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/con/ ~ A year or so ago I graduated with a MA in counseli...
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File mia.jpg

A year or so ago I graduated with a MA in counseling and got a job with a private agency, which is my first professional job. I rented a small guest house situated behind a larger house. I think it was built as a granny flat with a bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen. The people who live in the big house are foster parents, which is how I met them. They are wheeler-dealers and they always have had a couple of foster children to help pay the bills.

About a week after I moved in, I met their current foster children. One is a teenage guy. The other was a girl, named Mia, I learned later was 14.

Mia's deaf and has been so since birth, so she can read and lip reads and for the most part can understand you. But she has never heard anyone speaking English, and so she can't pronounce words. I think they would have called her deaf and dumb and then a deaf-mute back in the day. Mia certainly isn't mute and when I met her I wasn't sure whether she was a tard or not. When she speaks, Mia, or MeMa as she pronounces it, makes muffled, inarticulate sounds, but the rhythm of her mushy voice makes it seem like she is actually saying something. It just sounds like someone talking wearing a gag. She also constantly signs, so as she mumbles loudly, she also waves her arm around making gestures with her fingers. If she's close to you and wants to say something to you, she'll excitedly tap on you to get your attention.

I never gave her a second thought, she was kind of a grunge with the shabby Good Will clothes her foster parents provided. She also kind of smelled of sweat and frankly I thought that her foster parents were neglecting her, I saw her often during the day when she should have been in school. But she wasn't ugly, but didn't do anything with her hair including washing it and is tall and thin, maybe 5'5", ready to develop into a young woman.

So, this confession is about my relationship with Mia and it includes sex with deaf jailbait.

A couple of months after I moved in, I came home from work a little early, around 4:00PM or so. It was raining really hard and pretty cold. I don't have a parking spot and have to park on the street and walk a little ways to my little house in back. I was soaked by the time I got to my door and went in, dried off, turned on the heat to get warm and started on some project or other.

I heard a knock on the door and Mia was standing there drenched, absolutely sopping wet. She started to tell me something. I couldn't understand a word she said and of course couldn't understand what she was signing either. It took me a few seconds to realize that she was caught outside in the rain and wanted to come in.

I had an umbrella near the door and I took it and tried to hand it to her. She wouldn't take it and shook her head, no, and waved her hands. She wanted something else. She pointed to the big house and mumbled more words that I didn't understand, but eventually I got it from the twisting motion of her hand followed by a wave that she was locked out of the house.

I asked, trying not to yell, which wouldn't have done any good anyway, "Are you locked out?"

Mia eyes widened and she nodded yes, mumbled some more, sort of like "Yes, I am locked out," except I couldn't understand the words, but the mumbles fit the phrase. "Nnnsss, Mam mmm mt!!" I am not saying this to make fun of her, but just to tell you how we communicate. I learned a few signs from her eventually, but usually rely on watching her lips and the rythmn of her mumbles. She really avoids talking most of the time, now that I have gotten used to communicating with her. She is not as frantic and mostly communicates with me by moving her hands or giving me a look. Its a little hard to explain, but maybe you will catch on as I continue.


I stood there for a few seconds trying to think of what to do and said, "Let me get you a towel." Mia followed me into the bathroom and I took a bath towel and handed it to her. She started to dry her hair a little and I could see she really needed some dry clothes.

"Let me get you a dry t-shirt and some shorts." I said.

"Mhk moo," she responded without smiling. Mia doesn't smile too much.

I came back and Mia had already gotten completely undressed and was drying herself. I had a pair of basketball shorts and an XL wife beater t-shirt. She was facing the sink, but I had a perfect view of her ass and I could see her breasts in the mirror. Her ass was just beginning to show some adolescent shape. Her tits were smallish, but growing and her nipples were dark and elongated and were totally out of scale to the rest of her breasts. They were a little puffy too.

She saw me in the mirror and turned around. She said "Mgo may! Mgo may!" while waving her right arm forward and back trying to hold her towel over her front with the other hand. She had a panicked look on her face. A small gathering of dark hair peaked out from her underarms.

"I'm sorry," and placed the clothes on the closed toilet seat and left. I guess I didn't think it was a big deal and caught myself assuming that because she was deaf, she was some sort of tard and didn't have any modesty. I wasn't sure at that point and I wasn't even sure I could ever tell given that I couldn't understand anything she said.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom wearing the basketball shorts and tee-shirt. She wasn't smiling, but looked calmer.

"Mnk Ku mor ma kos!" she said.

"No problem, did you lock yourself out? No one is home I guess." I answered. I was beginning to realize that she could understand perfectly well, but just couldn't really enunciate. I could generally get what she was trying to say, but I've found that it is better to ask her specific things and she can communicate yes or no. We don't do well when I ask her general things like "how are you?"

