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/con/ ~ So after retiring from a decent job in the US, I d...
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So after retiring from a decent job in the US, I decided to travel for a bit, I visited a lot of different countries, mostly in the Asian side of the world, and was having a great time, the girls were fun the sun was warm and price of things was affordable. In the end I settled on a retirement condo in the Philippines. While there met a lot of other retired guys from various countries and got into a kind of regular group of about 10, all of us all were single, divorced or separated and except for me who has a house the rest of the guys live in a really nice condo / apartment development that is geared for retirees, it has a golf club and so our evenings are spent at a club, girl watching or dining out or out on the golf course, most of the guys have off and on girl friends, no one was interested in getting married all of us having tried that before, although marrying a Filipina gave you a bunch of advantages. The women love foreign men so all was good., or we would often just pick up some hottie at the club for the night. Life is good.

Around the 2nd year I started hanging out with this Filipina woman, she was 35 and had a daughter, 10years old her name was Silvia. They were both pretty, and although I had never ever had a desire for teen or pre teen girls this woman’s daughter was alluring, pretty, nice little body, and large round tits, amazing to see on an 10 year old kid. Now I say large but really probably only the size of an apple, but they looked large on her because she was 4’2 and slim, maybe 75 lbs. some days she would come over with her mother and play in the yard with my dog, or tag along with me when I went riding on the motorbike, she took to calling me uncle, Around the house she never had to be told to do stuff, she would wash dishes, put clothes to be washed in the basin, sweep the floors and help her mother make meals.

To be honest I took to enjoying watching her barefoot, and in short shorts and a t shirt walking around the house, if I was watching TV she would sit with me and ask questions in pretty good English, carry on a good conversation for an 10 yo. One day my girlfriend said to me, I think my daughter likes you, I said why do you think that? She answered that because she never before would chat or get close to other men, but with you she seems to enjoy being around. I do not know if it was a line, or what, but I told her I liked her too.

One evening the 10 of us guys met for volleyball we made an almost perfect team and later poker at one of their place and the kid wanted to go with me so I let her ride along, the guys were there asked who is the kid?.. I told them and while we chatted she went to the fridge retrieved some cold water and went outside to look around. The first thing they said to me when she was out of sight was have you tried anything with her… wow no I told them.. Although sometimes I thought about it it was too dangerous to do.. not so they said, age of consent here is 12, We kind of dropped it after that but I watched them looking at her as she walked about messing in the garden. Finally one of them said, you know, I need someone to clean up dishes and stuff once a week or so do you think she could do that? I said I did not know but I would ask her, so when she came back in I asked her, she looked surprised but said if her mother did not mind she probably could do it after school, at which just about everyone said well ask mom because they all could use a helper to clean up around their apartments.

Well that evening at home she did ask her mom said that it would help if she would earn some extra money since she was single mother too and sure if they would pay well it might be possible, I texted my friends and said mother agreed but wanted her to be paid, everyone said no problem .. so the next day after school I dropped her at the apartment building and then since the others were in walking distance she went over to each of them to do her chores, This was at about 3pm, well around 8pm she texted me and said she was ready for a ride home so I went got her and came home. I asked her how she liked her work and she was quiet for a bit but said it was ok, they all had lots of spare foodstuff for her to eat, and the work was not hard, except that a few of my friends liked to grab her ass as she walked around, I kind of expected that and called them up and asked what was up, they said hey we decided to get her ready for you, just tell her to do what we ask and we will make her into the most willing little slut you ever saw. This was kind of exciting, It has no downside for me since I was not the one doing anything to her and was also in a way a turn on to think of her being felt up by strangers.


Well me and the guys talked daily about what they would do to her, it was decided that each week they would try something new and a bit more advanced to see if she would accept it. Her schedule was clean two apartments every day. The first few weeks all they did was hug her, grab her ass or tits and joke around, and she took it well, mostly giggled about it. The next week they suggested she not wear her school uniform in the house instead wear some normal clothes, To this end they bought her some short shorts and a little white tank top. Which she was happy to get and wore daily when working at their apartments. The next week one of the guys found a shoe shop that had 3 inch heels in her foot size, So he got them for her to wear with her little outfit, this was a kind of surprise to her but they told her its what maids do, and they wanted her to be a proper maid, when I picked her up she mentioned that her feet hurt wearing the heels all evening and I explained to her that once she got used to them they would not. That seemed to satisfy her.

