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/di/ ~ Mind if come back here for a while? ^=^ ...
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File 139440153125.jpg

Mind if come back here for a while? ^=^

>> File 139440166212.gif

Maybe you guys don't even remember me! idk. Postin' anyway.

And also, Hi. I change my tumblr url a while back.

I also cut bangs. Aaaand.. That's p much it.


You better have naughty pics or I will have to ask you to make some.


Pepper! <3

How are you?

>> File 139440394037.jpg

Maybe.. I do have naughty pics but idk if I want them to end up on the internet just yet.

I am fine! I have just eaten as I post this actually and I'm thinking about hopping into bed and watch some Evangelion. I'm on ep.11 so don't spoil.


missed ya


Eva is my favorite anime. Its so mind fucking depressing its brilliant c:


i like you, if you lived near me i would try so hard to date you

>> File 139442491362.jpg

Sup dude. You here right now? Probs not..


Oh hey. Was wondering if I'd ever see anything from you again. Don't mind seeing you back at all. You are looking good.

>> File 13944440513.jpg

With every bullet.

Ahh~ I havn't gotten to any depressing part really.. I mean it feels kinda slow'ish. I guess his dad is a shit and that's kinda depressing?

I remember Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ripping my heart out stomping on it, only to place it back in my chest to rip it out again.

I'm a broke NEET, you'd have to pay! ^^

I am now, just woke up! ^^

Thank youu! Well I was thinking that I've actually noticed a teeny mit of progress with my transition so I figured I might as well check in here.


You are smokin hot


You are hoy


You are hot