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/con/ ~ My confession is that I am obsessed with JB and no...
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My confession is that I am obsessed with JB and now I think I can fuck a 12 year old.

I dropped out of college and got this job as a janitor at a Christian high school 5 years ago. The high school went bust 3 years after I got the job and they converted into a Christian girls middle school. I think they kept me on after the re-org because they don't pay me shit.

IRL I am a painter and have spent the last 5 years learning to paint and developing my theories and methods and instead of trying to sell (out) my shit, I support myself as a janitor. No one here knows about this. The JB part makes it all work. I have been following this board for a couple of years, sort of hoping to get some righteous tips on putting together an adolescent, but no joy.

I am invisible at work. So I can JB watch without being noticed and this makes JB watching possible and why I stay here making shit money. This is fucking JB heaven. There are only two dude teachers and they are totally gay, but they are into that whole Christian BS. The school admins don't like dudes, any dudes, on campus. People have to wear badges and shit like that and the lady rent-a-cop we have even follows delivery dudes around when they are here. A mexican lady comes in at night and does the dirty work in the girls and womens toilets and gym. They don't give a shit about me. I think its because my eyes are shitty and I have really thick lenses and with my grey uniform maybe I look like a tard. OK with me.

I go home at 5 and eat and then paint until 1 or 2 in the morning and then do it over again the next day.

There is a janitor's room which is big, about 10 by 20 and I hang out in there much of the day. I call it my office and it is filled with cleaning shit. It has a toilet in a small converted closet and I have an old desk and internet. The admins don't know that part, I bring my laptop in and only pull it out to use it when the door is closed and locked. To save money that is my only internet access except through public hotspots.

>> File Bubbles.jpg

I came back yesterday afternoon, Friday, from doing something and had left my door open a little. I smelled cigarette smoke and heard someone in toilet closet. I knocked on the door and asked who was in there. A girl answered and asked to wait just a second. I heard the TP roller and a flush and she opened the door and a bunch of cigarette smoke came out with her. She said she was sorry and didn't think I would mind and sort of ran out.

Then I saw she took a pack of my cigarettes and a twenty dollar bill I had in my top desk drawer. She also forgot and left her gym bag and I looked into it and her shit was neatly folded and without taking anything out and saw expensive gym shit like a pair of Under Armour sports underpants laying on top of running shorts, a sports bra, wifebeater t-shirt and socks, all color coordinated and she was obviously taking these home to wash. Expensive shoes too. I also saw some rolling papers, but I didn't see any dope.

I have been watching middle school JB now for two years plus and have stayed away from even talking with one. But now there are possibilities with this little thief here I think. What do I do with her gym bag and what about the shit she stole. The tag on her bag says she is Chelsea C. They don't even trust me to do the lost and found thing, so I guess I could hide it Monday take it home and see what she smells like and tell her that I just put the bag in the lost and found. Or just deny she left it. Pretty weak and she could bitch that I stole them and I would be fired against her word or worse, so it is risky.

But I am thinking this could work out some way. She is kinda cute, but a little disheveled. I mean not emo or shit like that, but kind of like she is trying to rebel, but doesn't know how. She has nice expensive clothes. I don't believe the weed thing, the papers are just for show to her hot little friends. I think she is an 7th grader so she would be 12. I need to find out more about her. If she really is into dope, then maybe I can do something with that. And we both smoke, but not allowed anywhere on campus.

Open to suggestions.

BTW Trolls, this thread is about having sex with an underage girl. So I have deliberately lied about certain things and so they might not make sense or there is a hole somewhere in what I say. That is the way it is supposed to be. I think that cops monitor this and similar boards and I suspect that some of the tolls here are cops.

So, if I decide to continue, I will ignore your ignorant and stupid questions.


I clean up the coffee area the admin office first thing in the morning, it helps to do that because they notice I am in and working so are less likely to notice how little work I actually do. The Principal asked me if I had seen a gym bag, but didn't provide any details. Of course, I had overheard loud conversation that some girl's mother phoned first thing at 7:45 when the office opens freaking about the expensive gym gear and demanding a search of the campus. I just looked dumb, trying to think of what to say, even though I had the weekend to think about it. But being considered a tard worked in this instance, she answered for me, like "Oh, I guess you haven't seen anything like that, I'll ask Maria" and walked away. Maria is the mexican lady who cleans at night.

Later, Chelsea came by and knocked on my office door, even though I left it open a little. I said to come in knowing it would be her.

She sounded a little worried, saying she "might" have left her bag here. She had left it in the toilet closet so I just looked around and nodded towards the door. She opened the door and saw it there, bent over in her tight jeans and picked it up and ran out saying "thanks, you're a life saver," and touching my shoulder. I'll admit to feeling a rush in my crotch, but not quite getting hard, her adolescent ass nicely taking shape.

I still haven't figured out how to confront her about the theft, but I did relieve her of her nice long rolling papers, though I now use a vapor pipe. I think it will cause her some momentary panic as maybe she dropped them at her house or something equally damning. That was the only thing I could come up with, that maybe she would come back asking if I had taken them. It is pretty amazing to me that she clearly didn't think I noticed that she had lifted my cigarettes and $20 bill.

I suppose that I might not talk with her again, I am not planning on seeking her out, this has to be on her own volition. I might end up fucking her or not, but she will come to me for it.

>> File 1280258809_listen-to-the-sough-of-the-sea-listen-s.jpg

This is a fascinating story and whether or not it is true matters not to me - I'm enjoying it - thanks!

>> File kate-moss-tattoo.jpg

I did not made the call and last night (Tuesday) after work, Missy dropped by with her sketch book to show me stuff she had been doing. Fuck me but she just doesn't have any talent. That is the harsh truth. Is that Hello Kitty or Betty Boop? It was hard not to smile.

Missy must have seen the truth on my face as she said "You don't think I have any talent, do you?" She had a horrified look on her face like it was the first time she had heard anything like that. And I am sure it was.

I gathered my thoughts and just told her that it wasn't that, it was just she needed to work on her own drawing style before she moved to painting. I told her that when I was in middle school I started drawing F1 cars, I was a huge Senna fan, and discovered I could draw shit and indulge my interest in Formula One racing even though I couldn't even drive. She needed something like that first and then move to painting or whatever. And at least it all was more or less true.

She frowned. "I was hoping you would be my tutor and maybe I could be your muse."

Fucking hell. A muse. I have to say that surprised me, I wonder where the fuck she picked that up. Probably in a movie or something.

I told her that it would not work out anyway. Even if I were just a tutor, the school would not be down with that and I think her mother wouldn't like it either. She frowned again.

And then I told her something that I would eventually have to tell her one way or the other. "If you and I are going to be friends, then, really, it is going to have to be a secret. I'm not saying there would be anything wrong with it or that we would be doing anything wrong, but people would just not understand." I took a chance, but I needed to see how she would react to idea of secrecy.

Missy looked me in the eye for what seemed like a minute, but it was probably less. I tried to be as expressionless as possible as I wanted to see her bare reaction.

"Yes, I think so," and I could tell she was stifling her beautiful sly smile.

We chatted about the holidays and she left.

Then about 15 minutes later I heard a knock on the door and Missy was standing there smiling. I invited her in, I wasn't sure what she was up to.

She pulled out a Gossip magazine and showed me an article about Kate Moss and that Freud guy who gave her an awful tattoo on her skinny flat ass. I had seen a story about it.

"Well, now that we are secret friends, would you give me a tattoo?" Another very sly smile.

I laughed and told her I didn't know anything about tattooing and was totally against anything like that. To say nothing of getting arrested.

She laughed also, and then said "Seriously, though, would you paint me, you know do a portrait?"

The painting that was in the exhibit was a figure study of a very modest partial nude, not really a portrait, but I think I know what she had in mind. Hopefully had in mind.

"Can you afford me?" I asked with a laugh.

She looked me in the eyes and said "Maybe we can work out something" and also laughed.

There was a moment of silence which Missy broke when she said "No, seriously, will you paint me?"

I told her I didn't know, I was busy with work and some other projects and it would take a little time.

"Jeeze, you can never decide about anything. I've got to get going, I will see you after Thanksgiving," sort of grabbed me by the arm and kissed me on the cheek. She then rushed out the door, turning briefly to wave and closing the door after her.

My hands were shaking.


Thank you for writing this story. It is great so far. I'm waiting on pins and needles for the next installment!



Agreed. This is story is fantastic op.


I stepped out of my bathroom and Missy was on the bed on her hands and knees, head down, then looking to her side away from me sort of looking at nothing, not me anyway. She had taken off her modeling clothes -- her jeans. Her back was slightly arched and she clearly hadn't noticed my return and I just stood motionless holding my semi-hard cock and stared at the hot adolescent girl, apparently oblivious to everything the way kids can be. Her head dropped and then she slowly lifted it and I think her eyes were actually closed. I couldn't even imagine what wonderful and sexy thoughts she was thinking.

But the hottest thing about it, and it was by far the hottest thing I have ever seen, was the way her hips and ass swayed ever so slightly as if she, in spite of herself, couldn't keep still. It was as if she could not contain her sexual excitement and her hips and ass moved restlessly and very slightly on their own accord but with a clear primal erotic sexual rhythm. I could see her tiny round anus, pink and hairless, and her crimson slit with tiny folded lips peeking out.

I coughed a little and she looked back at me, startled.

But I am getting ahead of myself, but I just had to write those words that inadequately describe the most erotic thing that I have ever seen.

After Missy left on Saturday I of course masturbated immediately. Sometimes I will take a hit of the bong if I am going to do some serious jerking off, but at that point I knew I would come in a few moments and anyway I wanted to get to work on the painting with a clear head. I started by loading the pictures on my laptop, but I had to make sure they were secure so I put them into a thumbdrive that a student at the university had made me that is encrypted with Bit Marker. I don't really know how to change the password, but I guess he is the only other person who knows it and I am not even sure he is still around.

But the photos are incredible. Of course, there is nothing in the images that does not say early adolescent girl so I have to be very careful not to show anyone. I have to think about showing them to Missy. I printed out the best face shots but you can believe that I studied Missy's wispy pubic hair and blossoming nipples at length. I jacked off again after a while. And I did some sketching, but I have a very good idea of what I will do. Although most recently I have been working in acrylic in abstract, but this will be oil on a piece of wood panel (that I have laying around) and naturalistic, so to speak. I thought about doing something more abstract, but I think that would disappoint Missy if she wasn't totally recognizable.


Missy knocked on my door at about 11:00 on Sunday. She told me she had a few hours, didn't have to be home until later in the afternoon. I told Missy that we could do a sitting and also spend some time "hanging out" together. We both smiled and then laughed at that. Missy came over to me and hugged me and told me that she really, really missed me and I have to say that I certainly missed her and I told that to her also.

I told her that I didn't miss her sweat outfit and Ugg boot at all and she just rolled her eyes and said they looked fine. I sat down on the bed and we chatted and Missy just started to undress. She was wearing a pair of pink panties and that was pretty much it under her sweat clothes. She took off her Ugg boots and as she tossed her top and bottoms aside and just stood in front of me in her pair of pink panties.

"Do we have to start the sitting right now? Maybe we can start where we left off yesterday." she said grinning widely.

At that point she stepped over in front of me and told me that I had too many clothes on and I smiled and took off my T-shit but I kept my basketball shorts on. I laid back on the bed and Missy would not let me get more than a few inches away from her, shadowing my every move, ending up straddling my hips.

"Did you think about me last night?" Actually we both said something like that at the same time and laughed.

"I don't think you had your panties on yesterday."

"What, my breasts aren't good enough for you?" Missy replied. "In fact, I think I can feel that they might be having some effect on you."

My cock was now fully hard and pressing against her inner thigh. Missy lifted her hips to give my cock some more room and then snaked her right hand down my loose fitting shorts and underwear and ran her fingers along my throbbing organ. I moaned "Oh, Baby we have to talk." I asked her whether she was had started menstruating and she blushed a little before saying "Of course I do, I am not a little girl any more you know."

I just smiled and gently ran the back of my hands over her nipples and she smiled and told me how good that felt. I had decided to go very slow here and not enter her for awhile, though I couldn't be sure I would be able to control myself.

Missy lifted herself up again and began to slide her panties down and then took them completely off by unmounting me and sitting astride me. She then lay on top of me and kissed me starting at the sternum and working her way up to my mouth. She then kissed my lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was a little surprised by her aggressiveness, but I guess I don't know what a middle school girl knows or thinks. I just went with it and returned her kisses. I then gently lifted her and moved her to my left side more or less in the position where we left off on Saturday.


I began a slow and gentle caress of her breasts and she gasped a little and said "I never knew my nipples could be so sensitive this way." I continued my gentle circular caresses down to the top of her pussy and she spread her legs to accommodate my probing fingers. I did not enter her vagina, I didn't want to break her cherry with my fingers, but merely used my fingers to trace the wet slit of her pubescent pussy. I was dying to take a close look at her sex, but thought that that would come later also.

Patted patted my stroking hand before she pushed her right hand down my pants and ran her fingers along my hot shaft. I was very hard.

But as my fingers became more insistent and my stroking a little faster, I could feel her orgasm beginning to build. Missy began to lick her lips and ran her left hand through her hair and eventually just grab a lock of it and held it. She withdrew her hand from my pants and placed it on the hand that was now masturbating her with a quick short rhythm. Missy was attempting to say something but the effort just resulted in a few short grunts.

I immediately concentrated on her clitoris, gently but firmly massaging it through its fleshy hood. All of a sudden, Missy grabbed my right arm with both hands and clasped her thighs together, trapping my middle finger against her clit. "Oh God, Oh! Oh!" she said softly as each orgasmic wave came upon her.

"You do that so much better than I."