Now let me tell you .. both her and her mother wore full granny type panties, so I went out and got them both new underwear, matching tops and panties, but all the panties were thong style or boy leg. I was surprised but both of them were really appreciative, they said they never had such nice clothes and promptly modeled them for me, I can say that I did not know who to pay more attention to.. the mother or the daughter! Seeing her in a thong gave me a hardon , the gf noticed it and assumed she was the cause and promptly told her daughter to go watch tv.. after which we fucked like rabbits, all the while I kept getting visions of the woman I was fucking was the daughter and it somehow made me even more excited..

Well Silvia wore her new underwear to school, under the uniform and then to my friends place for her work there. Of course I had told them she had new underwear, and that they should try to see it, which every one did and she let everyone of the guys that week get a peek and for two of them actually stripped down and did a little twirl, which made us realize she was getting used to showing off her little body, which was just what everyone wanted, well in no time at all over the next weeks the ones who had not had a show told them they heard she showed the other and wanted to see too so she ended up doing her show for each of them before she got to cleaning, needless to say she also got groped and kissed too which apparently now she was used to also and did not try to struggle or stop it. In fact everyone said she was eager to make out and never tried to stop anyone from putting their fingers in her little pussy and rubbing. We talked that week and decided that it was time to go to the next step of Silvias training.

So the next week when she went to Daves house he requested she not wear the blouse but just wear her bra, which I guess she did after a little persuasion. Most of the time at Daves house and the next one was spent making out with her, and feeling her up at every opportunity as she was washing dishes or cleaning which everyone was pleased to do so little Silvia basically lost her underwear and was groped and probed every chance they got. Still every one was left with a big hard on and no relief and everyone felt that it was time to introduce her to oral sex.


I am loving to see how her training goes. Its peaking my curiosity


One day after I picked her up from the apartment, Silvia wanted to know if it was ok if she took off all her clothes while at some of the apartments, because they had asked her to and anyway they were always ‘loving’ on her anyway I told her of course, you work in the house and for them, they have a right to tell you to wear, after all, they are paying you. And if you are paid to do something it means at that time you belong to them, She said “Oh, I belong them?”, I said yes, think of it, they bought you for the day, you are like their property. (It seemed like the right thing to say to get her to prostitute herself because that is what I ultimately wanted to do to her), After a few seconds she said, “Oh, OK Uncle, I will do it”. “And don’t forget to wear the high heels” I added. I found out that the next day she just took off her clothes and went to work .This became the norm now, Silva naked in heels naked trying to do her chores but being pursued by a horny guy at ever twist and turn and groped and kissed, Of course I heard all about it as stuff was happening because I would ask her when I picked her up what happened today, and she was quite open and said well I did it, I took the clothes off and the boys ( she called them boys although they were old enough to be her dad) really praise me, also they like to kiss me and put their hands everywhere, then she looked at me and said “Its ok to do right?” I told her of course, it is, remember they do not have wives so its also your duty to be available to make them happy. She was silent for a bit after that and I thought maybe I was going to fast, then she said “ Uncle but there are so many to make happy, What if all will make baby with me? “ Hmm I was surprised she had thought that far ahead and new about that, so I said, “Well its ok to try to make babies but we do not want you to have one, so when you are old enough I will take you to the clinic to get something that will not let that happen” to which she said ‘Oh Ok Uncle.” She was so open with me, and eager to ask advice, I really was having a hard time restraining myself, I wanted to do to her all the things my friends were doing but decided it was better to wait it out. Thank God her mother was available at home.

Another evening when I picked her up on the ride home she said to me, Uncle, David (one of the guys), said that after work since I am sweat I should shower is it ok? I told her oh of course its better you do then she said OK but I have to do 2 apartment Uncle will I shower twice? I told her it depends on the boys if they want to you to shower then sure no harm in it.. Later that evening I called Dave and told him what I said to her and he said great, because he wanted to get her naked in the bathroom and soap her down and make her soap him too so she could see him naked too and I know he was eager to get her to touch his cock, in fact everyone was wanting by now to at least get her trained to do blow jobs, so it was decided yes everyone should try in what ever way they wanted to get her to learn how to do blow jobs or more as part of her daily routine.

