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/con/ ~ Well... i've got a thing on my aunt. And i�...
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File 1360695500510.jpg

Well... i've got a thing on my aunt. And i'm posting this `cause recent events told me that she feels the same for me.

Intro: I'm 23 right now, she's 31 or 32, dont remember really, married with the youngest of my uncle's and had two lovely kids with him, boy is 9 and the girl is 4. It all happen really fast, they meet each other had sex a couple of times i think, and then after a few months came the first one.

Well our side of the family isn't really in touch with the rest of the brothers and sister, family problems you know, but this younger brother tried to unite all of us, blablabla, thing is i met her and it was like.. oh my.. she's cute! but she's my aunt, so be polite, she acts polite too - everything just were it has to be. But! (again) a couple of meetings after that we are really close and when i say "really close" i mean it!

First were the hugs, last eternities huging each other and if we were alone a couple of times we end up kissing in the bed, family kiss, cheeks, neck. How we end up in the bed? well, bed is near - she or i jump against the other for a hug - makes the other fall over the bed... bingo!

Anyway, then were the acts as we were a couple, things like taking hands or huging in front of other members of the family (even in front of her husband), allways doing nice thing to each other, like masages, or tickling while looking in the eyes, those kind of things.

But we were still family, not blood related but family. Then it happend and thats why i'm writting this.
Tell me if you want to know more. See ya.

PS: I really, really want you to forgive my english, i'm hispanic (castillan in fact) so.. mistakes is going to happend.

PS 2: The lady in the picture (ofcourse is not her) looks alike to my aunt, so much it scares me the first time i saw it (and faped to it thinking on her)

>> File Wilbon Promising.jpg

Tell me if you want to know more

Read more:

go on


So.. previous this incident she and both cousins came to my mothers house, dont know why.. pherhaps just for visit i was there also seeing them. Dinner, couple of games whit the kids, the oldest one he's adorable he simply doesn't know how to lie, later coffe, the usual. It was really late and my parents told me to stay over the night but... my parents house is really small so i had to share bedroom with my aunt and her children, so i tought the thing a little bit and say... "well.. ok..." but my insides were saying "fuck yeah!".

Both of my cousins loves my mother, she's very good with children and the girl is like nail and dirt with her. So in the middle of the sleep she left her mothers side and go with her aunt side and i saw the opportunity and took it. Go to my cousin side of the bed and hug her, i dont know if the was sleepy or not but she hugged me and put my face in her huge breast while caressing by head, obviusly huge bonner that touch her waist and a couple of minutes later, maybe she felt guilty or wake up and moved her waist away from my cock but kept hugging me within her breast and kissed me in my forehead.
Next morning she wakes me up only to tell me that i might go to my bed before my parents came to the room.

Couple of weeks after that in christmas i go upstairs to welcome her and in the hug she push me against her whole body, i got a boner from that and tried to get away from that situacion (my mother and one cousin was there behind me) but she kept pressing me, i saw her face after that and with her words i understand everything, she said "you're trully a man" and again the eternal hug with her.

So... the incident came after that, in the morning of the new year.

PS: El traductor de google es tu amigo (google translator is your friend) :P


PS 2: Oh... i forgot to say...
Now that i know that someone is intersted i'll keep writing till i reach the actual situacion. But if anyone is reading and like it i would apreciate some comments. Keeps me motivated to write.

>> File Holo curious.gif

>So... the incident

now we're talking


'Cause i didn't give anything to my aunt for christmas i bought a dress for her in secret (my money in gifts went to my cousins mostly), a transparent one for the bedtime. Anyway, new year (in this side of the world is hot as fuck) we were in my grandparents home, with both of them, my aunt, uncle and her two children, my parents and one cousin from another uncle that i really dont care.

Drinking, eating, dancing, taking photos, new year.. you know the drill. Like 1AM the father of this cousin came saying he wanted more wine, the wine was already over so he went to his home (a couple of blocks away) like 2AM we recieve a call from her wife telling that her husband got caught in a fight, there were in the hospital, etc. My uncle and parents went to the hospital on foot, cause all of them were kinda drunk and there are a lot of police patrols on new year. Like... mmm... i guess half an hour on foot just to get there. Grandma took care of my cousin (son of the injured one) and leave us. Grandpa too drunk to even care, went to sleep. Both of my cousins already sleeping. So... she and i were alone with the house to our disposal, almost one or two hours alone.

