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/con/ ~ I hate the fact that some people want to hurt LGs ...
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File dfghdfgj.jpg

I hate the fact that some people want to hurt LGs and I have found a place for people that like LGs like me to see. check it out if you are interested.


No one in their right mind would really want to hurt an LG, but doesn't hurt to admire their youth and beauty of their innocence. There are many there who just cherish their smile :)


I'm not sure if I can load the link,but I agree with what you said. I LOVE LG'S SO MUCH!!! I don't even see how someone could not be attracted to them, I mean they are so freekin CUTE! Loli's are wonderful and they are just downright adorable,they are like angels that were sent from the heavens and I am like drawn to the light that shines off of their bodies. 

Everytime I'm with them,I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. It's as if all of the negative things in the world just vanish whenever I am with them. I also love it when they hug me out of love and affection, that just melts my heart. I also love how sweet and innocent they are,I just love how simple they can be and sometimes they come up to me and give me gifts like a drawing or a friendship bracelet just because I pay attention to them. Little girls are like a drug to me,once your with them your hooked and you start to have withdraws whenever your not around them. 

I think little girls are sweeter than life itself,and I don't even know if there is a word in any written language that can describe how much I love them. Everything about them is just perfect! They have the perfect body,personality etc. I tell you what I would much rather cuddle with a loli (nothing sexual) vs having sexual intercourse with the most beautiful adult super model in the world! Of course most of my feelings for loli's AREN'T EVEN SEXUAL,I mean I admit that I am sexually attracted to them,but that's not the sole reason why I want to be around them. Hell if I have any overwhelming urge at all,I mainly just want to hug them because they are so freekin cute! I love them,I love their youth,beauty,innocence,and their loving personalities. I love how they look up to you and admire you,I love how they can take your mind off of all of the shit that goes on in the world. Being with them is bliss! Playing with them,cuddling,helping them with their homework,IT'S ALL BLISS and it just feels so magical! 

I love little girls so much! They are like my life support. Sorry,I just had to say it. Wow this actually cheered me up some. Hell I love them so much that I would make a shrine or a temple dedicated to them and I would worship and admire their beauty. I know that sounds nuts,but that's how I feel. Loli's are perfection! They should be put on a throne or something.


the site y-camp and the mods there are just rejects from the site seal with a kiss that was shut down by the fbi all of them are a bunch of lil bitches who cant get a mature woman and will turn you in to the fbi to save thier own asses.


Shit happens I guess. I think trick sites are probably going to hurt more innocent people vs law breakers. 


/con/ is the only board where a spam link generates "serious" subject matter discussion.

The brassy confession is that the guy doesn't like to see girls get hurt.

Props to you man.

>> File 1327528186720.jpg

I completely agree.


All great points, even though the comparison pictures are more than enough on their own to prove how vastly superior lolis are.


One point the picture missed is that women must spend an hour every morning slathering their face down in cake batter spackle just to look remotely presentable, while lolis are so naturally flawless that wearing makeup usually only makes them look worse.
Another one is, literally all pictures of women in magazines and shit like that are so heavily altered to make them less hideous that they start to look like cartoon characters, shiny plastic cartoon characters. Meanwhile, altering pictures of lolis in any way only serves to ruin their natural perfection.

>> File 1330858766296.jpg

I wouldn't really want to hurt a little girl, but the thought definitely turns me on. I hate all these self-righteous "moral" pedos who spew bullshit about how "real pedos don't want to hurt kids!!!!11" or "most pedos don't" etc. It's bullshit, if you are attracted to kids you are a pedo, whether you want to kill them or cuddle them.


Men who want to hurt women are not considered normal heterosexual guys, they are considered sadists, which isn't to say they are not heteros, they are just a primitive lesser form of hetero. Nobody separates Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacey into categories of gay, straight, or pedo serial killer based on their victims, because the only category their behavior makes any sense for is the serial killer category.
The word pedophile translates into someone who loves children, not just someone who is attracted to them. So technically you are not a pedophile, you are just a sociopath and the object of your lust for antisocial behavior happens to be children because they are considered unacceptable, as is the case with at least a third of all molestation cases. But we will pity you enough to let you be considered some pathetic unevolved cromagnun form of pedo, is that better?
I'm not being self-righteous here, I am just simply better than you, it's a fact and has nothing to do with morals because morals are mostly subjective.


There's a few things wrong with your post. First off, you act as if from the fact that the idea (not the actual act) of hurting a little girl turns me on somehow makes me some sort of predatory sadist. I have a lot of fantasies which I would never consider acting upon in real life, as I'm sure most "normal" males do, pedophile or not; the fantasy of hurting/killing a little girl just happens to be one of them. Am I a lesser person because of a fantasy I have? No. 


>The word pedophile translates into someone who loves children

That is the literal translation, but it's not the meaning of the word "pedophile". Pedophilia is the fetish of being sexually attracted to children, in the same way that you don't think "somebody who loves and cares for dead bodies" when you hear the word necrophiliac, it's the same for the term pedophile.

I just hate this picture that some people try to paint of pedophilia being all fluffy and innocent and all about love and affection. It's about sexuality, whatever else comes with it is secondary and depends entirely on the individual.


If you want to hurt little girls, you're not attracted to them.


Haha, look everyone! The fake pedo is gonna enlighten us all on the subject of pedophilia! Not surprisingly, your opinion on the matter is exactly the same as a pedo-hating norm. You both think there is nothing more to pedos than a sexual attraction and you both get inexplicably angry over anything that implies otherwise. Do know why? Because you are both not pedos and have no fucking idea how real pedos think, but you are both too fucking arrogant to realize it. For that matter, why are you still talking lesser creature? Don't think this response in any way implies that you are worth my time, I just have a really hard time giving up on an argument, no matter how dense and primitive the sub-human I am arguing with is.


Amen!! Whoever put that pic together nailed it and couldn't have chosen a better set of pics or model for comparison.

>> File 1327105614873.jpg

All you've done in your response IS give up on the argument. Instead of refuting any of my points you've just baselessly insulted me. 

What? Did you even read my post? I never said I wanted to hurt little girls, just that it's a fantasy which turns me on. There's a big difference between the two.

All I'm saying is that you're seriously deluded if you think that all pedos just want to kiss and cuddle with little girls. It's like any sexuality, there are darker and more sinister parts to it, as well as the lighter parts. You shouldn't deny the darker elements merely because you don't like it.


Actually there are MANY doctors out there that label pedophilia as a sexual orientation instead of some perversion. As a matter of fact many anti-pedo doctors want the APA to change the definition of pedophilia and change it to a sexual orientation.

The number of doctors in the medical community like the ones I stated above is really growing now. So hopefully the APA will get its head out of its ass and actually try to understand pedophiles. Hell thanks to the APA many countries are looking down on us even more now! Of course perhaps the APA isn't really to blame,it may very well be the U.S. government that's to blame. After all at one point the APA didnt always label adult-child sex as abuse,and they even considered changing the definition of child molestation,but one day the APA immediately stopped doing research on adult-child sex and just called all of it molestation...I find this very interesting.

