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/con/ ~ My sister Natalie and I shared a bedroom up until ...
No. 168491 Quote report

File allison-stokke-8.jpg

My sister Natalie and I shared a bedroom up until Natalie first started Middle School and I was still in grade school. Sharing a room at that young of age meant that Natalie and I didn't see anything wrong with casual nudity. Natalie and I would get ready in the morning, like shower and go to the bathroom without being modest about it. So at least twice a day we could see each other without clothes and it just wasn't a big deal.

We really liked sharing a room. We would talk late into the night and when we were older we even had a TV and video games that we played together. We would also occasionally do the "play doctor" thing.

My sister really blossomed into a beautiful young girl in the later part of the 8th grade and summer before the 9th grade. Being only 13 months older than me meant that Natalie and I went through puberty at more or less the same time. Up to then she was basically a tomboy but always popular in her class. I guess she was cute then, but being her brother I didn't notice it. Also there was the weirdness factor of her being my sister. But starting in the 9th grade, even with the weirdness factor, I knew she was hot from the way guys were attracted to her. Even older men who were in College or older would chat her up looking to ask her for a date.

The picture is Allison Stokke and Natalie has a passing resemblance to her. They are alike in one other way. Natalie was a competitive swimmer and joined the High School girls swim team as a freshman. She was OK, but not a top swimmer. No one thought she could get a scholarship for swimming. During the season, some old guy started coming to her swim meets and was taking pictures of her and then videos of her. He had very nice cameras, not just consumer stuff. He wouldn't even pretend to take pictures of other girls. The meets didn't have many people watching -- hell, I never went (but our Mom did) -- and this guy seemed always to be there. And no one knew who he was, he wasn't a parent or related to anyone. My Mom noticed this and complained and the guy was basically told never to come to the meets again.

We didn't share a room at that point, but we did share a bathroom that connected our bedrooms. And we each had a door from our room to the bathroom and we always kept them open. We thought of the whole thing as one big bedroom. We used the same bathroom every morning at the same time, showering and whatnot and we still saw each other nude every single day. We just never had learned modesty towards each other.

When we went through puberty together, we obviously noticed signs that we were becoming adults, as the health pamphlets always say. I remember walking into the bathroom one night and Natalie was shaving her vagina. I was curious about that, not really turned on, but I did wonder whether girls in my class were doing it, and that idea turned me on. But, really, at that point, we were both much more worried about pimples than pubic hair. We joked about both those things all the time.

Even so, I guess it is not surprising that we ended up having sex and becoming lovers through high school and even in college.

I am now 21 years old and Natalie and I have been having sex regularly since she was a freshman in high school and I was a year behind her in middle school. Natalie graduated from college last year and became a pharmaceutical rep selling to doctors.

She has met a guy she wants to marry this summer. I am kind of bummed about it. I love my sister, wish her the best marriage and life possible. And we both realized that this would eventually happen. Either she would meet a guy or I would meet a woman. One of us would get married first. We have always talked about meeting someone abstractly, and there has always been jealousy about going out with other people, especially during high school and especially if we thought it might lead to sex. Less so when we both went to college, but it was still there.

I am going to visit her soon, she works in another city. Her fiancé is a physician but they don't live together yet. I am not sure what will happen, but I visited her last month. We talk at least once a week and visit as much as we can, like once or twice a month. We had sex a couple of times when I visited last month. They were dating then but they weren't engaged and I didn't realize they were getting serious. I tried to talk with her about it, but she wasn't very forthcoming and this is typical when either of us are dating someone else on a regular basis. We have learned never to ask the other if they are having sex.

I wonder whether we will have sex when I visit, and I think I will try and avoid it. Maybe tell her I want to stay in a hotel or something that will give her a signal that I won't have sex with her now.

That's my confession. I could use advice, but in the end I have to figure out what I am going to do myself.


Link to pictures the guy took at the pool, or it didn't happen.



