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/l/ ~ I love loli so much. But i'm a 17 year old gi...
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File 1365390279743.jpg

I love loli so much. But i'm a 17 year old girl. Am I wrong ;o


no your just coming into your own :D loli loving is for all, and should stay for all :D


'm a 23 year old boy. You should be my loli and we could have plenty of loli sex. :)


It would be wrong if you weren't bisexual. So guys like us can fuck you then you you would be liek" ONII-CHAN IIIIKKKKKUUUUUU" yeh...


this is why I love you all so much fellow lolicons. Stay classy.


... wait you're a GIRL??
Freak'n weirdo.

>> File 132806960889.jpg

Are you 13, or just trolling for low-hanging fruit?


People should form a loli political party. Gotta say screw you to moralists before they screw us.

Nothing wrong with liking what you like. Obscenity does not exist, nothing is truly forbidden. People used to watch prisoners get torned apart in coliseums for sport. Marriage at 13 used to be the norm. Now all of a sudden, we have to turn off all of these switches, so that we may live in a world not of our own choosing? Get real.

Like what you like, there is no evil in love.


Hear, hear.

Wouldn't watching and listening what you want fall under freedom of press/pursuit of happiness?
Who's to say that I can't masturbate to an impregnated futa loli being torn in half by a behemoth-sized tentacle monster?

>> File 1365390328034.jpg

I've loved loli since I was 12. I thought it was wrong at first but that's only because I was raised by Catholics and pretty much everything is wrong to those idiots. If people were never raised to believe things like "sex under the age of 18 is wrong" and so forth, it wouldn't actually be wrong, now would it? The only reason the age of consent is so high these days is because humans are taking longer than ever to develop the ability to reason. People are slowly becoming dumber and dumber, so the age at which they are allowed to make their own choices is getting higher.
Awww yeah.

>> File 135863166847.jpg

Lolicon's good fun, erotic, but I don't think its pedo. Personally I have no urges for underaged sex, but love lolicon. I don't see why a woman can't love it too, its just about imagination, imagary, fantasy, . . but not reality. personally to find a woman into lolicon is pretty damn hot


i worked up the curage to show my GF and suprisingly enuff she is fine with it :) it was taking a huge boulder off my shoulders that i can draw it freely around her and dont need to worry. but its a double edge sword... i got a little to complacent and had my pad out on the table when her friend came over.... THANKFULLY if what just some rough sketches and the privats wernt drawn to detail yet. she lied and said it was for a animation project with little little girls in a playground. they took it thank goodnes... so if you do tell someone an they accept dont be to complacent


Can I get some info on the girl from the 1st and the tenth poster plz? Perhaps a her name or the artists?



Nope, but I wish there were more girls like you...



My mother raised my brother and I to be Christian (my dad is essentially an atheist, though), so I know how you feel. Christians don't tend to be quite as strong as Catholics (unless they're those crazy ones in America - I forgot the name of the church, but you know the ones I'm talking about, I'm sure), but still... I want to be more open-minded, but my mum feels so restricting.

It's also really hard, because at my age (19), I'm struggling with religion. Whereas I used to embrace it, I now find myself questioning it.

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