When they all left i told her that i wanted to show something, we grabed a couple of bottles, snacks and "lock" ourselves in one of the rooms, close the windows and turn on the air. Close your eyes, i said and took out the dress. When she saw it almost jump from the joy.

(I'm going to call her lucia from now on)

Lucia: It's beautiful!!! You dont have to bother with this things you know... oh my...
-Started to look at it, looking at me like saying "you little pervert!"
Me: It's just a little gift from everything you do to me.
Lucia: Awww... -hug me for like the 50th time that night-
Me: You know that i really love you aunt?
Lucia: I love you too, since the first time we meet.
-Kept hugging, even tighter, silence last at least 5 minutes-
Lucia: -While sitting on the bed- How about we have a drink challenge?
Me: Drink challenge? are you mad?! hahahaha i'm almost at my limit!
-Lie i took care of that, drink very little of alcohol so i could be awake if things turn the sexy way-
Lucia: Yeah!! Or are you gonna chicken to me?
Me: Ok ok but we have to put a price...
-Took awhile to lucia to understand-
Lucia: Oh! i see want you mean... well.. how about... if i win you have to wash all the dishes.
Me: Sounds ok, and if i win? you would have to wash them anyway.
Lucia: Mmm... How about.. i'll make you some fries? (i mean "papas fritas" dont know the actual translation to that)
Me: Sounds ok (Papas fritas fuck yeah!!)

With the wine over, beer almost over the only thing left was ron or vodka... we select ron. Dont remeber the number of glasses but.. like the 4th or the 5th she couldn't take it. She lay on the bed laughing and said to come over, she wanted me within her. Got close and she hug me, but diferent, this time her head wasn't pointing behind me, this time was pointing me... our foreheads touching, our noses almost touching and our lips just... staring at each other... another silence...

Lucia: I have something to confess...


Lucia: I have something to confess...
Me: ... -kept silent-
Lucia: You know that i have other nieces from my sister and my brother.. but none of them are kind to me at all... ... ... they... i dont get along with my brothers so much.. and.. her child also.. well... you know... and that other niece.. from my husbands brother.. it's so stupid.. so egocentric and it's just a child... but when your uncle told me that i was going to meet another niece, i was determined to not let this happend again, ever...
Me: -Kiss her in the neck-
Lucia: -Give me a sweet smile- And i meet you and you were all kindness, always smiling at me, huging me, telling me sweet things.. i was... i am so pleased with that.. so full is my heart with that... i dont know if i can take it... -after those words she looked other way-
Me: What do you mean?
-Another silence that i tried to fill with some caressing-
Lucia: -little whisper- When you came to my bed.. remember? in your parents home? i knew it was wrong... but.. you embraced me so tight... so kind... i.. i... felt my heart was gonna melt... i dont know how to explain it... was... so nice... -silence- i've never felt that before.
Me: ... -trying to enter in the perfect moment, in the right moment-
Lucia: And even when i felt your dick growing i didn't care at all i tought "well.. he's young and i'm caressing him with my breasts... it's ok he feels this way" but.... ... then i felt the same i started to feel exited by that..."
Me: You have something to confess to me?
-Lucia looked at me and then looked other way, several times-
Lucia: -looking at my eyes- I dont know if i can kept like this with you... youre so kind, you treat me like no men before not even my husband...

Another silence.. looking at each other, she close her eyes and i kissed her a little, saw her expresion, tried to see if she was going to let me go on or not... she just kept her eyes closed but her lips where open and expectating.. kissed her again, grabed her head and stick my tongue for a longer kiss but was to much for her and reject me with her hands saying "no.. we shouldn't... please..." my replies were the same in diferent order "i love you" "kiss me too" "i'll make you happy with me" etc.
We spent 15 minutes like this, the fact that she was a bit drunk help a lot!, then i took the lead, got on top of her, with her legs spread, grabed both arms and pulled them behind and over her and started to kiss her; that was her final resist, in only two kisses like that she took my hands and gave back all the kisses.
Another 15 minutes like that and without any warning we stoped at the same time and stared eachother at the faces... that moment was.. like.. we know we are doing something we shouldn't do.. but i feels so good.. and i felt good even more over because she was throwing away years of marriage just for me.

That was the first and last time she reject any kiss i gave to her, doesn't matter where.