The pictures and videos must have been taken in 2003 I think. When I found out about chan sites a few years ago, I thought for sure I would find some of the pictures. I have seen swim meet pictures posted where there were X-Ray type filters so you could see nipples and pubic hair. But none have been of Natalie. I wouldn't be surprised if they are on some site, like a voyeur pay site.

Not that I would share them, but she was total JB then and I wouldn't mind seeing some of them.



As crazy as it sounds, I am not sure I can handle sharing her with this guy. Maybe that is the solution, but I sure wish they would call it off.

We both have been very jealous as teenagers though that kinds of softened when we went to college. But it has never gone away completely and this has brought back that awful feeling I had when she would start dating someone.

When we started having sex, it was around Christmas when Natalie was in 9th grade and I was in the 8th grade. She was still learning that because she was so pretty she was automatically popular and guys she never met from school would just ask her out and it happened all the time. I think it scared her a little as she is basically a shy person. So, until that summer she didn't go out on dates. Well, it happened that during the summer she started dating this guy and I just went crazy with jealousy.

I decided I would start going out with someone just for revenge as funny as it sounds. I didn't even have a driver's license.

But there was a girl who I had in a few classes that year in middle school who didn't live too far from our house. Her name is Patricia but was called Trish and wasn't hot like Natalie, but she was pretty smart and nice. Actually, she was pretty cute, but it was just that in my middle school mindset that I thought since she wasn't among the hottest girls in the school, she didn't meet my high standards for a girlfriend. I was asking her out just to get back at Natalie and that is why I lowered my standards, if you can believe that shit.

The funny part of it was that it ended up with me fucking her and it was the only time until college that I had sex with anyone else besides Natalie. And she turned out to be a total whack job, even at that age.

Natalie and her new boyfriend always went to the movies and I knew that they were planning on going one particular night. So I asked Trish to go with me to the movies that same night. I hadn't really planned it out, but just said we could just meet at the shopping center where the theater was since I didn't have a car. We would see the movie and hang out at the Taco Shop nearby. And she accepted.

I immediately told Natalie and she was pissed about my date to the same place as her date. It was obvious to her what I was up to. Natalie followed me into my room and started screaming at me to the point that our Dad told us to quiet down. She was as mad at me as I have ever seen her. I eventually just told her I wouldn't bother her on her date and I just had as much right to take a date to the movies as she did. She stormed out of my room and slammed and locked her door.

Actually, it didn't turn out to be a big deal. Natalie and I only saw each other briefly from a distance and we went to different movies. But after the movie, Trish and I went to the taco shop and were hanging out. Trish was very much into the date and to my surprise, very much into me. We sat on the same side of our booth and she snuggled up next to me and locked her arm with mine. And, of course, Natalie and her new boyfriend showed up. It was great. I was with my new girlfriend, things were going great. Natalie sort of sneered at me as she took of her sweater and sat down facing away from us. But the message had been sent as far as I was concerned.

Later, my Dad picked us up and we drove Trish home. I walked her to her door and she hugged me and kissed me good night. It took me by surprise. But she also invited me over the next day to swim in her pool and she said it would be fun because everyone at her house would be gone.

Of course, I had to tell Natalie all about "my first date." She was still mad at me a little and didn't come into my room, so I went into her room to ask her about her date. She didn't say much other than to tell me she saw that I was having a good time. I told her about my plans for the next day and she just said "well, have fun."

Natalie was already in bed, so it was clear that we weren't going to have sex that night. That was unusual at that point as we would have sex 3 or 4 times a week and the days we didn't we would still maybe do oral or at least make out.

I got a ride to Trish's house from someone, I don't remember who. We hung out buy the pool and I immediately realized that Trish had a great developing body. Her tits weren't big, in fact they were very small, but I could see giant red nipples at times when she leaned over to give me a glass of coke or as she was pulling herself out of the pool. And her ass was amazing.

We swam for awhile and then just stood in the cool pool which was a nice relief from the summer heat. And we talked. Trish moved closer and closer to me and playfully trapped me with her arms against the pools edge. We then started to make out a little and rubbed up against each other. I had a furious hard on and Trish would occasionally "accidentally" brush her hand against it.