Anyways I do agree with you on one thing though,there is a dark side to pedophilia. Sadly there are some pedos out there that think of kids as fuck toys and nothing more. However the overwhelming majority of pedos actually love kids though. I mean even the U.S. department of justice admits that the overwhelming majority of preferential offenders don't force children into having sex with them.

Im not sure if your a troll or not,but I felt like sharing this just in case you yourself are not a real pedo. Also I don't get turned on by the idea of hurting a loli,but I think role playing would be fun (as long as she enjoyed it!). I don't think your a bad person for having these fantasies,but dont be surprised if people get the wrong idea though.


I missed this. I like your pic and amen to that! Hell I sort of feel sorry for heterosexual men,I mean I'm glad I'm not attracted to a selfish bitch that expects you to kiss her ass all of the time and demands that you buy her expensive stuff. Little girls are just better in everyway. Women=ugly,selfish,trash. While loli's=perfection,cute,loving,beautiful,cuddly,angelic.

You may have a point with necrophilia,but your wrong about pedophilia. Child Lover was the original translation of the word "pedophile". Back then pedophiles were seen as adults that loved and cared for children,and we were known for our lovey dovey feelings for kids vs our sexual desires. In Plato's time a pedophile was known as a person that had an unconditional love for children and most of our feelings towards children are mainly love,admiration,fascination,beauty,charity (caring) etc. Sadly nowa days society only focuses on the sexual part of our attraction and the APA completely ignores our other feelings. Sooner or later though,people will have to eventually try to understand us.


I did dispute all your points, you are clearly just too dumb to realize it, and insults are only baseless when they are not 100% true. I never said all pedos just want to kiss and cuddle lolis, just the REAL ones, that's what I've been saying this whole fucking time you dense piece of shit, you would understand that if your neanderthal mind was capable of grasping the concept that you are not a real pedo.
If I were the kinda blasphemous fake pedo scum that even the most hated people on earth hate more than anyone else, I would understand wanting to take down all pedos with me, but accept the fact that you are a lesser life form than us and take comfort in the fact that maybe someone out there is an even worse excuse for a human being than you, like Albert Fish for example.


Be honest, have you ever had sex with a child Pedo Wolf?

>> File 1330413659084.gif

There you go with that "real pedo" bullshit again. Obviously you are just picking and choosing the elements of pedophilia which appeal to you and discarding the others which don't fit your personal tastes. 

You are more delusional and hypocritical than any average anti-pedo. Get fucked.


You know that the literal translation of the word "necrophiliac" would be "death lover", right? 

Of course that's not what the word means at all by anyone's definition.

Also, almost everybody could be called a child lover, since it's our natural instinct to feel protective and caring to children. 


As an adult I have never had sex with a child. However when I was around 10 years old I have had sex with kids around my age. When I was in my early 20's I had sex with a woman 4 years older than me,and to be honest I think women are nasty. Looking back at my childhood I find a lg's body much more attractive than a woman's body. Simple as that,however I have found a way to have sex with a woman without feeling too disgusted.

Women just seem really masculine to me. It's sad though,for so many years I was in denial about who I really was and once I fucked a woman for the first time I just assumed that I was gay. It wasn't until I was 22 when I finally realized that I am an exclusive pedo. From that point on I started doing research on pedophilia.


To be honest I haven't studied necrophilia so I couldnt tell you,but who knows though maybe necrophiliacs really do love dead people. As for "almost everybody could be called a child lover, since it's our natural instinct to feel protective and caring to children." You are obviously not a pedophile,I think your just a troll. I admit that many heterosexuals and homosexuals alike have a natural instinct to feel protective over children,but THIS INSTINCT HAS A LIMIT!

It's late and I am tired,but I will explain this another time. To keep it short though,your average joe might care about kids,but many "normal" (non-pedo) people fail to pay attention to some of the child's needs such as friendship,companionship etc. Pedos on the other hand would bend over backwards just to have some type of companionship with a child and also we are really good at making them happy. Because of our lovey dovey feelings for kids we have extra motivation to take care of them and make them happy. By the way do you know why I think your a troll? Its because you only mention the sexual side of pedophilia and you keep insisting that there is nothing more to pedophilia. It takes a pedo to understand a pedo and since most anti-pedos aren't pedos themselves they naturally don't understand our feelings. What really sucks is how they twist our words around to make it sound like we see kids as sex objects...what a shame...good night,bad night to you though!

>> File 1333047852046.jpg

I get what you're saying (I disagree but really don't feel the need to argue), however, I was wondering if you drew a line between pedos (child lovers) who love, care for kids etc. and molesters? Because if not your stance that pedos only care about a child's welfare doesn't really make any sense. 

And before this turns into a debate about how some kids can consent and enjoy sex and all that, I know and agree somewhat to that opinion so don't bother. I'm specifically talking about abusive molesters, are they pedos or not, in your opinion? (Because IMO it's the sexual part which is key in whether they're pedo or not.)


Of course you would think that, you are not a real pedo, you can't understand how we think. You are just some pathetic douchebag who wants to think all pedos are as fucked up as you are. The idea of being a complete asshole even in the eyes of the most hated demographic on the planet is terrifying to you, so you need to believe that you are no different than we are.
This has nothing to do with my personal beliefs, because there are things some pedos can tolerate more than me and I don't consider them any less pedo for it, just as long as they still love lolis they are still real pedos. If they like seeing them hurt, they don't love them, it's not possible, and thus they are not real pedos.
I made peace with being hated by society years ago, so why can't you make peace with being a lower life form than us?


What is this shit?

Because I have some fucked up fantasies (which I've stated already that I would never want to act upon) I am somehow a lesser person than you? Ridiculous. (Also, in my defense, there's no-one that I feel more compassionate to in real life than little girls, so fuck your assumptions). 

>If they like seeing them hurt, they don't love them, it's not possible, and thus they are not real pedos

None of this makes sense either. You're tampering with the definition of pedophilia to fit your own agenda. Here let me help you; "Pedophilia: Sexual feelings directed toward children." That's the definition. Mess with it however you like, it doesn't change the fact that that's what it means.


It's like saying "gays who like BDSM are not real gays because they like to hurt other men which means they don't love them!!!!" It's utter bullshit. 


Again, the word pedophile literally translates into love, and that's the difference between a real pedo and a fake one, a real pedo loves lolis, and love is basically just a combination of sexual attraction and all around admiration. With fake pedos, there is only a lust, which I wouldn't even call a sexual attraction because it is usually non-exclusive and not based on any actual physical attraction. Other than that, they couldn't care less about lolis, and I know that is the case with you because you can not care for something and want to see it hurt at the same time unless it is mutual. That is why your second example is retarded, because with bdsm fetishes, it implies that both parties are into it. If you want to hurt someone who is not willing, then you are not someone with a bdsm fetish, you are just an abusive sadistic cuntwad.
You can put real pedos and fake pedos under the same broad category if you want, you can even consider the "real" and "fake" monickers nothing more than meaningless words, just like how you consider the "love" root of the word "pedophile" meaningless, but that doesn't change the fact that fake pedos are the lower life form of the two.