She answered "Msh" and I invited her to stay a little while until someone came home. It was difficult, but I did find out that her parents wouldn't be home for an hour or so. I had a little sense of accomplishment having that understanding. I offered her something to drink and because it was pretty cold out she wanted some hot tea, or as she would say, "Mtch Chee." This is not normally something that I make, but I did have some and brought the tea bags out and a pot and heated the water.

Mia and I sat in my living area in the small house waiting for the rain to let up and her parents or foster brother to come home. We were mostly silent. I could see the back door and kitchen window of the big house, so I could see if anyone came home. I tried to ask her a couple of questions like "where do you go to school," but it was like an awkward date. It took forever to understand simple answers to questions, and it just didn't seem worth it. We just sort of stared at each other.

After some time Mia yawned and closed her eyes and leaned back. My place was warm by this time. I told her she could lay down on the couch, but even if she were awake, she couldn't hear me. I decided to get my laptop and as I got up I tapped Mia on the shoulder and motioned to the couch and told her she could lay down, it would be more comfortable. She responded verbally and by the time I got back with my laptop, she was snoozing on the couch. I was surfing around but was totally distracted by Mia, softly snoring.

I went to the bathroom and found that she had neatly hung her wet clothes on the tub/shower curtain rod, including her granny style panties. I looked at them for a moment, considering grabbing them and seeing if she left anything in the gusset, but thought better of it. But I found myself a little turned on. I hadn't been laid in some time and though it was weird to be turned on by a somewhat disheveled deaf adolescent, I sort of let it go and enjoyed my semi-erection as I returned to the living area.

And I stared at her and watched as her wife beater, on which I could see a faint outline of her over-sized nipples, slowly raised and fell as she breathed. I wondered what she was dreaming about or even how she was dreaming -- like in written words?.

The rain eventually stopped and I saw that someone was in the big house. I sat down on the very edge of the couch, squeezing in next to Mia, gently moving her arm out of my way. Touching her roused her a little and I tapped her shoulder and she woke with a start. She jumped up a little, slid her rear back so that she was sitting upright and said something and jumped off the couch. I think she was a little embarrassed that she fell asleep for so long. Mia went to the bathroom and closed the door.

Mia put on her damp clothes and emerged from the bathroom. It would have been fine to wear my stuff, of course, but by then it was too late. She thank me, I guess, "Mshk koo" She then proceeded to pick up our tea cups and washed them, dried them and put them in the cabinets. When I protested that she didn't have to do that, she just waved me off and silently shook her head. She finished and thanked me again and almost literally ran out the door over to the big house.


Go on... (closes laptop with Katawa Shoujo minimized)

>> File photo.jpg

Please continue, I have been patiently waiting for someone to start writing a hot story again.. :)


The next day after returning from work I found a folded piece of printer paper from Mia taped to my door. In very neat handwriting, it said

"Thank you for the tea yesterday and for allowing me to dry off in your lovely home.

"I am trying to earn money for a laptop computer. I can clean your house, wash your dishes, dust and do your laundry. I can also make your dinner as I have taken cooking classes at my school.

"Can I work for you?

"Your Neighbor,


I was considering it and sort of decided that I had to run it by her foster mother, otherwise she probably would be pissed if she found out. Then I decided that it would be more trouble than it was worth. I was just about to throw it away when I heard a knock on the door. It had to be Mia, since no one ever comes back to my house. I smiled and said "Hi!"

Mia responded with "Mgi" and launched into what seemed almost like a prepared speech, she spoke slowly and I could tell she was trying not to be too excitable. And she did OK, but I still didn't understand anything she said except the "Mgi" part and I was just guessing she said "Hi." She also looked a little nicer, like she had put on her best jogging suit or whatever the hell it was. It also looked like she had washed her hair, though maybe the rain the day before was responsible for that.

She really did look kind of cute, if a little rough, almost tomboyish.

Mia then brushed me aside and stormed into the kitchen, which was kind of a mess, and began to clean up.

I tried to talk to her, but she waived me off with her hand and a shake of her head. I didn't really know what to do, so I just decided to go into the living room until she decided she was done. After a little while the cleaning sounds stopped and were replaced by cooking sounds. At this point I just wanted to see what she could come up with. I don't keep much food around, so she definitely faced a challenge. From the smell of things, she found the only thing I keep in regular supply - bacon.

After some time she came out of the kitchen with some utensils and a napkin in hand. She looked at my small dining table, which was covered with shit. Mia sighed heavily and shook her head, and, not even looking at me, put the flatware down down and began to clean off the table. She gathered up loose paper and books and put them in a neat pile and hung a jacket and a couple of hoodies on a hook by the door. She then set the table.

I kind of laughed to myself when Mia brought out a plate of bacon, eggs and hash browns with a glass of beer. But the bacon won me over and who ever said you couldn't eat eggs and bacon for dinner, anyway. It was all I had in the house and even then I had forgotten about the frozen hash browns I had bought but never used. I generally buy stuff to make when I need to, sort of like 'just in time supply' for eating.

I began to think about how this would work and how much I could afford. And how would we communicate?

