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/fur/ ~ Looking hard for this comic. it's about a bea...
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File 139346975699.jpg

Looking hard for this comic. it's about a beagle and his Raccoon friend who are playing games with the beagle's older brother ( who is just watching). The older brother goes to shower, the beagle and raccoon go to look for comics in his closet. They find gay porn comics, and decide to start experimenting. The beagle picks on the raccoon for going along with it. Raccoon asks if it will hurt, the beagle tells him it's ok, he's small. They do it cowboy position , beagle cums on raccoon's chest while raccoon cums in the beagle's ass. Descriptive enough?!

The picture is obviously just an imitation I made from memory of one of the last pages.


Sounds like 'Boy's night', by SydneySnake. I shot them a message, and assuming they're okay with people posting their stuff, I can toss it up for you.


And reply received.

Sorry to say, but the artist doesn't want that particular comic posted(and in fact they removed it from their own gallery), due to personal reasons, so I can't help you there after all.

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