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/con/ ~ (Photo resembles her a lot, but it's not her...
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File jeff-milton-sexy-schoolgirl-dress-3-314x471.jpg

(Photo resembles her a lot, but it's not her of course - That's Jeff Milton for those interested)

I work part time for our church while doing other jobs so I can finish my thesis and get my bachelor's degree. I'm 22, get paid less than what I'm worth, but I don't really mind because my job has it's perks.

Once a week families come in droves, all clean and proper for mass baptisms. We hold private ones but they don't really stand out.

My office window is across the waiting area; so families would often sit right in front of me. That meant their very young nieces and daughters would sit there right in front of me, wearing their Sunday's best. And since I live in a tropical country, exposed skin would be everywhere. Neck, shoulder, underarm, legs, a bit of cleavage (if they have any), and so on.

It drives me insane when pubescent girls, no older than 14 maybe would stand right by my window, and their budding tits would be eye level. And let me just say that most of them are incredibly pretty.

And even if I give them a long look (of course not too long, or else that would just be creepy) they wouldn't really think of it as something malicious, they all trust me, I have that face that makes people put their guards down. My college teacher says I have innocent eyes, that's why he never would've thought I would know anything about drinking or smoking.

One time a woman with a girl came into my office to ask if there was a chance she could do a confession that afternoon. So I asked our parish priest if he wasn't busy, and I don't know if it was just perfect timing or coincidence but there actually was a schedule for confessions that afternoon; there was already around 5 people waiting in line before the woman.

The woman asked if she could leave her niece in my office for a few minutes while she confesses, I said yes, not only because it wasn't really a bother but also 'cause I wanted to keep looking at the cute girl with porcelain like skin.

We talked, I learned she was 13, she'd be 14 next week. She was from the provincial area, she still has that country side innocence and naivety. Her aunt, who's single and didn't plan on getting married, is taking care of her and will be sending her to the private catholic school by our church. Of course I flirted with her a bit, telling her it'd be a nice change of scenery knowing a pretty girl like her will be close by. I knew I what I was doing, it was wrong but I didn't care, I wasn't planning on taking her to the stock room and raping her, no. I was just going to try to get close to her so I can strip her with my eyes without looking like a creepy stranger.

Fast forward four months, Isabel, came by my office almost every week. The first time she came back, her aunt was enrolling her into her school and she thought of waiting for her in my office again; the second time she came by she wanted to show off her school uniform. She was wearing a tartan skirt that stops in the middle of the thighs (colored sky blue, apple green, white and baby blue), baby blue button up shirt that had the logo on her right side breast, knee high socks, and of course black school shoes.

I pretended to be interested in the detail down on the logo, asking if it was printed or if it was embroidered, an excuse to touch her shirt and graze her tits. I took my time letting my hand rest on top of her budding breasts. I'd say she's a B cup, she was skinny but she had a nice ass that complemented her body, and a nice pair of boobs that complemented her ass. I'm not gonna say she was sexy, but I'll admit that I've jerked off to her more than once already ever since we met.

She was naive and very trusting, it made me feel protective of her but at the same time, I know I'm the one who should be kept away from her.

I got her to join the youth group's choir, this made seeing her easier but also meant she'd be exposed to other guys too. Guys her age, guys she should be interested in; but my priority for now is just seeing her. I kept reminding myself that every time I finish jerk off to the photos of her in her uniform.

Another two months passed, the choir had plans in going on a camping trip (they would often go on field trips once every three or four months). They invited me to join them since I had a lot of experience in camping and hiking.

Isabel at first couldn't go, which was a let down because her aunt thought she was too young to go on the trip alone; then she found out I was going and asked if I could keep an eye on Isabel if she decides to let her participate in the camping trip.

I said I would and I even told her that I'd become Isabel's travel buddy if it makes her feel better, and she did. I kept taking God that he gave me this opportunity, though it seems more like the devil's work or maybe I shouldn't call it an opportunity but a test which I definitely will fail.


I'm really sorry if I'm not really descriptive and for any grammatical errors. I'm sleepy and horny.

So there we were, climbing up a mountain, as I guided them up the words of Isabel's aunt kept echoing in my head. She told her to be a good girl, to always stay with me, and to listen to what I say.

It was 11:30 am when we reached the camping grounds. Isabel asked me to put a towel inside the back of her shirt. I didn't hesitate to do it. My fingers travelling over her soft young skin, if everyone wasn't exhausted from the hike, my face would have been the high light of that moment.

Her shorts were baggy, which revealed a tiny part of her panties. It wasn't much but it still added to everything that was happening between her and my fantasies.

We had lunch, made camp, and rested. We planned on heading to the waterfalls later for a swim.

Aside from Isabel I had 16 other kids to worry about. 13 of them were between 15-19, the other three were between 11 - 14. I had the younger ones pair up with the older ones to keep them in check. The entire group had 11 girls and 6 boys.

