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/con/ ~ An earlier post a reader mentioned about his teach...
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An earlier post a reader mentioned about his teacher fondling him, which made me remember something that happened to me when I was in middle school. Funny I had not even thought about this till I read his article. So I guess, in this day and age, one would say I was a child who was molested by an adult, but it never felt that way, and I have never had any bad feelings or guilt or whatever from what happened, in fact I think I am still kind of proud that that teacher picked me, it felt really good to be noticed and singled out and when I look back at what happened all I can think of is how great it felt.

I always liked music, my family had a piano and dad or mom would play stuff on it sometimes, mostly at Xmas time when everyone would stand around and sing carols etc.
As a kid I would try to play it, mother taught me a thing called chopsticks, it was fun to learn it. So when I went to middle school they said I should take a band class, so I joined band, there was a choice of instruments, and of course since we owned a piano that is what I picked.

Our band teacher was a really pretty lady, she had light brown curly hair, young I guess around 25 and always wore kind of short dresses She was very stylish compared to the other teachers in the school, and she always wore really nice high heel shoes. I guess most of the boys had a crush on her. Her name was Miss Green

We all had stuff to practice, and then come back the next day and play it at school, I found it easy to do, I learned to string together various pieces we had to learn into one long song, it was just a fun thing to do, one day after class I had access to the music room so I sat down and was going through this composition of mine, I would edit the tempo and notes of all the songs to get it to blend into a single piece of music. When I stopped I felt someone behind me and it was Miss Green. She complimented me on what I had done and asked me if anyone had helped me, I told her no, it was just something I liked to do. She told me she would keep the music room door open after class for a couple of hours while she listened to our homework that all the students had to turn in on tape, and I was welcome to come and practice.

So that is what happened each week, sometimes she would sit beside me and we would play a duet , Miss Green was really good. When we were on the piano bench our legs would touch when we worked the pedals, It was kind of exciting, I did whatever I could so that my leg would touch hers. I guessed she noticed it, because she kind of bumped my shoulder one day and said, wow you are a bold ! I thought she did not notice, and I felt myself getting red, I guess she noticed because she said “ Don’t worry, I don’t mind, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek”

From that day onwards it seemed we would just seem to try to touch each other every chance we got, while playing the keys our hands would bump, our legs and elbows and it became kind of like a game we would laugh together at my mistakes, and clumsy attempts to bump into her.

PTA day came and when my mother came by to the class, Miss Green was talking to her, afterward on the way home Mom said to me that Miss Green was very pleased with my progress and had told her that she gave private lessons to kids at her home, and that she felt I was good enough that she thought I could become really good if I had extra lessons, the problem was Mom and Dad were not sure they could afford it. About a week later Mom told me they had called Miss Green and worked out a schedule that they could afford and so two days a week I would stop by her home and get two hours of lessons.

The first day at Miss Greens home I was nervous standing at the door, when she came to it I almost choked, she was dressed like one of the teenage girls, a little shirt tied at the waist I could see her stomach and a pair of jean shorts, and she was barefoot. She led me into her living room and she had a small baby grand piano, really nice one. She had some music out already and worked me through some drills, then we worked on finger exercises. I know I kept looking at her legs, and her belly button and she caught me, she said “ I don’t think you are paying attention to the music” then she giggled and said “ Do you like what you see?” I guess I mumbled something because my voice kind of cracked, and she said “I guess I will take that as a yes” Then she started to massage my shoulders as she stood behind me, she said she was doing this to relax me, it did feel good. She worked her hands down my sides all the way to my waist and then traced her hand down my legs, all this time I was trying to play a piece she had put on the stand, I think I lost it when she touched my leg then I felt her breath on my neck and she was kissing it, I had never been kissed before, just relatives kissing when there were birthdays etc. I did not know what to do, I guess I stopped playing and she said don’t stop .. keep playing, so I tried to keep doing it, but when she started to lick my ear I think my hands would not work, she said I needed to relax, and I felt her hands on my pant buttons opening them, now I knew all about masturbation, I had been doing it for about a year, when I was in the bathroom sneaking one of dads magazines,;. She said “Oh look what we have here and proceeded to pull out my penis and started masturbating me” I could not control myself, almost instantly I felt myself starting to come, I guess she did too because right about then she squeezed me really hard, and even though I was coming nothing came out and it hurt like hell like everything was trapped in there, I know I said “it hurts” and she said “ wait” and when I had stopped pulsing still holding my penis she kind of dragged me to the nearby toilet and let go her grip and stuff just flew out in jets, it was a relief, but it hurt. I really could not think. She got a towel wet it in warm water and wiped me up. Then said “ Now you should be able to play better, and walked me back to the piano. I guess I did feel relaxed, but my penis still hurt, and an hour later I was done practicing. As I was finishing she said to me “ Now, if you want to keep coming here and practicing, there are some rules, one is that you can never tell anyone what we did, ever, no one, not your mother, father or any of your friends at school, or you and I will get in a lot of trouble” I told her I would not tell. To which she said well I will see you on Thursday then.