She then jumped away, swimming to the other side of the pool and back and then lifted herself out of the pool, turning her body so that she was then sitting on the side. Watching her lift herself out of the water was like watching someone in slow motion. And I could see her tight ass inches from my face and watched the wet, almost transparent fabric of her suit ride up the crack of her ass like a wedgie that revealed every part of her perfectly shaped butt cheeks. I knew that I needed to fuck her, even as in the back of my mind I was thinking about how this would play out with Natalie.

I moved over and stood in chest deep water directly in front of Trish sitting on the side of the pool with her legs dangling in the water. Trish spread her legs, silently inviting me to look at her covered pussy and the slight expanse of skin that was between both her legs and the gusset of her suit bottom. I stared for a second and could almost make out her crack through the fabric. I looked up at her smiling face. I was just going to say something and was ready to lift my arms to touch and massage her slender thighs when she said, "I'll get some towels and we can dry off and go inside." As she said it, she reached over and touched my face with the fingers of her hand, running them tenderly from the top of my cheek off the bottom of my jaw.

We were going to have sex.


I was really turned on and although I thought a little about Natalie, I wasn't ready to stop or leave or anything other than have sex with Trish.

Trish brought out some beach towels and we dried off. Trish took my hand, squeezed it a little and led me into her bedroom. I looked around and it was sort of what my Mom would call a pig sty. Whatever.

I moved towards Trish intending to hug and make out with her a little, but she was already taking off her bathing suit, having tossed her small top into her adjoining bathroom. It was an awkward moment.

"We don't have a lot of time, my Mom will be home in about an hour."

I was still turned on by her soft touch and I sort of wanted to return the favor. She discarded her suit bottoms and took the towel and did a thorough wiping of her pussy and the crack of her ass. I just stood there and watched.

Trish jumped on her bed and lay back and put a pillow under her head, and spread her thighs.

"I've never done this before, have you?" she asked.

I didn't quite know what to answer, and I just decided to say no.

I took off my suit an tossed into her bathroom as she had done and dried my dick and ass, though not as scrupulously as she did. I then got on the bed and tried to lay next to her, but she had spread her thighs pretty wide and it was preventing me from getting close to her.

"Move over here." she said, pointing between her legs.

I did as she said and was resting on my knees. Trish started fingering herself. I leaned forward putting my weight on my arms as I placed them next to her chest inside her arms. I didn't want to lay on her hand. I bent over and kissed her lips. Trish didn't really respond. I probed her mouth a little with my tongue but she held her lips tight. It was pretty awkward, so I decided to try and eat her pussy, something that I love doing to Natalie. So I began to gently leave a trail of kisses down to her rather flat chest and then gently kissed her large red nipples. Trish didn't seem to be responding at all, so I stopped and looked up at her. I guess I had a questioning expression on my face.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want to kiss you down there."

"Look, I'm a virgin and I want to get this over with. That's my number one goal this summer and you are the lucky guy. That's it. We don't have a lot of time, and I am wet and ready. You look like you are ready too. Let's just get this over with, for both of our sake."

I was shocked and I didn't know what to say. I realized also that I hadn't a condom.

"What about protection?" I asked.

"Just pull it out before you cum. It'll be OK." She said quickly.

I didn't say anything.

"If you don't want to do this, that's OK. I can find someone else, I won't be mad or anything."

I smiled a little and grabbed my slightly flagging cock and rubbed it into her pussy. She was wet, but I had to enter her a little to feel it. I realized that except for "Maui," I had never really gone raw, and at Maui it was only for a few strokes. As I rubbed the head of my dick into her warm and wet pussy, I almost immediately got hard again. And I just pushed further and further in to the point that I just needed to lay down and enter her completely.

I didn't want to say anything, because what she was saying and her attitude was kind of a turn off. But her warm and tight pussy made up for it. I lay down and grabbed the top of her shoulders from underneath and that allowed me to both hold her and support the weight of my upper body.

