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/con/ ~ I used this picture of Ella, because Carol has the...
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File sm-IMG_0281-1.jpg

I used this picture of Ella, because Carol has the same waif like face, skin and hair color and is the same age I think.

So here is my confession:

When I was in College, my parents hired a woman to cook for us since they were both working. She had a daughter who she would bring to the house after her school gave out for the day. She was in 5th grade. and 9 years old. She was really cute, very quiet and would sit at the dinner table doing her homework every day.

By the time I got home it was time to dress out for sports and leave the house, which is what I usually did every day, then by the time I would return they would be gone.

I noticed her always, blond, slim, shy and pretty, wearing her school uniform, she would sometimes look up as I walked in to get a drink but mostly it was me who said hi, and then left, she was pretty quiet but she had a nice smile. She is 9 and I am 25,

One day when I got home our cook asked me if I had a minute? I said sure, what is up and she said that her daughter was having a really hard time with Algebra, and did I think I could help her? I said sure, and went over to look at what she was doing, it was pretty simple stuff, solving equations, so I sat down and explained how to do it step by step, it took about 3 different ones to get her to do one right. I think she was nervous, its really strange, but its almost like she was sweating and I could smell this strange little girl smell from her, a mixture of body smells and chewing gum, it was somehow a bit of a turn on. I thought to myself wow that is wierd, she is just a kid. So after she kind of got the idea on how to do her math I left to go to practice.

The next day, as usual she was there, and I stopped by and asked her how it was going, this time she actually smiled and said better, but she still did not like algebra :)
So I sat down and went through the days assignment with her and made sure it was ok. Her mother stopped by and brought me a fresh brownie and milk. That pretty much made my day. So this became my routine every day, when I came home from College I would help her with her math. We chatted about all kinds of things and I noticed she would lean against me sometimes when watching me doing a problem for her.

Always through it all I would get this smell of little girl perfume, chewing gum, maybe sweat? I dont know something a bit musky. All I know I found myself looking forward to seeing her at home for a few hours each day.

One day, when I was sitting at the table helping her with some English, she looked up at me and said Thank you Peter. I do not know why but I kissed her on the top of her head and said, you are always welcome Carol. She got this really big smile when I did that stood on tippy toes and kissed me back right on the nose! I thought it was cute. After that it seemed we got more playful, I found myself looking for an excuse to be close to her or touch her hair or shoulder, and it seemed she did the same.

Then one day our housekeeper told my parents that her father had taken and she wondered if she could leave Carol with us for a week, while she took care of things out of town, my mother said of course, and I volunteered to reach her to school each day and pick her up, so it was settled, we fixed up the guest room for Carol, and she came over with her bags one evening.
Carol seemed really lonely the first few days after her mother left, and my mother made it a point to try to take her places to keep her busy. Then one evening after I had gone to bed and was reading a book, I heard a gentle knock on the door, I opened it and it was Carol wearing her pink and white pyjamas. and barefoot.. I asked here what is up? and she said she was afraid her room made creaky noises,, I tried to tell her that was the heating pipes, they always do that, and she just asked can she just stay in my room. I knew it was a really bad idea, but I said yes, just for a while, upon which she just got on the bed and curled up.. Not knowing what else to do I closed the door and got in bed, taking care to not be too near to her.

I must have stayed up two hours reading, she was asleep. I soon fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was morning and I was awake, I looked over where Carol should have been and she was gone. Thank God I thought and went to take a shower.

The next few days were uneventful, except about two days later Carol was back in my room. My mother knew and just laughed and said be careful, I think she thinks you are her boy friend.. that made me blush I think because I said come on mom.. give me a break!...

Well Carols moms father was in a hospital in ICU.. we found out and she would have to stay there another few weeks, so the family settled in to having no housekeeper and Carol as an extra member of the family.

