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/con/ ~ I CONFESS that i have been dating the lady on the ...
No. 169276 Quote report

File 98d26fcf1a307669fa7b9a5f774a0e96.jpg

I CONFESS that i have been dating the lady on the right for about 1yr.The lovely young lady with her is her daughter.

>> File 9d90c6216a8bc242c0a2b76258e1114d.jpg

They live in a small apartment with thin walls and when i'm screwing her mother,young "Lolita" can hear whats going on!

>> File f3501ad5826126dc9aa7f8f4891a603e.jpg

One day while driving Lolita to school,she asked me what her mom & i were doing at night that made so much noise. I Knew she already knew the answer,so i simply told her."I'm screwing your mother"

>> File bcb42a6c34f7ccbfa140a4cd3912f5f4.jpg

I thought my answer would shock Lolita.But it was me that was shocked.She simply said "Is my mom a good fuck?"


and your story ends there?


Only if no one is paying attention

>> File 1441363_5928916811_d4d730f3b9_b.jpg

Ok I am hooked, proceed please btw I do not know how many other girls read this, but I do regularly... 


The Mom is hotter than the daughter. Can't quite get around that.


- Couldn't agree more and further, she looks more like her older sister! 'MILF' is very relevant in her case! :)


Dont know about you guys, I want more of the hottie Charmaine..  if that is her picture above, the heck with the two so so blonds


So when did you end up in county jail, and anally raped for making out with jail bait? That's where the story ends, right? That mother looks fugly, sorry, I'm not into shrek.


Actually, I bet both girls are about the same age and are just friends. The both look like they are just teenagers and that one pic looks like their prom pic.

>> File 137038885045.jpg

I took her daughter(lets call her Lolita) to the park the other day and realized how hot she really was.

>> File 102_2434.jpg

She made sure i got the hot pics i wanted.

>> File 102_3238.jpg

>> File 102_8944.jpg

She asked me if i thought she was sexy? I sais of course i do.She said please close your eyes for a minute.I did.


When i opened my eyes,this is what i saw!

>> File 137038876732.jpg

I was shocked.I took one quick pic.Told her to put her dress back on.and said lets get out of here before someone sees us.


Moar Goddamnit Moar!

>> File 722c014d49dedb6e7aff20a9902d17_500.jpg

At home she posed for me on the balcony.

>> File 137038890515.jpg

>> File 13703887222.jpg

On the balcony she asked me if i liked watching her play with her pussy? I told her i would like to play with it.

>> File 13703888599.jpg

I suggested we go inside,where i would feel more comfortable,taking her picture.

>> File 134238762514.jpg

here are some shots she let me take.

>> File 137026370423.jpg

I told her,i loved it when she spread for me.

>> File 137038869999.jpg

She asked why i didn't do more than just look?

>> File 13b742a64c78781fd7ca17e531991d_500.jpg

I said of course i want you,but i felt bad about touching you in your moms house,when i was looking after you.I said lets go out in the country somewhere.

>> File 137038874861.jpg

We found a secluded spot and she took off her panties for me.


It's safe to say that OP will never be heard of again.
Clearly, the daughter was setting him up to be Chris Hansened


What is safe to say is OP is LYING
This girls pics have been on the net many years now...
They are posted all or in part all over the place

While it's an interesting read....ALL of this confession section is full of OP BS !!!