shopping centre. It is not uncommon to find a child giving oral sex to a teacher in a school. It is not uncommon to find commercial brothels dotted across the cities. It is not uncommon for sexually-oriented shows to be broadcast on day time television. It is not uncommon for families to participate in incestuous sex.

This is the world you crave for, and I am her to tell you about it. Please sit back, unzip, lube up, and enjoy.

>> File 1421798984934.gif


>> File 1421846970028-0.jpg

Make it happen captain. That sounds like a fapping masterpiece.

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