Screw it I'm sleepy,but I can't sleep so I will stay online until I can sleep. I agree with you on the sexual part of pedophilia per se,however try to think of pedophilia as a sexual orientation (even if you don't agree try to pretend that what I say is true.) instead of some perversion where we simply lust after children. Now pedos really are sexually attracted to kids,but if you think of pedophilia as a sexual orientation you would notice that we don't see kids as sex objects,granted some might. We also have other feelings for children such as love and admiration etc,but keep in mind that these feelings are not the same as how your average anti-pedo would feel about a child. These other feelings that we have for kids are not sexual,but they are a part of our sexual orientation. You could sort of say that there is a romantic element to these feelings,and in some cases some pedos might fall in love with children like how heterosexuals fall in love with eachother. Others like myself though have romantic like feelings for them,but at the same time there is also a strong parental instinct as well.

Many pedos like myself don't really know how to describe our feelings though. Some pedos say that they have romantic feelings for children,while others will just simply say that they really enjoy being around kids. For me though,there is a strong romantic element that is a part of my attraction,but at the same time my parental instinct prevents me from falling in love with them. Honestly being around lg's kind of feels like magic,I just love being with them and I love everything about them,but if I was like your average joe though they would probably just seem ordinary to me. Does this explanation help? I personally think that pedophilia is a very unique sexual orientation. For me 80% of my feelings towards lg's is love (romantic element) while the other 20% is sexual desire.

As for "I'm specifically talking about abusive molesters, are they pedos or not, in your opinion?" Well this depends,I mean after all many anti-pedos will say that molestation is abusive. So to keep this simple I will just call "molestation" adult-child sex.  Now IMO I think some pedos really are sick abusive perverts however most pedos are nothing like this. The thing is though,according to the department of justice most child molesters are NOT pedophiles,but heterosexuals instead (situational child molesters). However most preferential offenders (active pedos) are not violent or forceful when it comes to having sex with children. However some preferential offenders are sick and disgusting perverts (bad pedos) and its thanks to sickos like them that makes us all look bad. So basically you have good pedos and bad pedos,sort of like how there are good heterosexual men and perverted heterosexual men. 


Heterosexuality is attraction to the opposite sex. You are as much a pedophile as you are heterosexual.


I was just comparing the two. Anyways I think pedophilia is just a unique and complex sexual orientation.  I mean not all pedos are the same,but I would say that most pedos have one thing in common though. Most of us LOVE kids,and this unique type of love is a part of our sexual orientation.
This kind of love is not the same as how a parent would love a child though,this type of love is simply in a class of its own. 

I don't think there is a word out there that can fully describe how much I love loli's. I guess I could describe this unique type of love using several words though. Here are some words that can sort of describe how I feel about loli's:love,admiration,joy,fascination,protective,beauty,angelic,playful,charity,romantic,and I usually see loli's as beautiful and angelic beings. There is also a heavy maternal instinct. Most heterosexuals however only have a parental type of love for children where as pedos like myself just have this unconditional love for children. Sadly there just isn't a single word out there that can fully explain this emotion,this type of love may very well just be like a unique primal instinct that only pedos have. 

Anyways I wouldnt necessarily call myself a heterosexual,granted I am attracted to children of the opposite sex. I guess you could call me a heterosexual pedophile,but keep in mind that I have little to no attraction to adult women. I am what you would call an exclusive pedophile. Like I said before though,not all pedos are the same and what I mean by that is,even though we have these strong lovey dovey feelings for kids,many pedos arent the same when it comes to our age range of attraction. For example I am only attracted to lolis,but at the same time I am not attracted to 6 year old girls. I am only attracted to girls around the ages of 8-14 years and I am not attract to children that are outside of this age range,unless there is like a 6 year old that looks exactly like an 8 year old or older. Of course there are some women out there that look exactly like a 14 year old girl and these types of women are the only type of women that I would ever find attractive,at least physically.

The thing is though most pedos have many different age ranges of attraction. Some pedos are exclusive,but the majority of pedophiles out there are non-exclusive pedophiles,meaning that some pedophiles can be attracted to children and adults. I want to go over some age ranges though. Some pedos are attracted to infants and pre-pubescent children and adults. Some other pedos are only attracted to lg's and adult men. Some might only be attracted to lb's and adult women,and some might only be attracted to lb's. Like I said before though,I think pedophilia is just a complex sexual orientation. 

Doctors are now coming up with some nick names for certain groups of pedos,in order to identify our age range of attraction. Most pedos are usually attracted to children with in the age range of 6-13 years. However if an adult is mostly attracted to children 5 and under then he or she is technically not a pedophile,but an infantophile. As for adults that are attracted to adolescents 14 and up that person would not be considered a pedophile,but a hebephile/hebophile/ephebophile. Now some pedos might be attracted to infants and pre-pubescents and some doctors would call these types of pedos infantopedophiles. Since I am attracted to pre-pubescents and pubescents I would be considered a pedohebophile. So basically I am technically an exclusive pedohebephile. It's like looking at a tangled web no? 

>> File 13306334266.png

I just read the first sentence of each of your paragraphs because your writing is too intolerable to stand for very long. 
I don't think I've ever come across someone so self-absorbed and whiny before, not even on the internet. Shit.


Self absorbed? Well maybe a little and I admit that I have been winy recently,but that's only because I found a flaw in my solution to the consent issue. However I wasn't complaining in my last few posts...jerk!


I don't know how this argument has veered so far off-topic. I agree with most of your points actually, and for some reason everybody ITT has assumed I'm an anti-pedo, which is far from the truth, I would actually consider myself a non-exclusive pedo, if such a term exists. I stand by my original statement that pedophilia describes the sexual attraction to kids, and that any emotional connection doesn't factor into whether they are a "real pedo" or not. Perhaps most pedos have some kind of emotional attraction to children but that doesn't make the ones who don't not pedo (also I would say that I have a much stronger emotional attraction to kids than to adults of my own age, but that's besides the point).

On another note all this talk of doctors analyzing pedophilia and giving us "nick names" etc. creeps me the fuck out. Nothing is worse than being studied like that.


You've probably already answered this somewhere, but what's your opinion on children and sex? Do you think it's right for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a prepubescent child if she were happy about it? 


LOL when I responded to your first comment I was also trying to quote someone else. At first I thought all of the quotes appeared on my post,but only your number appeared. Sorry about that,now I understand why you think I went way off topic. I was actually trying to respond to three different people with one post...I guess that's what happens when you try to post something when your half awake. 

Anyways all I was trying to say is that there is so much more to pedophilia than just lust. Hell when it comes to loli's sex is usually the last thing I think about when I am with them. As for "Perhaps most pedos have some kind of emotional attraction to children but that doesn't make the ones who don't not pedo" I agree with this,sorry for the confusion. 

