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/l/ ~ [Loli Game] えっちな秘密基地
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File _RJ106618_img_main.jpg

[Loli Game] えっちな秘密基地


need to pay host to download. total crap.


Fuck your premium-only host and fuck your site advertisement!

I'm downloading this from P2P right now, alternative FREE host links will be tomorrow at most, maybe today.


waiting for deliver dl links altern.


Well fuck. I've tried P2P (ed2k) and several shares from the net -- they're both the same fake (inside the archives there's 2 more "archive" files which are really just some random porn copied and edited to fit file size).

It's highly likely that the files in the archive on that premium share are also fakes and a real rip is just not out yet.

I'll be on the lookout for the real thing.


Found the real deal (it's uncompressed on my HDD right now)

Going to sleep. When I wake up I'll upload it here

>> File ___.jpg

As promised (though with slight delay that was not my fault)




>> File fucking finally.jpg

To install change locale to Japan or *preferably* use Microsoft AppLocale (google it)

Just remember to shift-rightclick on AppLocale exe to "Run as Admin" cause the installer also wants to be run as admin.

Tested - working


still cant get it to work :(


1. AppLocale (YOU MUST shift+rightclick>Run as Admin) to install
2. AppLocale again on game's exe file to run game. Tick a box to create a permanent shortcut.

Japanese language is "日本語"

Tested by multiple people on several boards


Oh wait, I know what may be the problem:
You extract it to a folder with a Japanese name, "えっちな秘密基地" right?

Just change that folder name to English (anything will do) and the procedure will work.


still can't get it to work 3 questions it asks but can't understand japanese any help

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