I told Mia to get some for herself, pointing to my plate and then her. At first she shook her head and waved me off. I said please, and I guess she understood. As a joke I pointed to my glass and then her and carefully enunciated "no beer." Mia didn't smile, but rolled her eyes and disappeared into the into the kitchen shaking her head.

After we finished, Mia cleared the table and washed up. With the help of a notepad, we agreed that she would work for me on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and clean, cook and launder for 2 hours each day. I gave her a key to the house. Mia took me into the kitchen and pointed out that I had no food. We decided to go shopping the next day which was a Saturday.

Except that early next morning I woke up sick as a dog.

>> File DSC08321a.jpg

So thanks for updating this nice story, Just wanted to let you know that me and my gfs in the Philippines love reading your story here and the others ... just want you to know you have some girls reading them too, maybe I post pics of us to encourage you to write more, We have to use internet cafe so can only check about once each week .. just so you kno..


I had a splitting headache and was all stuffed up and I ached all over. I couldn't find a thermometer, but I knew I had a high fever. I had blown off a chance to get a free flu shot and this was evidently a result. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. I couldn't gather the energy to do anything except go to the bathroom, and even that was a struggle.

By the time 11:00AM came around, the appointed time that Mia and I would go to the market, I hadn't even dressed. Mia, of course, was right on time. I threw some sweats on and went to the door. I opened the door slightly, planning on telling Mia that I was sick and couldn't go, but the second I started to speak Mia pushed the door a little and I let go letting the door open. I just didn't have the will to resist. Mia stepped in and took one look at me and stared at me as if she never saw a sick person before.

I told her I was sick and we would have to postpone our shopping. Mia shook her head and tapped her chest as if to say she would do it. I felt bad about having her do it, but I felt even sicker and in need of some basic remedies like Aspirin and chicken soup. I went back to my bedroom and got into my bed, sweats and all. I was a basket case. I grabbed a $20 bill from the side table drawer where I keep my cash and gave it to Mia, or tried to. She pushed my hand back and said something, which I guessed was that she needed more. I told her that I only needed aspirin and soup. Mia wasn't having it, she tapped the side table and said something else while tapping her chest.

I pulled up the covers. I was exhausted and didn't want to argue so I just opened the drawer and said Aspirin and soup. Mia took some bills out, maybe $50 or $60, folded the bills and put them in a small purse she was carrying. She then leaned over the bed and felt my forehead and gasped. She then ran her fingers through my hair and said something else and hurried out the door.

Mia returned with a huge load of groceries and I felt bad I couldn't help her put it all away. In fact, I didn't leave the bedroom except to go to the bathroom until Sunday, the next day. Mia fixed me soup for lunch and seemed very concerned. It was great to have someone right there caring about me.

She came by on Sunday as well, I had gotten up and there was a ton of stuff to eat and TJ's meals that I could just microwave. She came by as well to see how I was. She would feel my forehead and frown even more than usual and shake her head. I didn't say anything but she did say some words and I guess she said she hoped I felt better.

When I woke up Tuesday morning the fever was gone and I felt better, but I had called in sick with the flu and figured I'd be home the whole week. By Wednesday I was practically back to normal. Mia had come by on Monday just to fix me something to eat and see how I was. In spite of feeling better I slept in late and didn't do much that day.

By late afternoon I was still a little tired so I went into the bedroom to nap a little. I relaxed a little on the bed and realized I hadn't fapped since the last week. So, of course, I got out a trusty porn DVD and popped it into an old player connected to my crummy bedroom TV and started going at it. I was totally into it, I can't remember whether I was thinking about Mia at that point -- probably not.

The results of my handiwork was pretty nice and I was getting close to shooting when the partially open door swung open and Mia stood there with me stroking my dick and watching some home-made porn. I looked at Mia and realized I probably couldn't say anything to her that she would understand. I just looked at her, somewhat in shock, but didn't really stop stroking, maybe slowed it down a little.

Mia said some things, but mostly just rolled her eyes and shook her head like she had found a child who had gotten into paint or something. She then just slipped out and closed the door gently behind her without even glancing at the TV. I don't think she apologized, more like she was telling me I shouldn't be doing it or something like that. She wasn't shocked, but her expression was just like, "oh brother."

I ejaculated just as she shut the door.

>> File shower.jpg

Please continue :)
Hope you like the pic


That experience was strangely a huge turn on. I napped restlessly thinking about how Mia checked out my dick and was totally unimpressed. I guess she'd seen this before, maybe saw her foster brother or father. I had imagined that maybe she thought I was cute or maybe even hot which is why she wanted to work for me. I was flattered. But her 'I could care less' attitude threw me. Fuck, she wasn't even horrified with my adult sized member.

