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/con/ ~ To most people, I would be consider a sick individ...
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To most people, I would be consider a sick individual, but to myself I am a normal person with normal feelings. you see, in my life, everything and anything goes, sexually speaking. I had a normal childhood and always did good in school, but I became aware of my sexuality at an early age. Playing "Doctor" with my sister at the age of 6, I would kiss her 8 yr old pussy, until one day I accidentally licked her slit and I was hooked. One day I just opened her legs and started licking away until I had her moaning and groaning. But that was the extend of it, mostly due to my inmaturity and innexperience. When I turned 8, I started experimenting with boys from school, doing circle jerks, comparing sizes, and even experimenting with blowjobs and anal sex. I discovered that I loved being with boys as well. But I started wanting more. It seems that my "buddies" little ddicks were not enough, and I started dreaming of being with a grown up man. In school, there were talks about this man in town, who like little boys and had just gotten out of jail for raping some boys. So, in me quest for being with an older man, I decided that I would try to see if he would do it to me. I put a pair of my sister's panties and went to his house. To make a long story short, I went over, he let me in, and my life changed forever. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen and I was instantly hypnotized. I sucked the head which is all I could do and he came in my mouth. I love the taste and mede him cum in my mouth like 3 more times that afternoon. But I went there tofeel a real man's cock in my ass, and although I was terrified shitless, I told him to fuck me. I don't know how my 8 yr old asshole stratched over his cock, but it did, and after some excrutiating pain, he fucked me good, long and hard and I was in heaven. I saw him many times after that for some great fucking and sucking. My quest for fucking a girl didn't have to wait much either, a woman on my paper route took cara of it. I had  taken to wear panties under my pants and although I started wearing my sister's, I went to a boutique in town and got the courage to buy some. So wearing panties became a habit for me to this day. One day when I was 10, I got a little careless during my paper delivery and when this lady payed me, I kneeled to get my wallet from the bag on the bike, and she saw my lacey panties. She asked me why I was wearing panties, and I freaked out because she was the first person to ever find out. I was visibly nervous and she invited me in. We had a long talk about sex and life and when I told her that I've never been with a girl, she set out to fix that. how it happened is besides the point, but it suffices to say that over a course of 9 months, this woman showed me everything there is to know about loving a woman. To some people, she would be a pedophile, to me, she was the woman who turned me into the good lover I am today. I will continue tomorrow. Pic not related, yet. (lol)

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