Anyways as for the doctors giving us nick names,I sort of like the idea only because I think it's easier for them to understand us. "Nothing is worse than being studied like that" I disagree,you probably wouldn't believe all of the shit that they really do to us. Hell I wouldn't even be surprised if many of them tried to do experimental brain surgery on us. Did you know that even if pedophilia has genetic factors,doctors would still want to change it? Now that might not sound so bad at first,but with the technologies that we have now something like this would be very dangerous not to mention extremely painful. Honestly this search for the cure to pedophilia really creeps me out,I don't think there is anything to cure though. 


"Do you think it's right for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a prepubescent child if she were happy about it?" Technically yes,I mean as long as the child is happy about it then I don't see anything wrong with it. However recently I have made a very disturbing discovery concerning this topic. 

Even though I don't see anything wrong with adults having sex with children I am worried about the gap in power between the adult and child. I mean I knew right from the beginning,that if it was possible to lower the age of consent (let's say its as young as 10.) I knew that relationships between adults and children should NEVER be treated the same as heterosexual and homosexual relationships. If pedophilia were to be treated the same as heterosexuality then this would be harmful and dangerous for children,however if pedophilia was treated differently and if there were an extra set of rules,then I don't see anything wrong with lowering the age of consent.

I spent a long time trying to figure out if it is even possible for adults to be allowed to have sexual relationships with children without it being harmful to children. Like I said before though,I don't see anything wrong with an adult having sex with a pre-pubescent child as long as the child is happy about it and the adult RESPECTS THE CHILD'S LIMITATIONS. What really worries me though,is the child's safety. For example IF adults were allowed to have sex with children how would we stop the real sickos from forcing or manipulating a child into having sex with them? I believe this problem is the root of all this hatred towards pedophiles. Still I think its amazing what you can come up with if you really put your mind to it and for a while I really thought I found a solution to the consent issue. 

In the end though,I found some flaws in my "solution". Now I'm not saying that it's impossible for adult-child sexual relationships to be legalized without it being harmful to a child,but I'm not sure if my solution will work though. Ultimately it's 50/50,there might be a solution or there might not be a solution. I think I underestimated this problem and I really overestimated our government,extra rules aren't the problem here it's our inability to enforce these rules that is the real problem. Well let's just say that the consent issue is more complex than I originally thought,but hopefully I am just over thinking the problem. Only time will tell. As long as we can protect children from sickos that want to force kids into having sex with them then Im all for adult-child sexual relationships being allowed. 

>> File 1332205426854.jpg

You got all the reasons for being AGAINST adult-child sex spot on and then screwed it up with some biased, deluded bullshit. Like you said, there's way too much of a power imbalance between a child and an adult for them to have any kind of healthy sexual relationship. Kids can't say no, that's why they don't get a choice in a sexual relationship, and that's why any relationship of that kind is exploitative/abusive. There's no point at which a sexual relationship with a little is beneficial to her development. 

PS don't bother addressing any off these points, it's just something for you to think about.


*with a little girl


From the beginning I was aware of the imbalance of power between the adult and child. Believe it or not though,I too worry about some sicko forcing a child into having sex with him/her and using the child as a sex toy. If that's how things would really end up if adult-child sex was ever allowed,then in all honesty I would much rather have such a relationship to remain illegal for the child's sake. I admit that there is a good chance that there might not be a solution to this problem,but who knows though.

Still,I think there is a 50% chance that there might be a solution to the consent issue. I mean first of all I think many other adults underestimate a child's level of intelligence. I think if a child around the age of 10 can learn the difference between discipline and abuse then I think they are capable of understanding the difference between sex and rape.

Still Im well prepared for the possibility that there might not be a way to legalize adult-child sex without it being harmful to children. Even with that said,the thing is there is NO CURE for pedophilia and to be honest I don't think there is anything to cure. I mean it's not our fault that there are sickos out there that would jump at the chance to hurt a child. Hell if you anti-pedos would actually do some research on the subject you would realize that most pedos are nothing like those sickos you see on tv. 

Still since fate dealt us a bad hand,I guess the U.S. government thought it was a good idea to demonize pedophiles and dump everything on us and make us out to be the scum of scum and the lowest of the low. Well guess what? I think this whole pedo witch hunt is just going to backfire and make things worse for EVERYONE! People are so delusional when it comes to protecting kids from "pedophiles",but from what I have seen personally I think this pedo hysteria is harming children a hell of a lot more than it is protecting them.  I will stop here for now,but if anybody wants to read more I would be more than happy to respond.



Pedowolf, I do believe I have a solution for ya. It's one I've come up with that covers several other problem areas such as underage drinking and whatnot. Starting at around age 8 or so, we start giving kids a test twice a year or so, and every time they take it the questions are different so they can't cheat and memorize the answers. Depending on what parts they pass, they get a certain color stripe on their ID card, each color means they're mentally mature enough to handle certain things, such as red meaning they're capbable of handling drinking alcohol and black meaning they can deal with sex and thus give consent. This should keep those that are truely not mentally mature enough from getting laid or drinking, even if they're 30. Or at least it should help with the problem a lot.


Thanks, lol I came up with a plan that is a lot similar to yours (actually I owe it all to anonymphous),but I didn't think about applying this to adults. I also like your idea on the ID cards,whoever has a certain color is able to consent to sex etc. 

I don't even know why people would even bother with the underage drinking though. I mean where I come from,I have seen many kids as young as 10 years old go out and get drunk,smoke weed and nobody does anything about it. Since many people don't seem to care about kids doing drugs,I don't think people would even notice enough to care about taking a test. I really like your idea on kids taking a test twice a year,this could really help protect kids from sickos that would want to take advantage of them.


You know I think your on to something with those ID cards. It could serve as a license to have sex.

Anyways when it comes to adult-child sex I think it shouldn't be treated the same as heterosexual and homosexual relationships. I think such a relationship should have an extra set of rules and more importantly there has to be a way we can ENFORCE these rules.

Here are some serious problems that I think I found a solution to.

1. A child doesn't fully understand all of the consequences of a sexual relationship and a child could easily get an std,unwanted pregnancy,or suffer some form of physical damage as a result of having sex with an adult.

2. A child doesn't fully understand what it means to be in a boyfriend/girlfriend love relationship,and an adult could easily control a child in such a relationship. Not to mention the fact that the child really wouldn't benefit from this kind of relationship anyway.

3. A child could be made into a pornstar or a stripper and be exploited for money. Something like this would be very dangerous for a child, I mean have you ever seen how adult female strippers get treated?

4. A child could be forced into prostitution and be used as a sex toy in order for someone to make a prophet off of them.

5. Some children aren't fully aware of their sexual preferences and this could pose a problem for a child that is in a sexual relationship with an adult that is of the same sex.

6. If adults are allowed to have sex with children a child could easily get kidnapped. I mean if a child were to meet some stranger online and then decides to meet this stranger,this would be very dangerous.

7. Sexual harassment could pose a problem for a child. 

8. A child could be stalked by some pervert.

9. This is by far the most complex situation of them all,but a child could be tricked or manipulated into having sex with an adult. Sadly this is the only problem that I haven't found a solution to,but I'm still working on it.