Missy leaned over me and gave me another long tongue kiss. She propped herself up on her right elbow and said, "Now its your turn." Missy pushed my shorts and underwear down and my throbbing hard cock popped out. I let her push my garments down my legs and I kicked them onto the floor.

Missy put her head right at the top of my abdomen and being on my left side began to play with my cock with her left hand, first touching the head and then grasping my engorged cock with her fingers and stroking it lightly.

"Do you want me to put it in my mouth?"

"What do you know about putting a man's penis in your mouth?" I asked her chuckling.

"My girlfriends and I talk about it. One of my girlfriends in the 8th grade gave a blow job to a high school boy over the summer."

I gently stroked her head, neck and shoulder and asked her "what do you think will happen if you put it in your mouth?"

"You'll come like I did?"


"Sperm comes out the end?"

"Not bad, but I think you should see it happen first. You only need to stroke it for a little before it will happen."

"Like this?" she said as she began to masturbate my cock slowly and it felt unbelievable.

"The head is the most sensitive part, you can also stroke that."

Missy was masturbating me and I could barely speak and I couldn't believe this was happening. It was heavenly, but I like a little more friction so I said "Let me do the stroking, just touch the head real gently and when I tell you I am coming, watch out because it might get a little messy."

I then took my cock in my hand and began to stroke strongly. Missy watched for a few seconds and caught on to my rhythm and then started to rub the head with the palm of her hand. I began to drip a lot of pre-cum and Missy asked me if I was coming? I said something brilliant like, "No, not yet, that's not..." In a few seconds, I said, "OK, I am going to come now" and at about the word "going" I shot a huge load that landed on my lower stomach.

Missy giggled and said, "I think we need a towel" and ran into the bathroom and got a hand towel.

We cuddled and talked about the portrait and I promised to show her the photos at some point, but we needed to begin the sitting. We both got up and get dressed, Missy just in a pair of jeans, and we began work.

The sitting went on for about an hour and a half and after about 30 minutes I began to get hard. Missy was quick to point it out and we laughed. By that time it was about 2:00PM or so and I was done for the day, but certainly not done with Missy.

I put down my paint things and began to clean my brushes, telling Missy to relax and put on some clothes if she wanted.

"Oh good, we still have more than an hour before I have to leave. I looked her in the eye and we both smiled. I told her if she wanted to use the bathroom she should as I was going to wash up and it would take me a few minutes. Missy disappeared into the bathroom and a minute or so later I heard a flush and she emerged, nude and holding her jeans.

>> File Never_After_by_dark_spider.jpg

Please, do continue good sir...


"How long have you been watching me?"

Long enough to go from soft to this," I replied, glancing briefly at my cock which by now was perfectly stiff and pointing more or less to the ceiling. I had ditched my painting clothes and was just wearing a pair of flip-flops.

Missy giggled but seemed genuinely embarrassed. I told her about the time in college when my roommate and his date busted in on me and I had just finished masturbating and had to scramble off my bed and pull up my pants. It was not like they saw anything, but it was pretty obvious what they walked in on. I tried to save the situation by saying I was just taking a nap, but I think that just sounded funny making it worse.

"How embarrassing!"

"Who knows, maybe she was turned on?" I stepped over to the bed and laid down, Missy immediately crawled on top of me. She sat back, carefully positioning her wet crimson pussy over my dick and gently ground her hips forward and back, looking down and watching the head of my cock peek out from her little pussy lips.

"Is a blow job real sex?" Missy asked, stopping her hips.

I too was watching my cock head nestled along her wetness when I heard her question, "Yes, pretty much. Why would you ask that?"

"I took a vow of abstinence at school, they are very big on it."

I smiled and told her she should ask her teachers and she said that someone did ask and they told everyone that the church believed that it was but that her girlfriends all had different opinions on the matter. Missy's sister, who was in high school said that she didn't think so.

"You haven't been discussing it since we have been working together, have you?" I asked. This would be a bad sign which her mother might pick up on if her sister told her mother.

"Oh no, my sister and I have been talking about sex for a long time."

"OK, just be careful. We don't want anyone to start thinking that you now have a boyfriend or anything like that."

Missy said she would be careful, that she understood what I was saying.

Missy leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, and I felt the familiar probing of her tongue in my mouth. "Don't worry, I love you and wouldn't ever do anything to change what we have. I just want to know what it's like, and you know, the pledge bothers me. I know no one will know, but still I made the pledge to God, it's just that it seems like I took the pledge so long ago. More than a year."

"What it's like, what do mean?" I asked though I was pretty sure what she was getting at.

Missy kissed me on the lips and said "I want to kiss it, I want to feel what it's like to, uh, put you in my mouth, you know what I'm talking about," she answered with her sly smile.

I looked Missy in the eyes but didn't say anything.

"You wouldn't come in my mouth would you?" she asked with a very slight amount of fear in her voice.

"Of course not."

I didn't say anything for a few seconds, still looking into her eyes.

I then added, "Not unless you ask me too, of course." I smiled and then patted the top of her head.

Missy laughed a little and said "No, I don't want that at all."

"OK, then I won't." I paused again for a moment. "I want to know what something is like too."

Missy gave me a startled look. "I love you, I'm not ready for that, don't ask to put it in me yet, OK?" Missy seemed genuinely concerned that I was going ask to fuck her and while she didn't want me to do it, she also didn't want to disappoint me either.

"I don't think you know what I have in mind."

Missy looked a little puzzled.

"Trust me, I think you will like it." I gently rolled us over, now Missy was underneath me but I got on my hands and used my knees to gently spread her legs. I leaned back, now sitting on my calves between her splayed thighs. I was finally able to take a look at her wet and slightly separated pussy, accented by her wispy hair. I reached forward and started to touch the hair, gently kneading it with my fingers, feeling its feather softness.

"My mom said I can't shave, even under my arms until the 9th grade."

"Let me see under your arms," I asked, not having noticed her underarms at all.

Missy raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head, sort of posing for me. She had a fair amount of hair that would be noticeable except that it was pretty light and didn't contrast much against her light skin. And it also very soft and wispy.

Missy's pose was very hot, I could take in both her JB body and cuteness and the very erotic detail of her recently sprouting adolescent hair. "You are so gorgeous, I wouldn't shave anything" I would have looked longer, but I wanted to smell her pussy, lick it, taste it and feel her orgasm through my tongue.


I leaned forward and kissed her lips, but not a long one, just gently touching her lips and moving slightly down and placed another light kiss on her neck. Missy giggled and said "What are you doing, it tickles. Kind of nice though." Missy was pressing her thighs against mine like she was trying to close her legs, realizing the vulnerable position she was in with her thighs and pussy spread wide open.

I moved my head down a few inches to her right breast and traced my tongue around her red nipple. I then pressed my closed lips gently against the hard lump of flesh and pushed my tongue out to stimulate the very tip of her swelling nipple. A moan escaped her lips. I then moved over her left breast and repeated. As she moaned again and she squirmed a little beneath me. I then raised my head a little to see a slightly agonized look on her face and Missy managed to say "Oh God, please keep doing that."

I spent another minute or so stimulating her nipples and when I raised my head again, I saw that Missy's had closed her eyes and she was licking her lips and grabbing her hair. I looked down and her nipples were now distended and a darker shade of red and Missy started breathing deeply.

I moved my head a little lower and my tongue traced a moist line down from between her breasts down to her belly button and I kissed her naval and then started to move my kisses down towards her vagina.

Missy just then realized what I had in mind and uttered "Oh God, you are going to kiss me there, aren't you! I need to wipe ... I mean ... its wet ..." her voice trailing off.

I was a little surprised she didn't know about cunnilingus. Missy stopped squirming and opened her legs as far as she could and lifted her head off the pillow to watch what was about to happen.

I moved down the bed and gently placed a hand on each thigh and move my face close to her weeping pussy. I breathed in through my nose and inhaled a hot musky sweaty odor, not at all unpleasant, absolutely a turn on. We had been working for a couple of hours under pretty hot lights and Missy had at least one orgasm that morning so this was her smell after a few hours of constant sexual excitement and lubrication.

I moved my hand to the side of her pussy and gently separated her lips just as a drop of lubrication escaped from the bottom of her slit and traveled downward and eventually dripping onto the bed cover. Missy's inner vagina was now a bright red, blood engorged from the tip of her clitoris down to her pee hole and around her opaque and shimmering hymen. I stared at it for a little while.

I wanted to tease her a little, so I gently kissed and then licked Missy's top inner thigh on both sides and then right above the opening of her vagina pushing aside some hair with my tongue. I felt her hands grab my hair and started pushing me towards her pussy. I glanced up and saw that Missy had dropped her head back on the pillow was turning it side to side. By now her chest was heaving.


"Oh ... God! ...nasty.." Missy moaned, trying to complete a full sentence.

I couldn't tease Missy any longer just because I couldn't wait myself to taste her hot and wet adolescent pussy juices. I ran my tongue over Missy's hard clit and down the wet and narrow path afforded by her open slit. I tasted Missy's saltiness at the same time I again inhaled the sweaty musky lubrication. Missy moaned "Oh God, no!" but I continued to lick her in that way, knowing that the end of the sentence would be "don't stop" and it would come when she caught her breath. I was right.

I could feel Missy's pubic muscles begin to clinch and relax and she also began to pull my head closer with her hands in a signal that she was read to come. I knew from our session in the morning that Missy is very wet girl and I knew this would be a very wet orgasm.

My relentless tongue did not stop and in a few seconds, Missy let go of my head and I glanced up and saw her hands and fingers moving, like she was trying to grab some unseen object and her eyes were closed and her mouth open and her lips were moving, trying to say something but Missy could just manage a soft moan. Then her thighs closed on my head and I felt her body shake and tremble. Her lower body began a short series of jerks in response to my tongue and I felt a wave of salty lubrication on my chin.

And then Missy stopped, but didn't let go of my head which she had captured between her thighs. If she were strong enough I think she would have crushed my head. But in an instant the pressure stopped and Missy went limp, breathing as heavily as if she had just finished a 10K race.

I raised my head and Missy was looking at me straight in the eyes and managed a little smile.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Oh, God! I can't believe that, I just can't believe it felt so good," Missy responded, recovering from her massive orgasm. "Yes, I'm just wonderful." She raised her upper body and brought up her legs to sit cross legged and allowing me to sit up in the same way. In doing so, Missy revealed a pretty large wet spot in the bed cover.

Missy looked down and ran her fingers along her pussy, gathering some of her copious lubrication. She brought her fingers up to her nose and then tasted the tip of her finger. She didn't realize I was watching this erotic little show which reminded me that I had not gotten off yet.


Missy looked up and saw me watching her and she laughed. "Kind'a wet, is it your spit?"

"No, that pretty much was all you. You are one wet girl." I said smiling and adding, "Some women are like that. By the way, it's a turn on for most guys, but sometimes inconvenient."

Missy giggled and said "We will need a nice big towel from now on" as she reached over and got the hand towel from earlier and wiped her pussy and then the wet spot the best she could.

"No one ever told me that men give blow jobs to women,"

"That is not the way you say it, but yes, some guys like it but some don't."

"What do you call it?"

"The medical term is cunnilingus, but I would just say I ate your pussy."

Missy tossed the towel aside and rubbed my thighs, looked me in the eyes and smiled. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking it, never taking her eyes off of mine. She moved her other hand and began to stimulate the head of my cock with the palm of her hand. Missy intuitively knew that how sensitive the head was and I relaxed, enjoying the intense stimulation.

"See right here?" I said, moving her palm out of the way and touching the frenulum and the two lobes of my cock head. "This is the most sensitive part. Especially when you stimulate it with your tongue." I was not smiling.

Missy thought for a moment and then looked up and smiled, "lay back..."

I laid back and my ass landed on the wet spot, but I didn't really mind. She moved my legs apart, handed me a pillow and moved between my legs.

"You don't have to put it in your mouth. Just kiss it and maybe tongue it right there."

Missy leaned over and placed her lips just below my cock head and then pulled back.

"Now come on," I said gently, "its not unpleasant at all, you just need to get a little used to it. I promise I won't come in your mouth."

She let out a big sigh, smiled at me. "Well, you did 'eat my pussy.'" Missy laid on her stomach, carefully positioning herself to get as close as possible to my now drooling dick.

She moved her head close and pulled the skin on my dick down with her stroking hand, tightening the skin around the upper shaft, almost to the point of discomfort and with her other hand wiped my pee hole clear of pre-cum.

"That's not sperm?"

"No, not really, its just a little semen that sometimes appears first," I answered almost annoyed and not wanting to explain every detail of how ejaculations work. I was getting very close and I started to feel the first faint indication that I was close to cuming and I just wanted to feel her soft warm mouth on my cock.

Missy looked at me directly in my eyes and, sensing my short fuse, placed her tongue right between the lobes of my cock head and traced a wet line down the shaft.

"That is heavenly, but sweetheart, its wonderful torture... Please stroke it at least!" I didn't really want to force her, because I knew she would inevitably surrender and find my dick with her mouth eventually.

She started to gently stroke and then simply started to tongue my cock head. I was just about to tell her to stroke harder or to suck it or something when I realized that Missy was increasing the tempo of her strokes and grasping my shaft more firmly and using more pressure with her tongue along the underside of my shaft. She then began to flick her tongue back and forth across the head.

I moaned and just relaxed and let the feelings flow and just closed my eyes to experience her tentative technique. It wasn't a complete blow job, but a very interesting and stimulating start of one. I just let her work, it seemed like 10 minutes but was probably much less when all of a sudden I felt the surge of cum rising up my shaft without any of my muscles contracting.

I gasped and hissed, "I'm cuming, I'm cuming."