PS: And.. just if you're worried, my uncle is fine.


That moment was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and the voices of my grandma and my cousin. We almost jump from the bed and she was all blush (and i hard as hell!!) but apart from that she was still holding my hand like saying "please dont leave just yet" we spent like 5 minutes like that listening if they were leaving or not but when we realize they were going to stay i leave the room with some empty bottles ( here we called them "muertos") and she to the bathroom.

After that we did as if nothing happend, keep hugging and caressing like allways but when alone we act a little more intimate; started to talk about everything... so... i'm gonna tell you some of our conversations, just to acclimate a little ^_^

-most of our intimate conversations take place in one of the two kitchens, with only one way to enter, pretty far from everyone and if they were going to enter we could hear them with some anticipation-

Me: So.. is my uncle your first man? -with a smile in my face-
Lucia: What?! What do you take me for? some kind of nun?!
Lucia: I had two boyfriends before your uncle..
Me: -interrupting- Oh well!!! so many guys!!
Lucia: Hahaha shut up!! i only have sex if i love you know?
Me: Then why my uncle? -pretty sharp question huh?-
Lucia: ... well... i got pregnant so i have to marry him.. dont tell anyone ok? Only your grandparents know this, ok?
Me: You can trust me.
Lucia: I know. -silence- I mean... i love my husband but... it just that he doesn't know how to please a woman... and both of my ex's teach me how to be pleased well...
Me: You can allways teach him how to...
Lucia: It's not like that... he doesn't care.. he just want to have sex and cum and that's it for him. So selfish.
Me: I see...
Lucia: You are diferent, i can see it. But you're my niece, you know? -looking me at the eyes-
Me: I know, and you're my aunt... ... ... but i love you... and you love me, right?
Lucia: -looking other way- Could we change the subject please?


-Watching a movie from the couch while hugging her from behind-
Me: -Caressing her belly behind her tshirt-
Lucia: -Grabbing my hand and putting over her tshirt-
Me: What's that scar i felt?
Lucia: My son and my daughter.
Me: Did you had both of them by cesarean?!
Lucia: Yup, you didn't knew that?
Me: Well... i didn't knew you've got some complication in the parturition...
Lucia: I didn't.
Me: ... ... Why the cesarean then?
Lucia: I didn't want to suffer from that and also i wanted to kept my pussy as tight as i could.
Me: Oh.... i see...
-This toughts came to my mind like a thunder. First my dick is much bigger than my uncle, i'm just above average but my uncle is really tiny. Second if my uncle was her biggest one then i could fuck the shit out of her. Incredibly hard on-
Lucia: -Feeling my dick growing- Are you exited by that?!
Me: -Giving a kiss in her mouth- I am, how about some bedtime soon?
Lucia: No, you know we cant, kisses are fine, touching is fine but sex is not.
Me: -Kissing her again and caressing under her breasts- Tell me the diference between this and having sex?
Lucia: ...
-Having a hard time to speak without giving me back those kisses-
Lucia: You know the diference and we cant have sex.
-Got up and leave the room all blush-


Sorry the delay, but a lot of things happend...

Quick update and for sure later i'll give the details...
My aunt got a job, so... she is skinnier now... even more beatiful 'cause all that fat in his belly is gone for good but those huge melons and awesome ass are still there!

Well, she have to take a train from her home to the job, in the middle is my home. So almost every day she spend an hour... hour and a half with me.

And! the best of all!! not only more histories about her private life, her husband screw it really really fucking hard... well now i'm dealing with that so.. when things calm down a little i will write everything...

See you!


Well.... guys... i never tought that things would turn out the way they are right now. So i think this confession is over.
Right now i'm lying in my bed with her by mi side, totaly naked because i fucked the shit out of her the entire long weekend. She's satisfied i am also and well... i'm happy.

Don't know if you want to hear how things turn out this way, it's the same for me i know this cant be forever, sooner or later she's going to return to her husband or another men, but right now i think we both dont care about that and just live happily and strong this moment when she's totaly in loved with me and i can be her man.

So... see you guys, hope you enjoyed this history cause i did.


Come on OP Finish![b][/b]


Here i am, again with her by my side, luckily she doesn't understand english so i can write while being with her and thats.. mmm... almost all the time in the house.