10. I forgot about this one,but I found a solution to it. A parent could threaten a child into having sex with them and the parent could threaten to take away their child's privileges or ground them if they don't comply.

Now I know there are some more problems out there,but I think I covered the most important ones. When I have the time I will post the possible solutions if anybody is interested. If there is anymore problems that I haven't mentioned and someone would like to discuss them,please feel free to bring them to my attention.


Or you could just wait until they're of legal age instead of coming up with elaborate ways to make it easier for pedos to get away with fucking kids legally. The truth is, the only people who suffer from a.o.c laws are pedophiles, not children. 

In any case, discuss this as much as you want, but the laws and society's perspective on this will not change, for good reason.

These are good reasons why adult-child sex is not allowed. There is no need for us to somehow "resolve" these issues in order to make child sex legal. Pre-pubescent kids don't need sex, and they'll learn and grow to understand these things healthily, at a later stage. I hate this false concern about kids you display when ultimately legalizing child-adult sex would result in allowing so much exploitation and abuse of kids.


You know, if you wanted to you could say that to prevent the exploitation and abuse of all people we must ban sex all together. But such a thing would be increadibly stupid. There's many things that can easily done to prevent a kid being exploited or abused. And the best part of it is that they're common sense things such as keeping the sexual harassment laws the same as they currently aply to kids, parents not letting their kid go meet someone in person that they have only known online unless a trusted adult is there with them, etc. As for the porn and prostitution problems, kids can't legally sign contracts, so that kind of deals with the porn aspect. As for the prostitution problem, make sure that part of the test for the stripe that means the person can have sex be some sort of assessment that makes sure they know to let trusted people, such as the police or a parent, know if anyone tries to force them into prostitution or offers money/toys/candy/whatever for sex.

Again, it's all pretty much common sense stuff.


It's already been said, but children are far more vulnerable than adults. Making it legal for adults to have sex with them won't benefit the majority of kids at all, so it would be both pointless and potentially damaging. It's common sense more than anything to put the rights of children above those who would potentially harm children. 


It's honestly a damn shame how so many of you just assume that we see kids as sex objects and nothing more,granted I have been trying to find a solution to the consent issue. I might only be attracted to lg's and yes I admit that my sexual desires can be frustrating sometimes,but to tell you the truth most of my feelings for lg's are not sexual.

I just figured if we could solve this problem then people would be less fearful of pedophiles and we could somehow be fully accepted without children getting hurt in the process. By the way MOST pedophiles that have sex with kids DON'T fuck them! The overwhelming majority of active pedos only have oral sex with kids! Its not a pedophiles desire to physically harm a child with sex.

Like I said before though,there may not be a solution to the consent issue and if that's the case then by all means adult-child sex shouldnt be legal! I would rather have adult-child sex be illegal vs it being legal and sickos are allowed to take advantage of kids.

You anti-pedos are so fucking clueless when it comes to "understanding" how we feel about kids,it just makes me sick sometimes. Well let me say this,I know what the APA says about pedos,I know their definition of pedophilia is pretty much just a perversion where pedos see kids as sex objects. Guess what though? Many doctors disagree with the APA's definition of pedophilia and these doctors will swear up and down that pedophilia is a SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

We all know that there is more to a sexual orientation than just sexual desire itself. Anyways I'm in a very bad mood right now thanks to one of my friends that just talked bad about pedos in front of me,so I will hold back on the details.

I think if people are willing to work with pedos,I think in the end children would be way better off than they are now. I think if pedos had some type of acceptance then child drug abuse,child neglect,violence towards children,children being homeless would GO DOWN TREMENDOUSLY! Why? Because most pedos love kids! Hell many pedos would go above and beyond to help a child in need,but thanks to this damn witch hunt we can't do much to help them!

Hell there is even proof out there that shows that many pedos help children that are in need,but unfortunately people just assume that we want to help kids so that we can have a better chance at getting into their pants! By the way us wanting to help kids has nothing to do with wanting to "fuck" them,I just love it when I can make a lg happy. I love every fucking thing about them,and if most pedos feel the same way as I feel about kids then I know our society could do more to help children if we were accepted.

Thanks to my pedophilia I intend to notice children more than your average adult. We exist for a reason and I hope others will one day become wise enough to understand how we really feel about kids! I honestly think that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation that exists to preserve our speices and I know for a fact that pedophilia is genetic. A few months ago I found out that pedophilia runs on both sides of my family and in my case it skipped a generation or two.

Still I'm happy knowing that I'm not the only pedo in the family. :)


Hey, I got an idea! If a loli lunges at you like a hungry tiger and tries to rape you, THEN you can fuck her. In any other scenario, it is unacceptable no matter what, so there's no trying to find excuses or loopholes, just accept it. Until we can find a way to turn semen into immortality potion, there is nothing lolis can gain from your dick, YOU are the only one benefiting from it, and that is what exploitation is all about.
As far as I'm concerned, the sexual urges are the absolute easiest part about being a pedo, because dealing with it is one of the easiest things in the world to do. As long as you have at least one hand, you're good to go.


Oh well shit happens I guess. Too bad there is nothing to cure though...

Im still sticking with what I said before,it's 50/50 either is a solution or there isn't one. It's too bad,I mean I have heard of bad luck before,but this is insane. Its a shame how nature created pedophiles for an honorable purpose,yet we might not be able to be fully accepted because mankind can no longer handle their own sexuality.


They need to invent a pill that makes people completely asexual and not attracted to anything. I could get so much done if I wasn't spending 3 to 4 hours a day jerking off. Or maybe I would just waste all my free time on more pointless bullshit, who knows, either way life would be much easier.

>> File 133059359945.jpg

I can't stand reading posts of yours, seriously. You are the most annoying and bitchy person on the planet, and if you weren't a pedophile I'm sure you'd find some other personal issue to obsess and moan about online.

>> File 1323482079437.png

I'm not "anti-pedo", I'm anti child-molester. And I don't care about how pedos may or may not feel about kids, their actions is the only thing I'm concerned about. Like I said, I couldn't care less if you fap to kids, actually I fap to kids most of the time. In fact, I sometimes feel like I want to rape and torture a kid, but I don't attempt to justify it because I know it's wrong, and I would never really do it.


Guys, guys! Seriously...does anyone know what the deal is with this y-camp site?


LOL I'm not that annoying,I'm just trying to express my views and I'm also trying to solve a complex problem!

This pedo witch hunt is a serious issue and something has to be done about it! There's nothing morally wrong with expressing your views on this subject and trying to find answers to a complex problem like this!

Anyways I do feel bad about pushing this subject on other threads that have nothing to do with this topic. Normally that's not my style,and what I did was wrong.


You just gave me an idea. I think it would be cool if this place had a /bawww/ or an /Lifs/ (life sucks). That would be fun and it could basically be a place where everybody could just bitch and moan about anything! :)


Would that mean you would stop shitting up all other boards with your whiny crap?


