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/con/ ~ So I am attracted to young girls. One of my exes w...
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So I am attracted to young girls. One of my exes was 15 when I met her and I was 21. She was the most beautiful thing ever. All of my exes were under 18 when I met them. And I still talk to them to this day. I am now 23 and I am not an ugly guy. Matter of fact I can get away with looking like I am 16 when I shave my facial hair. I want to change and I feel so dirty and worthless. I also own porn I shouldnt as it is illegal and everyday I expect some cop to knock on my door and arrest. I don't know what to do anymore. If anyone went on my hardrive they would find pics of this 14 year old girl who felt she loved me. And of some 17 year old girl I am no longer talking to. I am a worthless as a turd in the toilet 


You're not worthless. It's perfectly normal for men to be attracted to and find teenage girls sexy. They just won't admit it publicly. Anonymous surveys prove this over and over.

But you need to learn how to encrypt the files and pictures of underage girls on your computer. Look up Truecrypt and use it, become an expert in it. It's free. It can encrypt files on your computer
so even the FBI can't get them. USE IT. Don't get in trouble. Be safe and calm down, you're perfectly normal and there's a lot of other men just like you. Don't let over the hill overweight middle aged
women shame you into thinking that you're sick to think of young, slim teen girls as sexy. Think about it, they ARE sexy !