It was too late. I didn't exactly come in Missy's mouth, but two giant spurts landed on her forehead and nose.

Missy screamed a little and jumped back as my cock continued to pump semen, now onto my stomach as she let go of my shooting cock.

"God Damn you, I asked you not to cum in my mouth!"

As soon as I gathered myself after my ejaculation, I sat up and reached over to Missy and said, "Hey, I'm sorry, I don't really think I got any in your mouth, did I?"

Missy wasn't looking at me, but was wiping cum of her face with her fingers and then grabbed the towel. I could tell she was pissed, and it was the first time I had seen her angry.

"God Damn you!"

I again reached over to her, and she slapped my face. It didn't hurt much, but I was really taken aback. In a split second I had to make a decision on how to handle it. This seemed like the could become a really bad situation.

I grabbed the hand that slapped me and I held it very firmly. "You are never to hit me again, do you understand that? You are never ever to do that again."

Missy looked down, "I'm sorry, but you came on my face!"

"You are never to hit me again, do you understand?"

Missy paused a second and said "Yes, I understand" in a not very convincing voice and started to get up. But I still was grasping her hand and she wasn't going anywhere.

"You are never to hit me again, do you understand? Look at me and say it."

Missy slowly raised her head and slightly smiled. "Yes, I understand" she said in a sing song voice now showing some regret and using a stupid face saving tone of voice. I didn't let go and stared at her with as serious a look as I could muster.

Missy relaxed as if giving up trying to get off the bed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I know getting it on me was no big deal, I just didn't expect it. " she said smiling and adding "I do still love you!"

I smiled and said, "You learned an important lesson. Never believe a man when he tells you he won't cum in your mouth."

Missy gave me a funny look.


One thing I have learned to do at school as part of my tard cover is to never answer a question the first time it is asked. I make people ask it twice and after awhile they realize it is hard to ask me a question and maybe even talk with me and will avoid doing so after awhile.

On the Tuesday following the Thanksgiving weekend one of the dude teachers came up to me as I was standing outside my office after classes were over at the end of the day. No one was around. He said that he noticed that Chelsea C. had gone into the janitor's closet last week and he was almost sure that I was in there also. It took me a second to remember Missy is really Chelsea.

I did my "I'm sorry, what did you say?" gambit and started to open the door to my office to escape, but he said, "I think you heard me, were you and Chelsea in your janitor's closet alone last week?" Alarm bells went off when he said 'alone.'

I told him that I had left the door a little open and when I came back, Chelsea was in there looking for some paper towels or something, I wasn't sure what but told her she shouldn't be in there and she left. Dude was silent and looked at me carefully. I decided to see how little I could say and just stared right back at him through the dirty and thick lenses of my glasses.

"I don't want to make a big deal about it, but it does violate the rules in the faculty handbook, which says that individual students and teachers of the opposite sex can't be alone behind closed doors."

I know that is bullshit, because I have read the faculty handbook many times out of boredom at work and know there are no rules like that. But I needed to be cool and not appear combative or nervous or defensive. I just needed act like it was nothing, didn't even know it was a problem.

"Oh, I better go tell Mrs. Morath that it happened so she'll know." Mrs. Morath is the Principal. I wanted wanted her to hear it from me and that way I explain it my way. "I don't know anything about any rule, nobody ever told me that"

Dude continued to scrutinize me, but appeared a little surprised by my tard plan to tell the principal. He finally smiled slightly and said, "Hey, I don't want to make a big deal about it, but I just don't want you to get into trouble by associating with Chelsea. Or do you call her Missy?"

"Associating? What's that?" I paused a second. "Who is Missy?" I added.

"OK, have it your way. But I don't want you to fuck things up, that's all. Just be careful."

I just shrugged and started down to the principal's office to see Mrs. Morath. I caught her just as she was leaving, which turned out to be good. I told her that Chelsea had come into the janitor's closet while I was away last week and that Mr. Dude had told me that was a violation of the rules and that Chelsea was looking for her bag and I was really sorry and didn't mean to violate the rules.

Mrs. Morath looked at me, half annoyed at me for delaying her departure from school and half amused that I was making a big deal over something that I told her had lasted for less that 2 minutes with the door cracked open.

"Well, it probably is not a good idea for you and a student to be in the closet alone, but I don't think it is a big deal. Don't worry about it."

That was the best outcome. I have perfectly covered the tracks with some truth and some spin. Even if Missy were to be asked about it, I think even if she accurately recounted what happened in the closet, my version would be considered a reasonably truthful account. I am a tard after all.

But I was alarmed by Dude's comment about fucking things up and now I wonder whether he suspects something about me. And I wonder whether he is not so gay after all. And I now know his is watching me and what happens around my office. I need to tell Missy that we just need to be totally cool.

My next sitting with Missy would be Friday and I made a note to ask her about Dude.

>> File image_t6.jpg

...and the plot thickens.

Keep up the good work - enjoying this story immensely - thanks :)



So, how do I get a tripcode?


>>168948 - You simply type your name (in my case MAF), then a space, then two hashes (#), followed immediately by another word of your choice - this will generate the tripcode. This second word will not be revealed and must always be the same each time you reply, otherwise the tripcode will change.

>> File hillaryClintonsTits.jpg


Thank you kind sir. For that I give you a pair of Hillary Clinton's tits.


There is something about an adolescent girl's breasts.

Missy's breasts are not big and her nipples are not puffy, at least not yet. But they dominate her topless form. They trace wide symmetric circles that frame her reddish pink nipples. They are like some crazy mirror image that has unfolded onto a flat little girl chest.

But there is no denying that Missy's smallish but full breasts and wide red nipples are the centerpoint of her sexuality. Even more so than her pubescent vagina. Missy's pussy is warm, pink and usually wet but her breasts are the stuff of a great painting.

I was trying to capture this indescribable image while Missy leaned back slightly against the big table, but she was restless and I have to say I was grumpy. Missy added blond streaks to her shoulder length brown hair and pulled it back into a single thick braid that was slightly skewed to one side. I hated it when I first saw it and was pissed because now I had to rethink some colors and she still came to my place wearing her hideous sweats and UGG boots.

We hugged and I noticed that she wasn't wearing any underwear, and I think she wanted to do the sex thing right then and again after the sitting. But it was too early for me, even though I couldn't wait for the week to end and see her and love her again. I had worked on the painting and made substantial progress. Missy stepped over to the easel and made some stupid comments that annoyed me even further.

But what really pissed me off was when she took off her UGG boots, pulled off her sweat top and stepped out of her bottom and stepped right back into her UGG boots. She turned and faced me and put her clenched fists on her side with her legs spread apart and with her sly smile said "Tell me now that you hate my UGG boots. Of course I couldn't and what was even worse was that I saw the hair thing in a new light and it really looks fantastic capturing the young sensual thing I want and I decided against my grumpiness that I would not have any problems with the streaks.

"OK, get dressed, we've got work to do," I groused in my shitty mood. How could this be, a naked 13 year old girl essentially begging me to take her to the bed, and I really wanted to work. And I really did.

My sour mood had a similar effect on Missy and we sniped at each other and she would ask me dumb questions and I would be short with her. I mentioned Mr. Dude and she laughed and said she really liked him. I told her that I thought he was gay and she just shrugged and said she thought we was cute and last Spring she had him for a class and he at one point hinted around that he was available after school to help her on a project.

I looked up and put down my things and moved closer to Missy. "Does he call you Missy?"

"What business is it of yours? Are you jealous?"

And so it went. I was going to discuss the Dude situation with her, but now we were just sniping at each other, it was annoying but I didn't really think it could be a problem.

But things got worse and worse and I got more annoyed. I wanted to work on her breasts, painting them I mean, and I needed her to stand still for a bit. But she would move around and cross her arms and generally make it impossible to do any real work and finally I had enough.

"If you can't settle down, then maybe we should end the session, I can do more work without you as a distraction." As I said that I saw that that really pissed her off.

"Well, maybe I should just go. Maybe I should just put on my sweats and UGG boots and go visit Mr. Dude. And you can just spend the rest of the day playing with yourself, or whatever you do here and in that little closet of yours."

In a slight rage, I slammed down my stuff and went into the bathroom and got her sweats and boots, came and stood in front of the door. "I am going take this shit and toss it in the dumpster and throw your skinny ass out and lock the door."

A look of panic spread over her face and said "You wouldn't dare!"

"Fuck yeah I would. I think that might bring your spoiled ass back to earth, little Student Secretary." But the truth is that at that very moment I knew I was totally and helpless in love with Missy.

Missy turned beet red and stepped over to my paint table and swept her hand over the surface scattering about 10 tubes of open artists colors and a wet palette I was using, sending the mess over about a quarter of the studio. "Go ahead! Go ahead throw my shit in the dumpster, it is only about 10 feet from your front door! You know, I'm pretty sure Mr. Dude doesn't live next door to a fucking dumpster!"

I almost leaped over and grabbed Missy by the arm -- to too firmly, but enough to stop her from getting away and said "You know, I've had just about enough of you, young lady..." I stopped, not sure what else to say until I saw a very slight smile and a softening of her angry features.

I couldn't help but to smile also and continued by saying, "I think you need a good spanking! I think I will put you over my knees and spank that middle school ass of yours."

"You wouldn't dare!" Missy replied, half horrified and half, well, turned on.

At that instant, we both looked down and my hard cock pushed insistently and obviously against my shorts. Missy looked up at me and said, "Seriously now?" her voice cracking a little trying to stifle a laugh.

"As a heart attack. And what about you?" I stuffed my free hand down the font of her open and pantyless jeans and felt a sopping pussy with my fingers. Missy yelped a little and squirmed under my fingering.

We both were immensely turned on.

I looked over and saw the armless wooden chair I had bought a few years ago from the school. Missy followed my eyes.

I looked at Missy and she looked at me. Missy licked her lips.

Game on.


What're going to do?" Missy asked with a nervous laugh, knowing pretty much what I had in mind.

"I think it's time you learned who is boss in this house and that you don't just toss my shit around." I tightened my light grip around her upper arm after first sliding my hand up against her sweating arm pit. I led her the few steps over to the old armless side chair and sat down.

Missy smiled and giggled a little nervously and said "I don't know how you are going to spank me with your thing sticking up like that."

I smiled mischievously and said, "If I were you, I wouldn't worry about that at this point." I then gently twisted one of her wrists around her back so it was nothing to maneuver her 5'3" frame around to the side and then pull her skinny 95 lb body over my lap, a move that was possible with her cooperation.

I had grabbed her arm and pulled her arm around her back and forced her hand slowly up towards her shoulders.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she giggled.

I held her firmly and gently move her hand up a bit. Missy giggled again a little. I quickly pushed her hand up a few inches and back.

"Hey, you aren't going to break my arm are you?"

"Are you going to cooperate? It will go much easier if you do," I said in a playful manner.

"So, what if I don't?" she said softly.

I jerked her hand upward and back and Missy let out loud "Hey, hey!!" about a half second after I released her.

"So you'll cooperate, right?"

"Yes, but not too hard, OK?"

I jerked her hand up and back again. "That is not cooperation."

"OK, OK! I'll do as you say, sir!" she said, stifling a laugh.

I waited a few seconds and let go of her hands completely. Her jeans were loose on her because the waist and fly was undone. I pushed my hand down the back of her jeans and traced by middle finger down her crack and felt the tiny button of her anus and then further down to her wet pussy. I could feel dampness on the back of my hand from the crotch of her jeans.

My middle finger found her clit and I massaged it for a few seconds.

Missy moaned and grabbed my leg with one hand and the leg of the chair with her other to maintain her position.

"That's what I like to see, cooperation."

Missy let out a soft moan and started to breath heavily.

I grabbed the sides of her jeans and pushed them down to mid calf. I just stopped to admire Missy's adolescent ass. Her cheeks had grown beyond little girl globes and were beginning to elongate into a young girl's hot ass. She was also adding shape to her sides. The visual effect of her ass in my lap was intoxicating. I could look down the widening ass crack and make out the reddish button of her butthole, her perineum and the very back opening of her moist vagina.

I ran my hands gently over her ass cheeks and down the backs of her thighs and Missy responded with a slightly agonized "Oh!"

I then slapped the lower inside quarter of her buttock. Missy let out a little scream and let go of my leg and moved her hand around her back to protect against further spanks. But, of course, she wasn't really into position to stop my hands, it was easy just to push her arms with my other hand.


Whap! Whap! Whap! It was a great sound, almost as if someone had a sound effects machine and was adding some special movie sound effect with every slap of my hand. Now her right ass cheek was beginning to turn bright red and I was trying to get the same shade on each side.

Missy was squirming and yelling "no more, please, no more," trying to protect her ass with her hands, trying one arm and then the other to no avail. She wasn't even close in stopping the satisfying contact between the center of my right hand and her soft butt cheeks. "I promise to be good, please!"

I stopped for a second. Missy looked around at me and said, "Oh God, that's enough!"

I reached down between her thighs with my fingers and found that she was even more wet than before. "You seem to be enjoying it," I said as I began to gently masturbate her draining pussy.

"OK, OK it's not bad. But if you stop, I'll show you what I learned this week."

I moved my hand and started to gently rub her buttocks and stared at her beet read cheeks. I slid my hands off her.

Missy got up and tried to look at her own ass, but just couldn't see. "It's OK, you can look after we're done, the redness will still be there," I told her laughing.

Missy smiled and pushed her jeans the rest of the way down her legs and stepped out of them and then straddled my lap. She then undid my belt, button and unzipped my shorts and stood up to allow me to slide down my shorts and underwear.

She straddled my knees, taking my aching cock in her hand and kissed me on my lips. "You know how to make he so hot, how do you know? My butt just tingles" She kissed me again.