For the most part I am not shitting up any boards except for /b/ and /adv/,I stopped doing that though. Anyways there is a lot more I want to discuss about this topic,but I will do that later because I am busy.

I just think it would be fun to have a board where anybody could just bitch about anything. When I say anything it could be about getting raped,how much you hate your job,how much you hate the sun,how much you hate slaughter houses etc.


" I sometimes feel like I want to rape and torture a kid" I have no desire to do this,other than to tie them up,but only if they were ok with it. Anyways for now I am going to put the consent issue on hold because this problem is a pain in the ass. 

Seriously this whole situation that pedos are in is FUCKED UP. At first I thought 80% of this hatred towards pedos was completely irrational and everyone just simply hated pedos,because they don't  understand us. Afterwards I realized that a child's inability to consent to sex was a big part of the problem,but I thought I found a simple solution to this. You see,one of my goals in life is to figure out how pedos can be accepted by society without it being dangerous for a child and I have to admit this is a pretty complex problem (unless I'm over thinking everything). 

The whole problem is like a tangled web that needs to be sorted through. Needless to say I am still shocked about all this. So I guess it's " back to the lab again" on this topic. Still even if pedos can't be accepted yet,without a doubt this pedo witch hunt is wrong though. It's not right on how the media is allowed to demonize pedos and make us out to be sick perverts. Not to mention the fact that this whole witch hunt is starting to backfire. 

This whole situation is crazy,I mean I know about bad luck and all,but this is just fucked up. Now I'm not saying that it is impossible for pedos to be accepted,I just haven't figured out how it can be done. Damn.

Who knows maybe the solution is simple. I think if we could just take the situational child molesters out of the picture,then this problem would be a hell of a lot easier!

>> File 1334002184724.png

The media demonizing pedos is a tiny fraction of the problem. The media is the arbiter of what is and what isn't culturally acceptable, and when they discriminate and ridicule a certain group the general public will follow suit. It works the other way too, whatever person or idea gains the media's approval gains the general population's approval too.  I think by focusing on the pedo issue you're ignoring the much more urgent issues at hand.


...not that the pedo issue is a good example of the media control the general population's thoughts at all, since the hatred of child molesters is entirely justified and instinctive.


"I think by focusing on the pedo issue you're ignoring the much more urgent issues at hand." Well I know there are other issues out there,besides the pedo issue. Once I turned 18 years old I stopped trusting the media thanks to Bush. You know that story about Osama Bin Laden being killed? After what happened with Bush and the "weapons of mass destruction" bullshit,I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Bin Laden was still alive and the media is just giving us false information. 

Honestly I think it's kind of scary how the media can get us to do whatever the hell they want us to do. It's as if we just lost our ability to figure out what's really going on in the world,the media only wants you to know what they want you to know. 

Anyway as far as the hysteria over pedophilia is concerned,well let's just say that this witch hunt is hurting kids more than it is protecting them. I mean regardless of what the media says about pedophiles,it is a proven fact that most pedophiles aren't violent and sadistic in nature. Also the overwhelming majority of pedophiles in the U.S.A are NOT child molesters! Even the media doesn't specifically say that most pedophiles prey on children,but the media will twist the truth and get people to think the most pedophiles are evil and that we abduct children,rape them,kill them etc. Of course people will justify what the media is doing,by claiming that they are just trying to protect children.

It may seem like this pedo witch hunt is actually helping kids,after all this witch hunt encourages the public to watch out for "pedophiles".  Here is the problem though,for the most part all this hysteria over "pedophilia" has done is just scare the shit out of parents and many men. This fear over "pedophilia" has gotten to the point to where many men would hesitate to help a child in need,and it's not because these men don't care about children,they just don't want people to think that they are "pedophiles". Thanks to this pedo witch hunt many children have died because a lot of men are too afraid to help children that are in danger.

Of course this fear over "pedophilia" can hurt a lot of innocent men as well. For example say if a child was being neglected by his or her parents (let's say the child is 12) and the child ended up doing drugs or joining a gang. Well say if a man that knows this child is concerned about him or her and he does what he can to comfort him/her and tries to help the child. Well thanks to this witch hunt many men sort of get punished for helping children like this. Also I have even seen reports about lifeguards losing their jobs because a parent didn't like how much he was watching her kids. I mean WTF??? You would think that a parent would be happy knowing that a lifeguard is keeping an extra eye on their kids.

Hell it's so bad to where a father can't even take his own daughter to the park without a bunch of people accusing him of being a "pedophile". I can go on and on about how much this witch hunt is hurting children,but I will stop here.The fact of the matter is people can't really do that much to help a child that is in danger from,drug abuse,child neglect,gang activities,because people are too busy protecting children from FICTIONAL PEDOPHILES. 


I almost forgot,wouldn't it be nice if pedophiles would go seek some professional help in order to manage there urges? Well thanks to this witch hunt many pedos are too afraid to seek therapy or counseling,besides a lot of psychiatrist's are required by law to report a pedophile that seeks help EVEN IF HE DOESN'T BREAK THE LAW. So like I said before "I think this witch hunt is just going to backfire."


There is no "witch hunt", the hatred and disgust which most people feel towards these type of people is a natural reaction which stems from the need to protect children. I haven't heard of anything like what you mentioned in your last paragraph happening, do you have any specific examples?

>it is a proven fact that most pedophiles aren't violent and sadistic in nature

I think if you change the pedophile part into "child molester" then it'd be the complete reverse. People should lay off the non-abusive pedophiles and focus on catching real child molesters, who are a genuine problem.


Sorry I'm late I have been very busy for the past week,but things are finally calm now. "There is no "witch hunt", the hatred and disgust which most people feel towards these type of people is a natural reaction which stems from the need to protect children." I agree with you on the part about protecting children from those type of people and I think people should still watch out for those sick perverts,but the only problem is the media is making it look like most pedophiles are like that and this isn't helping anybody. Not to mention the fact that a lot of those instances are not common at all! 

By all means I don't think it's wrong to bring it up on the news,but they should at least state that most pedophiles are nothing like those sickos and that those events are on the rare side,but people should still look out for them. Basically I think they should go over all of the facts instead of just showing everybody bits and peices of the truth.

"People should lay off the non-abusive pedophiles and focus on catching real child molesters, who are a genuine problem." For the most part I agree with you,but sadly many non-"abusive" pedophiles get punished for seeking help. Of course some pedos get lucky and end up with a therapist that treats them like crap,but doesn't report them. Many pedos hate what they are,but thanks to these new laws which punish pedophiles for seeking help,the likely hood of a pedophile getting help is pretty slim thanks to this.

As for the witch hunt,I can prove that this hysteria over pedophilia is harming kids and these sites back up pretty much everything I have said so far.

Here you go: "Man Rescues Drowning Boy,Mom Accuses Him of Being A Pedophile."  http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/sstzi/a_woman_just_called_me_a_pedophile_after_i/c4grqmk

"Did pedophilia hysteria cause child's death?".   http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,190586,00.html

The fox news site put this up in 2006,but I assure you not much has changed since then. If anything this pedo hysteria has gotten even worse! Here is a quote from that site: "Child abuse must be addressed but it is worse than folly to punish those who help children. Our society is creating Clive Peachey -- decent men who will walk away from a child in need."

