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/con/ ~ i've been taking yoga classes on a off for a ...
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i've been taking yoga classes on a off for a few years.  my favorite type of class are the hot yoga class due to the heat helping the stretch.  but as a side bonus since every one sweats so much due to the 100+ F degrees temp most people tend to wear minimal clothing.  anyway in the last 2 weeks two young girls started to come to the class.

one is asian and the other one caucasian.  i would guess they are about 13-14 years old.  i posted the pix of a girl around that age.  they have cute little developing A cup boobs.  small torso when compare to their relatively long limbs (both arm and legs).  and they definitely are in their awkward stages are they are growing into their body.  they both tend to slouch a little bit and you can tell then kind of have bad postures...

normally the class are filled with 35-50 years old men and women (mostly women of course) since this is the suburbs...  it's really refreshing have some cuties to look at for a change...

watching them in their little skimpy swim 2 piece is nice...  it makes me mad on how i would love to touch a hot young body like that...  will i ever get to in this life time???  i hope so but for now i can only fantasize...


free hosts hey, already down, HAHA

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