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/di/ ~ Hey /trap/ If I stop taking hrt for a while wil...
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File 1415381761521.jpg

Hey /trap/

If I stop taking hrt for a while will I be able to impregnate someone again? I'm just wondering about the future.


If HRT already fucked up your breeding capability it is done. Permanent from that point on. Even if you stop.


no it wouldnt should have banked that shit,


I've read a few things to the contrary here and there. What makes you say that?


No, you become sterile after about a month i belive if you are using T blockers aswell. if you are only using estrogen then i dunno.


Hmm… so even if you stopped for like a year, it woudn't come back?

>> File 1415468224891.jpg

My understanding is no, it's gone for good.

I have heard longer time periods, like 6 months to a year, but there are probably cases where it was gone for good after a month. If you think that you want your own biological children, then you can look into having your sperm frozen. Last I checked, it was like $700 for the first year and half that for every subsequent year. It's not that expensive, but traps are generally not loaded with cash either.


Yeahhh I don't know if I can comfortably afford that… I wonder how long until they can make sperm/eggs out of normal cells?


>you will never lose your virginity to a qtpitrap and get her pregnatn