" How The Pedophile Panic harms children".  http://psychologytoday.com/blog/reclaiming-childhood/201007/how-the-pedophile-panic-harms-children

If you can't load that psychology site just go on google and type in "psychologytoday.com pedophilia" and you should see a link about the pedophile panic.

These sites pretty much say that this hysteria over pedophilia is driving many men to the point to where they are too afraid to help children that are in danger,because they don't want to be accused of being perverts. 

As for the men that help children,many of them get punished because people are afraid of them being potential pedophiles. You know what? In all honesty I think human beings are selfish peices of shit! I know that there are dangers in allowing adults to have sex with children,but what really makes me sick is when people are willing to hurt children just for the sake of attacking pedophiles. So as you can see,this whole pedo witch hunt is just going to backfire and make things worse for everyone.

I wasn't trying to sound rude by the way,if anything I have more respect for you because at least you admit that not all child molesters are pedophiles. Also I haven't heard you describe us as sickos that want to pray on kids,so thanks.

I hope those links work for everyone.


I am still working on it,but I think I am close to finding a solution to all of these problems. I think it is now possible for the age of consent to go down to 12. After all most 12 year olds aren't passive blobs,and no I wasn't trying to insult children. I still need another day or two to figure all of this out. 

>> File 189.jpg

The amount of butthurt from antis is astonishing, they look like 16 year old emofaggots ITT.


Better to look that way than to look life a fucking primitive fucking sociopath with no conscience.


Pedos are nothing like sociopaths. If anything it's the Antis that are the selfish sociopaths. Hell,just reading about the treatment that's available for pedophiles makes me physically ill. I think it's pretty fucked up,when our society punishes pedophiles for seeking help voluntarily!

So basically,say if there was a pedo out there that could no longer deal with his urges (Of course not all pedos are men,just so you know.),but at the same time he doesn't want to "molest" a child,so he decides to go out and get some help. Sadly many pedos like this actually get punished for "doing the right thing" and they pretty much get treated like sex offenders! Some pedos do get lucky though and get treated halfway descend,but even then some of them have to take medications that help lower their sex drive. A lot of these medications have harmful side effects though,such as:

1. Permenant reduction in bone mass.

2. A major chemical imbalance in the body.

3. Permenant brain damage/reduction in grey matter.

4.And they are reminded everyday about how sick and evil they are.

It doesn't stop there though,some pedophiles just decide to give up and an hero,and even then the rest of you just rejoice over the death of a pedo and laugh about it. I would say that the worst part about all of this though,is that society is actually willing to destroy children just for the sake of attacking a pedophile! 

I think it's now safe to say that the human race is just a worthless piece of shit and nothing more. If there isn't a solution to the consent issue then my faith in humanity will go down from 0.000001% to nothing...


You're arguing under the false premise that all anti-pedos are sadistic morons who want all pedos to do or be castrated or whatever. This obviously isn't true. Also, you seem to be under the impression that the people ITT are anti-pedo. Like I've said already, I'm not anti-pedo, I'm anti-child molester. 


*to die

Yeah, my typing sucks.

>> File cover.jpg

>>You're arguing under the false premise that all anti-pedos are sadistic morons who want all pedos to do or be castrated or whatever. This obviously isn't true.

One only has to google for any news source about how another "pedophile" (while many of them are not even pedos - lol) got caught. 99% of the comments there are just disgusting.

They range from:
- kill this sick fuck
- i would´ve strangled him to death
- cut his dick off
etc, etc...

Just disgusting... 99% of the anti-pedos are so fucking retarded, they don´t even make any difference between being a pedophile and being a child-rapist. And you try to tell me that antis wouldn´t be sadistic - LMFAO!


What you don't seem to understand is that the majority of people who aren't pedos are anti-pedo. Are you trying to say that 99% of all people are sadistic and fucked up like that, and the few people who aren't are pedophiles? That's bullshit.

By the way, I agree that those type of antis are idiots, and I hate them as much as you do.

>> File hutschenreuther-porcelain-mc3a4dchenakt-mit-windhu.jpg

>>Are you trying to say that 99% of all people are sadistic and fucked up like that,
First of all, if you are the same anon like this: >>168756 (which you seem to be), then you are pretty much contradicting yourself here. First you say, there are no anti-pedos ITT, then you say 99% of the society would be anti-pedo - lol - but anyway.

Second, that 99% of the ppl out there would be anti-pedo is just bullshit, and nothing but an empty assumption, based on your own prejudices. Just because someone doesn´t defend pedophiles, doesn´t mean that he/she would be against it. And regarding how hate-filled and hysterical anti-pedos usually are, it´s understandable, that noone wants to defend pedos.

I do not say that 99% of ppl would be sadistic (while I do think that humans are aggressive by nature, though), but I do say that the majority of anti-pedos are just retarded and brainwashed sadists in this context. That´s how you see them on the internet, IRL, or on TV - everywhere. For them, all pedophiles are either disgusting, sick and twisted drug- addicts, or whatever, or even already child-rapists, anyway.

I´m a pedophile myself, and I already talked with a lot of antis, but just because sex is a taboo issue in our society, and most ppl rather shut their mouth when it comes to this, this doesn´t mean that everyone who isn´t pedo would be against them.

It´s the same with the reason why the AoC was raised back in the days. This also wasn´t because the whole society was against it, but merely just because of a tiny group of whining anti-nazis who were against it. Sure, nowadays we have a lot brainwashed retards, who just follow what the authorities tell them, but to say that 99% of ppl would be anti-pedos is nothing but a lie.


I'm using the term anti-pedo for the sake of argument, really I don't consider myself anti pedo. Anyway: 

What you say about anti-pedos being a minority is nonsense; if you talk to anybody about this subject and try to defend pedos you'll be met with revulsion from a large majority of people. And this isn't the result of brainwashing or general retardation, it comes from the instinctive maternal, protective feeling that most people feel towards children. The fear and hatred towards all pedophiles which a majority of people have is by all means irrational and unfounded, but at the same time it's based on the instinctive desire to protect children. Also, there's tonnes of anti-gay and anti-Muslim groups who are extremely vocal who're not having any laws changed to fit with their prejudices, yet this small group of anti-pedos are? Wake the fuck up dude. You need to overcome the delusion that antis are a vocal minority who are simply humored by the general public; the general public hates pedophiles, this is not an opinion, it's a fact.


>>if you talk to anybody about this subject and try to defend pedos you'll be met with revulsion from a large majority of people.
Sounds like you´ve already talked with every person you´ve ever met in your life about this, which I hardly doubt. I´d say, it´s pretty hard to determine how many ppl are anti-pedo, just like it´s hard to determine how many people are pedos, since it´s something which one would rather not get associated with, in the first place, due to the social stigmas regarding it. This absolutely doesn´t mean that the whole society would be against it, though. But of course know-it-alls like you seem to be able to read thoughts.