Well the next day I had to call Dave and find out what happened, he said that when she came over he made sure a porn movie with a pretty young Filipina girl was on the TV, and he let her watch it as he played with her body, He said she kept trying to watch what was happening on the TV and seemed quite interested in it so he decided to explain as things were happening, to which she would mostly answer OH, Well the movie ended with the guy fucking the girl and at that point Dave suggested its time for the shower so s she went in the bathroom to shower and he followed her in and started to feel her breasts and ass and in the process he got undressed, then stepped in behind her, after that he said he washed her body and showed her how to wash his cock and balls and they spent a lot of time in the shower, he said she was very hot, and he got his finger between her legs and part way into her and she did not try to stop him, then he showed her how to masturbate him, he guided her head towards his hard cock and she first kind of looked hesitant then tentatively kissed it so he rubbed it on her lips and in the end she opened her mouth and let him push the head in, He said he was so turned on he came right away and right into her mouth and she jumped away and dodged his cum, He said he told her that what happened was normal, just like she saw in the movie, and noticed she did not try to spit out the first big squirt that went down her throat, so he told her that next time she should try not to let the rest get lost, She looked hesitant but said ok I will try, Later she got dressed and left to go to the next apartment. Dave tested me and Jim, the next apartment she was due to clean and told him what he did so Jim was ready for her , it turned out that after undressing Jim joined her in the shower but after she had masturbated him some he soaped up her ass and ran his cock up and down the crack and gently pushed against her asshole each time, he really was a little surprised when she did not complain and he finally managed to get the head of his penis into her ass, he said at this point she was kind of breathing hard but not saying anything so he asked her was it ok? To which she answered, “Uncle said I have to let you do what you want since I am paid”, Jim said at that moment he said a mental thank you to me and pushed in harder till I had about 3 inches in, after waiting a bit he slowly moved it in and out and noticed she was actually working with him to push it in and out and he knew she was getting into it, he finished inside her he said and it was beautiful. He said he gave her double what her daily money was. Well it was after 9 pm when I went to pick her up at Jims apartment, She was waiting outside for me, when I stopped the car she got in and I asked her so how was your job today and she said that she took two showers, and both Dave and Jim took the shower with her. Oh I said so they are naked too? She said yes, “and Dave showed me a movie then I did as the girl in the movie did, but I don’t think he was happy to me because I was shocked and stopped”, I told her no no no do not worry, I am sure he was quite happy it takes time to do things correctly and I am sure he was ok, maybe next time you can try harder, Then she said that Jim hurt her some but she did not push away from him like she did with Dave because she did not want him to be unhappy with her also , I asked her what he did and she said he push it in me back there, indicating her ass with her finger, and now he told me I must do it each day. Wow I said, so what do you think? To which she answered that it was ok, she learned new things and actually she did not mind so much what Jim did. Which kind of was surprising to me because I would have thought getting a big dick up her ass would have been more daunting than getting cum spewed down her throat. But here she was not really minding it. Things were working out just perfect.


Little did I realize things were going to get a lot better a lot faster, My gf is registered nurse, and a single mother and she had been applying for work all over the country, and outside the country too, right now she worked at a pharmacy handing out prescriptions and it paid peanuts. So she had been looking for a real nurse’s job but jobs are kind of hard to come by in the Philippines. She was actually really lucky to land the job at the pharmacy, however the hours were really bad, she worked till 11 pm each night and had a rotating shift, so one day it was early in the morning and the next it was midday. Anyway she get an answer back from a job she had applied for to come to Manila for an interview, she was excited because the work was overseas and paid in a month what she made normally in a year, I asked her if this was what she really wanted to do and she said yes of course, she really had no other way to support herself and her daughter. Then she said she needed money to fly to Manila, I told her no problem I would give her that. I asked her what would become of Silvia if she was out of the country and she said she would send her to live with her aunt who was in a small town called Bantayan. Bantayan is far from where we live and there was no way I could drive there to get Silvia each day, so I said to her what if she stayed with me? That way she would be able to work and also attend the same school? My gf smiled and asked you would do it? Really? Then she gave me a knowing look and said “I know Silvia likes you, she will take my place I think” and laughed knowingly. Then said Ok if I get the work you can keep her until I am back. This was just great. Well On Monday was her interview and she flew to Manila for it. When she got back on Wednesday she said she got the job and that it was in Qatar, it would be for 11 months contract, with paid flight back and forth, and one month of vacation each year. To make a long story short, when she told Silvia there was a lot of crying, but Silvia calmed down a bit when she was told she would not have to go to her aunts in Bantayan and could stay with me in the house. The next month my gf was gone and little Silvia was all ours.

