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Have an odd question for the community. Say I wanted just SRS. No hormones, didn't want to transition, didn't feel "female born in the wrong body" etc. Just the physical conversion of genitals. Where would one need to start on something like that? Most surgery centers assume you want the whole thing, so they need documentation of your hormone regimen, treatments, counseling, etc.

Would something like that even be permissible? After all, it's not all that much more extreme than any of the more outrageous body modifications I've seen on the bodymod boards. The surgery is already well-established, so it's not like I'm asking for something they've never tried before. What say you?

Sorry for the pic, apparently I need one, but have none of my own at the moment

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There's something kind of similar to this the rough trade guys that are into called being a "nullo." It's kind of a crude process and you can find someone to do it, but they're going to be connected to that rough trade community so the "procedure" might reflect that. Basically taking everything off, but there's no thought given to aesthetics. If you want it to resemble a vagina, you probably should look to the appropriate avenues for the surgery.

>> No. 488 Quote [Report]

Robertagrammaton, thanks for replying. No, I definitely want to have it done by a real surgeon, and I know what a Nullo is and I don't want that. I want to completely replace my male genitals with female ones, with the possible exception of keeping the testes (moved inside the body). I guess my question was would a surgeon still do the procedure if I wasn't trying to actually transition, and since I'm not trying to prove I'm actually female, would I still need other counseling etc.

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You may find this of interest:

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Thank you. That was almost precisely what I was looking for. Having a real-life example is of tremendous help in providing documentation. Additionally, my guess is that with a polite request, Joe can probably provide more detail on how exactly to sell this kind of thing to a surgeon.

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Well it says he had the surgery in Belgium. Western European countries are pretty liberal so I doubt he had to sell anyone on the idea.

>> No. 2273 Quote [Report]

bump. I am also interested in the avenues that the OP wants to take, however the mangina man site is down :( . I was wondering if anyone could help me out with details into how to start