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this place could do with more delicious, have some chanel santini

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I dunno if I am trap tier but whatevs.

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Who can fap to this?

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give the name of the gal in the pic, and my first born is yours for whatever you may want it.

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Anyone know who she is? Saw her on another imageboard.

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Male 19 Bi
Looking for master to feminize me, then prostitute me out to "strangers" (people you know are safe, strangers to me), who pretend to pay me for sex and use me in any way they want. Photos taken for my eyes and masters eyes only. Message me for info about my kinks, limits, etc. and if you want to set something up with me. US New England and NY only.
Kik is CeleriaRIT

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Just wanna know who she is ???

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So, I'm really on the fence about transitioning. Can we please post transitions?

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Shit, does anyone here know FrankWolf? (He anheroed awhile ago) I just found a fap video of him. Not sure if this is old news or not, but I've never seen it mentioned.


Pic related is FrankWolf, pretty famous picture

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Straight from the chan /d/ archive.

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Transgirl here I was wondering how many of you /b/ros would seriously date a Tgirl (trap) rather than just casually have sex
>or not at all.

just depressed and lonely recently and feel like nobody could ever love me and I feel like people only want to have sex with me as a fetish or would be ashamed to be with me or have their friends know I am Trans.

>pic not me
>inb4 dur hur thats not you.

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What do you think?

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Have an odd question for the community. Say I wanted just SRS. No hormones, didn't want to transition, didn't feel "female born in the wrong body" etc. Just the physical conversion of genitals. Where would one need to start on something like that? Most surgery centers assume you want the whole thing, so they need documentation of your hormone regimen, treatments, counseling, etc.

Would something like that even be permissible? After all, it's not all that much more extreme than any of the more outrageous body modifications I've seen on the bodymod boards. The surgery is already well-established, so it's not like I'm asking for something they've never tried before. What say you?

Sorry for the pic, apparently I need one, but have none of my own at the moment

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Neww Topic, last one filled up so I'll keep my big mouth shut and my chatter down in this one <:( haha. Aaaand away we go!

Tumblr: http://msssyuka.tumblr.com/
PW: heartbreak

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What think?

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izabelly ...you like ? ...more ?

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Anyone wanna rate me?

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Any traps want to play some vidya?Post your IDs and shit. I'm quite pretty myself, ya know~!


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HI, my name is Zoey. I'm here to expose myself for the crossdressing, cock-loving, cum eating slut that I truly am.

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it's okay if they're all pretty similar? I was just like really wanting to take a good picture of my chest (◕‿◕✿)

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Oops! Deleted my thread by accident so here we go again!

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Do you know about the PartialAutist trap?


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Started whoremones today.

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Etymology of TrapsTo me 'trap' means passable transsexual, as in the phrase "IT'S A TRAP!" shouted by friends of someone who is seduced by one of these vixens.

Why then does /b/ and others consider cuteboys only to be traps. Passable transsexual does not even have it's own category in their minds. It is either trap (cuteboy) or full blown shemale/tranny.

Their autism level must be off the charts to not see what I consider to be quite obvious wordplay.

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Up until recently I was convinced that homosexuality is something in your genes that you can't change, but porn has really fucked with my sexuality and now I'm not so sure that theory is universal. As a kid I went to an all boys school and I had a crush on one guy there and one guy in secondary school (high school for you Americans) I never pursued either of those because I was too busy falling for girls and listening to rock music which I still do. Now, I watch a shitload of porn. At least once a day since I was 12 and I'm 22 now . Started watching trap porn like last year along with straight stuff just whenever the notion came (yeah). Trap porn is starting to take over (thanks a bunch Bailey Jay). I never convinced myself that she was born that way I knew i was looking at what is technically gay sex. I mean I fucking look at their dicks and get turned on when they eat their own jam. What sexuality even am I? I must sound like one of those 'ambisexual' SJW retards or maybe OP is well within the depths of the closet.

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Hey /trap/

If I stop taking hrt for a while will I be able to impregnate someone again? I'm just wondering about the future.

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so, imagine your are on a date whit a trap, where would you take her and what would you like to do during the date? and finally how would you end the date?

impress me anons

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Self Med Question Hey /trap/,

I just started self medding with a half dose of 100 mg spiro 2mg estradiol both orally. I've been taking them once per day. Now I've heard that it's a good idea to take them split up into halves every 12 hours. However, how much does it really matter? I'm thinking about ramping things up to 200/4 soon and it might be more convenient if I could just take them after waking up. Anyone know? Thanks.