I ran my hands gently over her nipples and then down and back up her sides and then to her nipples again. "Because you are the hottest chick I have ever met and I love the way you handle my cock. Missy was stroking my hard cock with one hand and stimulating the head with the palm of the other.

She gave me a sly smile as she slid off my lap and down on her knees. She moved her jeans over to provide some padding over the linoleum floor. She pushed apart my thighs and moved as close to my cock as she could.

Missy looked up at me and then looked at my cock and then bend over it and took about a quarter of my throbbing member into her mouth. She began to tongue the head and moved it around everywhere she could reach with it while her head bobbed up and down. She then began a slow but methodical stroking with her right hand while alternatively removing my cock from her mouth and gently tonguing around the edges of the head and then taking the head completely into her mouth and starting the process over again.

I moaned and began to feel the sensation in my cock that indicated that I was getting near the point of coming.

"Oh baby, you certainly have learned something. But I think much longer and I will cum."

"I want to do 69. You know what that is, don't you?"


I smiled. "I'm familiar with the concept. You certainly have been studying, haven't you."

"I looked at some videos my sister had downloaded to her laptop. Don't worry, she was gone and doesn't know I looked."

Missy got off the floor and pulled me over to the bed and sat down, waiting for me to undress completely and lay down beside her.

Once I was comfortable, Missy mounted me in reverse, so to speak, and just grabbed my cock and started with her newly learned head bobbing technique. I was adjusted my arms to give me the best access to her sex and stopped just to admire her yawning pussy. I gently massaged the spank reddened cheeks and said "This must look worse than it felt."

Missy stopped and looked back at me over her ass, giggled and said "I can still feel the tingling, I can't believe it turns me on like it does!"

I moved my head forward and buried my face between her legs as my nose made its way to the shallow entrance of her hymen covered vagina. I breathed in the mild but intoxicating musk of her sex, replenished by the constant draining of lubrication. I moved my head up and began to tongue her clitoris tasting her salty juices as her ass began to squirm a little.

I felt her mouth engulf my cock again and then her hand begin to stroke my cock, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. Missy moaned as I continued to manipulate her clit and lips with my mouth and tongue and she lifted her head off my cock and laid her head down on her arm as she continued to stroke my cock.

Missy couldn't concentrate on sucking my cock as my constant attention to her pussy was just too stimulating. Her ass-squirming continued to gain momentum until she couldn't continue jacking my cock. She simply grabbed my thighs with her fingers, digging her nails digging into my flesh.

Missy abruptly grunted three times in kind of a staccato rhythm while at which point my faced was drenched in pussy lube and Missy pushed her hips back, grinding her pussy into my face to get the last amount of stimulation as an orgasm cascaded throughout her body in waves.

After a few moments, Missy relaxed and let out a huge sigh. After a few seconds, she raised her head and looked at my cock, as if awakening from some kind of sleep to see my raging hard cock and remembering she still had some work to do. She slowly began to stroke again, gaining speed and increasing the firmness of her grip around my dick. Missy must have remembered that I liked a lot of friction.

Missy then slowly put her head over my cock and gave it one long last tongue and suck and raised her head, sensing that I was ready to blow. And I did, spurting white semen out of my cock, a couple of spurts landing on Missy's shoulder and chest as she moved her head out of the way.

We cuddled on the bed for awhile and I knew that I had to talk with Missy about school and Mr. Dude.


Glad to have you back Anon. I was getting worried that you had forgotten about us and weren't going to finish your story. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Missy and I laid around on the bed and talked a little about the spanking, mostly laughing and giggling about it and she told me that her parents had never spanked her.

We then began talking about Mr. Dude. Missy told me that although he seemed effeminate and wasn't married, most girls sensed that he had some special attraction to the cutest girls in the school. There was even a rumor about an Egyptian girl who everyone called Hattie, but who was really named after the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut. It was said that Mr. Dude had molested Hattie and when she threatened to complain to the school, he got her a modeling job in London with a famous agency called Sirens. Hattie was 14 and in the 8th Grade when Missy was in the 6th so she couldn't verify the story but one girl swore she had seen Hattie in a German magazine advertisement when traveling around Europe with her parents last summer.

I remember Hattie and she was probably the hottest student at the school during the time I have worked there, even during the time it was a High School. Hatty had the the most beautiful, black, almond-shaped eyes and smooth long black hair. She wasn't a skinny girl, but actually was pretty shapely and had grown "big one's" by the time she moved on. So Mr. Dude certainly has good taste and I probably will use the story to fend him off.

"I guess I better be careful, I don't know any modeling agencies around here let alone in London."

Missy protested, "Of course, its not the same thing," playfully punching me. "I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions. Besides, Hattie thought she was pregnant, but she really wasn't, so everything turned out great."

OK, but we need to be careful, because he saw you come into the closet with me. There is no problem now, but he is probably watching both you and I now.

"Don't worry, he's just a perv, that's all."

>> File 124138010691.jpg

>>168986 - C'mon OP, how much longer are you gonna leave us hanging? We need more of this story please!


I hope the op isn't leaving us hanging when this story is starting to get really good.

>> File Kirino Kousaka Kiririn Seal of Approval 1.png

needs moar pls


Missy left and we planned to hook up next week as Missy had some family thing on Sunday. I couldn't help but to think that things were slightly complicated and were bound to get more complicated. There wasn't much work left on the painting and I really didn't need another setting. So I finish the painting and then what? Would Missy and I just carry on until some point we got caught together? What would happen to the painting and Mr. Dude?

These things began to weigh on me and I did what I normally do when I stress and that is paint. I just wanted to finish and pretty much painted non-stop until 2 or 3 AM on Sunday morning and then crashed until 11:00AM.

I had promised to have lunch with my brother on Sunday, I hadn't seen him for almost a year or something like that and had only talked to him a couple of times. We're buddies, but we both have been doing our thing. He took the hidden key under my doormat and let himself in as I was in the shower and when I got out of the shower and walked out of the bathroom he was standing in front of the painting. He heard me and continued to stare at the painting a few moments and then slowly turned to me with some kind of look on his face.

"What the fuck?"

My brother and I are totally cool with each other. We once did the road trip thing together including hooking up with whores in a particular Mexican border town, so we don't really have any secrets. And there would be no problem with this. He is a few years older than me and for a few years ran a travel agency. He arranged a lot of trips to Thailand and then began to book trips to Cambodia with the same group of men. They didn't travel together, the just went to the same places. They said they liked to do business with him because he knew a lot about traveling in Asia. But, after awhile he realized that was basically organizing individual sex tours, though nobody said anything about what the travel was for. Not long after that he found a new job, but we talked about doing stuff like that, not for sex with children, but just to spend a week fucking chicks in a place no one would know us. And my brother is married.

Like it?

"Who is it? Are you fucking her?"

No, she's just made up.

"Fuck you. She goes to that school of yours, right?"

I said, she's just made up.

"Fuck you. The pictures aren't made up. I think I will come and visit you tomorrow at lunch. We'll see how made up she is. And I'll also trash that little Bubbles scam you are doing there while I am at it."

Fucking pictures. I took some out to finish the painting and forgot to lock them away. He would never come to the school, of course, but I had to tell him the story, which I did. But not in the detail I have posted here. Also, he knows about 4chan but i have never really turned him on to ichan. So I was vague about Missy and me, I just told him she wanted to do some modeling.

We talked at some length over lunch at the nearby taco shop about my dilemma and he concluded I needed to cut things off immediately, get rid of the painting and find a new job. And probably it would have to be somewhere far away. And make up a good enough story so that I wouldn't piss Missy off enough for her to turn against me and blow the whistle.

I then told him about Mr. Dude and that whole thing and he told me it was even more important that I cut it off. I guess I couldn't disagree.


I had calmed down a bit by Monday morning and I had decided that I could let things slide at least through the Holidays and see what would happen in the new year. I did decide to start looking for a new job, I have almost accomplished what I set out to do at the school. I am not sure what I set out to do, but I will end up with a hot 13 year old girl and I had also decided that I needed to break her cherry.

But on Monday night I got a call from my brother and he said that he had a buyer for my painting. Flat out, the guy would pay $5,000 for the painting.

What are you talking about, the guy doesn't even know what it looks like!

"Oh yeah he does, sort of. I showed him a picture of it and I also showed him a picture of Messy, that I borrowed"

That's Missy, you asshole, and who gave you permission to talk with anyone about it, let alone take a picture of it. And I want Missy's picture back.

"Relax, its not a problem, this guy is one of my old Cambodia travel clients. He'll be cool about it, he's got a ton of money also. Frankly, I think you could ask him for 10 or 20 grand and he'd probably pay it. He has a collection of erotic art, but nothing like this. You have something valuable there, the provenance is outstanding, especially with those pictures and the videos of you sexing her you probably have made."

Stick to watching Antiques Roadshow, you asshole! There are no videos or any other pictures, for that matter.

"Yeah, right. Anyway, think about it. You could get some serious dollars from this guy, enough to get you out of the shit you are in right now."


I'm not worried about my brother, and I shouldn't have been surprised that he would take a picture of the painting with his phone. And I was totally stupid for leaving the photos of Missy taped to the painting. I don't think I had one of her fully nude, but there were a few that were topless. He wouldn't be a problem, but the other guy is another matter.

Missy caught up with me late Wednesday afternoon and walked with me to my bike which I often ride to the school. We walked together and stopped near the bus stop where she would catch her ride home for a few minutes and talked. No one was around and it was pretty dark, so I wasn't too worried about us being seen.

"I want to give it to you. I am ready."


"I want you to be the first. You know what I mean." she smiled and hugged me close pressing the side of her head against my chest.

Right now?

"No, not right now. I just want to know that its there for you."


"I want to do something to you first, something you will really enjoy and I want to do it in your office during school hours."

>> File aw shit nigga.jpg

>and I want to do it in your office during school hours."


It had been a nice warm day and the afternoon's dusky sky was turning into twilight and the day's warmth lingered, not turning cold at all. We continued to hold each other, enjoying the surprising warmth of the late fall afternoon and each other. Of course, I knew what she had in mind with the office during the school hours thing and that could be a total disaster so I was hoping that she was kidding. I told her this and she didn't answer me.

She looked up up at me with a furrowed brow. She spoke quietly as if she were afraid someone were to hear even though no one was around. Missy said that she thought she had entered a new phase in her life, one that now included sex and didn't realize how much effect it would have on her. She said she used to have day dreams of us constantly together, hanging out and painting and doing art things. She said that now she sits in class daydreaming of me stroking and kissing her pussy and eventually she would feel "that special buzz deep in my pussy" that would last well into the next class. She said that sometimes she felt wetness in the crotch of her panties when she got up after class. She continued to say that before we got together she had masturbated only two or three times, mostly out of curiosity, but has since we have been together she does it almost every night or in the afternoon after she gets home from school.

"And do you realize that I got a C- on an English test in a class where I've earned straight As on all semester?"

"Maybe I'm not a complete women yet, but I'm no longer a child either." She told me that I had changed her life and she couldn't go back now and didn't want to. "I am ready for the next step. And I want it to be with you."

She went on to say she wanted to be with me every single night and once a week just wasn't enough. I told her that I felt the same way, but we just had to be careful. It was just the way things were. She looked half confused and half annoyed and asked "What's with you?" She asked me if she stunk or something. "I bet there are others who would want me, maybe even someone at school," Missy added with her sly smile.

She released her bear hug and grabbed my sides to tickle me a little and smiled, but those words stung and my silence hung in the evening air.

She then rested the top of her head against my chest and ran her hands around the waist of my khaki Dickies to my belt buckle and started undoing it. I was facing the street and raised my head and looked around and no one was near. We were standing behind the bus stop bench near a tree which obscured a buzzing and dim street light. I saw a bus coming, it had to be Missy's bus, and told her that if she continued, she would miss her bus.

She just ignored me continued to unbuckle and unzip my pants a little ways down. The bus came and stopped. The driver had seen us, but since we were behind and a little to the side of the bench, he stopped only a moment to confirm that we didn't want to board. He opened the door and looked at me and hesitated for a second and then closed the doors and drove away. I'm pretty sure he didn't see anything unusual, just a guy and a chick hugging, maybe making out a little, two dark figures locked in an innocent embrace, marking time when the right bus came.


She was warning me that I didn't satisfy her sexually, for fuck's sake! How could this be? This was my dream relationship! Fuck me! I started to gather my thoughts to respond to her when all of a sudden I felt the touch of Missy's cold fingers finding the shaft of my cock and pulling it upwards so she could start manipulating my spongy head with her soft and cold but rapidly warming fingers.

I moaned softly, my cheek now rested against the side of her head, cushioned by her clean smelling hair. "Don't worry, I will take of you" was all I could come up with in the moment. By then the stark eroticism of her hands manipulating my cock forced my attention on the feeling of Missy fingers as she began to stroke the top of my now throbbing cock. My cock was now stiff and leaking a little pre-cum and I reached up and put my hand underneath her chin and lifted her smiling face.

"And I am going to take care of you right here," she softly answered. By then both of her hands were deep into my pants and her right hand was stroking my cock from the top, the ends of her fingers riding the shaft up and down and when her hand was all the way down the shaft her palm rubbed against my now ultra-sensitive and draining cock-head. Her other hand had worked its way down and was gently fondling my balls. I looked around again and still nobody was walking near us. A car or two would go by but we were surely invisible.

It was a good thing too because my pants had fallen half way down my ass to give Missy access to my cock and balls and I grabbed the waist with one hand so it wouldn't fall any further. Missy's gentle but quick motion was building me up to what was going to be a huge orgasm. I too wanted her every single night and found jacking off even to the fresh whacking material of our last encounter was good for masturbation, but was not totally satisfying.

