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/con/ ~ Pic related: I occasionally (like once a month or ...
No. 168799 Quote report

Pic related: I occasionally (like once a month or so) like to look at stuff like this, not nude or anything, and I'm never attracted to children outside of my computer screen. I also love fucking my girlfriend, love watching all types of porn from BBW (one of my favorite kinds), to bondage, to classic porn star porn, to amateur, to ebony, to asian, and even tons of Hentai (also one of my favorites, having a collection of almost 100gb of movies). What would I even be considered... I don't like the idea of really having sex with kids, I don't find it appealing at all, but I do like looking at non nude pics like that, mostly because of the well defined and smaller features that remind me of anime characters as weird as that may sound.

So what do you think /con/? Not bashing pedo's here, if loving little girls is your thing, that's you, as long as you don't go raping small children I don't care, but; WTF is wrong with me?

>> File nice wallpaper.jpg

My guess that there is an awful lot of adult males ‘out there’ that admire girls from afar, who would never intend to actually 'do anything' to a girl IRL, but at the same time would also never admit to their fantasy for fear of the repercussions. Forgetting 'numbers' which are arbitrary, teen girls are supposed to look beautiful and appealing to attract the male species, just like any other species of creature, for the sole purposes of procreation. A dog doesn’t look at a bitch and think, "um, wonder if she's old enough". If that bitch is on heat, he'll attempt to shag it! (OK a bad example, but you get my point!).

I don't think you're anything in particular other than simply a normal heterosexual male that, along with hundreds of thousands of other males, allows his mind to fantasise a little


That pic is illegal bro.


>>168801 - ...and why would that be, 'bro'?

A pic of Play Kitty, taken from one of her published sets is illegal? I think not, 'bro'

(and BTW, the reason there's no logo is simply because I've trimmed the original to fit my widesecreen monitor)


Ahhh, the smell of summer...


It's a girl from Tinymodel and Newstar, not Play Kitty, and I'm pretty sure it's illegal.

We don't have "summerfags" on iChan, this place is dead all year round.


>>168805 - <Sigh> sorry to correct you, but the pic I posted is most definitely Play Kitty


He is apparently referring to the OP pic of Princess.
And nice taste in pics there MAD, I also have that photo of Play Kitty in my artsy file. I much prefer beauty shots over those which show too much....
And OP may wish to note that photographs can be very deceiving as to proportions, depending upon the perspective and cropping, etc. so as to make a young girl appear to have more mature features. Some kids are also very adept at play acting sultry, although they don't have full appreciation of it. In real life, if you were to stand next to Princess (and she were dressed as a kid) you would think of her as simply a cute little girl. It is ok to think those photos are attractive, as long as you don't think the real little girl is.


I was talking about the OP pic. 

>> File 133438740321.gif

>>It is ok to think those photos are attractive, as long as you don't think the real little girl is.
Look at all these brainwashed anti-pedo nazis here. Seriously, who do you think you are to judge about to what someone should feel attracted to and what not? Please GTFO and take your fucking fail with you, hypocritical moralfag.


Tone down the rhetoric a little, guy. You're not really helping your cause by being such an unlikable cunt.


... says the brainwashed anti-pedo nazi - lol


Thanks guys, kind of helped me realize that I'm not attracted to this type of stuff unless it's aimed at being attractive to me. And like MAD said, we're all just animals in the end, we're attracted to whatever would hold our spawns the best. Also I hate being around and dealing with kids, so I think that clears my conciseness a lot. Anyway, thanks guys!


No way! Dude! I seriously started getting into anime when I was like 13 (dbz and stuff like that) and hentai came soon afterward. One day, a friend told me that he thought that anime gave him a loli complex. I started to look at anime girl pics and then it moved to lolicon and now this stuff. I have even once or twice looked at the next step in the pedo progression... or "pedogression." This sucks. Sometimes I'll feel like trying to stop and delete my collection, but a few days or a week later it starts to build its self again. 



I would kill myself before laying hands on a underage girl in real life. Like you, I keep my attractions and lusts purely and entirely fantasy. I look at it as if I'm playing a video game and I'm becoming a character that isn't truly me, only this is just a lie I tell myself to make me feel better. I wonder if there is a way to change my mind on what I am attracted to. 

BTW I am also attracted to some other types of porn, but not so much. 


I'd say there is nothing wrong with you from my admittedly somewhat biased standpoint, certainly not any evidence of psychopathology from what you have described, I would say such feelings are an inevitable consequence of our evolutionary history and an important part of what it means to be a human being. Sexual psychology doesn't adhere to arbitrary age limits, those limits are in place for protection and do have merit, but I think to deny the beauty that is innate to (certain) girls in the post-pubescent age range is impossible for any intellectually honest male, and it seems to be an unwritten rule in our contemporary culture and society that you can look but never touch, the fact these thoughts can be marked as impure is really a consequence of religious imposition on our notions of morality and ethics.

As someone with a similar mindset, I can say you do have to know where the line is though, and it can be a slippery slope towards addiction and longing and self-resentment, but I don't think my life would be nearly as rich if my eyes hadn't been opened to such wonders and such beauty. That moment when you are walking down the street and see an absolute work of art that for a brief interlude puts you on a different plane of existence, a beauty unrecognised by seemingly everyone else around you, your own temporary bliss completely undetectable despite your feeling that someone must have noticed the look on your face. I live for those moments and seeing the odd pretty girl on the internet from time to time only ever delivers a fragment of that euphoria, which is good for me in the sense it makes the endeavour largely self-limiting.



Likewise, I enjoyed (and was equally alarmed) by your anecdote. There is certainly a lot of hysteria around the subject; I feel like we gentle, distant, reserved, cautious admirers of beauty are caught in the crossfire of what is a genuine and justified outrage at actual abuse. The gentle and dreamy regions through which we tread are the patrimonies of poets, not crimes prowling ground. Thusly, we are forced to lead a double life and all the doubt and shame and paranoia that this entails, but boy is it worth it when the stars align and you chance upon that magical moment where a young starlet is placed in your path! I've had only a handful of these one sided romances in the last few years but I feel like I could write a novel about each one of them, and the afterglow, the blessed afterglow from witnessing one of them through your own eyes, it far eclipses even the most pristine photography you might find on the internet.

Anyway I'll stop romanticising now, but I think your conscience can be clear OP, although from the sounds of it you might benefit from giving up this particular past time, whether it stands as ethical or not the psychological ramifications that stem from it's taboo status in society are something that places a burden on every person who indulges in it. The further down the rabbit hole you go the larger the burden gets. It's taken many years of contemplation to come to terms with my own thoughts and place them in context, even now I wonder if I'd be better off being tone deaf to such beauty as it would certainly make life easier, although a whole lot duller.

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