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Any traps here? Would you ever let your boypussy get ravaged by an anon's dick?

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Trap-Trans GeneralLet's talk about being a trap! Whether you crossdress for fun or want to live as a girl full-time, bring any questions here. Clothes, makeup, voice, hormones, boys, girls, any topic of interest to trappy people is welcome.

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How do i become a trap/femboi?I really wanna trap it up, but I'm not exactly in the best shape. I'm 19, 6ft tall, and weigh about 200lb. Pic related, does this work?

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Let's have a hormone discussion thread.

Do you use hormones?
What's your regimen?
Doctor or DIY?

'mones. Yea or nay?

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Goddamnit, /trap/

I was just blown off by a trap via facebook. All I want is to fuck a trap at least once, but I have no idea how to find one. This cunt was my last hope. Is it even possible to find traps irl?

anyways, cheer me up, give me pointers on how to find and hook up with a trap, or laugh at my misery.

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G-spot training?So, to get right to the point; Is it possible to train your prostate into becoming an actual g-spot? Essentially make it more sensitive? If so, how?

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Becoming a trapI've been wanting to become a trap for half a year, and even attempted it, but stopped. I'm planning on starting again, but I need to ask some questions to you cutie experts here.

What would be the most effective and safe way to become a trap? Are there any health risks I should worry about? Is it more effective the younger I am?
And a really important question…. will it also affect my penis?

Thank you.

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what's hot ITT: Would you traps kindly tell us what you desire from your lover

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FFS?okay soooooo
imma just cum cleen and say dat i luve tarps so much. im kinda girly to, but i woodnt say dat im really tarp material

i dont id as female, but i do id as sumthin kinda between them

hrt is basicaly out b/c i no wanna lose penis usage, but wood ffs and folowing my trap assthetic guidlines be enuf to make me a tarp?

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GID? Fetish? confusion? Hi, im 25 years, maybe my history is some cliché let me tell you some.

Since my childhood i always felt some effeminate, but never gave it importance, i remember started seeing xxx videos (only straight) like at my 11 years, one day suddently i imagined me as the girl in the video and i liked it, but also i liked to imagine me as the boy… some monts later i remember seeing a friend(he was froma another city) and i felt strange, i felt like a girl at his side, also remembered all these xxx videos i saw before and started fantasizing having sex with him but me being a girl, i wanted so hard to be with him but i was so shy to tell him…

I was 12 when decided to tell him next time i saw him (like 1 year later) so in that time i began to practice making a girly voice, i wished so hard my breasts grew a little so i could look more feminine for him, also i had a lot of porn videos to show him how i wanted to be with him but sadly i never saw him again u_u

I continued fantasizing but my fantasies started being more than only sex, one of my most recurrent fantasy was dressing me with feminine clothes, use make up, so i could look like a girl, have a date, going out and people see a normal straight couple and no one know i was a boy, and finally after the date, having sex…

I never knew about transsexualism until my 19 years, i see some videos of traps but i thought they were hermaphrodites so i couldn't have a feminine body because i wasn't … one day some guy in internet show me some pics of transsexuals and told me if i liked it, i said yes, and he told me i could become one and told me all about transgender and hormones, etc.. at first i was shocked, but at the same time i liked it, i felt so identified with that (having a feminine body, and girl sexual role)

Since that i started to see mostly transsexual porn (before i liked to see straight but it was more like i wanted) and rarely see "normal" porn (like 95% of times i see transsexual porn)… at first i thought it was only a fetish so in some months it would be gone or less but it wasn't

Researching in internet i read that this could be a fetish if after i fap all these desires disappeared, but in my case these didn't disappeared at all, even there are days i wish i was a girl without having sexual desires, some days is see girls and feel envy for their bodies.

Some years have passed but i still confused, what should i do?

Sorry for long post, and thanks for your answers :)

[–]Anonymous 01/19/15 (Mon) 06:23:31 No.4355>>435

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Relationships with TrapsHow many anons want to be in an LTR with a trap? Can you deal with the fact that you should be prepared to have everyone in your life know that you're dating a trap?

Are you also cool with the fact that your options to have a family will be much more limited?

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I need help...?It is hard to believe I am actually writing this, but if there is a small chance there is somebody here that can help me with my problem, it is worth a shot.