An hour or so later, Mia came into the bedroom and gently tapped me on the shoulder to wake me up. She started picking up clothes and putting them in a pile, so I figured she was going to do my laundry using the machine in the big house. The was the great thing about our arrangement. I'd been taking my shit to a laundry. She leaned over to pick up a sock next to the bed which she correctly assumed was wet with semen. Yes, she had seen this before. She gingerly picked it up with two fingers and tossed it onto the clothes pile. She wrinkled her nose in disgust and then found the kleenex and wiped her fingers. I smiled a little and said "I guess you wash you brother's socks also." I think she understood the little joke, but of course didn't even smile but just shook her head in the 'oh brother' manner.

She pointed to the bed. I thought the sheets were OK, meaning I didn't see the need to wash them but Mia evidently didn't agree. So, thinking I would have a little fun, said OK and got out of bed wearing only a t-shirt. Mia gave me a disparaging look, but did take a longish peek at my cock. She slowly looked up to my smiling face.

"Gmo! gmo!" she said, pointing to the door, and stepped around me and started to take the sheets off. I put on a pair of basket ball shorts and left the room.

Mia made some dinner, this time some chicken and waffles with a side of green beans -- she tried to explain the the dinner but the only thing I recognized was the triangle she made with her hands. I think she was trying to tell me about the nutritional food triangle which would explain the protein, carb and vegetable of this balanced meal. I think that was what she was saying.

We ate in silence which was fine with me. I decided to to see if I could make her smile by just smiling at her. She mostly looked down st her food but looked up every once in awhile, but didn't smile back. I grabbed the legal pad we had on the table and wrote a little note thanking her for looking after me while I was sick and how much I appreciated it. She shook her head and briefly waved her hand and said, that's OK, or that is my best guess at what she said. Her face softened a little, but no smile.

She took the pad and wrote that she wanted to buy a dress for a party at her school the next week and asked me to pay her for her work so far. The amount wasn't much, like $30. I asked her where would she shop? She told me that she picked out a dress at the local thrift shop. This is where I wanted to roll my eyes. But I didn't have the heart.

I asked if her foster parents gave her money for clothes. Mia looked at me carefully, and I think sadly. She wrote that she was paying for the dress and not her foster parents. We sat silently for a minute and Mia got up and started to clean up. After a little while, she left with a large plate of leftovers. I think they were for her foster brother.

>> File Forum_Belushi_Inline_05.jpg

By Friday, I found myself thinking about Mia and how cool it was when she was around. Like having someone to talk to, but not having to say anything. I liked her attitude also, not disrespectful, but also not so impressed. It was like she was laser focused on something, something I really couldn't know or understand even if she could simply tell me. She was a serious girl who seemed like was on a very important mission.

Coincidentally, I think so anyway, I decided to come home early and greet Mia when she came. I was dying to see the new dress, even though I had no idea what to expect. I parked as usual on the street and made my way to the little house. As I crossed the back yard I heard something loud, like a TV or radio but couldn't hear what it was. For a second I thought it was coming from the big house. But as I neared my door, I realized it was coming from my place and I identified the sound as moaning and grunting from the porn DVD I was playing when Mia caught me. The front door was closed and locked and the TV's volume seemed to be cranked up on high.

Let's see now, I thought, who might be watching my porn DVD not realizing the sound volume was somehow turned up all the way. I guessed that might be Mia! I pondered what to do. I case it wasn't Mia, I decided to go around the side and peek into the bedroom window to see what was going on. The side of the little house is shielded by shrubs, but since it is my house anyway, I guess no one would accuse me a being a peeping tom. There are blinds, which I keep mostly open for light and I eased myself to the window and peered inside.

My bed is parallel with the window and looking in I could see the foot of the bed and the chest on which the TV was playing my current favorite porno. And Mia was sitting, or I should say partly reclining, near the foot of the bed with her feet dangling partly over the end.

Mia was actually propping herself up with her straight left arm slightly behind her. Her sweat pants and panties were pushed and gathered right below her butt cheeks and her right hand was buried between her legs where she was manipulating her pussy with her middle finger. Every once in awhile she would raise her feet off the floor to bed level and sort of lean forward, trying to eke out more pleasure from her fingers. This seemed to coincide with a visual of the guy licking his girlfriend's vagina from behind. I wanted to move forward to see Mia's facial reaction, but I decided not to risk it as it would be better if she didn't see me. I just stood still.

Mia every once in awhile glanced towards to open bedroom door on the other side of the bed, but quickly turned back to the video. Eventually Mia's hips began to move and Mia slowly leaned back and moved the pillow down to rest her head. She then brought up legs and spread her thighs, letting her knees fall the the sides and her feet rest on the bed covers. I could see that Mia had a wild patch of dark pubic hair, but not very thick.

She really went to work on her pussy, grinding her hips into the bed. After a minute or so, he knees began to bounce and I began to hear her moan as well, though that very hot sound was mostly drowned out by the full bast TV audio. Mia let out a yelp and threw her feet forward and locked her knees, trapping her furiously masturbating fingers. Her hips bucked in orgasmic rhythm making her whole body tighten almost as if she were being electrocuted. The orgasmic twitching lasted longer than I expected, finally waning and then stopping, but Mia maintained here stiff body posture for 20 or 30 more seconds, extracting the last possible bit of ecstasy from her session.