If there is any interest regarding this, I will continue next week, just leave a comment and let me know..


Please complete the story ! 


Please continue.

>> File 13324566-indoor-portrait-of-a-young-female-piano-p.jpg

Band practice at school seemed different now, it felt like when Miss Green was talking to the class she was looking at me to see my reactions, or did I just imagine it? I most days if I did not have sports after class I would still go to the Music Room, she would always come over. The first time after at her house she sat by me and we played a kind of tune where I followed her with the air, and her thigh was firmly against mine, I could feel myself getting hard and she looked down and while playing said, “Oh that looks nice”
Now, to explain, in the band room the piano is at the back of all the instruments and faced forwards and was actually in a corner, so there was nothing behind us but walls, and a bunch of instrument and music stands and chairs in front so you really could only see the head of the piano players, and no one can see anything but that if they came in the door, and besides that, the door was half glass and if anyone came to it we could see them first. She knew this I think because the next thing I knew she was playing with one hand and rubbing me through my pants with the other, I could hardly concentrate on reading the music, and when I missed or slowed down she would stop and then start again, I wanted to come really badly by now and I blurted out “Oh Miss Green, I love you” and she just kind of squeezed all of me and held it tight and amazingly I started to come, it was more intense and a completely new way of it happening. Then she released me and I could feel myself just spurting in my underwear, I swear it felt like I was going to pass out, and she said “That was so that you wont forget me”, I had stopped playing and was holding myself and I could feel stuff running down my pant leg, I had to get up and went to the bathroom attached to the music room and cleaned up as best I could. When I got back she was back at her desk and she smiled and asked “ Everything ok?” and I think I said yes so she said well guess you should head home now before you miss the bus I looked at the clock on the wall and I had 5 minutes for the bus so I had to run.

The ride home was a bit awkward, I was sitting next to a girl who lived on my street I knew that her name was Enid, she is actually very pretty, and although we never really talked other than say hi etc, we were not really friends or anything and I never talked to her in school ever;

I know I could smell that odd smell of cum still from myself and if I could smell it, I knew she could. She kind of gave me this odd look a couple of times like ewww…but never said anything our stop came and she got of first, and started to walk up the street, I actually had to follow her for about a block, and go past her house so I was walking a few feet behind her when she turned into her driveway and I was walking past and she said “Bye” I said “Bye” and then she said, “You know, if you want, you can help me and carry one of my book bags ” I was surprised, she had never talked to me before, and I had always wanted to say something but never knew what to say so I usually just walked along. So I stopped and I think I said “Ok” like an idiot and walked on.

When I got home I had to change clothes and wash up, my mother was home and she was chatting away about something to me when I went down to get something from the fridge, she looked over at me and surprised me by saying she saw me and Enid walking up the street when she was at the kitchen window and she saw us chatting, she was looking at me when she said that, and then she said “She is a very pretty girl, isn’t she?” I mumbled something and she laughed and said you know, “When you leave every morning, and walk down past her house I watch you going down the street from here, to make sure you are ok, and as soon as you pass her house, she runs out and walks behind you to the bus stop. Did you know that?” I had no idea at all, I really paid no attention, so I shook my head no, Mom did not say anything else and just went about her work and I went back to my room to think about it all.