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/con/ ~    Hello. This is probably, by far, the best sec...
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File CG Nicky Model (3).jpg

   Hello. This is probably, by far, the best section of iChan or any other chan, ever. Although it "had" never happened to me, the stories of incest are my faves, especially those of family fun. But let me get to my story.
   The picture I sent is from some girl named Nicky, as I learned by the pix caption. I found it in google and almost had a heart attack, because her ressemblance to my 13 year old daughter, Elise, is uncanning. I mean, right fucking down to the eyes and lips.
   My daughter Elise and I have had a rocky relationship since her mother and I divorced, and needless to say, I see her very little. I know she hates coming to stay on the occasional weekend, because God forbids that you separate her from her friends, but she does come and stays with my mother so she's right next door with her cousins.
   Earlier, I said that the incest thing "had" never happened to me. Well, that was until Father's day 2012. Usually on Father's Day, Elise puts aside her grudge, and comes to stay with me. She fakes having a great time, and I fake that I don't notice, so it works out ok. But this year, thing took a bit of a weird turn that has me on a dream state since.
   I went to pick up Elise on Friday, for our weekend together and got to my apartment at about 6pm. She set out to put all her stuff away and I ordered her favorite Hawaiian Pizza. She came down in a long, sleep t-shirt, and we ate. Later, she commandeered the remote and we sat down to watch her stuff, boring for my age, but I was happy to oblige. She reclined on the sofa's arm and soon was out like a baby. I softly took the remote from her, happy to be able to switch to CSI, my favorite show. I got involved in my show and quickly forgot about my sleeping daughter next to me, that is until I took a glance over to her and got the shock of my life.
   Now, I am not going to lie and say that I never check out my daughter. With her gorgeous, developing body, it would be nearly impossible not to check her out. But when I turned to look at her, and saw her legs spread open and the most beautiful shaved slit I had ever seen, my 9 inch cock reached for the heavens is 2 seconds flat. I found myself on a dilema, because if I wake her, she would be very embarassed, and if I didn't, I would be in the precerious position of having to watch tv with a boner supreme.
   I tried to watch tv, but kept being attracted to my daughter's lovely cunt. Finally, I needed some relief, and softly started to get up to go to my room. This is where my (our) lives changed forever. As I was getting up, my heart nearly jumped when my daughter said, "Are you going to jerk off, dad?" Loss for words is an understatement, so I asked her, "Why would you say that, baby?" I realized how stupid I sounded when she said, "Dad, for the past hour, you have been looking at my pussy, and it is obvious where you're going." She had me. "Well, I am a guy, and our hormones rule our bodies." She just smiled at me and said, "Mine too." I had to get outta there cause it was getting to be very intense a talk for a father and daughter to have, so I told her I was heading upstairs, but it was obvious that my, not so innocent, daughter had an agenda. She put her feet across my legs, and said, "Dad, you're always complaining that I don't come see you," her foot started rubbing my cock, "so, stop being a prude and get with the fucking program!" I was confused, "Program?" Life as I know it was about to end. "Yup! You spend an hour looking at my pussy, now you know that I knew, and for the last 15 minutes, I have been signaling you to fuck me, and you act dumb."
"Baby, I don't think...."
"Jesus Dad! Do I have to fucking beg?" And before you asked, no, I'm not a virgin."
   At that moment, I lost it. I just grabbed her, pulled her to me, and we kissed like crazy. I carried her over to my bedroom, where I proceeded to fuck my daughter for hours.
   I really don't know how the fuck kids learn to fuck these days, but my daughter fucked me in ways unimaginable. If her mother knew how lousy a fucking lover she was, next to our daughter, she'd blow her top. I mean, our daughter sucks cock like she means it! Ball sucking, head nibbling, shaft licking and her hunger for cum was evident when she didn't lose a single drop of my copious load. Our daughter's clitoris was like a detonator, it just made her pussy explode over and over, in a very loud fashion, every time I ate her. My biggest fear was my 9 inch cock, but no worries, she rode my cock like a pro and she was very verbal, demanding for me to fuck her hard. She wanted me, in her own words, to "destroy her pussy", and that's exactly what I did, over and over for the whole weekend. 
   Now, my daughter and I have a new found relationship, and although it is based on sex, she is softening to showing me more love. My daughter is not the perfect girl, she's not the perfect daughter, but she's the perfect lover. She says that she intends to enjoy my cock for a long time, and I ain't complaining.
   This story is true and it might have further parts, so stay tune.


I have only two questions.

One: When did she lose her virginity and how old was her partner?

Two: Have you gotten her pregnant yet, and if not, do you two plan on her getting pregnant before she hits the AoC?

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