Anyway, told you she's got some job? well, she started a few months ago in some kind of food fabric. Most time on foot, carrying things from one place to another, all that work did an awesome job in her body and burn that fat in her belly. Now she's kind of perfect to me, a nice and round belly, those huge melons and her awesome ass.

When i said my home was in the way between her job and her house it's not like... she had to take a detour one o more block away.. it's was in the middle! took of the train walk a few blocks, my house, and a few blocks even further her job. So we kind of make a routine with that.

She allways arrives at my house one or two hours earlier so she can drink and ate something together, the welcome and goobye? A long and tight kiss with tongue. Allways huging and saying nice things from time to time, that didn't change.

And then... her husband screw it really really bad. Two things happend, one after the other.
First in her job they told her to take out her wedding ring, just job issues they work with food blabla, but when she arrived at her home without her ring in her freaking finger! she got a lot more sexy, you can guess? yeah, her husband got a little too carried away and well... jealous, just that but things got kinda hot between them.

If i was worried for her? well... if they fight with eachother it translates in she being a lot more kind with me, to the point that she let me be even more like her man than her nephew.

Second... he cheated on her.
And you might think it's not a great deal, a lot of couples go trougth that crisis... well shw took it really serious. The time lapse was. He hang out with some friends, go to a hostel, fuck some random whore with his friends, end of story? ... no, one of them had to told his wife what he did, and told her everything and then she told the other wives who where in that night in that hostel. One of them was him, my uncle.

When she become acquainted of the situacion she was in, her husband being jealous because he was afraid of her paying with the same coin... she took the kids and left to my parents home. But 'cause my parents home is really tiny or at least for 6 people guess to who's home they went?

PD: When i got another break i'll write confessions and fantasies she told me in the bed. See you!


b]Moar[/b] This is interesting


While lying in bed we like to talk about everything, being her man for this few months make her really trustful with me. She confessed me that before her husband she didn't actually had sex with other men and because of that she wanted to enjoy more her sexual desire having both of their child by cesarean. But...

But... after him she had sex recently with her co-worker and almost, a long time ago, with a mutual friend from his job.

Me: So you lie to me?
Lucia: I've had to! i felt so embarrassed at the time!
Me: So... with this men? just oral?
Lucia: Really!! i can't lie to you know!
Me: So.. what happened?
Lucia: ...

We were on vacation with two other couples, one of them and i were pregnant. We were fucking proud of our round bellies and slim bodies. Every man on the beach turn around to see us and even some get closer to flirt with us. So morbid!
Anyway, this guy came with his girlfriend but in the trip they fight over some stupid thing and she left, he decided to stay with us anyway.
There were only one car for all of us so it was common that one takes the car and then you need it for something and well... have to walk almost an hour to the closer shop if it was open, of course.

One of those times i ended alone with him (the dumped guy) in my tent and i felt nice having him kind of taking care of me, nice and fit body, always caressing my belly and saying nice things when my husband was away you know... but that time, while he was touching my belly he got close to me and kiss me in my mouth, stick his tongue, we were like that for like 2 or 3 minutes, where his hand went from my belly to my breast's.

I felt his huge body towards me and couldn't resist it! But after that i said that i was wrong, i was pregnant from another man, he was his friend, lots of things like that. He got up, took out his short and put his huge dick on my belly, he told me "whenever you want it, it's yours. I'm gonna make you feel a woman, a lot more than your husband does". And then he put his pants on and left the tent.

That night i couldn't get my mind out of that dick of yours... i was so amazing that i really want it to feel it...
That vacation ended like that, then your uncle left that job for another and we lost contact with each other... until one noon that we meet in the bus... i was alone, he was alone, so he invited me to have some mates* and talk about our lives and so on... i couldn't resist... again...



He said i was kind of stiff so he offered me a massage on my back, you know how much i love massages!! and i knew also that i was letting him permission to touch my body a little and a little more and a little more... one thing and another and them i we were kissing each other like that time in the tent i was pregnant from my second child but my belly wasn't so round at the time so he didn't notice... everything was repeating except that this time my husband was away and i was alone with him.

I've got on my knees and gave him a blowjob, it was so long that my knees started to hurt but i didn't want to spoil the moment. Then he grabbed me and took me to his bedroom, undress me kinda violently and there i was, totally naked, my legs spread, delivered to this guy.