I am a masculine straight man, tall, ripped and confident. When it comes to my sexuality, I am pretty secure and successful with girls, I have no attraction to men at all. Even the majority of so called traps and trans girls don't affect me, but some of these traps/trans girls, mess me up in a very twisted way!

Here is the problem though, When I see a 10/10 trap/trans girl like the one in this picture, blond, my favorite haircut for girls, cute and feminine, I just can't control myself. There is this primal urge that overtakes me, it is so fucking messed up and weird, I know that she doesn't have a XX chromosome pair, that she wasn't born as a real physical woman, but that she still is a woman! And not a normal woman, a special woman, a rare woman, a woman that I want to dominate and rip apart. Now I have always been pretty dominant in my relationships and sex with girls, I like to devour their femininity with my masculinity, but this feeling and mentality is increased and intensified when it comes to a trap/trans girl like the one in the picture, far beyond anything I have felt for normal girls. I want to dominate her, make her feel helpless and make her surrender herself to me, as I fuck her passionately and abusively like a wild beast, then afterwards I want to hug her and cuddle with her and become one with her soul. To bond with her, to make her and myself the only people that matter in this world, together, till death. I've never had this kind of fucked up and paradoxical feelings for normal girls, still dominant, but not like this, it is chaotic.

Now, I am not afraid of this urge, but I am cautious of it because I know how powerful it is and it is probably the only thing that can overtake my conscious will and control over myself. What if I actually meet a 10/10 trap/trans girl like the one in the picture in real life?! I wouldn't be able to not take her! I want a future family, I want to reproduce with a worthy woman and pass on my genetic legacy and raise masculine, wise and strong sons and bestow upon them my acquired wisdom and philosophy. But all of this is threatened by this insane urge that comes out of nowhere when I look at 10/10 trap/trans girls like the one in this picture.

What can I do to get rid of it?! Is it even possible to get rid of it? Or should I let it be and if it happens, let it happen? What if it is a path of no return?

I've never encountered a danger to my free will and control like this in my life, I never submitted to religious, political, cultural and educational elements in my life, I have dominated and overcome many things, I've been in relentless fights of physical and mental battles and emerged triumphant and stronger than I was before, I've always been the master of my future and actions, but this time, this time it is uncertain. This is the first time I seek advice and help from others, this insane urge, it is indescribable, I tried to do so here, but still, it is too chaotic to control and describe.

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I just made my first Introduction video on Youtube, I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

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Does anyone have any information, or more pictures of this trap?

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just stumbled upon here

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Where can I find moar of this trap? Thanks ;)

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Mind if come back here for a while? ^=^

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Hey there, recently when viewing chaturbate, i see channels under transsexual pop up using this girls footage as bait (obvious that it is pre-rec)

I cant seem to find any info of the girl anywhere, anyone have any ideas?

More pics in comments
(She seems to have a tattoo on the underside of her right forearm)

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starting hormone treatment on tuesday hopefully..
my goal is being an actual girl, so i dunno.

dying for attention towards my feminine me.

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hiya! i haven't done this in a long time.

how gay is my hair? :D

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I didn't see a request board so I'll just post here.

I'm looking for sauce on this wonderful trap.

Any videos or more images.

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want more ? >.>

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ok took a few new ones sorry I look like shit in em

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May I post in here?

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You are all probably going to hate me for this, it's a request!

I think they used to use the name Sibel, not sure if its the same person though. I'm just asking you friendly folks if you know who the hell this is?

I know you're probably sick of people requesting stuff but I've searched for ages and come up with nothing, so any help we be greatly appreciated!

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Anyone have more of she? name, more pics?

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I didn't see a request board, so I guess this is the best place for it. Does anyone know who this is?

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HaileyOhCD What do you think?

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i like crossdressing. do you like crossdressing? if you do, what do you think of me? if not, go fuck yourself

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Heya I'm Shyvie, you've probably have seen me around before. Ummm, what's up?

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dontknowwhat u think

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hey all i'm new at this, anybody around southern illinois?

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cutest trap everI am creating this thread to promote and spread the word about the cutest trap in the world. 

He is just oh my gosh adorable and his new channel on youtube has hardly enough followers. I will bump with pics of him, (Zacaria Lee) in the hopes that you good people will like his videos and subscribe to his channel, in doing so encouraging him to post more lovely videos. 