I slid deeply into her very tight pussy without meeting any resistance. I stopped for a second just to feel the warm wetness that tightly engulfed me. I put all my power of concentration to the end of my penis and began slowly thrusting. I was very hard and the feeling was indescribable. I looked at Trish's face and her eyes were tightly shut. She didn't moan, but her breath started coming in short panting breaths.

What started as awkward and uneven thrusts turned into smooth rhythmic movements. I began to feel like I could be coming in a few more thrusts and as I was thinking about that, Trish interrupted my thoughts.

"Remember, pull it out, don't cum in me."

With that I held her tighter and started thrusting as fast and hard as I could. I knew I was close and after two or three thrusts I pulled out with a quick move. I then started to masturbate, I just wasn't quite there. Trish watched in fascination as I jacked myself very hard and fast and I wanted to tell her to touch my cock or balls or something. But she just watched and I regained my concentration and was able to finish, shooting spurts of cum all over her stomach.

I collapsed next to her and almost immediately, like 5 seconds later, Trish reached to the floor of the sty and picked up the towel and wiped her stomach off and then her pussy, straining with her head to see what had been left on the towel. She handed me the towel and I wiped my cock and tossed on the floor on my side. Trish then got up off the bed. She went to her chest of drawers and got another bathing suit and started to put it on. I got up, and retrieved my suit, still very damp from our swim, wrung it out in the bathtub and put it back on.

We looked at each other and kind of laughed, but Trish didn't say anything.


"You cum?" I asked

Trish looked and then laughed a little, but not laughing with me, but like she expected me to say something stupid like that. She came over to me and kissed me lightly and said "Thanks. I think you've fucked someone before, you knew what you were doing. It's OK, it made it better for me."

I said something like, "The more times you do it with someone, the better it gets." I almost didn't want to fuck her again, but I just didn't know what to say, so I just blurted that out.

"Look, you're a really sweet guy and were really nice to me at Rogers (our middle school alma mater). You are so quiet and shy, I was shocked that you asked me out. That is why I know that you won't blab this around to everyone. And that is why you were the lucky guy. I guess I am curious who you did it with before, is it anyone I know?" she smiled.

I just didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything.

"Oh, that's right, you won't tell. Really, though, I don't want a boyfriend right now. I just didn't want to be a virgin entering into high school. The way you blew all over me, I think you enjoyed it, so we're even, right? High School is going to be very different, not at all like Rogers, so I think we should just be friends this summer and see what it is like next year."


"Let's go outside and get some sun." She said. I realized she was blowing me off, that I helped her to accomplish her number one goal and now she was going to move on to something or someone else.

We walked through the house when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Trish told me to wait a second and she went to the door and opened it. Somehow, even though I couldn't see her, I just knew it was Natalie. And I was right.

They talked for a second and she invited Natalie in.

"There has been an accident at the Nursery, we have got to go right now and help Dad." Natalie said in a slightly raised voice. Our folks own a very successful wholesale nursery business, he sells stuff like cacti and shit.

I knew it was pure bullshit, she just came to get me and take me home before I fucked Trish. It should have been sweet revenge, but Trish had turned out to be such a whack job, I didn't what to think. Natalie told Trish how we really needed to leave and Natalie was very sorry. I just wanted to get out of there.

We got into the car and Natalie turned onto the street in the direction of our house, exactly opposite the direction to the nursery. We were absolutely silent on the drive home. We pulled into the driveway and Natalie stopped the car and the engine, but didn't move to open the door. She looked over to me and said, "You fucked her, didn't you."

I didn't say anything.

"You asshole."

Natalie did not say another word to me for three days.



How did your sister pick you up in a car? She would not old enough to drive either.


>>168502 - Maybe she simply didn't care about a small trifling matter of driving illegally, after all, this is a girl being shagged senseless by her brother half the time... ;)


Usually when a "confession" is this detailed, it is a work of fiction. I say none of what this guy says is true.