The swimming time was an experience not worth talking about in detail. None of them used bikinis, they wore shirts and shorts while swimming.

Night came, the younger ones instantly fell asleep right after dinner.

We shared stories around a fire like any cliche camping trip. By 9, there was only seven of us left, me, Isabel who seems to just want to be part of the mature group's conversation, three of the older girls and two older boys.

We decided to drink a bit, we already planned it out. We didn't plan on having Isabel join in (or at least they didn't) but they welcomed her anyway. We passed around a plastic cup, taking shots. We gave Isabel very very little just so she doesn't feel left out. We understood what she felt, it wasn't too long ago that we were her age, wanting to experience as much as we could.

>> File 57ff7770.jpg

And of course, that's not her in the image, I didn't even think of taking pictures. I wish I did though

It was around 2 in the morning when everyone was in there tents, I didn't bother checking. I didn't want to suddenly peek into a bunch of teenagers trying to fuck in secret and suffer the awkward moments in the morning.

When I got into my tent, I was startled by the movement under my sleeping bag. It was Isabel, she was sleeping in my tent.

Now the most noble thing would be to wake her up and help her to her tent but I'm intoxicated and I've been wanting to jerk off to the thought of her since this morning.

So I tested the waters first, poked her face, tried to wake her up, and even shook her hands. Nothing, she was definitely not waking up. (Thank you alcohol)

She was wearing jogging pants (probably because she didn't want mosquitoes biting her, a large button up flannel shirt, and she still had her bra on. I could tell because her shirt was pulled side wards, revealing a bra strap.

So I prepared, I looked for a towel I used to wipe my sweat off this morning and put it next to me. I knelt right next to her, I slowly pulled her jogging pants down. "Come on, let me help you out of that." I talked to her like I was helping her into bed, just so I wont be tongue tied if ever she suddenly wakes up.

I got her jogging pants off easily, her body was thin and smooth. So full of youth. She had white cotton panties on with a teddy printed on it. I began unbuttoning her shirt, she didn't move a lot.

I needed to sit her up so I could pull her shirt off, so I decided on not taking it off. I was rock hard now. Looking at her using a pin light. Half naked. Her privates only protected by cotton fabrics. I reached behind her to unhook her bra. And I pulled off her panties.

Isabel was now naked in front of me (aside from the fact that I can't really take her shirt and bra off but her breast are exposed so ... yay). I began fondling her. The fact that she might wake up anytime didn't matter to me anymore. I squeezed her tits, it was a handful and it was enough. I started to rub your cunt, she moaned in her sleep; which was really cute it made my cock throb.

I felt her get wet a little. I tried to push my finger into her tight virgin pussy but she squirmed in her sleep, I didn't want to risk waking her up through that so I moved on to other things. I kissed her lips then rubbed my cock on her lips, I opened her mouth and sent my cock half way in it.

I swear just seeing my cock in her mouth almost made me explode. I had to pull out and calm myself for a bit. I then decided to do one more risky thing before climaxing. I spread her legs, got between them, scooped her up; her ass in my hands, and rubbed my cock along her slit. To me, that was the kinkiest thing I've ever done. I tried to push my head inside her, which felt amazing but I didn't really push it in, I just tried to push the tip inside her jailbait pussy. I started stroking my cock while I was between her legs. I played with her nipples, leaned in to suck on them. Then I came on her tummy. It was messy though. A lot sprayed all over her breast, arms, and even some on her face. I quickly wiped her clean as best as I could then expertly put her clothes back on. I couldn't see myself fitting in her small tent so I lied just a feet away from her.

When morning came she apologized for "ruining my night", she didn't have the slightest clue what I did to her. She promised to make up for taking my bed.


well that escalated quickly

>> File 1.png

Would like to have you continue the story, what has happened since that time? Please post more :)


Alright Charmaine; tell me where can I find the source of the photo you posted and I'll continue.


I like the picture you posted Charmaine! I hope they both achieved a big orgasm. It is always a good day when I see you visiting this board. Greetings from your friend in the United States who donated soaps for Typhoon Haiyan survivors in 2013.


Oh the source it is myself, he likes to take pictures of us doing it, and so this time I thought I would post a sexy one, I always post myself as you all know, its fun to do and turn me on. And to the other guy good to hear from you again, Yes I had a good one hehehe


Okay Charmaine here's what happened:

So weeks passed, not much happened after the tent incident. That's life I guess, not every part of it is exciting.

Anyway, she kept coming back and talking to me. The weather was getting hot so she'd often wear shorts and loose shirts or crop tops. Of course most of the time she'd hide in my office to avoid the judging eyes of church members. I didn't mind. Sometimes she'd lean against me like innocently, her breast would press against me as she rest herself.

I often kept wondering if she has a clue what I did to her in my tent. Probably not.

