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/fur/ ~ How do I get into fur? ...
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File topsalad_u18chan.jpg

How do I get into fur?


Take a lightsaber to your dead tauntaun? Or do you mean the furry fandom?


Look at furry porn. If you get boner. You furry. If no boner. You no furry.


but, if i can get a boner for alot of other non-furry porn...
that mean im just a furry and alot of other things?


I think that classifies as an 'omnisexual', or 'have porn, will fap'.

Wait, should this thread classify as a Discussion or as a Request to join with the almighty pawstika?


Being a furry is as simple as being obsessed with anthromorphs porn or not, lots of furrys who are not into the porn side of the fandom and cant stop drawing furs or thinking of themselves as furs, if your asking how do you get into furry porn then yeah go look at some furry porn and if you can get off to it your a furry regardless of if you get off to other types of porn.

>> File 1395222125453_u18chan.png

I think I like gayfur


well, having spanked it a few times to bondage doesn't make me a BDSM fetishist so getting off to furry shouldn't make you a furry.

however, visiting a furry website to seek out furry porn does mean you're into this.


And then there's the other side of the spectrum, the ones are into it only for the art/porn who avoid the cringeworthy side of the fandom like the AIDs.


I started out jerking off to my favorite vidya girl. Now I jerk off exclusively to gayfur lel.

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