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/con/ ~ i am a 21 y old college student. last week i took ...
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i am a 21 y old college student. last week i took advantage of a young girl. i feel VERY guilty about it. 

she was asleep on a couch (we were alone) but her parents were upstairs. i touched her a bit and saw she didnt wake up. i got braver and braver and pulled down the pajama pants she was wearing just a bit and her panties too to see her pussy. she had just a little bit of pubic hair because she was not done with puberty. it looked AWESOME. 

originally i was just gonna LOOK but now i had to touch. i stroked her little pus a bit. then i started to masturbate. i had the bad idea to grab her hand and sort of put my dick in her hand to make her jerk me off. but she  shifted a bit and almost WOKE up. so i panicked and ran away to the bathroom. when i came back she was there where she was still asleep but had shifted slightly. in her new position i was able to rub my dick on her face a bit and rub it on her lips. i wanted nothing more than to fire on her lips but i restrained myself and fired to her left while staring at her sleeping angel face and catchig glances of her little pussy.

now i feel very guilty. but it felt really good!

i want to apologize to her but i dont want to get into trouble. should i sen her an anoymous letter or something?


Dude, you are 21 years old, use you brain and dont dig yourself a bigger hole