Mia relaxed like a rag doll and covered her eyes with her left arm and lay still, except for her heaving chest which was catching her breath. Eventually, Mia slowly brought her feet up onto the bed and ran her hands up and down her thighs and I backed away, thinking she might look out the window. But she didn't. She reached over to the side table and took a couple of kleenex tissues and bunched them up. After slowly spreading her knees, she slowly wiped her vagina and carefully inspected the results and then wiped again. She then got up, pulled up her panties and sweatpants in a single motion and turned off the TV and DVD player, leaving it like she found it. She tossed the tissue in the trash and left the room.


I backed away from the window, leaning against the wall and waited a second to see if she would go back to the big house or wherever. She probably wouldn't see me from where I was, but I could see her go through the door of the big house if she went there. I then realized that my right hand was in my pocket and I was absently stroking my erect dick and approaching an orgasm.

Mia didn't come out of the little house, so I walked back to my car, got in and drove to the store to waste enough time to let her get into cleaning up or cooking. I just didn't want to deal with her suspecting that I watched her masturbating to my porn. I struggled to think of something that I really needed to buy but had never remembered to pick up. Like shampoo or something like that, except that I had enough shampoo. So I bought more anyway and even got some shaving cream.

And Mia was working very hard when I finally walked in the door of my little house. Eventually I got the pad and told her to take a break and relax. I also told her I wanted to see her new dress and that she should go put it on and show me. Mia totally waved me off, but I wouldn't let it go. I even had to unplug the vacuum while she was using it when she finally relented. She ran out of the house across the yard and disappeared into the big house.

Mia returned with a plastic grocery bag containing her new dress. She went into the bathroom and shut the door. I guessed that this could only mean that she was hiding it from her foster parents. When she emerged from the bathroom my heart literally skipped a beat. It was gorgeous on her. Her hair was a mess and I decided she needed makeup, at least some lipstick. She wasn't smiling, of course, but her face was almost glowing. The dress was a little too big. It needed a little tailoring. But Mia was gorgeous in it.

"You look beautiful!" I said with a big smile and I could tell she understood. But didn't smile. There's a full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door so I went over and took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom and shut the door.

I got behind her and put my hands on shoulders and together we faced the mirror with me behind her. I said "See how beautiful this looks on you!" Just standing close enough to smell her musky scent signaled to my cock to harden.

Mia turned red and started to smile as she lip read my words. She saw it too. She looked back at me and leaned against me and I think she said "thank you." She looked down and smiled again. I don't know what came over me, but I slid my arms around her and gave her a hug. Mia said something that I didn't understand and moved her hips back against mine. I moved my head against hers, and my cheeks lightly rubbed against her ears. I glanced down and the over-sized dress allowed me to see her budding breasts and the large round nipples that were puffing out a little.

Mia felt my erection. And her hips didn't just touch it, but started to slowly rub against it. I don't think she realized what she was doing, but after a brief second or two her face in the mirror expressed surprise or shock and she immediately pulled a little away from me. She gently grasped my hands and slowly disengaged us and turned around. "Mgo, Mgo!" she said and opened the door so that I could leave and she could change out of the dress.

At dinner I told her she could go to a local tailor and have it fixed for her size. I told her I would loan her some money for that and to buy a nice pair of shoes and some makeup.

After dinner Mia excitedly cleaned up and was about to go back to the big house with her usual plate of leftovers.

But she got the pad and pen and wrote, "You felt good." She watched me as I read the note. And then, without a word, ran out the door to the big house.

>> File gsfrsx 029.jpg

Oh nice story, that quite got us girls going hehehe so now we wait till new year I guess for update? by the way Happy New Year to all the ichans readers, its already new year day here in Philippines.. my friend give you sexy personal picture today hope you like it.. she like your story too


I am really enjoying your story. Keep it comming. Also the phillipenes girl is very sexy cant wait to see more


Mia knocked on the door early the next morning, eager to go shopping and to have her dress tailored. I looked at the clock and it was 7:30AM, way too early for me to get up on a Saturday, and I just closed my eyes in denial and drifted back into a light sleep. That lasted for just over 5 minutes when I felt Mia sit on the bed and tap me on the shoulder. That was a downside to giving Mia a key to the little house. I opened my eyes and Mia was leaning over me as her fingers lingered gently on my shoulder. She said something like 'I'm sorry to wake you so early,' but it was hard to be mad at Mia with the bright look on her face. She slowly moved her hand up to my forehead and gently ran her fingers through my hair. In my waking-up fog, my hand immediately reached under the covers for my morning erection which was in full effect, no doubt aided by Mia's soft touch.

Mia said "breakfast," and slid her fingers softly down my cheeks and then my chest. Much further and she could have begun to masturbate me. I stared into her eyes wanting to grab her and place it on my penis, but I mightily resisted the urge to encourage her that way. I said "OK, let me get dressed." Mia kissed me on my forehead. I got up and showered and dressed while Mia made some breakfast. As I sat down to the breakfast she made, I told her she didn't work on Saturday and didn't have to make this. She waved me away, as she does, and said "Mts MoGy."