Isabel was a the type of girl who'd remind you of a promise or a favor she owes you. She's probably one of those people who can't sleep if they owe someone money. She would often ask if I need a favor from her, anything at all so she won't feel guilty about invading my tent.

---this is how she paid me back, I'm not going to put a lot of detail into this. I was thinking I'd keep this as a secret between me and Isabel but I feel obliged to give you the ending you're looking for---

Isabel and I became close, I'd often bring her to the cinema when a new movie is on. Most of the time though I'd rather torrent the movies.

I was watching porn in the office during my lunch break; I have a separate office with lock and key; and I have a stock room where I can always hide and jerk off once I'm ready.

So I was watching a video I got from ichan's camwhores; the girl had a small frame, little tits; "she's probably jailbait" I thought to myself.

I got hard, really hard, I was wearing boxers that day because my boxer briefs were dirty and I was too lazy that week to wash my clothes. I was glad I didn't have to share my office, I adjusted my cock inside my pants to let it feel more comfortable as it gets harder and harder until I know I couldn't get hard anymore.

I had videos of camwhores on a playlist so I didn't have to bother looking for the next video to lust on about. I was about to get up and head into the stock room when Isabel tapped on my window and asked if I could come in. I made her wait a minute so I could minimize my player and let her think I was just on Facebook.

We talked and my cock didn't calm down. Suddenly she brings up the topic of her friends showing her a sex scandal from a different high school (not that uncommon and not really satisfying to look at again once you've seen it - I've had my fair share of those).

She then asks me if I ever watch porn. I asked her why would she be interested if I watched porn or not. She told me that it would tell her what kind of woman turns me on. I laughed knowing she's the kind of girl that turns me on. She then took control of my laptop; typing "P" on the address bar to see if which porn site would come out of my history. I stopped her. One thing led to another and the player ended up playing my playlist of young camwhores in full screen.

She was surprised of course, not disgusted but surprised. There was no point in hiding the fact that I watched girls like her get naked in front of the camera. I then told her that if she wants to repay me for invading my tent, I told her she had to invade another tent. I placed her hand on my crotch.

I expected her to leave, never talk to me again. Probably tell two friends and those two friends will start telling others and good bye part time job. But she didn't she held on my erection.

I asked her what was she doing. She told me she didn't know what to do.

I took her inside the stock room, I then kissed her and began to fondle her tits under her crop top. She was surprised but after a minute she loosened up and even kissed me back.

I didn't know if she was scared or excited; so I just unbuttoned her shorts and took them off, pulled her panties off. I started to fuck her thighs, my cock rubbing her slit. I could feel her tremble, I pulled away from our kiss but she followed my lips. She wanted it; despite her body not wanting my other approaches she loved the attention I was giving her.

Instead of putting it inside her I began to rub her clit then slowly headed down to finger her. She didn't last long, she came, she wasn't squirting but I could feel her climax rush around my fingers to exit her lower lips. She was dripping. I reminded myself I didn't have time to "make love", I asked her to kneel and suck my cock.

She did it in a clumsy manner but damn I've always had a thing for girls who needed to be taught. I held on to her head and started to move my hips as she moved her head in sync. When I was about to cum, I apologized before grabbing her head and fucking her mouth; I came inside her mouth. She coughed but I told her not to spit it out. I didn't want to clean off a load of cum off the floor. She swallowed and cleaned my cock off.

When we came out of the stock room it was almost time for my lunch break to end but I knew that was just the beginning of my lessons with Isabel.

Sometimes she'd come over, giving me a hand job under the desk while I worked and people were outside. Sometimes we'd screw in the stock room. It took me only a week to pop her cherry; she was reluctant at first but after edging her with my fingers she signed off for penetration. She never really dated anyone, she'd mention crushes and boys who approach her but she never seemed to be busy with any of them. Sometimes I would ask her to wear a sundress with nothing underneath, that always gets me so hard knowing a breeze is all it takes for her ass and pussy to get exposed.

Anyway, I still work for the church, part time. But now I have my degree, I'm looking for a job that fits me. The only thing I'll probably miss is the nooners and the quickies in the middle of work. I mean I'd still see her but if I move to a different job I won't be able to fuck her as much as I want.


Oh thank you for finishing it.. its a good story, one of these days I will get up the courage to write mine, I have a good real life experience to write, I just have to think where to start and all. Maybe I need to write it like in a book and then if its ok list its parts here. I wonder If I would be the first girl to write a confession here :)
Oh I send you a thank you picture, hope I can turn someone here on enough to write another story ?


What happened> months ago I did my confession and i was looking to update it and its gone? why it is deleted? hmm sad... oh well I guess they dont like to have me post any more


I saw that it was missing, what a shame. Charmaine, maybe you can start another, from where you stopped. we still remember the whole story, and i was enjoying it so much