I moved my feet wider to give me more stability as I started to hump a little against her stroking fingers and especially when her palm rubbed against my weeping head. By now I placed my hands on Missy's shoulders and was kind of directing her effort, straining to get the maximum stimulation.

I found myself grunting and as I felt my oncoming orgasm. I had to open my mouth and gasp some air. All of a sudden Missy stopped stroking and simply rubbed her palm against my cock head and massaged my balls and my fingers dug into the shoulders of her coat. Missy looked up into my eye and slowly her tongue emerged from her mouth to lick her lips. At that moment, a massive spurt of come emerged from my cock hole and that was followed by three or more spurts and I grunted "Oh Fuck!"

I had deposited three or four massive loads into her hand. It was wet and after a few seconds Missy withdrew her hands, her wet right hand first. We looked at the semen literally dripping down from her palm and we laughed. She then wiped it on the front of my pants. Hey! I said, but frankly, I didn't have a better solution. Missy giggled and said next time she would bring Kleenex and I responded that she would need to bring the whole box.

As we pulled my pants up and zipped and buckled up, a bus came roaring up out of nowhere and luckily my pants were more or less straight, but better light would have revealed a huge wet spot on the front. Missy and I had separated a few feet and Missy and I turned towards the bus.

The door opened and Maria, who cleans the gym and girls toilets at night stepped off the bus, carrying some kind of fabric sack with handles like a paper shopping bag. The school is only a couple of blocks away and Maria turned and started walking towards the school. Missy and I stood motionless hoping that she wouldn't notices us. But, of course, she did notice us and brightly said hello and walked on. Seemingly she didn't see anything out of the ordinary, just a student and another janitor waiting for a bus.

As Maria walked down the street, Missy stepped next to me and quietly told me how horny she felt and we should just follow Maria to the school and do it in my office right then. I just said that we should go back to my place and have some dinner and then maybe we could take the next step.


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Epic story OP I busted like 4 nuts lol
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Please finish this story OP!! This is the very best story here on the confesion board. are on pins and needles as they say for the ending.....


I am as committed to finishing recounting this experience now as I was when I wrote the first words of the first post.

But I recently ran into some difficulties, far less interesting that the events I am describing, but just some total bull shit that simply has prevented me from writing, let alone posting. But I think the bull shit has passed for now, so I can get back to writing and posting on a reasonable schedule.

Thanks for the comments, they are encouraging, both good and bad, and I appreciate them. I know it sort of seems like I am waiting for comments, but that really isn't the case.


I awoke with a start having fallen into a deep sleep and a dream that quickly escaped my memory in my waking moments in spite of my best effort to remember. It wasn't a sex dream but it was an unsettling one, that is all I could remember. I opened my eyes wider and glanced over the studio, silent except for Missy's gentle breathing. I was nice and warm under the blanket sprawled out over most of the bed. There was only the light from the bathroom, which is actually quite bright, but it throws a nice soft glow into the studio when the door is open a little and it is the only light on in the place.

Missy was nude and curled up in a fetal position at the foot of the bed. She lay on top of the blanket and had pulled the tattered bedspread up to the top of her neck for warmth but most of it had slid off the side of the bed and so it only covered the top half of her body. She had tried to tuck her cold feet under my legs as she dosed off, but the blanket I was under only allowed room for the very bottom of her feet. Her touch was comforting to me, both of us I'm sure, even if it was through a cheap blanket and even if Missy was still asleep.

She probably got up to pee and returned to the bed and decided not to crawl underneath the blanket again which would have awakened me. I smiled a little at that thought and it is a little hard for me to believe she loves me in such a thoughtful way. I have never had a long term relationship, or many relationships at all for that matter, and they never quite seemed like relationships between two people who cared a lot about each other. I guess that's why they ended so fast.

Just hours ago I was planning my escape from Missy, or rather planning on planning my escape. In the mean time I had taken her virginity and that turned out to be much more sexual than romantic and much more pleasurable for both of us than the typically miserable "losing her cherry" story. Missy is just special and I now have doubts about leaving her. I just don't know. Can we really carry on this relationship? I briefly considered what Missy would do without me. She would have to find another man to sex her. She would easily find that man and there is no doubt in my mind that she would find one pretty soon after I left her. Her sex drive is that strong.

I wanted nothing more to drift back into a deep sleep and awake with Missy in the morning, and would have too, except for that part of me that knew it wouldn't be possible. So I watched Missy for a few minutes without moving. Her left hand was holding a corner of the bedspread close to her head and it sort of looked like she was sucking her thumb while holding a baby blanket. Was she really sucking her thumb and was that a reaction from her first experience of having a man enter her and come inside her? Twice?

The first time I came inside her was with my cock shielded by a condom, but the second time was without one. I know that is crazy, but it just seemed right at the time. I vaguely recall asking whether she felt my semen pumping inside her. I thought she had to because my cum was seemed so strong. She said she thought so. Or at least I think she said that. Since it was my third ejaculation of the night, I imagine that the cum merely dribbled out of my dick, so the question was probably a little ridiculous. But in spite of that fact it felt every bit as strong and as voluminous as the one at the bus stop.

I raised my head slightly to see if she really was sucking her thumb, but it was just an illusion because of my line of sight to the foot of the bed. No, she had simply pulled the blanket up to her neck and her hand was just resting on top of it, that's all. She wasn't sucking her thumb.

The clock said 11:00PM and knew that this wonderful and sexy and warm and loving scene would be replaced by chaos in a minute or so. We had spent 4 hours having sex. Twice if you are counting actual coitus but also a few bouts of oral sex and masturbation, whatever seemed like fun and stimulating at the time. And we also interrupted our sex play to raid the refrigerator to share some things to eat, like the frozen enchiladas I get from Trader Joe's. And I actually opened a bottle of wine as an accompaniment for myself when Missy said that since she had become a full fledged woman she thought she deserved to have at least a small glass of wine. In spite of the fact that we really did have only one small glass each, I think that is what did us in, sleep wise.

Afterwards we got underneath the covers exhausted sexually and probably emotionally, spooning I think, or something sort of like that and just drifted off.

We had to figure out what to do.


We had made our way back to my studio apartment which really is within walking distance of the school, a long walk maybe 30 minutes, but we made our way and it didn't seem that long. As we passed a 7-11 store I ducked in and bought some Trojans. All I need would be to make Missy pregnant.

We made it to my door and about 3 seconds after entering she grabbed me and hugged me and told me she wanted me inside her and she didn't want to wait another minute. Then she decided that she needed to pee and disappeared into the bathroom and didn't bother closing the door and basically I had to pee also. I just walked in on her, catching her in mid-wipe. As I peed, she grabbed me around my mid section from behind and we laughed and as soon as I shook my self dry my cock began to harden.

We both proceeded to the bed shedding items of clothing as we went and I went over to the counter to got the condoms and placed them on the side table. I jumped on the bed in front of Missy, who was nude sitting on her legs which were tucked underneith her ass as she leaned forward with her hands on her knees. She moved aside and told me that I knew how she liked it, namely being on top in doing the 69 thing.

I lay back with my head on the pillow as she waited to mount me and draped her legs over my chest and pushing her pussy as far back towards my head as possible while still being able to suck my cock. I leaned my head up while bunching up my pillow to give my head a little support. I looked at her wet pussy and nestled my nose into to her virgin pussy. I breathed in through my nose a little, anticipating the sexy sweaty musky odor that would certainly make me hard in a few seconds.

Except that there was an added odor, earthy, bitter and organic and I backed off a little. It had been a long day for Missy I guess, maybe didn't shower after gym.

Now I really know what she smells like.

I hate to admit it, but that was a total turn on. And that is something you find out about a woman even though it is a thought that would repulse and embarrass her no end. But as her lover you know what she smells like and that is something she can never take away from you.

The effect on my cock was immediate and with a hard on in full effect, not in small part due to Missy's warm, wet mouth as well. But now the whole impact of what was to happen as fell upon me and my hands started to shake a little.


I gingerly licked along side of her pussy on either side and decided just to go for it and lick her soon to be torn maidenhead and just jambed my tongue into her pussy as deeply as possible with my nose jammed against the skin between her pussy and butt hole.

But Missy was busy on my dick, no longer an adolescent uncertain on what to do, now experienced from our sessions before. She really did know how to pleasure a cock and I could tell she enjoyed the feeling of her tongue against a pulsating bulb of flesh. She gently fondled my balls. I was fully hard and throbbing, anticipating the feeling of enveloping my cock in her tight wet pussy. She was very wet as always and a little strand of thick white lubrication had rolled down and become intangled in her wispy light brown pubic hair and a soft moan escaped from her that signaled she was ready as me.

We wasted no time. Missy got up and turned around and faced me, briefly sitting on my thighs and began fingering her pussy. I grabbed a condom from the side table. My trembling hands fumbled a little with the wrapper and I ended up tearing the edge of the foil with my teeth and removed the rubber. Missy grabbed my cock and started stroking it, I guess to make it harder, but I am sure that I couldn't get much harder without starting to bleed.

I put the condom on the head and as I started to roll it out, Missy rose up off my thighs, continuing to finger her pussy in eager anticipation. Missy was panting almost, just breathing heavily and licking her lips in the way that she does when she is sexually aroused. I finished with the condoms and my shaking hands grabbed her slight frame to help guide her over my cock. Missy grabbed it and leaned forward and brought my condom covered head in contact with her clit. She paused a second to feel my cock against her clit because it was the first time for her. I had not really done that in any of our sex sessions before, that is too risky without a condom.

Missy closed her eyes and licked her lips and took a couple of deep breaths through her nose as she slide my cock head along her slit back and forth. She moaned as she did it again and paused briefly almost as if she were deciding whether to do that for awhile instead of putting me inside her.

But, of course, it was time for me to enter her, and it seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing. Her eyes remained shut and she guided me into her pussy until I reached her hyman, I guess that is what it was. She took a deep breath and forced her hips down and I watched another indescribably sexy event, which was the slow disappearance of my cock into her vagina. She didn't stop or cry or yell or anything like that. She later said she felt no pain, but she thought it was the greatest feeling she ever had and thought that the fullness of me insider her was nothing like anything she had experienced in her young life.

When she had consumed most of my cock, my head felt her cervix and I knew that was it, and I looked down and saw she had taken about 3/4th of me. We both stopped and just felt each other. My cock was being squeezed by an encredibly soft, wet and warm cavern and I just closed my eyes like Missy and experience the sensation.

After a few seconds, Missy began to pull up and then push down over the shaft and this is where her virginity and our lack of experience showed through. It took a number of strokes to get into a grove but it was never perfect. But the sensation was exquisite and I quickly began to feel the gathering in my balls and I knew I would come soon and would not be able to hold it. Missy was now breathing hard and fast and she too fast approaching her orgasm, but I intuitively knew I would reach it sooner. I just came out of nowhere. No warning, no nothing, but I came as hard as ever.

Missy grunted and opened her eyes, I guess because I yelled or something and saw that I was coming and she let out a loud gasp and as soon as I finished ejaculating, she collapsed on top of me. I don't think she came, but it was close and we both knew we weren't done for the night and she would be taken care of.

We just held each other tight for awhile.

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>>169079 - what he said...


I heard a knock on the door and looked at the clock and it was 5:37AM and I thought that I was totally hosed. I couldn't believe that it would end this way, but I thought immediately that's what happens when you get into something this deep.

I had dropped Missy off at her house at around 1:00AM or maybe a little earlier, but who the fuck is counting. Missy kissed me goodbye and told me not to worry she would handle her folks. I watched her walk down the residential street and disappear into one of the houses. I did a quick u-turn and drove off in the opposite direction. I was dead tired by the time I got home and just went to sleep.

But keeping Missy out to 1:00AM was stupid, but given that I spent the evening fucking her brains out it was just like riding a train that you can't get off. Fuck me but you don't want to get off even if you know it is best. I nodded off thinking about how this would turn out and I decided to make it into the school as early as possible and just play my usual dumb self and see if any calls are made to the school or anything like that.

Dealing with Missy at school is another matter. She restated her desire to blow me in my "office," but I think she is just messing with me and I don't want to show that I am really worried about that. And no way do I want her to acknowledge me in any way. We need some rules of engagement, so to speak, but I don't think she understands the possible consequences of this thing somehow being uncovered.

But all of that was pushed to the back of my mind when I got up and headed slowly to the door. I guess I could straighten things up, like cover the painting which remained on the easel and I thought that I had picked up all the pictures and tore them up, put the remains in the kitchen trash and deposited the whole mess into the dumpster. But I couldn't be sure that I got all of them. Those were the ones that were just sitting on the long table and I never really kept track of the ones I printed out.

For some reason though, it seemed obvious that this would be the police and that I would be arrested and they would go through my place with a fine toothed comb. I imagined that her parents would have been waiting for her and immediately got out of her that she spent the previous 7 hours at my place. They probably would call the police and submit a police report.

Missy is a tough kid as young as she is, but she probably couldn't stand up to police questioning. Missy would cave in any kind of interrogation by the police and admit our sexual relationship and the painting and all that stuff. They would take Missy to the ER and they probably would do a rape kit thing and gather my cum as evidence of rape.

In the meantime, they would send a couple of cops to pick me up for questioning. I thought about calling my brother, he would help if I were taken in for questioning and booking. But, for some reason I just didn't really believe it, even though no one else would be knocking at my door this early. In fact, in the last 6 months, my brother (and Missy) are the only ones who actually have come by my place.

I finally reached the door after what seemed like a 5 minute walk, but it was only about 6 steps or something. I stopped and reached the door and stopped. Like I froze. For some reason at that very second I thought about when I rented this place and knew that it only had one entry door which I thought of as a minor fire hazard, something that a chair through the single window would fix if that occurred. Now as I started to open the door I realized it sort of trapped me, there is no other way out of the apartment. The knock came again, louder this time, like more insistent. It snapped me out of my daze.

