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/con/ ~ This was what happened the Friday I took Silvia to...
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File In her litte dress.jpg

This was what happened the Friday I took Silvia to Alans for the second time, She was actually nervous Friday morning, I was fucking her in the morning and she asked, if I was going to make her go to Alans because she was not feeling that well  good one, I had not heard her ever say she was not feeling well before, little did she know we had all talked about it and had a very special evening planned for her. Anyway I told her oh yes, you are going to go there and that I was going to watch her cumming again. To which she said in a small voice – Ok Uncle . At around 6pm I got her dressed in a cute maroon mini skirt and black top and made her put on some maroon strappy shoes with real high heels that I had found in a store, she looked really hot so I had to take some pictures of her, she enjoys posing for me so she did lots of little turns and positions. Then we went to Alans, all the way there she sat close to me holding my arm. I think she knew something was up when she saw all the motor bikes parked outside, because she said .. oh, everyone is here? And I said to her yeah, we all came to watch you and she said Oh Uncle you are all going to watch me? So I said yes were were, maybe more. To that she said Oh my goodness!!….

Well we walked in the room and the guys were all sitting around in their shorts and t shirts and the table with the sibian on it was in the middle of the room and Silvia was looking at it nervously, I told her to get her skirt and top off ( she never wears underwear anymore) but keep the heels on. The guys were all commenting on how good she looked and some had got up and were helping her out of her clothes and one was kissing her lips, then she was in the middle of a group of men one guy was knelt on the ground eating her pussy out and some were feeling her nice round breasts and I noticed about three had taken off their pants and had big hard ons already. Silvia looked at me with wide eyes and mouthed, I love you Uncle! For the next three hours she was groped and probed and kissed and eaten out by all of the ten guys who had showed up for the party, It was a turn on to watch her, being passed around the room, sucking cock, while getting it up the ass, or in her pussy. Everyone took her and came in some orfice of hers, I myself enjoyed her mouth as she was being fucked, when I came I pushed in and felt her throat trying to choke and swallow at the same time, it made her tear, but she did not pull away, after I finished the guy in her pussy pulled out and put it in her mouth and someone else took his place, It was so good to watch her soon I was hard again while waiting for the grand finale, which I think she still did not grasp. Finally when everyone was done with her and she was really quite tired one of the guys picked her up and carried her to the Sibian and sat her down on it so that its plastic dick was buried in her pussy. Now she knew what was going to happen – after getting used and fucked and coming a few times it was time for her to start again, and I did the honors of turning it on slow, Alan went behind her and taped her arms behind her wrist to elbow again and John went in the garage and brought out two 25 kg round weights that go on Alans weight lifting equipment and ran a scarf through them and tied one to each of her ankles pulling her down firmly on to the Sibian, there was now no way she could get off it or pull away, or even rise up off it, in fact she was forced down hard on it and had no way of moving, I turned on the rotation of the penis and the vibration too and she just said, Oh please.. and then she gave a groan and was cumming, twisting about whining, gritting her teeth, twisting to try to get off the penis and away from the vibration of her clit, her legs shook and she was saying stop stop stop please please stop, so I turned down the vibration and let her rest a bit and then started it up again and she was trying to avoid the device in the front that looked kind of like a comb but was pressed against her clit, and then she came again, she was looking directly at me, I could see her eyes begging as she said please uncle stop, everyone clapped, and again I turned off the vibration like I was going to stop completely and she breathed a sigh, but this time I increased the rotation of the penis in her, and her hips were twisting from side to side but she could not escape it, in a matter of seconds she uttered a ahh through gritted teeth and came again, I decided to not wait and turned on the vibration higher and she kept trying to pull away from the front part that was pressed against her clit, but she could not, this time she let out a little scream and came again while desperately trying to pull off it. Some of the guys had got up now and were squeezing her tits and one was kissing her .. all the stimulation got to her and she was cumming again and just grinding her pussy down on it as best she could and then she was begging me to stop so I turned it on higher and she started to pee, we had anticipated this and Alan had folded a thick towel below her so it just dripped onto it, I think she thought if she peed we would stop but we did the opposite we turned it up and how she was begging and pleading to please stop please don’t do it any more, and just kind of babbling, and in the middle of it all cumming, I think I lost track of how many times I pulled an orgasm out of her, but finally I stopped the Sibian and she was lifted off it and the weights taken off her ankles. But everyone had got so excited watching her cumming that all ten of then took turns emptying their dicks into some hole of hers. She was limp and let everyone use her At midnight I figured she had had enough, we had taken her in the bedroom and had been fucking her on the bed, so now I picked her up and carried her down to the car, naked and laid her on the back seat and took her home.

I carried her inside and laid her on the bed, she was awake but not saying a word, I think she knew what was coming next because I undressed and rolled her on her stomach and shoved it up her ass and fucked her like that long and hard, then I pulled out and stuck it in her mouth and she dutifully cleaned me off. Now I was ready to sleep and she said to me, my pussy is numb, uncle, i still feel the vibration from that thing. I told her she should get used to it, because I was ordering one too and she will have to entertain me each evening while riding it, to which she just said Oh Uncle please don’t do that to me 