After breakfast we worked out the details of the day. I wanted to just give her some money and just let her go by herself, but she needed a ride to a mall that is pretty far away. She had decided to shoes and makeup at Nordstrom's. I was sort of impressed that she would want to go to a nice place to buy that stuff and I told her so. She just shook her head. So, we would go to a local tailor shop close by and then I would drive her to the mall. I thought I would then wait for her to do the shopping. I didn't want Mia to have to ask for some money, so I pulled out my wallet and asked her how much she would need. I don't keep money in my wallet, but it was a useful communication shortcut. Mia was silent for a moment and seemed stumped by the question. I went into my bedroom and got some cash -- $100. I didn't really intend to give her that much, but when she saw it she said and said "Mhk moo!" and got up and hugged me. So I just let it go.

We finally got out of the little house and I accompanied her into the tailor shop. I decided to let Mia try and tell the tailor what she needed, but she wasn't very successful. I then told the tailor, a guy, that we needed to have Mia's dress tailored to fit her for a party and could he have it by late the next week. He looked at me carefully, and must have finally concluded that I was an older brother or uncle or something like that because his serious look turned into a smile. He told Mia to put the dress on and that he would see what he could do. Mia went towards the dressing room but stopped and turned to me and waved me over. She wanted me to go into the dressing room with her. I looked at Mia and then at the tailor and the tailor said, "You better go in there with her, you know they can get confused at what to do without help." He obviously had identified her as a tard and I was some kind of caretaker.


Mia took the dress out of the plastic bag and hung it up on the door. She turn to me and waved at me and said something like, "Turn around." I sat down on the tiny wood bench and just smiled and rolled my eyes. Mia did the same and turned around and slipped out of her sweat suit. She was wearing only panties. And I could see her breasts in the mirror. She caught me looking and said "Stop it!" I think. I smiled and said, "You know you are going to have to start wearing a bra." Mia understood what I said, but seemed a little hurt. I looked at her for a second and said "OK, I'll loan you the money for it, you can get one at the mall." Mia brightened up. She also grabbed her dress and turned to face me directly. She evidently had given up her modesty at that point. She held the dress in her left hand at her side and looked directly at me for a few seconds, I guess so that I could check them out directly.

"You are a very attractive girl, Mia"

That sort of snapped her out of it and proceeded to put on the dress. We both went out to the mirrored alcove near the dressing room where she stood on a little foot stool. I motioned for the tailor to come over and he proceeded to mark the dress with chalk.

"This is a very nice dress for a hand-me-down. It's worth making right for her. She will need to wear a bra, though." I told him we were getting one that very day and I was a little annoyed that he had sneaked a peek at her puffies. Mia wasn't paying any attention to us. The charge for alterations was $60. Wow. I paid by credit card.

We then drove to the mall, which is about a 20 minute drive by freeway. We passed the local regional park along the way. There is a lake and a pretty large wooded area and a few different areas with parking for picnics, campfires and so forth. Mia tapped me on the arm and pointed and said we could buy lunch and take it there to eat. She said she loved it there. I told her OK.

It took Mia some time to get her stuff, and she bought some shoes, a bra and some lipstick. I had to go to an ATM and give Mia another $40. We went to a local chain sandwich shop at the mall and bought stuff for our picnic lunch.

I wasn't sure about the picnic idea. It was a little cool and by then it was mid-afternoon, but I guess it would be OK. We entered the park and I started to park in the main parking lot. Mia shook her head and pointed down a long narrow service road the separated the park from the freeway. I wasn't sure where it went, but Mia evidently knew. We drove a ways down the service road and there was a sign that pointed to a parking lot for the campfire area. I couldn't imagine needing a fire but when we arrived, Mia looked at me and said something like 'no one here, we're alone.' And we were alone. There were some picnic tables and some BBQ pits but no one was around.

We got out and laid out our lunch and at one of the tables. When we were finished we got back into the car. It seemed strange to me that we did that, but soon I understood her plan.

I put the key into the ignition and was going to start the car when she grabbed my arm and said "GMo!" I stopped but left they keys in the ignition. Mia grabbed the keys and removed them and put them on the dash. She got her purse and pulled a folded piece of paper out and said that she had something for me to read. She put her left hand on my thigh and turned towards me. She was silent for a minute, but looked into my eyes with a certain intensity. She then leaned over and silently mouthed "thank you," and kissed me on the lips. I didn't want to stop, so when she pulled away a little I looked into her eyes and brought my hand up to her cheek and slowly moved my head forward and kissed her. Of course I became erect.

She then pulled back, briefly glancing at my pants that revealed a tell-tale bulge. At first I thought I did something wrong, but she gave me the paper she had pulled out of her purse and said "MPz mred!"