The time had come.


But of course it was Missy, as you might have guessed. I only gave you that preamble to show you how unprepared I was for all this shit. The pleasure of sex with Missy is something I can't accurately describe in the fullest, but the risks are greater and I don't even know what they are and I know that I have done a ton of stupid shit already and I have no way to cover myself.

I opened the door slightly and Missy pushed hard against the door and as soon as she was inside she stepped over to the foot of the bed and just turned and flopped down on her back in a comically dramatic gesture. She waited for a second and raised her head a little and looked at me like I was an idiot and told me to close of fucking door. I did this immediately, thinking that maybe she was being followed, and then turned around and faced her and stared.

Missy was dressed in her usual sweat outfit and Ugg boots and she brought her bag she used to bring her modeling attire. She had dumped that on the floor just before she lighted on the bed. Missy hair was a little damp looking and she smelled very nice and clean, so I guessed that she had taken a shower shortly before she came over.

Missy lay on the bed and gazed at the ceiling. After a couple of seconds she said, "My thighs ache and my pussy stings and itches at the same time, what did you do to me?" But not angrily, she simply shared her current physical state, like she just realized what happens when you are 13 and you fucked an adult male for around 7 straight hours the night before. She raised her upper body and rested on her elbows and then on her hands behind her, took a deep breath, and turned her head towards me, with her sly little smile. "I don't think I can take you inside me right now, but if you want me to do you before you leave for school..."

Missy smiled brightly, tilted her head and blinked a few times, mimicking some "come hither" expression you might see on an old fashioned Disney cartoon for comic effect.

Oh for God's sake I love Missy.

I have to admit that while I my penis had begun to stiffen, my cock's head was raw from her tight pussy, mouth and especially her almost constant masturbation friction on my cock from the night before. I looked at the clock and it was about 5 minutes of six. Good. I need to get out of my place by 7:15AM to ride my bike to work and get their by 7:30 or 7:45. I had time for a nice blow job and still have time to get ready, but I wanted to know what the hell happened.

I walked over to the bed and stood in front of her. I held out my hands and she reached up and I grabbed them, pulling Missy a little forward in a playful manner. I then pulled her completely to her feet and hugged her. As anxious as I was about the whole thing, holding Missy in my arms and smelling her and feeling her soft and warm body made me feel like it was all OK, that she and I could do anything we wanted and it would be hot and it would be all good.

What did her parents say? Missy told me that her mother was really mad, but her father was away somewhere. He is some kind of sales guy who is not home that often. There was some kind of blow up, but Missy explained that she was over at her friends house and her mother had driven her and another girl home. Missy's mother told her that she would have to discuss this with her father but she was grounded for the next month. Missy eventually ran up to her room and closed and locked the door and went to sleep. Her mother yelled at her through Missy's locked door for awhile, but gave up and also went to sleep.

Missy got up super early, like 4:00AM, showered and had breakfast and wrote a note apologizing to her mother and telling her she wanted to get to school extra early today. Her mother evidently sleeps late and wouldn't know what time she actually left for school.

And that was it. Missy said that her mother really wasn't much for discipline and her father was even worse. So, when it finally comes to her mother talking to her father, much of the anger has worn away and almost nothing ever happens. And the grounding? Missy smiled and hugged me tight and told me that she guessed that we would have to do our sex thing in the mornings for awhile. She must have seen something in my expression when she said that and laughed.

She pinched my sides and said, "don't worry, it will blow over in less than a week and it would all be forgotten." Missy said they wouldn't even call the girls mother to verify the story.

"We just have to come up with a story for me coming home very late during the week," Missy said.


Such a good story friend! Please finish this! It is most imperative that you do so as such! Leave us not hanging!!


So Missy's parental freak-out came some time after my morning clean up in the school Admin which didn't yield anything beyond the typical empty morning conversations among school staff. But Dude came up to me mid-morning in the hall and said, "I told you to be careful. Missy is in a lot of trouble and she is bound to say something." I told him that I didn't have any idea what he was talking about. He replied that I should get real, that even Maria saw us together yesterday at the bus stop. I panicked and just turned and stepped into the closet without saying anything and shut the door. Dude's comments scared the shit out of me.

I knew where Missy hung out during lunch and made a point to look, but I didn't see her. That was stupid. Even more stupid, I walked by her 5th period class just before it started and even looked into the door. The teacher and a few students saw me standing at the door, but I didn't see Missy with my quick scan of the room. That was the first time I had done anything like that and I think the girls and the old lady teacher were surprised to see me. In the long run, I guess it doesn't matter, but it really was stupid of me. Even worse, when I returned to the closet, Dude came up to me again and said something like "You didn't see her in Mrs. Neff's room did you. She didn't make it to home room this morning and was marked absent for the day. My money says she's at your place, no?"

Fuck me. I left this morning with Missy curled up on my bed asleep, she told me she was tired and would come to class a little later. I assumed that she would make it to homeroom, otherwise it is a hassle for girls who miss it or are even more than 15 minutes late. Their parents are notified by phone. After her late arrival at home the night before, that would complicate matters quite a bit. I guess the call generated a shit storm, coinciding with the arrival of some emails sent by her English and Social Studies teachers who noted a dive in her academic performance in the last few weeks, missing assignments and doing lousy on tests and shit like that.

All of this I gathered during my final pass through the Admin office to empty the trash and straighten up the coffee area at around 4:00PM. Dude was discussing this with another teacher and Maria who had come in early to start her shift. Dude was speaking a bit more loudly than normal, making sure I heard was he was saying.

I had to get home ASAP and see if Missy was there. I needed to talk with her, so in a way I hoped she was there. But, somehow Dude knew I was more or less the last person to see Missy yesterday, a fact attested to by Maria. I'd rather that Maria hadn't seen us, but I didn't see that as too important unless Missy was truly missing or some really bad shit like that.

I arrived home at about 5:30PM and Missy was there. She was laying on my bed, still in her sweats watching TV. One hand was holding a diet coke and her other hand was buried deep in her sweat pants. I was speechless. I wanted to start questioning her about everything and why the fuck she didn't go to school.

She looked up at me and said, "What took you so long. My pussy feels much better and I have been waiting for you all day long. I thought at least you would be home for lunch."


Wow!!........The Plot Thickens......! Please Go on...


I stepped over to the bed, grabbed the remote and muted the TV and sat down. I was going to gather my thoughts and try and have a reasonable conversation with Missy.

But just as my ass hit the mattress, Missy jumped up from her reclining position and grabbed me from behind, hugging me and burying her head into my neck and shoulder. She kissed me and told me she was so glad to see me, after waiting all day. Her hand snaked around and grabbed my dick, like she wanted to see if it was hard, and tried to grab it through my pants. She let it go and started to undo my shirt.

I knew that any kind of conversation right now would be impossible, so our talk would have to wait. I sighed deeply as she pulled my unbuttoned shirt off. I helped.

Missy got up and pushed me down on the bed and opened my pants. I had to piss like a racehorse, so I jumped up and kissed Missy on the cheek and when into the bathroom. I finished and shed my pants and underwear and tossed them on the floor.

I came out of the bathroom and Missy had crawled on the bed and she rested on her hands and knees with her sweat pants pulled about half way down her thighs and her sweatshirt pulled up and bunched around her breasts, like she started to undress, but didn't quite complete the task. Her sweet adolescent ass was swaying back and forth a little, just like that one time before. But this time her bunched up sweat clothes framed her round and smooth ass globes, a wet and crimson slit punctuated on top by a tiny round pink anus. Missy was ready. She finally looked back at me and smiled.

My cock began to throb and I decided right then that that ass needed to be licked. I stepped over to the bed and pushed her feet aside to give me room to kneel before her tight ass. I bend forward and planted wet kisses on each ass cheek and then pushed her bottoms and panties down as far as they would go, down to her knees. Her pussy was gleaming with lubrication and I looked down into the gusset of her panties to see an elongated wet spot.

I bent forward, again planting kisses on the very top of each cheek and this caused her hips to sway even more and a moan escaped from her lips as her head dropped limply. My tongue traced a line from each side to the very top of her ass crack and slowly began to plant little kisses down her crack, while using my hands to spread her cheeks which allowed my lips better access.

My lips reached her anus and decided to pass over it, but I really wanted to tongue her butt-hole. It would be lost on her now. So I just pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and let her warm juices wet my upper and lower lip as my nose rested just below her nether hole. I could feel the bedspread being pulled forward as Missy arched her back and grabbed it with both hands just to steady herself under my oral assault on her vagina. Missy started to pant.

After a short period, Missy lurched forward and looked back, revealing a passion contorted face. "Put it in, NOW!" she said almost grunting.

I raised up and scooted forward and grabbed my stiff cock and rubbed it's head up and down along her crack. I even rubbed it across her anus, which caused her to recoil a little and wave her arm in back as if to stop me from inserting my member "in the wrong hole." But I pulled her ass back to my cock again and placed in the mouth of her pussy, lubricating its head with her clear, viscous juices, and pushed hard inside.

Missy immediately stiffened her body as an "Ahhhhhhhh!" escaped from her lips. I pulled out a little and Missy immediately turned her head to the side and told me "its OK! Put it in! I want it inside me!" I pushed again, this time a little slower and being even wetter, I slid my cock in until I reached the bottom of her vagina. I looked down at my wet cock buried into her pussy and a couple of inches of my cock remained visible.

Missy moaned.

I spread her ass cheeks again and her anus distended a little as her hips continued to sway a little to the right and left. I smelled her insides a little and so let go of her cheeks. I began the slow and rhythmic pumping of her pussy with my hard dick. Each time I touched the bottom of her pussy, Missy gasped and as the stroking continued the gasps became more of a moan and Missy' upper chest bobbed up and down as if she were doing some kind of crazy push up or that my fucking motions were absolute torture. But as the gasps turned to moans, they were interrupted by vocalizations that sounded very much like "yes! Oh, Yes!"

I was getting close and realized I needed to stop and put on a condom. I pulled my cock out out and reached over to the side table and opened the drawer and retrieved a condom. I tore open the foil and installed it with a number of smoothing strokes of my hand. I placed my hands around Missy's hips and picked her light body up and turned her over on her back. I looked at her and she smiled and said, "It's kinda sore, but its OK, I want you to pound me." I didn't need a second invitation. I positioned my rubber covered cock into her pussy and commenced to pound the shit out of her. She screamed "Ouch! Don't stop!" She dug her fingers into my back and shoulder and thankfully she didn't have long nails at all.

After about 30 seconds of heavy pounding, I ejaculated hard, sending jets of semen into the nipple like head of the condom. Missy had come a few seconds earlier and we both collapsed, me rolling over to her side. Missy lay next to me with her hands between her legs, saying that her pussy really was stinging after the pounding she took.

"You all right?" I asked.

Missy leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "I am still cumming." She fell back, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath.


I cant wait ultill you get her asshole. This horny little girl will surelly love


Go on then, finish up your story........... ;)


What now?

Missy and I relaxed a little bit and I pretty much told her that she had to go home and that she would have to explain why she didn't make it to school and what she was doing the whole time.

I must say that Missy did have an explanation that involved deciding she was sick of class and there wasn't anything important going on at school that day and on a whim went down to a local park which is home to an railroad museum, an art museum, a museum annex featuring folk art and is arguably within a walk, actually a pretty long walk, to Camp Oxbow. Oxbow isn't actually a camp, but a Civil War battlefield that is kind of a tourist attraction with restaurants, shops and little bit of night life.

It was a thin excuse, to say the least, and we talked back and forth about what she would say when questioned. I made something for us to eat while talking. She basically was expecting not to be questioned closely about it. She said she could always run up to her room, slam the door and wait for the yelling to stop. She said her mother didn't really have it together enough to do more than yell and her father wasn't home, so it would all blow over.

I decided that I couldn't coach her on what to say, it really had to come from her. Of course in the heat of the argument she could just say something, anything, about me and pretty much it would be all over. On the other hand, I couldn't really coach her on what to say, I just couldn't cover all the potential questions. So her strategy of just walking out on the conversation was probably pretty good. She eventually would be punished, but we could deal with that later.

"I hope you want to see me again," I said.

"Of course, that's all I think about!"

"I am pretty sure that if you mention me or anything close to what we have been doing, we will never be together again."

"I guess I would just have to settle for Mr. Dude," she replied as a joke. But I looked at her dead serious. Missy tried to smile about it, but she suddenly looked frieghtened. There was a moment of silence. She then stepped over to me and hugged me tight and told me she wouldn't say anything.

I drove Missy to the same location as last night, just a few houses away from her's. It was 8:07PM when gave me a quick kiss, told me that she loved me and not to worry and walked towards her house.


When I got to school in the morning, things seemed normal at first. Making my rounds into Admin, I was ignored as usual but a teacher who came in at the same time was told there would be an all-hands teachers meeting at 8:00AM. I also learned that students would gather for an assembly in the auditorium at the same time. I asked if they needed me in the faculty meeting and the Vice Principal, deeply distracted by the ongoing events, looked at me like I was asking some crazy question. "No, I don't think so," she said and walked away.

I left the office and walked down the hallway and then over a short covered sidewalk to the auditorium and saw students being directed to seats, according to their home room, and told to sit quietly. On the stage were two uniformed police officers, one male and the other a heavy set female.

The female officer waddled over and asked me in the way that cops do, if there was something she could help me with? I reverted by my tard presence and said something like "They told me that there might be a problem with the boys restroom."