His new channel can be found at this link,

youtube DOT com SLASH user SLASH zacarialee

(remove spaces and replace DOT and SLASH  with a . and / respectively)

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Hi, hello! I am the Wise Owl of the North my brothers and transisters. Oh shortly Cameron :p I give life 1000% percent, have to live it. Id hope we could be bestie mc awesome buddies. P.S down and dirty is my specialty and well a few other things.

Love. Peace. Harmony. xoxoxo

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Finally gonna start posting where I should be...


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Hey guys! Long time no see. Seems old thread died soooo.

Hi. Im Clover!

R: 55
Hey, I'm back! ("You were gone!? Didn't notice.")
So I see the boards died while I've been away... well I guess this as good a time as any to start posting here again.
( ? ? ? ) ~?

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since this board is a bit slow, you may use http://www.random.org to generate your random credit count.

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So I came out to my two best friends 3 days ago..
Still riding the high and I feel like posting random shit :P

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Am I hot enough to post here or do I have to go back to 420chan?

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Meh it's either this or do stupid stuff....which isn't a whole lot better.

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gothic look

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After seeing a few people being quite annoyed with so little post-op mtf's telling about their surgery and the results, and others confirming their likings of me telling a little something about it.
I decided, heck, why not.

First of, I guess a general introduction would be useful.
I'm 24 years old.
I was born biologically male.
Nowadays I struggle with society's view of genders, but also enjoy bending genders.
I mostly identify as genderambiguous towards the world, but deep down I feel that I am female.
There is a male side to me that pops in or blends with my female side from time to time. This is nice, but also very confusing.

I'm Dutch.
I like video games (skyrim, fallout 3, wipeout racing game series, okami, zelda, R-type) and board/table-top games (Eclipse, Pathfinder, Core Worlds, Agricola, Dominion)
I love longboarding when the weather is good and the asphalt smooth.
Drawing, fashion, music, dancing, tai chi, xing yi, art/museums and shopping are other things I like spending my past time on.

Through my 13th till 15th I was experimenting with feminine clothes and make-up.
At my 15th ish I realised I could also have feelings for boys
Between my 15th and 18th my genderdysphoria has laid dormant (as with most of my emotions at that time) and mostly outed itself online where I tried out the female identity.
At my 18th I realised I felt that I really was more a girl and decided to tell this to my parents
My parents are acceptive and have been very supportive.
Half way my 19th year I started HRT after half a year of analysis and diagnostic conversations at the VUmc genderteam, this was preceded with about a year filled with a psychologist, frequent visits, and super intense identity crysis.

At my 22nd I had my surgery.
Afterwards I realised that there was a lot more to life then just getting a vagina.
I had always prepared for that, knowing there is more after surgery.
But still, the dip was quite serious, combined with how quickly I tried picking up my college again.

Last year I met my lover and partner in crime, through his love and openness I began exploring myself and my identity more.
I now identify as genderambiguous and like wearing both guyish and girly clothes, mixing it all up.

I still deal with the genderdysphoria a lot, not having a womb kind of sucks.
I 'pass' or something, but I 'd much rather have the world be more gentle and friendly overal instead of me blending in perfectly like it's some dark secret that I'm transgendered.
Of course I'd much rather be born female, then start gender bending, then the way it is now.

I think that is me and my story in a nutshell sort of?

If you ask questions, about my vagina, my life, sex, or whatever.
I happen to be a person too, just like you and everyone.
I'm here to give some answers and help others out a bit too.
To some questions I simply do not know the answers, to other questions I prefer not to answer or will not answer, because of reasons.
I'll try to react to as much as possible, also when I'm not going to directly answer a question or comment.

I understand that neo-vaginas are a hard topic for post-op transgenders for many, varied reasons.
I feel insecure, probably just like any girl, trans or cis, about my crotch, about the shape, smell, colours, hair, overal look. Apparently this is pretty normal, which I think is worrysome.

Before anyone asks, no I won't post pictures of my crotch overal, my vagina, or any detail picture.

I can't say it's an easy topic for me either, but I'm willing to 'unveil' the mystery a little in hopes of letting you set your expectations right, and help you make the decision that is -right for YOU- regardless of medical pressure, peer pressure or confirming to socially acceptable views of the world.

That is all, for now.
Ask away.
(p.s. I'm GMT+1, this means it's often evening/night when it's afternoon/day in most of the americas)

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nokomale slightly bi taking requests
drunk stoned and europian at ur service!

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