My Story

Two years ago I was taken away from my family. My mother died when I was very young. My father got very sick. He was too sick to take care of my brother and me. He soon died. I was hoping we would get to go live with Aunt Clara, but it was decided that she could not take care of us. That is why I am in a foster home. They decided that my brother and I should not live together. We only had 20 minutes to get our things before they told us we were now foster children and we had to leave immediately. They told us never to try and contact each other or we would get into big trouble.

My brother and I promised never to forget each other and that we would try to find each other and be together again. He told me that we would post comments on articles on a sports news web site and that I should check at the beginning of each month. He said I could tell it was him. Then we could communicate where we were and get together.

Please help me find my brother. I promise not to run away, I just want to see my brother again.



The note was composed on a computer and printed out. I work with drug abusers and don't know anything about foster care, but it seemed strange to me that Mia would be separated from her brother. Maybe it had something to do with her deafness. The part about not running away was weird, maybe she had run away before. I made a mental note to do some research, but for now, I was totally into being with Mia and helping her anyway I could.

I looked at Mia and nodded yes, and said it as well.

Mia smiled and looked again into my eyes. "Mhk moo," she mumbled very softly.

Mia stuffed her coat in the space between our seats. I have a sub-compact car and there is no real center console and Mia moved to a few inches from me. I reclined the seat back as much as possible and pushed the seat back. Mia did the same.

Mia looked down at my pants and then placed her hand on the bulge my hard cock created. She gently rubbed her fingers over its length, finding my cock-head and concentrated her ministrations there. I knew it wouldn't take me long to come and I so wanted this to last much longer. I just stared into her eyes, deciding to let her do all the work. I also realized that she knew something of the male anatomy.

Mia stopped her fingering and faced me. Mia said something and I think she asked me if I wanted to see her breasts again. I smiled and nodded. We both looked around and no one was around. We hadn't even seen one car in the time we were there. Mia pulled her arms through her top's sleeves and discarded the garment over her head and into the floor. She then brought her hands up below her breasts and cupped them right underneath her nipples. I gently touched the end of her right nipple and began to trace my left middle finger over the tip and then around her large areola. I moved over to the left rapidly swelling tit and repeated the motion. Mia moaned her approval.

Mia moved her hand up to my belt and began to undo it. I wanted to match her moves so dropped my hand down to her sweat pants and began to push my fingers under its elastic waist band. But Mia pulled back and shook her head no and said something that I didn't understand. But it was clear she didn't want to take off her pants. She even took her hands off my belt.

"OK, OK!" I said. Can I look? I made the sign for 'look' with my hand. Mia looked a little uncertain, I think she hoped that I would just let it go. Mia looked around again and then looked at me. She pushed her pants and panties down just enough so that I could see her pubis. I undid my belt and pushed my pants all the way down below my knees. Mia crowded even closer to me and kissed me, pressing her tongue against my lips and entered my mouth.

We made out a little while Mia's hand found my erect cock, which was standing straight up, leaning against my shirt. She then stopped kissing me and looked down took it into her hand and began to stroke it slowly. I smiled and laughed and said "like I do it." Mia blushed a little. I reached down wanting to feel her adolescent vagina, but she recoiled and shook her head. I said, "Please? Just a little!" She sighed and again relented and I gently ran my middle finger along her slit, noting its warm wetness. Mia grabbed my arm and moaned a little more and started to breath a little heavier.

Mia then pushed my hand away and wrapped her fingers around my cock, manipulating the head with her thumb which made my hips twitch at the intense sensation. I think she said she wanted to kiss it. She got her purse out and pulled out some kleenex. She lowered her head, again grasping my member and gently stroked it a couple of times. A drop of semen emerged from my pee hole and Mia dabbed her kleenex to remove it. I slid my butt a little lower to make it easer for Mia to find my cock with her mouth. Mia gently grasped my cock and pointed it towards her mouth.

Mia's mouth then slowly enclosed my cock head. Her hand started to stroke a little but her head and mouth was stationary while her tongue manipulated my cock-head for an indescribable feeling. I had been aroused at some level since she woke me up, so I knew I wouldn't last. I watch her head for a moment, but it wasn't moving, only her tongue and hand. My hips were beginning to rotate and my hands reached over and I began to caress the orbs of her buttocks. I then ran my middle finger down the crack of her ass and felt her tiny anus, giving it a gentle rub in a circular motion. Mia moaned and gently pushed my hand away. I didn't want her to stop her tongue action so I restarted my gentle massage of her ass cheeks.

I felt I would come at any second and Mia sensed the same thing, increasing the motion of her tongue and began to suck on my cock-head strongly which resulted in some loud slurping sounds. I let out a grunt of pleasure and felt semen rise through my cock-shaft as I slightly lifted my hips and then felt the strong spasm of my sex as 3 full spurts of semen filled Mia's mouth. She pulled her head back just as a 4th and 5th copious spurts dribbled down shaft onto the back of Mia's fingers. I let out a moan and sighed. I looked up at Mia and she had turned around and opened her door and spit my semen out onto the pavement. She then took a couple of sips of her diet Coke and spit that out as well. She then got some kleenex and wiped her lips and fingers, looked up at me and smiled.