Officer Heavy assured me that there were no problems and that I needed to go back to where the other faculty and staff were and wait. I felt like telling her that probably someone saw her enter the restroom and knew that that would mean plumbing problems. But I knew this was not the time to pick a fight was a cop. And, luckily I was facing the audience and saw where Missy's home room was congregating and saw that she wasn't there. That told me something. It probably wasn't good news.

I took Officer Heavy's advice and went back to Admin, but no one was there, everyone had gone to the faculty meeting. I walked back to my closet. The door was unlocked, so someone had been in their since I was there last night.

Just as I was going to disappear into the closet, when four uniformed police officers emerged from a classroom with a K-9 on the leash. They were accompanied by Mrs. Morath, the Principal. As soon as they exited one classroom, they entered the next.

I opened my door and clearly saw that they had searched my office. They didn't really mess things up, but some things were out of place and the content of my desk drawers, though mostly empty, had been gone through. As careful as I am, they found nothing, certainly nothing about me and Missy, so I heaved a sigh of relief. I sat down to ponder what was really going on. Clearly it had something to do with Missy, but what were the police doing with the dog?

I then heard a commotion not far from my door and went to see what was going on. The dog was barking loudly and incessantly but I couldn't really tell what was going on. The barking was coming from Mr. Dude's classroom. I stood my ground at the doorway to my office and I realized exactly what was happening. They were searching for drugs -- I should have figured this out before.

They found what they were looking for in Mr. Dude's office. An officer came out of the room holding an ounce bag of pot. Fuck me.

It took awhile, but they arrested Mr. Dude, took him into custody in the principal's office (and not the teachers conference room where the faculty meeting was taking place -- they probably didn't want him to be humiliated in front of his colleagues).

I guess that was how they do this kind of shit, wait for all the teachers to get to school and settle into their classroom and then call a meeting somewhere else. And then search for drugs while they are out of the their classroom. The teachers were not allowed to leave the conference room until all the searches were complete.

The student assembly was about drug abuse and evidently the cops said that a (now ex) student was found to be in possession of drugs and that there was a no tolerance policy at the school or in the city for any kind of drug including marijuana.

I knew that Missy fit into these events somehow. I didn't believe that she was using drugs, I could tell if she was, and I even told her I used on occasion. She never brought it up after that conversation. But I did find the nice long papers so it seems like she could have experimented with it at some point.

All I could do now is wait for the next shoe to drop.


>shit getting real now


Whoa, shit's getting really dangerous........ Go on, don't leave us hanging for weeks on end like you do...


and then... the floor falls

please continue OP, don't keep us waiting forever


>>169154 - what he said...


I finally snapped out of my confused state after sitting at my desk for an hour. I realized that I was clean as far as the cops and school were concerned here at school. But home was another matter. Lot's of incriminating evidence and I needed to fix that. It was only about 2:00PM but decided to blow off the rest of the day and fix things at my apartment.

Cleaning up was pretty easy. I got rid of all the pictures I had printed but I still needed to get rid of the painting. I also dumped some dope as that, if found, would be as serious as anything else at this point.

Mr. Dude was in extreme danger over his pot stash and he could do anything and especially try and pin everything on me or at least try and leverage some accusation about me and Missy for his benefit.

And Missy was another story altogether. My operating assumption is that she's the ex-student who was found with pot and left school, of course. Her mother (and probably father as well) had put 2 and 2 together from recent events like trouble at school and becoming something of a low-rent runaway and came up with 5. Not exactly the right answer, but close enough to cause me some real problems.

I called my brother and I went over the situation, listening to his voice express first amusement then concern then panic. I asked him to take the painting and he agreed, but said he come by tomorrow and would keep it in his car. He told me he could sell it to the sex tourist for a couple grand without any live video, but that the photos would add some money to it.

I wasn't ready to let go of the painting just yet. I just needed to get it out of my house in case it was searched, which I assumed was inevitable at some point.

"How many times have you banged her?"

I described our relationship. He gave me the name of an attorney to call in case I got busted and told me not say anything to the police.

"Fuck, man, you could be in real trouble." He told me I should call the lawyer and give him a retainer and then leave town until they start looking for you or everything blows over. First call in sick, toss your cell phone so when they try and call you they will get a disconnected number. They will fire you in absentia, but who cares.

It was sage advice, but I expressed some doubts.

"And don't go looking for her, you've had enough 13 year old pussy. It will just get you in deeper. Just get out so they can't find you. And so Missy can't find you either."

I knew he was right, but I guess I really hadn't had enough of Missy's pussy. One thing I had going was that winter break was one week away and I decided that I would call in sick on Friday and then for all week. I would then hold up in my apartment to see what would happen and quit right before class resumed. It was my paid vacation and I could also look to relocate and get another job. Hell maybe I would just go back to college somewhere.


What do they do with 13 year old drug addicts? Did they do some kind of intervention and send to rehab somewhere in Florida like on TV? I wouldn't think so, but they probably could have her admitted to a hospital of some sort. I guess they could just decide to keep her at home.

I was very restless. I had to keep reminding myself that they didn't suspect me of anything at this point, it was all about drugs and they had their man. That would take some time for everyone to process and even if Mr. Dude started making accusation to save his ass, that would still take time.

I got out my cell phone to call the lawyer a couple of times, but just couldn't dial. It was just that I couldn't explain the situation without sounding like a pedophile and I just couldn't bring myself to do that. And eventually it was past 5:00PM, so it was probably too late to call anyway.

By then it had been dark for awhile and I was thinking about going someplace for dinner when someone knocked at the door. I knew it was Missy.

Missy ran into my apartment as soon as I opened the door and I slammed the door shut. Missy grabbed me and hugged me tight and held on to me for a long time.

She eventually loosened her grip and looked up into my eyes. We both were silent. Missy's mouth slowly began to smile and then she let out a little nervous laugh.

"I don't think you are supposed to be here." I said with a little nervous laugh to match her nervous smile.

"They put me into drug rehab," she said.

Her mother and father were waiting for her when I dropped her off the night before and let her go to her room for the night. But they woke her up early in the morning and some therapists from a local rehab place arrived while she was dressing and they all went to the place one town over about 12 miles away.

Her father had flown home or something as events unfolded and they both had gone through her room after the phone call from the school telling them she was absent. They found a small stash of pot. There wasn't so much an intervention as her parents told her she was being taken out of school for the rest of the semester, maybe even the rest of the year to deal with her "pot addiction."

I asked her if she really smoked that much pot, and she said she smoked a little during the summer but hadn't smoked anything except cigarettes for a month or so before we met.

"Fucking is so much better than weed," she said. Her hands slid slowly down a little ways to my waist and she began to run her hands lengthwise over my belt. I felt my dick begin to stir.

They put her in an examining room and was given a bottle to pee in and told that a physician would be coming soon to give her an examination. Missy understood that the doctor might figure out that she had sex the night before (her sister once told her that doctors can tell when you have been fucking the night before) so after giving the urine sample she simply walked out of the building and down the street when no one was around. They clearly didn't expect her to walk out, probably because she was so cooperative when they brought her in. She hung out most of the day at various fast food places while working her way to me by buses, walking and whatnot.

I told her what happened at school and that Mr. Dude had been busted for holding an ounce of pot at the school.

"Yeah, I know." Missy had spoke to Mr. Dude.

"When did you talk with him?"

Missy started to unbuckle my pants.

"Forget Mr. Dude, he's just a perv. I didn't come over here to talk about him. I came over here to satisfy my true addiction -- you."


Please finish the story in a timely manner.............it's been great, but you leave us hanging for weeks at a time........


"You worry too much," Missy said while hugging me once again. She looked up at me ans smiled and told me that we were going to spend tonight together and tomorrow morning I would drive her back to rehab.

"I am going to go back to rehab and serve my time, like a prison term. After I do my time I will come back and and we can be together again. I'll just be smarter about us, that's all. I bet they'll let me back into St. Lukes too. It'll just be like before."

"But now, I am going to let you do something we'll both remember."

Missy let go of me and stripped out of her blue skirt and white top, standard uniform of the school. She was wearing some pantyhose over bikini panties and she slowly stripped down the pantyhose and then teased me as she lowered her panties and stepped out of them.

I was mesmerized and just stood there and watched.

She stepped over to the bed and got on the bed, on all fours, and I moved around the bed's end to get my favorite view. Missy grabbed the pillow and hugged it against her chest like a stuffed animal and slowly lowered her upper body and rested her shoulders and head on the pillow as it landed on the blanket covered bed.

She slowly moved her hips back and forth and them very slightly spread each of her knees, one at a time, to give me a slightly better view of her ass and vagoo. Missy giggled a little and repeated the move and then once again.

By now I could see her tightly clenched anus clearly and her hips were swaying slightly in a familiar motion.

"Are you going to just stand there and watch?" she giggled?

"Maybe," I answered. As much as I wanted to be inside her, her pose was one that got me hard quicker than anything and made me struggle a little to catch my breath. Missy obliged by reaching around and spreading the lips of her pussy, by now scarlet red and dripping lubrication. "Fuck yeah, baby!" I groaned.

Missy then moved each of her knees again and arched her back. My eyes were glued to her pussy and butthole and she moved both hands back and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Her anus began to distend and opened up to a small gaping round dark hole. I couldn't say anything, but the message was clear. I knew what memorable experience she was talking about.

I groaned again and pretty quickly got out of my clothes. But I wasn't in a hurry, I knew we had all night. I went into the bathroom and peed and get a hand towel and some KY jelly that I bought on time to see if it help fapping at all. Too much trouble, so I only used it once or twice and there was plenty left in the small opaque plastic squeeze bottle.


I returned and Missy had her head buried in the pillow and she was gently rocking forward and back while her ass was also swaying ever so slightly to follow a slight elliptical path.

I climbed on the bed, careful not to make her move out of her position. I moved as close as I could so that my cock, now stiff and pointing almost parallel to my stomach, could touch her pussy. But it was my stomach that met her butt cheeks and she pushed back against me and as I bent forward and gently ran my flat hands over her back and around her shoulders and upper arms.

Missy pushed her ass back into my stomach and moved back and forth a little.

"Are you really ready for this? Do you really know what you are getting into?" I asked.

She jiggled her ass and slightly turned her head to me and said "You were the first to take my pussy and now you can take my behind. You don't want it?"

I bent over and kissed her upper back a couple of times. "Of course, but..."

"I tried it with my sister's vibrator and put it in a little. It felt good, but I want to feel it deeper. I want you in me deeper."

I continued to kiss her back while moving my torso back to allow my kisses to make a straight line down her spine to the very top of her perfectly shaped adolescent ass. I stopped. I then massaged both of her cheeks, and gently spread them and watched her anus open and close the tiniest bit. I had to move back a little more to plant a kiss on each of the her cheeks.

I then moved back a little more and said "I think you need a little pre-lube back here." I then gathered a little saliva in front of my mouth and pushed my lips over her anus. I opened my mouth and tongued her rim of her butt hole as my saliva naturally dribbled out and down her ass crack to her pussy.

Missy groaned and croaked, "Oh God! Yes, do that more."

I complied. I couldn't believe I was rimming a hot little adolescent with a prefect ass. Something that I will remember to my final day, but will never tell anyone about.

It came time, though, to take Missy's cherry anus. I spread lube on Missy anus and probed with my finger a little. She lurched forward, a little surprised by my finger. I then coated my throbbing cock and wiped my hands of excess.

It was surprisingly difficult to enter her. Missy was willing and in fact pushed back as I set my now bluish cock head against her nether hole. That she did that convinced me she was ready for this. I pushed but the hole wasn't quite big enough and this would clearly take a little patience.

I moved my cock to her pussy, thinking this will relax her a little and keep me hard. I wasn't ready to come, but I knew it wouldn't be long before I felt the signs.

I thrust into her pussy a couple of times and she moaned but didn't say anything. We were in sync. She knew I was preparing to enter her anus and was just taking my time and slowly preparing the way.

I repeated this a couple of times, setting my aching cock against her ass-hole and pressing. Missy would push back and a little more of the head disappeared before slipping out. I was getting deeper in and Missy was relaxing and trying to open up and we were making progress.

Finally, I ran my cock up and down her dripping pussy crack twice quickly and began the final assault, so to speak. "Ready?" I asked and she knew exactly that this was the time. I pushed my cock forward into her anus as she raised up her head and shoulders with her arms and pressed back. At the same time I felt the rim of her anus relax and I pressed pretty hard.

My cock head slipped in and I stopped to make sure I didn't slip out. "OK?" Missy grunted a "Uh huh." and dropped her shoulders and head and grabbed and hugged the pillow again.

I slowly began to push deeper into her and the lubrication helped. At first I used short strokes and lengthened them slowly. Missy was tight, very tight. This would be a very slow fuck.

I buried my cock about half way in and pulled out almost to the head when I saw a brown streak on my cock. I thought that that was as deep as I would go and I would now just concentrate on slowly thrusting until I came.

Missy had stopped pushing back, sensing that I was just going to slowly thrust to completion. "That feels so good, uhhhh, just that much pressure, uhhu, yes," words separated by grunts as I slowly pushed in and pulled out.

She had reached around with her right arm and was manipulating her clit and pussy lips.

I could feel the gathering in my balls and I knew I was ready to come. I decided to come in her ass. I always wondered what would happen then. Would she have to go to the toilet to shit it out or would it just stay there.

I came without further warning, just erupted as I slowly thrust forward in bold hard spurts. It felt like a came a lot, but just decided not to look for the creampie afterwards. We could to something like that later.

I withdrew my cock and quickly wiped the streaked and rapidly deflating member with the towel. I also wiped Missy ass and pussy.

Missy turned around and lay back and held her arms wide as if she were being crucified. Her eyes were closed. She sighed and said "I'm going to miss that when I am away."

Lubrication continued to dribble down from her pussy to the blanket.