So he was almost there, he just have to put it in and then i notice he didn't have a rubber, so... i put my hand over my pussy, close my legs and said "and your rubber?" - "i don't use them" - "sorry but... i need one..." - "well i'm not gonna use one with you, don't insist"... So... we didn't fuck...

Me: Wait... what?!
Lucia: Yeah! I know!! i was so freaking horny i left that place dripping from my pussy!!! Really!!!
Me: That's wrong... with or without he have to fuck you, you were almost begging for it...
Lucia: ...

Anyway... remember the incident with the ring? my weeding ring? Well a guy from the job was trying to hit on me.. i mean.. he's the kind of men.. young, nice, beautiful, always fucking a girl, and i said no no no, stop, i'm married, and so on... but he insisted and insisted and then your uncle put an scene of jealously so... i fucked him.

Boring!!! He has even worst than your uncle!!!!
... ... ...
Anyway, know it doesn't care.

PD: Quick update. We are still together but she's considering the proposal of her husband for a second try; it was funny 'cause the day she told me that to me we spent almost the whole night fucking and... oh well. i don't want to spoil the next so... see you!


So in reality Aunty is really a little slut who planned to sleep around and keep her pussy tight by having c sections instead of normal childbirth. Meets men and lets them feel her up and kiss but no sex without a condom. Haha.. sounds like you got a live one. Lots of my girlfriends here do this even after married, some earn a little extra money doing it. My american bf got me when I was eleven, and I have him wrapped around my little finger as you say it ever since hahaha. Nice story though.


Well i have to admit that she's a little slut who loves the taste of other men behind her husband's back but... her husband is awful in the bed so you can say that she was almost obliged to do so. And the fact that she enjoyed it proves my point. But i don't know if her love to me is some kind of maternal love (a very twisted one) or a indeed a relationship love... i'll explain this when i can continue the confession...

I'm really sorry for the delay but i have little to none time.


So the official report to the family was...

1. They were going to stay at my house for an undetermined amount of time.
2. The children will stay in the guest's room.
3. She was going to sleep in my room and I will share the room with my roommate.

But the reality was that i was sleeping with her.

The first night was kinda strange because we were going to sleep together but there was zero mood for a fucking, she was like "i want it but not right know" so i respect that and tried my best to restrain myself.
She entered the room with a tight shirt and a long t-shirt with all her underwear, totally blushed just by my seeing, sit on the bed giving me her back, so i hugged her, a little kiss in her mouth and said...

Me: You sleep like this with your husband?
Lucia: I do...
Me: Really?
Lucia: ... well... ...
-I started taking his bra out-
Me: And now?
Lucia: How do you know?
Me: Remember the first night we slept together? you were like this.
Lucia: Oh.. yeah... you're right...

A month passed by without any other inconvenience, her husband was trying to get her back, the kids already get used to the new home and in the weekends they spent the time with him. I was... oh... we sleep all nights in the same bed... we almost naked... we are always hugging and saying nice things and more and more stuff... but... NO SEX!!!! it was driving me crazy!!!
Worst part is that i couldn't take any women to the house because i was already sleeping with one...

Finally eater came and with that we have two days of easter, saturday and sunday a bridged holiday linking a patriotic date on tuesday, so there were 6 days off!! 6 holidays!!! Kids leave friday night so we have 4 days just for us. I told my roommate to get the hell out of there those four day's i even offered him money to do so.

We spent the saturday alone in the house, talking, having some mates with "facturas"*, in the night watching movies and then a nice dinner. We headed to the bedroom knowing what was going to happen. The kisses just turned really mature and serious and i understand that she was also restraining herself. We undressed quite fast and lied down on the bed. Whenever i touch her down there looking for a opening to have sex she never allowed me to go any further but now she was spreading her legs to me, she was totally mine.

I sit on the bed and she started to blow me using her awesome breast too, but i wanted her on her knees so i get up and force her to put on that position... the best view ever!i couldn't control myself and i came in her mouth, she swallow it.
Got her again on the bed and started to eat her out till gave her an orgasm, a second one and in the third one i put lay with my back against the bed so she can ride me all she wanted to.

Another awesome view! putting my dick inside of her without a condom and trying to take it. It's was so tight and nice, she tried to hide her moans but little by little she was letting herself go. She cum twice in that position and only took it half way. Fucked her a little more so i can make her taste what a real men was like and the cum inside of her.

That night i knew i was going to make her my woman or my slut, not my aunt anymore.