"Mhk moo," she said.

>> File sfdg 018a.jpg

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Mia started to put on her sweatshirt, but I said "No!" and motioned for her to sit on my lap. Of course I wanted to hold her and maybe play with her breasts a little. I thought we were only half done as she had not gotten off yet. But she had put on her busy face and seemed to have mentally jumped to the next thing on her always mysterious agenda.

But I wasn't ready to leave.

Mia hurriedly got her top on and when I patted my lap as another invitation to her, she shook her head and pointed between her legs. She also said something I didn't understand. I wrinkled my brow and she said it again, pointing again to her pussy. After a few rounds of this I finally realized that she was saying she had to pee!

I smiled a little and leaned over her and opened the door and pointed to the ground. There was no one around and it was turning to dusk. Mia stared at me for a couple of seconds, then shook her head and waved her pointed finger to each window. I surmised she was trying to say someone might see her. I said "I'll watch out for you" and pointed to my eyes with two fingers of my right hand and then to the back window facing the service road. Just like a Navy Seal in the movies.

Mia stared at me like a child not wanting to do something like pee in a parking lot behind a car. I decided that I needed to pee also, so pulled up my pants and exited the car to the low curb and a tree two or three feet away from the curb's edge and the car.

I took out my dick and started to relieve myself on said tree. I looked over and told her to join me. Mia, who had gotten out and followed me to the front of the car, stared at my dick for a few seconds, then giggled a little but tried to conceal it. But just as I was about to finish, she looked around and with one deft move squatted down and pulled down her pants and undies out of harms way. She was facing the camp sites as I was, away from the parking lot, but was slightly turned away from me. I was treated to the strangely erotic sight of a young girl squatting and urinating and as a bonus was treated to a splendid view of her squatting ass, which accentuated its developing womanly shape. I also could make out the shadow surrounding her anus as she let go a strong stream of urine.

I started getting erect again.


A cool breeze drifted through the dusky park as we both finished and Mia and I jumped back into the warm car and rolled up all the windows. I playfully hooked her with my arm and pulled her slender body between me and the steering wheel and gave her a hug. She looked in my eyes for a moment and then surrendered with a little smile and put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips.

We kissed for a few minutes and I pushed her pants and panties down past her knees. I ran my hand over her bare lower abdomen revealed by her slightly small top. I ran my open hand down to her pudendum and sparse pubic hair. Mia closed her eyes and sighed and leaned her head on my shoulder.

I slowly ran my right middle finger back and forth over her clitoris after first running it up and down her lubricating slit. In moments my busy fingers were quite wet. I didn't think it was urine, but wasn't sure so I brought my fingers up to my nose and inhaled and then to my mouth to taste. It wasn't urine and smelled slightly of musk and sweat and tasted a little like saline solution. It was pubescent lubrication and it was intoxicating. Mia gently slapped my and in playful reproach.

I returned my fingers to her slit and repeated my motions as Mia's thighs parted slightly and her hips began to grind into my lap. I knew what her orgasm looked like and proceeded to pleasure her to that end. I began to rotate my touch, first massaging the inside of her thighs, then running my fingers up and down her crack and finally returning to her clit. Mia's hips twitched as I found a very sensitive spot just beside her fleshy nub.

Mia's moaning began to match my gentle rhythmic stimulation. As Mia became more excited and her vagina wetter, she grasped the steering wheel tightly with one hand and my shirt right between the buttons with her other hand to prepare herself for a massive orgasm.

I sensed that she needed a concentrated dose of clit stimulation to cum, and I happily obliged. Not only did her moans become louder, Mia started twisting her lower body a little as if to escape my fingering. But at the same time she held on tighter to me and the car and her thighs closed tightly around masturbating hand.

All of a sudden she yelled into my ear, "Mguk Mgi! Mguk Mgi! Mgo mgd, Mguk Mgi!" which I mentally translated to "Fuck me, Fuck me, Oh God! Fuck me!" Mia tried to straighten her legs like she did while on my bed, but there wasn't room. But she began her orgasm anyway and her hips bucked and it was hard to keep my fingers on her sopping wet clit. In a few seconds she stopped all movement and let out a long moan.

Her body relaxed a little and Mia let go of my shirt to push my hand away, as if her clit had become too sensitive for me to touch. Mia spread her thighs a bit and absently covered her pussy with her hand as if to calm the storm I created there. The car was now quite warm and filled with the aroma of sweat and sex.

Eventually her breathing approached normal and she kissed me on the cheek. I took the remaining tissues from the small package she had left on the dashboard and wiped her pussy, folded the soft paper and wiped again. Mia looked at me a little funny and I just smiled softly.

We looked around into more or less total darkness. It was time to go home now.

Mga Mas Mgud!

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