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/con/ ~ any good website to see webcam? (websex) ...
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File 1340680920586.jpg

any good website to see webcam?


IMO: myfreecams.com is better than all the rest put together. Huge selection of girls, especially white and Hispanic. Free "basic" account (and no credit card required either). Account allows a favorite model list to see when your favs are online. The interface is decent and easy to navigate between models. It depends on the time/day of week, but you can see a lot very attractive women doing shows in general chat.

I've never spent a dime there (or anywhere else for adult webcams except once some site charged my credit card fraudulently).

On second thought, maybe you are asking for jailbait type cams like stickam. I can't help you there.


lots of horny young boys, 12 - 16 years old, willing to let me watch them jack off on omegle. made lots of videos of those boys


Really? How do you get them to do it? What do you say? love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.


you just find a horny 12yo who wants to masturbate with you on cam and screen capture him while he shows off his body. i don't tell a boy i'm recording him until afterward. i like a boy to know he's gonna be distributed in porn internet-wide though.

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