When her mother left, I told her she could move out of her room and would sleep in the same bed as me for company, she was happy to do that and in an instant was grabbing her clothes out of her closet and putting them in her mothers closet, after which she took her moms things and put them on the bottom shelf. I also got from my gf the necessary paperwork to take her to the hospital for treatment should an emergency arise and also to sign her school forms etc as her Guardian. Although we slept in the same bed at night I did not do anything with her yet, but she would wrap herself around me like a spider when we slept, it was nice, sometimes I would wake up in the night not being able to breathe properly because she was sleeping across my chest, but I just let her be, it was nice to touch her body though, I liked running my hands on her legs and back and sometimes across her breasts, they were so firm and at the same time soft. She never said anything or seemed to mind. Although she did change the way she kissed me when I dropped her off or picked her up, before it was with closed lips, now it was quite the opposite, her mouth was always open and wet. Things were coming along really well.

It was the same thing every day each day she would do two different apartments and the guys , they told me that they made her suck each of them then they would shove it up her ass and fuck her, they had gone out and bought some Vaseline to make things easier and each had their own scenario that they liked to have her in, some took her on the bed face down, some made her sit on their dicks facing the TV while watching Porn and slid in and out of her ass as she saw it, and the others took her in the shower or the Kitchen or on the balcony. The main thing was little Silvia was getting quite used to taking it up the ass. Each evening when I picked her up between 9 and 11, when she would call for a ride home she would cuddle up to me on the drivers seat and fall asleep, but I could smell the smell of sex on her, she had come breath, I always had a hard on all the way home. But I never tried to do anything with her, although I did really want to now. Knowing I had essentially turned my girlfriend’s 10 year old daughter into a little whore was exciting, and also I really wanted to try out her lips. Her introduction was now into its tenth month, and she seemed to be adapting to her role as a whore with no questions or problems, Each day after school I would drop her off at the apartment complex and she would hug me and say bye Uncle don’t forget to pick me up and I would say I love you and get a kiss in return, she would wave before entering the lobby of the apartment. All the guys said she was the best they ever had, and that I really should start to use her as well because she was completely willing and broken in, so finally one day when I picked her up I asked her how’s it going your work? And she said its ok but now sometimes they use me for so long I do not get to finish my cleaning, Amazing, here was a 10 year old girl getting screwed regularly by two guys each day (actually ten different men in a five day period) and she is thinking of her cleaning not being completed. I was intrigued, so I said to her, “you know Silvia, Uncle is going to need to use you too” To which her eyes just lit up and she said “oh Uncle I like to do for you too”, She had a big smile, and hugged me closer planted the wettest kiss on my lips, this time I did feel her tongue coming in my mouth and I had to stop the car by the side of the road to finish the kiss, which we did for a while, her kisses were better than all the adult women I knew and so eager and its as if she just wanted more and more and did not want to break the kiss, we must have kissed for ten minutes, finally I said lets get home so she stopped.

