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/con/ ~ getting a slave for a day. anyone got any ideas?
No. 169884 Quote report

got a response to one of my ads on craigslist about how i was lookin for some none romantic sex.

got this response back.

'just saw your ad on CL. i'm a member of a wife slave group. (yes everything is consensual)

anyways saw your ad and brought it to my master who thought it might be fun to loan me out to someone as young as you.

says he likes the idea of someone the same age as my son fucking my cunt, and cumming inside me.

but there would be rules.

1. absolutely no condoms!

2. you can't know my name or anything specific about me.

3. i cant know anything about you.

4. i must remain in bondage the whole time.


a few emails later i got this picture; along with some info that only someone who lives in the same town as me would know.

now me and her master/husband are making arrangements for when to meet.

as it stands it looks like i'll have her all to myself from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

i'm allowed to do just about anything to her.
while i'm using her i'm gunna be takin lots of pics so i can post them here and on other boards.

so here's my question.

is there anything you all would like to see?

like my cum dripping out of her? my pissing on her? make her masturbate?

what would you all like to me do to her?


Hope you did take some photos


>>315154 put a dildo in her ass and pussy and have give u head




Shit on her x3