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/con/ ~ Being an ephe/pedo is taking its toll on me. I...
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Being an ephe/pedo is taking its toll on me. I'm becoming extremely paranoid, the shit I have on my hard drive is on my mind constantly. I live in fear that the police is gonna knock at my door for shit I donwloaded years ago, also considering I was never a smart navigator.

Furthermore I think masturbating over very young girls is doing something very ugly to me, to be honest I feel like half of a human most of the time. I don't know if it's just excessive masturbation or this particular subject.

I'm of half a mind of destroying both my hard drives and forget about this.


dont destroy your drive, sell them off on ebay ;


dude- either move to Thailand/Vietnam to become a pervert-in-exile, OR delete that juvinile crap from when you were younger, set that nasty hard drive on fire, go to the gym and get ripped and get laid and get real


Just encrypt your hard-drives, with software such as AxCrypt (it uses AES encryption). Even if the police get their hands on your harddrives (and that is a big if), it would take them decades to forcefully decrypt them, and get the content that was inside them.



Go there. Seriously.


>I feel like half of a human most of the time
That feeling is the social conditioning that comes from witch hunt tier hysteria over a photograph.

Illegitimi non carborundum, bruh.


I am so fucked up i dont even know what the hell i am anymore