>> File 36618865mlk.jpg

Well when we got home I had a hard on like steel as soon as we got in the door she was pulling me to get down to her level so I sat down on the couch and we got to kissing again, this time she had both arms around my neck and was on top of me, I started to pull off her clothes and she made no move to stop me I got my shirt off and lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom, There I got my pants off and her hand reached down and was around my rock hard dick immediately rubbing it, At that point she broke the kiss and kneeled down and I watched as without any hesitation put my dick in her mouth and stared to give me the best blow job I could imagine, She twirled her tongue around the head, and masturbated me with her free hand and even pushed her finger in my asshole A few minutes of this and I unloaded in her mouth and she dutifully swallowed every drop. But she did not stop sucking me, I found myself getting hard again and soon I was ready again, her mouth was like velvet and her little hands were pumping. Then she said “I Love you Uncle, do you wish to put it in me?” I said of course and she climbed onto the bed lay on her stomach and waited. This really was nicer than anything I had ever imagined, so I spread her ass cheeks and her little asshole was actually open like the size of a dime, and I remembered she has just come from her job and was still a little stretched out, so I wiped some spit on my dick and her ass and pushed against it, it went in quite easily, and all she did was a small ohhhhh as I was sliding deeper, my whole dick was in her and my hips pressed against her ass, I just loved the feeling of her, warm and tight like a velvet glove around me and I just held it there enjoying the feeling for a bit, then I started to fuck her small movements building up to all the way out almost to all the way deep. I think I fucked her little asshole for 45 minutes; I had just recently cum so although it felt incredible I was not ready to come. Finally after pounding her ass mercilessly I felt it rising in me and I came hard in her pushing as deep as I could and I could hear her saying ahhhhh. I rolled on my side, still buried in her ass, holding her and she did not try to move, we fell asleep joined like that. At some point a few hours later I woke up and I had slid out of her and she was sleeping peacefully, all the lights were on, I got up turned everything off and came back to bed, as soon as I slid next to her she kind of spooned against me and I felt my dick rising, in no time at all it was hard again so I backed up and pushed it against her ass, which gave way and I was sliding into her deep, she woke up and groaned “ Ohhh I am sore” but pushed against me till I was sunk as deep as I could and I slowly fucked her in the spoon position till I emptied in her ass again, I just held her there and fell asleep again, When the alarm went off at 6 am we were still like that, I got up and made breakfast, she was still asleep so I decided to wake her up I spread her legs and got between them and started to lick her pussy, she woke up and just lay there her eyes closed as I worked her clit and stuck my tongue down her hole, then she said “ what are you doing Uncle?” and I said, “ loving you” .. to which she said “it really feels good, I like it “and so I kept flicking her clit and licking till her hips started to make little jerks, that progressed to her pushing her pussy against my lips and more frantic movements then her legs went rigid and she tried to clamp them together and she was crying out something in her language then she kind of collapsed. I knew she had cum and said to her, come on, I made breakfast and she shook her head sided to side and said “No I cannot move I am die now” it made me laugh.

>> File IMG_7623a.jpg

I carried her down the stairs to eat breakfast and she was kissing me, I asked her, did you like that? And she said Oh yes uncle very much, can we do again? I said of course, so after we ate breakfast and before I dropped her at school I ate her out again and she whined and groaned and twisted about as I was eating her, then she came again her legs clamping around my ears and shaking and after cumming she pushed my head away saying hurts uncle hurts, I knew she got sensitive, just like all the other women I had done.

That week I decided I wanted to take her virginity, so every evening before I fucked her ass I would eat her pussy which she really loves while using my finger stretch her out inside, finally one day when I thought she was ready and really wet I placed my dick against her pussy and moved it around back and forth and she said to me “stop to tease me Uncle” so I pushed in and did not get very far, she got a pained look on her face and I pulled back and tried slowly again with the same effect, and she said to me, “ It is like my ass uncle it wont go until you push hard, just try I know it has to be” , so I pushed hard again and didn’t stop, I felt like a pop around my dick and a hot wetness, and I knew it was her blood and I just pushed in all the way till I was buried to the hilt. She did not make a sound but her fingers were pressed hard into my arms and I could see tears coming fom her eyes so I kissed them away, and sucked her little tongue out of her mouth, After a few minutes I tried moving slowly and she got that pained look on her face again and said “slow uncle slow, it hurts”, so I moved slowly till she said “its ok it is just a kind of pinching feeling”, I was so darn excited, she is the first virgin I had ever had and she was such a exciting and pretty little girl, I just had to fuck her hard, I felt my self starting to cum and went in as far as I could as she said “uhhhhh” .. And emptied my load deep inside her. I stayed in her till I was soft, holding her. Kissing her, then she said something I would not have expected, she said, “Uncle, no matter what is my work, I belong to you now, yes?” I said, “Yes, that is true. You are now mine Silvia.” At that she hugged me really tightly and said “You cannot leave me like my mother because we have been joined” I told her not to worry I was not leaving her ever. She started to cry and so I kissed her all the while still buried in her tight little cunt. This got me hot again and I felt myself growing inside her so I started to fuck her slowly, she was full of my cum, and I looked down and could see blood on the sheets, it probably added to the wetness I was feeling so rather than try to change anything I just fucked her harder and she dug her nails into my shoulder and kissed me, her little tongue frantically poking into my mouth kind of the same time my dick was poking into her cunt, which excited me more so I fucked her harder, I knew she was feeling no pain because she was coming up to meet me when I pulled out of her and her little hips were bumping against me eagerly, we fucked for about ten minutes and suddenly she started crying out no no no and trying to keep me from pulling outwards on the down stroke and raising up against me, and I knew she was going to cum, that drove me to cum again and I could not hold back I was emptying into her as she was grinding against me in a completely un virgin like way, we came together and I collapsed on her for a second till I realized how much heavier I was and needed to get off her and rolled to the side with her. Her eyes were closed and her body was limp, it was almost like she had fainted, I just held her and finally she said, I think I pee uncle, and I could feel the wetness which made me move aside and it was not, it was her bleeding, so I picked her up and took her in the bathroom and washed her down and myself, she stopped bleeding and just spotted a bit but the bed was a mess, I got the sheets off and washed everything down .. while she lay on the couch watching me.

