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/con/ ~ hi, I'm 19 I live in a small village so i get...
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hi, I'm 19 I live in a small village so i get really bored some times and I'm really kinki when I get bored so first I started inserting big things in my pussy well big at the beginning like my perfumes and deodorants that fits and then while in the shower i felt hot watter in my ass while i has touching me and it fell nice so I give my self an enema in the shower with warm watter and tears came out of my eyes it felt amazing and came very hard since then 16 years i've been loving anal and I startet inserting biger things in my ass, first I started playing with lemons each time biggers once I inserted my self like 8 small lemons it felt great then started to try biger lemons an then oranges it feels so great each time something bigger gets in my ass I love it, finally I has able to fist my self anal and in my pussy I havent done this any more ,but it feels diferent when my ass gets streched its so intense .and then one day I filled a baby oil with hot water and stik it in my butt I had the feeling of puching it out quickly and it came out of my ass so i put it back and it felt amazing I came hard and cry tears of pleasure each time I stick it in my legs shake and I start squirting like crazy, my legs where shaking and it is the most amazig feeling I've ever had I wonder if is save to put warm objects in my ass because i do this time to time and I came hard watter is not hot to hurt but its hot water. in my ass. is there any girl here that has try this? its been like 3 years for me and I'm ok I don't do it that often.


sorry for my bad english i meant since i was 16 years old i starting with anal


oh I olso did a pee eneme some times but not any more because of the infecction risk but its kind of nice while anal there is a lot of kinki stories i could tell but no time.


Is that you in the photo?