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File 1336018587_VolleyVixen_u18chan.jpg

>> ATTENTION!!!!! <<<<

FULL SF SITERIP ON 09.apr.2014 !!!

>> ATTENTION!!!!! <<<<

All 2014 updates avalable on ONEGAI.SU

Do not forget to visit us =)

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What is it with all the uploads? Can people not just actually post the images to this site?

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Better question: why doesn't anyone fucking rip FurAfterDark?

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Then...why not just post the other couple links? Wouldn't that just be incredibly easier than installing and using another different web browser?

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Just letting you know that siterips were updated.
The link is the same.

What's new?
Sexyfur - 09.apr.2014
JayNaylor - 02.mar.2014
Clubstripes - 01.apr.2014

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File ppkjhgvbnm_u18chan.png

i wanna the image of gunbunny, please.

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File katrina-scene.png

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File 139672300385.jpg

Is furry loli okay here?

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File 139672308215.jpg

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File 139672308217.jpg

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File 139672311168.jpg

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Furry loli is the best! Post moar!

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File robotjoeblaziken_u18chan.jpg

Im new to creating/drawing pron. my name is artblush and id like to share some of it with you. i already had shared some on e6. i kinda want some opinions on my stuff.

if you got any questions ask :)

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File coloredblaziken_u18chan.png

colored :D

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File easterbunnybutt_u18chan.png


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Do you do commissions?

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File kisskissbou1_u18chan.png

cute female monster belongs to

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Lol, artblush, RobotJoe?

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File nicole_0_u18chan.jpg

First off, the name is from Funnyjunk, which i was linked to this site from. Its nice to find this site. I wish to give you this giant folder (2.1gb) of porn that was collected from the Dropboxes of many of the Furry board users on FJ.

Its not a adfly anything, im not making money for this link, and its not anything spammy or shitty. It might not be new anything, but its just alot of pictures from various artists. Its all kinda loosely organized because its just a collaboration of board users dropboxes.

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File lol_0_u18chan.png

Why so small file?

Here is my folder...

Might upload someday. ;D

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exactly, mine's over 67 gigs. Thats why I said "I wouldnt call 2.1gigs a giant file"

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File 2014-04-2222_05_48-LocalDiskZ_Properties_u18chan.png


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File _0_u18chan.png
Sad thing is furry account is disabled on profilactic. But it should be open soon.

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File 87_1_u18chan.png


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File 1_12920392195.jpg

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File fifi_bimbette_u18chan.png

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File juniperskunkfinished_u18chan.jpg

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File this_won__t_hurt_me_a_bit_by_raizy-d49vt2k_u18chan.png

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File Ychan-f-jimhardiman-20132_U18chan.jpg

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File Ychan-f-jimhardiman-20136_U18chan.jpg

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File topsalad_u18chan.jpg

How do I get into fur?

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Being a furry is as simple as being obsessed with anthromorphs porn or not, lots of furrys who are not into the porn side of the fandom and cant stop drawing furs or thinking of themselves as furs, if your asking how do you get into furry porn then yeah go look at some furry porn and if you can get off to it your a furry regardless of if you get off to other types of porn.

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File 1395222125453_u18chan.png

I think I like gayfur

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well, having spanked it a few times to bondage doesn't make me a BDSM fetishist so getting off to furry shouldn't make you a furry.

however, visiting a furry website to seek out furry porn does mean you're into this.

>> No. 3079 Quote report

And then there's the other side of the spectrum, the ones are into it only for the art/porn who avoid the cringeworthy side of the fandom like the AIDs.

>> No. 3080 Quote report

I started out jerking off to my favorite vidya girl. Now I jerk off exclusively to gayfur lel.

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File 139424349347.jpg

hey guys, anyone feel like posting some female wolves?

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File 139654452059.jpg

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File 139654457544.jpg

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File 139654459689.jpg

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File 139690765081.jpg

Just noticed that the first pic(#5) is, for whatever reason, half the size of the rest, so here's the full sized version.

>> No. 3061 Quote report

Hell yes. Good comic

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File 138342912558.png

Thoughts on Project X, /fur/? (

I think the game kind of sucks but these two are cute. Too bad there isn't much art with them.

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It works now! Hopefully you'll still be here to extract the files when the newest version of the game gets release... whenever that is (there are supposed to be new stages and unique game over screens).

>> No. 3055 Quote report

Update! I've got bad news, people. The encryption system in this release is still the same but the devs have modified a lot of the larger files. This means I can't extract enough of the key to decrypt a good chunk of the new stuff. I could extract more of the key, enough to rip everything expect the music, if I had an encrypted version 4.0 (by encrypted I mean original, not ripped). Anyone got it? If nobody has it then it won't be possible to make a full working rip without messing with assembly language.

>> No. 3056 Quote report

Damn. Well...

There you go. Best of luck, man.

>> No. 3057 Quote report

Thanks, and done.

I ripped all the game data except for three music tracks. That music still plays in the game but because it has not been extracted into the data folder you can't listen to it outside the game, etc. Mirror this download if you want it to last longer.

>> No. 3058 Quote report


Awesome. Hopefully you will return when the big 5.0 release happens... whenever that'll be.

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File 138642123621.jpg

post more gay ass furries.

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File 138987642132.jpg

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File 138987642172.jpg

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File 139205750846.jpg

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File 139815402987.png

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File 139496998383.png

TF and TG pics.

Don't make requests without posting pics. DO NOT ask for something and offer something else when you get it.

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Lover Bear & Girl In The Woods (Part 1?)

Only uploading this once guys, so be responsible. This makes four of Locofuria's comics I've posted for you guys. If I do any more for, I'll feel like an unredeemable jackass.


>> No. 3040 Quote report

Thank you man! I was about to get them myself, but you really saved me a lot! <3

>> No. 3041 Quote report

Can you upload Lobo's stuff somewhere?

>> No. 3042 Quote report

Can you upload Sexy moments or Abducted

>> No. 3043 Quote report

Hi, same anon who posted the four Locofuria comics. I know I said I'd feel like a jackass if I uploaded anymore of his comics for a while. And I still do.

...Now JOLLYJACK, on the other hand? Yeah, guy acts like a prick. And I've had a shitty enough day that his shitflinging about Frozen and smelling of butthurt has finally rustled my jimmies.

So, here's every JJ image & comic I own, including his "pay me for porn" comics! Same rules as before, uploaded only one time so watch out.

Enjoy! :D

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File 138057995779.png

Age: 27
Location: South East UK
Gender: Male
Seeking: Female
Build: Tall and Large
General Interests (other than Furry and the Chan Boards): Film, Animation, Video Games.
Kinks: Anal and open to almost anything.
Absolute No: Anything causing blood or excessive pain and Scat.

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>> No. 3030 Quote report

Murfreesboro, TN, USA
20yo, biological male, ambiguous mindset. Like crossdressing. Like others crossdressing as well ;)
Top and bottom. My spirit animal is a wolf. White skin, medium length hair. Bisexual. Skinny.

Interests: Music, Arts, Video games. Anything dark and unusual. Drugs. Good vibrations.

Kinks: Many

Absolute no: Scat


>> No. 3031 Quote report

This nigga done said his spirit animal was a wolf

>> No. 3032 Quote report

San diego? Me too! 27M bi here, lets chat! Rockwellnumbernine at that geemail dawt cawm. Dinner n pets sounds like a great time to me, lets see how we hit it off :)

>> No. 3033 Quote report

Hey, Murfreesboro, Atlanta here. Too far to send you an email and start thinking about it?

>> No. 3034 Quote report

I emailed you, check your spam folder.

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