>>The fear and hatred towards all pedophiles which a majority of people have is by all means irrational and unfounded, but at the same time it's based on the instinctive desire to protect children.
Hahaha - How often did I already hear anti-pedos nazis say how little they actually give the slightest shit about children! But of course, they know how to pretend to care about them, to be able to reach their goal. You are either incredibly naive, or you are one of these anti-nazis yourself, if you think different.

>>Also, there's tonnes of anti-gay and anti-Muslim groups who are extremely vocal who're not having any laws changed to fit with their prejudices, yet this small group of anti-pedos are?
Typical anti-pedo logic: It´s wrong because it´s illegal. Laws, being written before and not after the act and involving nothing more than subjective judgements, have no ethical authority over the rightness of any practice. If the circular reasoning of "illegal = wrong = illegal" was a vaild argument, all forms of deregulation would be automatically immoral or potentially dangerous, meaning that there would be no acceptable reason for the legalisation of any practise! Nice try though. Apart from this, if you´d any idea about what you are actually talking about, you´d know that gays still have less rights than heteros in many countries, as well.

>>the general public hates pedophiles, this is not an opinion, it's a fact.
Again, you are totally contradicting yourself. First you say, there would be no antis here ITT, now you say again, everyone would hate pedophiles. And again, you are merely making empty assumptions without giving any kind of proof at all. Antis really seem to know everything!

The general public doesn´t hate pedophiles. I don´t believe the majority of ppl are this stupid, to hate someone merely because of their sexual preferences. The majority merely tends to oppress minorities. It´s always been like this. But this doesn´t mean that they´d hate them. But of course, talking to antis like you doesn´t make any sense anyway, since you seem to know everything, anyway.


>I don´t believe the majority of ppl are this stupid, to hate someone merely because of their sexual preferences

You're forgetting how many people are homophobic, especially before it became socially acceptable to be gay. And I did say that there are no anti-pedos ITT, and I stand by it. I'm not an anti, however most people are. If you're so sure of everybody being OK with pedophilia, just walk into a bar and tell everyone you meet that you like kids. Tell your parents. Tell the next mother you see. See how all that goes, then get back to me.


>If you're so sure of everybody being OK with pedophilia
Why are you putting words in my mouth? I´ve never said that everyone would be ok with pedophilia. Why else should I say that the majority tends to oppress minorities?! I just say that it´s not so bad how you pretend it to be.

I´ve made the experience, that most ppl who are against it are pretty hysterical at the beginning about this (and yea, also pretty often even sadistical), however, if you are talking with someone under 4 eyes about this, and not just have a small talk with some random person you´ve just met, then most ppl start to have more understanding for this, and tend to be more open minded towards it, very quickly.

It´s just that it sadly seems as if there would be no place for this on the coldness of society´s surface.

>>I'm not an anti
Ahahaha - That was a good one! That´s also why you are defending antis all the time... suuuuurreeee...


I'm not defending antis by any means, I hate the idiots who talk about castrating and murdering all pedophiles as much as you do. I'm just talking from perspective; most people will hate you for liking kids. Why is it that people assume you're either wholly anti or wholly pro pedophilia? Can't you take an objective standpoint? That's what I try to do anyway.


>>most people will hate you for liking kids.
Nice way to defend your oppression. Claiming you´d know everything and that it´s "normal" to hate pedophiles, so you can continue your bigotry, while all your judgements are merely based on stupid news articles and TV shows. It´s just strange, that every person IRL, I´ve told about my attraction so far, actually had no big problem with it. But since you are an anti, you´ll now probably also assume that all my friends I´ve talked about this so far, are all abnormal, drug-addicted sociopaths. But TBH, I don´t give the slightest shit about your brainwashed opinion.

>Why is it that people assume you're either wholly anti or wholly pro pedophilia? Can't you take an objective standpoint?
I´m not assuming you are either totally anti-pedo or pro-pedo, but if you brainwashed moralfag are not an anti, then I´m not a pedophile. Next you probably also claim that you are actually even a pedophile yourself, huh? There are pedos like this, but since they are actually against pedophilia, they are rather anti-pedos too, of course.

>I'm not defending antis by any means, I hate the idiots who talk about castrating and murdering all pedophiles as much as you do.
Always funny to see the twisted logic of antis. First you disagree that the majority of antis would be sadistical assholes, and now you say there would be no other way to be an anti, than to be sadistical. You are totally against child-adult sex, but since you are so "open minded" to not want to castrate any pedophiles, you claim you are not an anti-pedo - lol. Nice logic you have there.

But yea, I guess for an anti-pedo this logic is still surprisingly comprehensible...


what´s up brainwashed anti-pedo nazi?

i´m waiting for your retarded reply

or did you finally realize how retarded you actually are?

>> File 1311562473859.png

>You don't actually believe this, you actually believe this, you're only pretending to believe that.

If you can't argue with me while understanding that the stance I've taken with you is my actual stance on the matter ("oh you're really an anti, you just pretend not to be"), then don't bother at all. You seem to be unable to take anything I've said at face value, and instead insist on twisting my words so that they fit into your stereotype of what an "anti" believes. This is no way to have an argument, and I'm getting pretty bored of this, so I won't be replying to your inevitable "oh I see you're backing out cause I pwned you so hard with my flawless logic" post. 

PS "sadistical" isn't a word, you moron.

>> File 1331805022883.png

>>("oh you're really an anti, you just pretend not to be")
you just don´t seem to understand what an anti actually is

>>I'm getting pretty bored of this, so I won't be replying
in other words the brainwashed anti-pedo retard doesn´t have arguments anymore and just realized how much bullshit he actually talks- lol

>>PS "sadistical" isn't a word, you moron.
english isn´t my native language - i can live wit that - still better than to talk so much nonsense like you dumbfuck


Haven't even read most of this thread and probably won't be back on here (just cruising the internet), but the fact you had sex with people at 10 seems to contribute to your pedophilia. I won't go Googling, but quick searches can easily pull up data which suggest MOST pedos were themselves introduced to sex at early ages. Seriously, search it and take a good read. It's good to understand more about yourself.


If you had any idea about what you are actually talking about, you´dknow that the psychiatric profession actually doesn´t know shit about pedophiles, since almost all studies are merely based on the 5% who get arrested for "molesting" "children". Plus, it´s also proven fact that pedophiles very often tend to lie when it comes to early seual experiences, since it can lead to a sort of "excuse", which can lower their punishment.

But what do I even talk about this with you here? I bet you are just another brainwashed anti - nazi, and probably won´t even listen to this, anyway.


I see a lot of 'proven facts' thrown around here. Care to prove these facts for me, by linking studies or research?

Or you can continue on your 'anti-pedo nazi' hate-filled speeches. Honestly, you are all so hateful, nasty, spiteful and filled with rage. WHY would anyone want you near their kid? I wouldn't trust you looking after my dog.


wow that's a sexy loli...  got more pix of her?

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