Its now been a year and a half since we started training Silvia, she is out of school for the summer for three months so I changed her schedule, since she is available for the whole day she cleans 5 different apartments each day and services the guys anally, orally or vaginally most of them love to use her pussy every day now that it is available and they have waited so long to get it, though her mouth and ass still get enjoyed; its still the fifteen of us counting me, they like it better this way because everyone gets to enjoy her at least twice a week, some get her 3 days in the week. I pick her up in the evening from the apartment complex around 10 pm each night and we get dinner and then its my turn to enjoy her, I do not know what it is with me, but I just love to sink into her knowing she has been well used and enjoyed all day, also her little pussy is not tight its always kind of loose and feels just so soft and she is developing the cutest pussy lips that kind of hang out like fame it. The other day Silvia said to me what about the birth control I had told her about? and I told her I changed my mind, it would be more fun if she never knew who is the father of her first child, I told the guys too, that we should all try our best to impregnate her from now on, so everyone has been making it a point to fuck her pussy and come in it deeply, we know she is too young to have kids yet since she has not even started her period but I am sure she will next year, but she does not know that she might not get pregnant yet, because sometimes when she comes home and we are together she says, “They all finished in me today, I wonder if I got pg uncle?” and I say to her, isn’t this fun? You won’t know! And she presses her stomach and looks at me and says “You are so bad to me Uncle” lol...

>> File IMG_7619.jpg

Its is August now and in December her mother was supposed to come back for her month off but she wrote to me and Silvia on the internet, telling us she has a boyfriend, a guy from England, and he wants her to go to meet his family during Christmas, she asked us if that was ok with us, so Silvia was a bit upset but I told her not to worry we would all have fun during Christmas and we would make it up to her. I also told her mother that Silvia was fine, doing well in class, still working at the apartments and I explained that we were together now and got along really well. Then her mother asked, have you started to use her already? So I admitted to her that yes, I had then she said “Yes, I already knew that would happen, she is yours now, you will keep her, I know she really already cares for you ”, I said to her “are you sure? You are not mad? And her mother said,” Yes I am sure, maybe later I will come and see you both just take care of her, maybe next year I will come see you both, I already gave you all her papers, birth certificates and everything so as I said, she is now belong to you and is your responsibility”. I was a quite shocked at this turn of events and decided not to say anything to Silvia about the conversation. It seemed like she planned it all along and just got rid of a child she did not ever want.

Silvia went back to school after summer break and so she is back to cleaning four apartments and servicing 4 Guys per day, she is bubbly, happy and loves to go buy clothes in the mall and very affectionate to me. I have the perfect little lover, she is now trained to satisfy men with every hole in her body willingly, she never ever says no, to anything any one of us tell her to do, some of the guys have tied her up, used toys they bought in her and a vibrator too, Alan one of them went and ordered this device from USA called a Sybian, and told me to come and watch her.

