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/con/ ~ I am new to this kind of site and I saw some quest...
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I am new to this kind of site and I saw some questions asking about having stuff on your hard drive and would like to expand on their question.

First off how do you even get caught for these kinds of things ie. ratted out, random checks, or do people just know you have downloaded "you know"?

And also if your not known for this thing as in absolutely no one else knows you downloaded these things or even think that you would could you still get caught?


You get caught by downloading bait files, or going on cp spam honypots, don't download CP and you'll be fine


Okay thanks. Yeah, just being curious.


I knew a cop that got caught downloading "stuff". He was very fortunate though,because he only lost his job and he could no longer see his kid,but he didn't even go to prison. I think cases like this are very rare though. "Officer,your under arrest!" lol.