Go on then.....finish the story!!!!


My confession is now all fucked up? Critical parts are missing, why?

I am reconstructing all the posts and will re-post and continue. Thanks for your patience.


yes i noticed when i was looking for some old info.


So, are you going to finish this story or what? Getting kinda impatient now...


My Beautiful Missy,

I guess this is an something I don't really want to write and I don't think you want to read. But here goes.

By the time you read this I will have moved to a new apartment and am looking for a new job.

The last few weeks have really been the most wonderful weeks of my life, but also the most nerve racking! I know it has been wonderful for you also and we will always share an experience that most people will never know.

But, I think both you and I know this had to end one way or the other. I guess you would say we are star crossed lovers and although breaking up is very painful, we will always have the bittersweet experience of wondering what would have happened had we met under other circumstances, circumstances that would allow us to remain lovers and grow even closer together in areas other than sex. The sex was something I will never forget and I know I will long for the past days many times in the future. I think you will too.

As I was painting you I felt like I also was also coming to know not only your external beauty, which is obvious from the finished work, but also something of the quality of your inner self, the inner self that you often show in that wonderful smile of yours and the sparkle in your eyes.

I have fallen deeply in love with you and it will take me a long time for the sharp edge of that love to soften into tender and loving memories. But I know it will happen with both of us.

It really is for the best.



To My Artist and My Love,

Your email is the most beautiful thing that I have read. I've read it a hundred times at least and want to read it 100 times more! I just don't know what to think.

I'm home now, and being Christmas evening, just enjoying my time with my sister and, believe it or not, Mom and Daddy. Being away "in prison" changed the way I see things now. The week I was in the hospital and the time I have been home gave me a lot of time to think about us, my future and many other things.

I want to fill you in. When I returned to the hospital, everyone was in crises mode. I learned later that they tested my pee when I first arrived and it came up negative and again immediately after I walked in the door after my escape and didn't find anything then either. That's funny because I thought about smoking some dope just to test positive! I thought it would help cover up what we had gotten into and I could just wait out all the BS they had planned for me, the therapy and all that.

I could've too, I saw Mr. Dude before I saw you. He's OK, just waiting his situation out, he said they won't prosecute because they couldn't prove that just because it was in his room didn't mean it was his. Too many kids and others. They fired him anyway and he just wants to move on.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I got all my dope from him. I'm sorry I lied about him to you, but we never had sex, but he made me sit on his lap and make out a little the first time I asked him for dope. I don't know why I did it, it was so dumb, I guess I just wanted the dope, I wasn't interested in him. He's kind of a perv, that's all. I didn't mean to lie to you about him and me, it just seemed too stupid and too complicated.

I haven't told my therapist about that or about us, but she is really pressuring me on all that. I told her that I did smoke some dope and ever since then she wants to know who sold it to me. She's an ex-addict like everyone at the hospital and she makes a big deal about being an prostitute to get drugs and its a big deal to her.

She wants to know whether I sold myself for dope and keeps after me about it. She doesn't accept that I just got it from a friend at school. And she won't stop asking me about sex, whether I am a virgin and did Daddy do anything or anyone else. She says it is important to get that stuff out and deal with it, I'm too young for sex and it will really screw me up. It is something that we talk about every time we get together, which now is 3 times a week. I just deny everything, but it gets harder and harder to do and there seems less and less other stuff to talk about.

I am beginning to feel like maybe it is a good idea to talk with my therapist about us. And now your letter. If you go away, I don't think they will do anything to you, I will just say that it is over and that's it. I will always keep your letter, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I am not sure what the future will be, but I will always think about us.



that's it?

>> File 2z55a1v.gif

I have to say, if this is how you're concluding the story, I'm more than a little disappointed. Did you run out of ideas? This seems so inadequate and rushed after such a great build-up and intense story line.

Sorry OP, not impressed :(


I don't think its the end...


worst ending since Seinfeld tv series.......but oh well, all things must come to an end...


Happy Valentine's Day, My Dear Artist,

I haven't heard from you since your goodbye letter. I still read it every single day. I don't know where you are living, but I know you are back at the University, taking classes? Or do you work there? Have you met someone yet? Probably a lots of pretty college girls to hook up with. There are times I just want to leave the house and find you and make love like we did, I miss that a lot. But I make do by myself!

I'm not doing much, my therapist says I am not ready for school yet and she says we need to deal with certain things before I go back. I don't even know where I would go, probably to the middle school down the street. She says that she doesn't want me to go back to my old ways, but she certainly doesn't know what they are, except I smoked a little weed. And the sex stuff. I finally just had to say something about that, but don't worry, I didn't mention anything about you, just that I had a lover and that is how things really got all messed up at school.

It's crazy that she doesn't want me to go back to school, I told her my "boyfriend" moved and we broke it off. It sounds funny to say boyfriend and mean you. We talk about that now in our sessions. She thinks that I was forced into it by "your boyfriend" and on and on. It wasn't like that at all! But I have come to see that you are so much older than me and I had this big crush on you (I still do!) and I can see how someone like you could manipulate and totally take advantage of someone my age. She calls it rape. She says that even if "your boyfriend" was only in high school it would be rape. I don't think that applies to us!

She asked me your name and I called you Art for obvious reasons. She also asked me if I sexted pictures to you. I laughed at that and she thinks because I laughed at that, I sexted you (hehe!). I miss being your model so much! What happened to the portrait? I think I would like to have it. I hope you haven't shown it to anyone. I think I have as much a right to it as you, don't you agree?

So there you have it. My life is pretty boring right now, three hours a week at the therapist's and the rest of the time reading and pretending to keep up with classwork. If she lets me enroll within the next month, I will be OK for next year or maybe have to take summer school.

Have you met anyone? You can email me and let me know how things are going. I miss you!



So? is this the end of the story? You seem to have left the ending open to additions... 


>>169312 - what Charmaine said...


whatever became of this. the OP I guess just walked away from this or ended the story???

It is over or will the OP post some more????


Good luck in prison


Wasn't more added here? I thought I saw something else posted. What happened?


>>169397 - there's an explanation at the top of the board - the site lost everything posted after 20th August..



Thanks! I didn't see it until you pointed it out. :)


Some good advice: Do a Roman Polanski and get the fuck out of the country!


So, when do the cops jump you and wrestle you to the floor??


Enough already!! Just have the police cuff you and arrest you....!!!

>> File 4186316563_e11c091c7e_z.jpg

Missy sat on the toilet and pee'd and I just wiped off my cock. The door latched rattled again and Missy yelled out "OK, OK!" and the noise stopped.

We straightened ourselves up and Missy left first and I waited for a few seconds and emerged almost running into the older woman who must have been trying to get in. She barely looked at me, evidently preoccupied with her coffee filled bladder.

I looked around the store and didn't see Missy and just walked about into the parking lot and to my car and got in. Missy appeared from somewhere, I don't know where, and tapped the passanger side window and I rolled it down.

"You aren't going to leave me here, are you?" and she added with a smile. "You owe me..."

I unlocked the door and Missy got in.

"I guess we should talk."

"That too, but you haven't had much to say to me for a while," she said with a faux frown and reached over and socked me, and not too gently either.

I smiled an awkward smile. I was trying to frame in my mind what to say about that. I had good reasons for not answering her email, but for some reason I couldn't begin to articulate any of them. I looked over to her and said "Just seeing you, I guess I didn't realize how much I've missed you."

"Then why are we waiting around here?" she said with her sly smile and she leaned over and kissed my cheek and ran her hands over the crotch of my pants.

I started the car and drove away. I debated for a second where we would go, but really the only option was my rented trailer that I had moved into a couple of weeks before after finally finding a place of my own.

We talked around what had happened between us but she told me that she had an eventful few months. Her father filed for divorce and moved out, Missy said she had seen something like that coming on for a long time, but she thought her father was just tired of dealing with his family and all the problems they caused him. Well, the problems Missy was causing him, anyway. Her sister was getting ready to move away to college and it would then be just her mother and her. Missy seemed a bit cynical about it, but she seemed at least a little hurt by the idea that she caused such problems. She convinced her mother to let her go back to school, this time a public school, but had to go to summer school to make up some of the work she lost.

To listen to her talk, you would never ever have guessed that she was trying to have me arrested for statutory rape. I guess you couldn't tell from my words either. I didn't really want to talk to her about it, but it was the elephant in the room and eventually we would have to discuss it, but as the minutes passed, it seemed harder and harder to bring it up. I briefly imagined that she knew where I had just moved and had called the police after walking out of Starbucks and told them she would have me drive there. But I guess she could have had me arrested in any time during the last few months.

I pulled into the park and parked in the covered space next to the old single-wide mobile home.

Missy looked around the small trailer and looked at me and said, "This is cute, but where do you paint?" She walked through the narrow space and into the bedroom at the back end. A double bed came with the trailer and it was pushed lengthwise against the wall leaving 4 or 5 feet on the entryway side where a small dresser occupied the back wall space next to the bed. Missy sat on the bed and kicked off her Converse All Stars and started undoing her shirt.

"Hey, stop a minute. I want to know what's going to happen."

"You're going to fuck me, what do you think's going to happen."

"You tried to have me arrested, didn't you?"

"I don't want to talk about it now. Everything is OK, everything is the way it should be, so stop worrying. We can go back to the way it was, except it will be better now. Nobody cares about anyone at Edison Middle School like they did at St. Luke's and my Mom is too much in shock over the seperation and divorce. Things are perfect now. I knew you would eventually check the Starbucks out and I was right."

With that she kicked off her shoes and removed her shirt. Missy got up and hugged me and started to unbutton my short sleeved shirt and pushed it over my shoulders and with my cooperation it fell to the ground. She undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants and then stepped back and sat on the bed and undid her pants and pushed them down and pushed them off with her feet. I stood there for a second and she got up on her hands and knees with her panties and faced the wall with her ass pointed towards me. She wiggled her ass a little and looked back with a smile.


I removed the remainder of my clothes, my pants and underwear. Yes, Missy was right, I did like that, it brought back a flood of memories from when I lived at my studio. A lot had gone down since then and at first I was wondering whether we could get back to the place we were before all the problems at school. But right now I had regained some stiffness in my cock checking out her wet crimson pussy and tiny anus. At this particular moment they became the center of my attention and my musing about our relationship vanished.

As I kicked off my socks, a loud banging erupted from the other room. I recognized that the sound of someone banging on the screen door and the unlatched screen door banging against the wood frame a fraction of a second later. Someone was at the door.

"Fuck," I said looking at Missy, who also realized it was the door and sat back on her legs and grabbed her panties and started to pull them up.

"You know anything about this?"

Missy looked puzzled and shook her head no and started to grab her clothes that were still piled on the bed, which didn't give me any confidence in her answer.

I grabbed some walking shorts and put them on and grabbed a bath towel I had laid on the dresser that morning and hung it around my neck. I also grabbed my thick glasses and carried them to the door. I was wearing my contacts, so it would be very hard to see through them, but maybe doing the Tard thing would help me play dumb if this were something serious. It might be nothing, but I didn't feel good about what was to transpire. As I moved towards the door, Missy started to get off the bed, but I whispered her to stop and just sit still, don't dress or anything, just stay quiet on the bed. She stopped and relaxed her body and sat cross legged in the middle of the bed. She looked worried.

I stepped over to the door which was only three feet from the bedroom entry and put on the chain lock and opened it about 6 inches, the space allowed by the chain.

It was middle-aged man in an ill fitting sport coat and green slacks a white shirt with a loosened tie. He was sweating in the hot direct sunlight and was looking around when I opened the door. He identified himself as a detective for the local police department and showed me his ID card and badge, both inside a black leather bi-fold wallet. But he snapped it closed after about two seconds and before I had a chance to verify his name. Actually, I couldn't see anything with my glasses anyway, but he wasn't keen on letting me study his ID. He established my identity and asked if I minded if he came inside. I told him I was in the middle of cleaning up before work and asked him to come back later, a request he of course refused. But he was friendly and didn't react to my refusal. And I didn't get the impression that he was ready to arrest me, either. He said he wouldn't take much time, but just had a question or two.

"What's this about?"

"It's a missing person investigation, a girl who was a student at St Luke's. Her name is Chelsea Smith but she is also known as Missy Smith."

I slowly unchained the door and opened it a bit further. "I don't work there, haven't worked there since Christmas."

He didn't respond to that, but took a picture out of his breast pocket and held it up for a few seconds. I reached out to take the picture and said "I cant see very well, can I look closer?" He nodded and gave it to me.

I backed away from the door a single step and turned to the side. I lifted my glasses a little and brought the picture up close to my eyes, as if to study it with very bad eyes. Of course, it was a picture of Missy, it looked like her Middle School yearbook picture. I was silent for a moment and then turned back to him and gave him the picture. "Yes, I think I remember seeing her there, but what does that have to do with me?"

"Probably nothing. She has been reported as missing, have you seen her?"

I looked at him dumbly and after what seemed like a minute said, "She's missing? From class at St. Luke's?"

The detective was annoyed in the way that people are annoyed when I give them the Tard treatment. "No, her mother has reported her missing. And someone at the school, a cleaning lady you worked with named Maria, thought you knew her. So, you haven't seen her?"

"I don't work at St. Luke's any more, how would I see her? She said she knew me?"

He studied my face for a few seconds. He was in direct sunlight and it was beating down on him and he looked very hot with sweat dripping down his forehead. He looked around.

"OK, here's my card. If you see her call me OK?" He turned and started to walk away, but stopped and looked back over his shoulder. "And it doesn't have to be at St. Luke's, OK?"

I took the card and studied it and the detective just turned and walked away, shaking his head.


That is so fucking hot...


What happened to this, Op  please finish thos story

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