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/l/ ~ Not sure if this is relevant to anyone, but someon...
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File 1421379394889.gif

Not sure if this is relevant to anyone, but someone on twitter just linked to a mirror of every loli image on gelbooru and the scraper to keep it up to date. In light of the times we live in, some generous souls may have enough patience and the net speed to download and redistribute it if gelbooru ever decides to purge all of it.

Size: 40gb


I appreciate the link. A torrent would probably work better though cus downloading that much data through a direct link takes a fuckton of time and the download can be interrupted if you're unlucky.

Maybe if someone manages to download it all, they can seed a torrent for it making it much more accessible than a large direct download which is downloaded through your browser.


I think this is VERY relevant. How are the images named? Is it just md5 hashes, does it have tags, artist names?

This might be less relevant, but here's what an archive of all toddlercon gelbooru was pressured to remove looks like:

There's no reason to think it can't happen to us next.


I second this. Before I go about downloading 40gig of loli on an Australian internet connection, risking the potential "child pornography" legal stupidity, I want to know how it is labelled, etc. so I can rather easily group it into artists, etc. before encrypting for later batches of smaller uploads of individual artist and related works.


Gelbooru's image naming system is awful. They're a bunch of seeming random characters. It's never sorted is a meaningful way.


there is a god


you're too soft op like pudding >:)


I'd really love to get a torrent of this


Any chance we could get some torrents or magnet links for each of these? I'd very much appreciate it. Don't want to worry about a 40GB direct download in my browser and haven't been able to figure out the sad panda in the past.


Here's a mega for the toddlercon at least

>> File 1421579071814.png

>Looking all over the net for clementine webm and gifs
>After hours I find a torrent with 40 gigs of SFM gifs including clem gifs and the like
>Can't download because I only have a 200gig SSD that is full of shit


You tried logging in on rule34hentai.net?


I'm willing to make and seed a torrent for the archive if some kind anon could tell me how to download from mega via the command line or give me a link to a site that can be downloaded from that way.

My seedbox doesn't allow a DE so any downloads are limited to what I can get from torrents or direct links.


I hadn't been there in forever but I remember there being at least a dozen pages of clem pics, now theres only 2 pictures tagged as clementine.
Is it just me or has the site gone to shit?


I would happily help seed said torrent if I could download mega shit from the terminal.

I tried downloading it overnight on my desktop and it got stuck at 17%, Dotcom can go fuck a rake


Figured out a way to download the archive, but I'm too tired to do it now. I'll get working on it tomorrow. Will let you guys know when it's done.


Finally done with the torrent! Here's the link for anyone interested:


I will seed this for as long as possible, although I would appreciate it if anyone who downloads this could help in that regard. My upload cap isn't infinite so if everyone simply leeches I will have to throttle the upload speed.


Thanks based anon. I couldn't into dling from mega but I'll try to help seed if I can download this.


Awesome, thank you. :) Really nice collection of stuff here, I'll have plenty of fap material for a while as I wait patiently to finish up that big torrent of loli.


Now, does anyone know a good way to split a folder into multiple folders of maybe 500 each? I'm sitting here with a single folder of 80k images and it's a little hard to manage/even open

>> File 1421766759717.png

It'll take a bit of time to just make sure some thumbnails are loaded up and stuff, but if you want to mass select things to separate into different folders first you should use shift+select to mass select a chunk of pics to move into a folder. Either way it'll take you probably a day or two depending how much free time you have to separate things a bit, then worrying about organizing based on tags if applicable (which would take a lot of time granted, but as long as so much fap material is there that's probably not a big deal since you could go to random parts of a folder and fap to something new).

>> File 1421769524663.png

If there is interest I could try writing a script that sorts the images that way.


It wouldn't be hard:

get a list of files
set counter to 1
create a new folder
for each file{
if counter > n, create a new folder and set counter = 1
move file to the current folder
add 1 to counter

If >>92889 is running windows it would probably be best to write it as a .bat script.

>> File 1421788275426.jpg

I've created a very rough batch script for now. It's far from ideal but I don't have time to finish it now:


It searches for the source folder specified in Source (line 3). If it finds the folder it then searches for a target folder to move the images to (designated by Target - line 4). If the folder doesn't exist it will create it. It will then iterate through the images and move the amount specified in line 17 (between GEQ and goto, set here as 500) to the target folder.

If you are going to use this script remember to modify the Source, Target and amount to suit your needs.

The obvious limitation to the script in it's current form is that it only runs once. In order to create multiple folders with a specific amount of pictures you will need to run the script, move the created target folder to a different location and then run the script again. I would appreciate it if some anon could expand on the script to make it repeat and create new folders or replace it with a better one since scripting and programming really aren't my area of expertise.


Glorious news! I was lucky enough to find a script that does exactly what's needed. Simply point the "folder" variable to the right directory, set the desired amount of files per folder in "maxfiles" and run!

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set folder=c:\files

set filecount=0
set foldercount=1
set maxfiles=2000

for /F "tokens=*" %%G in ('dir "%folder%" /A:-D /B') do (
set /A filecount+=1
set target=0000!foldercount!
set target=!target:~-5!
if not exist "%folder%\!target!" md "%folder%\!target!"
move "%folder%\%%G" "%folder%\!target!"

if [!filecount!]==[%maxfiles%] (
set /A foldercount+=1
set filecount=0


>haven't been able to figure out the sad panda in the past
Search google or your browser's add-on page for "sad panda", make an ehentai account, and play the rpg game thing until you're about level 10. It should work after you wait a week or two.


Or you can just take the easy route and do this:



Thanks so much for this. I'm only getting 20 kbps download, should finish in 3 weeks lol. But I have a shitload of bandwidth and I will seed handsomely.

>> File 1423237686952.jpg

You're very welcome. Apologies for the slow download speed - I had to pause the seeding on my end since my monthly upload cap is almost used up.

I'm actually pretty surprised how many people have downloaded the torrent already. I've uploaded over 500GB in a single month just for this.

On a related note I'm considering updating the archive and releasing an updated torrent on a semi-regular basis, if there is interest in it. I'm also thinking of creating and hosting a dedicated lolicon website that will act as an archive of all the loli hentai and doujins I can find. If that works out somehow and I feel ambitious I might even try to recreate something similar to lolibooru.

>> File 1423275103630.jpg

$ git clone git://loli-safe-country-server/loli.git
would be nice.(and save our ass in case one goes down)
These days, it's difficult to get a server that allows loli content…

>> File 1423287116621.jpg

Could a kind soul upload this to something no MEGA. Now it wants an extension for large files. Fuck that.

>> File 1423298873418.jpg

openssl enc -d "-aes-128-ctr" -K feb1b4be623e886d3bd914bd87b5eb00 -iv cef55e35b6d050520000000000000000 -in "loli (14-1-15).zip.enc" -out "loli (14-1-15).zip"

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