Carol meanwhile was making my room her own mostly every night now, she would bring her pillow and curl up next to me. Then one night as I am laying asleep I swear i could feel her hand under the covers, touching my chest hair. I woke, and laid very still, and yes she was exploring, very gently touching my chest, my arms, my stomach and then to my shock she got down to my penis and ran her hand gently over it, I could not help it, I could feel myself getting hard, and she got really still, not moving, I know she was looking at my face to see if I awoke, but I played dead, so she continued just resting her hand on me as I got hard, not moving it at all just resting her hand on it. Then suddenly she moved away and seemed to curl up and that was it, I peeked over and her eyes were closed and seemed to be asleep.

Well the next day my mothers words were ringing in my head, and I did not know weather to ask Carol what she was doing or just pretend I did not know. Two days went by, she never did it again although she did come over and crawl into bed. Then on the third day she did it again. This time she was bolder, she actually got her hand in the fly of my pyjamas and held my penis, I was so turned on I could have just come without any movement, and that is when I felt her moving and the next thing was this hot wet feeling on my penis, I knew it was her mouth, and I came in about two seconds, of course I was awake, and I know I said oh god carol I am coming and she never moved her mouth from my penis, just stayed perfectly still her lips around it and I could hear her swallowing. When I finished she took her mouth off it and I could see her smile in the dim light of the room and she whispered " I love you Peter" and then just curled up against me.

And that was the start of a very long and very sexual relationship.


>>168885 - Nice story, until the ending that is.

Couple of things:

1) You're 25 and still at college? Did you repeatedly fail semesters?

2) There's no way a nine year old girl would willingly give a guy a blow job, let alone swallow his cum - that's where your story lost any credibility it might have had...

Just saying...

>> File sm-IMG_0231.jpg

to the college question, no.. did not fail ever, didnt have the desire to go after I got out of HS, thought I could make it doing technical work then realized without a degree advancement was not possible.
And to the bj question, after I actually got to talking to her about it, she and her friends in school started messing with boys when they were 7 and at 8 she and the girls she hung out with were doing bjs pretty regularly with the crowd they ran with at school she said it was 'expected' of her... makes you want to have teenage daughters .. doesnt it?


There is one thing you're forgetting. Assuming someone starts college at 18, fresh from Highschool, 4 years would put them at 22 for a standard 4 year degree. Add on to that another 4 years for a doctorate or any other advanced work and that's 26, add on any more time needed for a masters degree and you could be looking at being 30 before leaving college.

Anywho, please continue with the story, OP, there are those of us that are interested in hearing more, like the first time you saw her nude, the first time you touched her sexually, etc.


>>168887 - OK, so I admit I didn't consider you might have first worked a few years before becoming a mature college student – I concede - you win on that point.

But girls as young as seven giving blow jobs at school and it being the 'norm' and expected of them? Seriously? OK, whatever...

And as for your statement: 'makes you want to have teenage daughters .. doesnt it?' – OK, maybe I’m missing the point, but what's that got to do with a nine year old? A person is a 'teenager' when they reach 13 - the clue is in the spelling...

I do happen to have a teenage daughter - she turned 16 a few weeks ago. But at nine years old she was still certainly very innocent and playing with Lego and dolls - not sucking dicks. Back then she wouldn't have even known what a blowjob was let alone be able to administer one.

>>168888 - OK, so I generalised. Here in the UK most degree courses are typically three years and to complete a masters degree is typically a bolt-on extension for one-year, so you can be out of university with a masters at 22. PHD's can be as short or as long as the person studying for one wants to make it - it all depends on other commits and the complexity of the research required in obtaining that PHD. But to stay at college until your 30? Well, you'd certainly need either rich parents or a loan so huge you'd be paying it off for the rest of your life…

But that all said, OK, so I’ll admit that I’m being mean-spirited and I’m feeling a little jaded with life in general. I’ll dial-back my cynicism and switch off the ‘incredibility meter’ in my mind and just sit back and enjoy the story…

By the way, I approve of using Anya/Ella to illustrate your story – she is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen and she just gets better and better as she gets older.


Just too many trolls, and I guess many are LEA, trying to 'glean some more information' well sorry to tell you you are sh.. t out of luck, the story is as it stands now and as storys go its the best I can do, I honestly wonder if every writer sits down and has each piece of fiction they write vetted before they publish it. Because fiction is just that, fiction, something that does not really happen..anyway good luck to all you writers out there, I am outa here.



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