So that day I went to Alan’s condo with her, she had not seen the device and was a little apprehensive and kept asking me if it would hurt her... I said no it wont but it will make you cum, so when we got there Alan already had it on a thin table and we got Silvia to strip and lifted her up and slid the dildo on it into her, he legs did not touch the floor, but we decided to tie her hands behind her back elbow to wrist so she could not use her hands to get off it she still did not know what was going to happen till Alan turned it on and two things happen the front part vibrates against her clit and the penis part kind of vibrates too and rotates around inside the woman, her eyes got really big and tried to raise up and get away but she could not Alan turned it up some and she was squirming around on it saying oh oh, what is this? Oh wow and then she said stop and she was cumming I watched as her toes squeezed down and her legs stiffened and she came again and then she got this panicked look on her face and came again, she could not stop herself, and came again, this time she was saying please stop please stop Uncle make it stop and Alan turned it up higher and she came again twisting and grinding her self on it trying to get away to the side but unable to and then she tried to lean back wards to get away from it but we held her so she could not and she was making no sense now just a mess of words stop, ughhh, no, no don’t stop, Omg, help me, please stop ! and then she was coming again, about that time she completely lost control of her self and peed too so we stopped the machine and lifted her off, Alan wanted to fuck her in the ass so we decided to try something new, with her hands still tied behind her we raised her up, and while standing I slid my dick into her pussy then I held her weight and Alan pushed in her ass from the back, it was amazing, I could feel his dick sliding into her ass and we fucked her between us like a little rag doll, she had never been penetrated from both sides before and I could tell she was in a little bit of pain, but at that point I did not care, we almost came at the same time in her jabbing in as hard as we could and she screamed as we did and we were coming in her. When we were done I untied her arms and she just stayed hugging me not saying a word. Later we got her dressed and I took her home and put her to bed. She did not say a thing all evening just fell asleep. The next day when she woke up it was Saturday and I said to her, so what do you think of yesterday and she said its too much, it really hurt when I cant get off it and cummed, and then you both are in me it hurt too. I said to her, so next Friday the plan is to go with you to Alans again, what do you think and she said to me, “Ohh I am die!!” I can’t wait till Friday.


Looks like you got yourself a interesting little toy. I cant wait to hear more about it

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Yes, she is now the perfect Toy, Thanks for enjoying the topic, If you wish to give us some ideas of things to do to her please feel free, I will do them to her and tell you about it in a later post

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It is now the two years mark since we started training Silvia, She has become the most perfect little fuck toy one could ever want, we dress her up to look like a sexy whore now and she is attracting a lot of attention, Some days now she will accompany one of the guys out to the local club as their girl friend and I even let her spend the night some days with them if they want her for the night. Our group of guys enjoying her is still at 15, So she keeps really busy, In January I asked her if she wishes to continue to go to school and she said not really, and since Its not compulsory here to attend school she dropped out last month. Now when we get up in the morning and I am done with her, I drop her at the Apartment complex at about 10. The rules everyone has is for her to spend 2 hours at each place once she enters, get naked immediately and start her maid duties, she told me, in a quite matter of fact way the other day that its easier to just start taking care of the owner because that is what they all want so she can do her cleaning work later, then sometimes she says they get excited watching her clean and she has to give them a blow job, other days she never gets done and spends her allocated two hours sucking and fucking, She told me that sometimes when she is getting ready to leave the complex one of the guys she is not supposed to be doing will be waiting for her and gets a quickie, she giggled that it is exciting to do it in the stair well or washing machine room and a few times she almost got caught by other residents. So it seems some days she has more than 6 encounters and is quite ok with it and having fun. She is finding out that there are some downsides to being fucked up the ass by 5 guys per day (I know that they all always use her ass daily, they all admitted it’s a big turn on to have the ass of a little girl like her; they also love to listen to her little cries when they do it extra hard) . Recently Silvia has been complaining that she is having some problem holding her bowel movements, it seems that when she has to go she has to go, her muscle control just cannot hold it in. I checked her ass and its quite loose, I can slide 3 fingers in easily and she feels no discomfort; I told her that maybe someday I will have to get her a butt plug, but for now its just nice to have her with an easy to fuck ass and we just let her scoot to the bathroom.


amazing...just lovely history...i want more...words....photos...videos....lovely toy ypu have


I tried to update the story but they wont post it. Each time I update it says its already posted but doesnt get approved or loaded, so what to do ?

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So I ordered a pump up butt plug, and in the evening when I am done fucking her ass I insert the butt plug and pump it up till she says its starting to hurt, Then she has to sleep with it like that in her. She said its very uncomfortable, what she does not realize is that in reality I am stretching her asshole out even bigger than it was by blowing it up inside her. I want to be able to get my fist up her ass some day and fist fuck it, when I take out the plug her little asshole is stretched, its open about 2 inches around now and I can see right into her, I want it to stretch her hole to about 4 inches around. Then she will be perfect for fist fucking.

When I pick her up at about10pm, She is always in a heightened sense of excitement by then because she knows that I like her to be fucked all day, so when we get in the door we usually never make it to the bedroom, her little pussy is all loose and juicy and soft when I sink into it and it makes me come so hard thinking of all the cocks that have been in there before me in the day and I cant help but fill her up again, later I will pull out and she will lovingly lick me clean and fall asleep in my arms. She is so cute, she has taken to calling me ‘My Love’ and telling me she loves me. She is now 13 and perfectly legal, I have my own little loving whore.