You know, you are absolutely right, she could not have picked me up. This was, like 8 years ago and I totally conflated that with another time when we were both in high school when she drove and I still didn't. I wanted to get out of some weekend pool party and go home and have sex with Natalie as our parents had gone somewhere. So I called her and she made up the BS about the nursery and we went home and spent the rest of the afternoon knocking it out as we occasionally did when alone for the weekend.

I actually called Natalie last night for ur usual weekly chat and I asked her about it. She didn't remember about picking me up that one Saturday. She totally remembered being pissed about Trish, but didn't remember calling me an asshole. I certainly remember it.

It was a good transition to talk about her marriage. I told her that I was having trouble about her getting married and she said she understood, that it would be difficult for her also. That opened the door for further discussion. She told me that she is coming to our parents house and spend the weekend and if I did the same, we could talk about it then. I live only a couple of hours away so I could easily do that.

I think that means that we will have sex, my room is where it all started and I spent many hours "shagging her senseless" as it were.



Yeah, it seemed like that first six months or so we were doing each other every single night. That's how I remember it. It was a great time in my life and I still fap to some of the memories. But she was always the one who came in my room, not the other way around.

We didn't just start one night, of course. It happened slowly, sort of divided between what Natalie and I call "before going to Maui" and the Maui trip itself, which happened around Christmas when Natalie was 14 and I was almost 13.

I had matured faster than Natalie and was pretty tall then, almost 6 feet, and well developed for my age. My penis was still growing and while it seemed very small when flaccid, it was pretty big erect, maybe 6 inches or more, something like that. I could have passed for 15 years I think, but not 18.

My first real sexual interest in Natalie came early that fall. I had begun masturbating the year before and during the summer I even began to shoot sperm. Of course, at the same time I was becoming very interested in girls, but not necessarily in Natalie. She didn't figure into my masturbation fantasies, for example, which did include girls in my classes and some movie stars like Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman.

However, I did see Natalie nude every morning getting ready for school and whatnot as I had for all my life. And I did notice Natalie's budding breasts and shapely rear. Natalie and I went through puberty at the same time, so we didn't really tease each other too much about it. But Natalie was growing quite a bush even when she was in Middle School. She has nice fine long hair, and her pubic hair is nice and soft too, but she had quite a bit of it and it was growing up a narrow path to her navel. I had grown pubic hair too, of course. Natalie and I laughed about it even. Still, when I saw here shaving, I asked "What the hell are you doing?" and she just laughed and said "mind your own business."

And one morning she brought a tampon into the bathroom, unwrapped it and put it in. She did it while I was in the bathroom with her, no big deal, she just kind of turned away from me, put her foot on the toilet seat and I guess stuck it in. I really couldn't see. I didn't get turned on seeing her do that either. But I was very interested in the idea that girls I knew would stick things in their pussy. I told Natalie about that and she just said I was disgusting.

One time we were sitting on my bed late at night and Natalie was telling me that one of her girlfriends had a boyfriend who she allowed to "feel her up." Neither Natalie nor I knew exactly whether that meant touching her pussy or only second base. I was just wearing some underwear and a tee shirt. Of course the discussion gave me an erection that was plainly visible through the white cotton leg of my briefs. Natalie was wearing one of my t-shirts and panties Natalie blushed a little and briefly touched the white cotton tent that had formed and said, "My oh my" with a smirk. Natalie asked me whether I masturbated and I just told her to "mind your own business." We both laughed.

Having my own room kind of made it easy to fap after school. Natalie would get home later than me and I would go to my room to do homework, but eventually I would want to jerk off. I would shut my door, but I would not close the door to the bathroom that connected our rooms as that would look too suspicious to Natalie. My folks almost never came into our rooms. I thought I would hear Natalie before she came into my room while I was doing it and I would just stop.

One day, I guess I was just too much into jerking off and Natalie burst through my bedroom door and yelled "Gotcha!!" She was laughing really hard.

I was pissed and embarrassed. I really snapped and told Natalie to "Get the fuck out of my room and stay out." I don't think I ever had cussed at Natalie or told her to get out of my room, let alone dropped an "F Bomb" on her, which was pretty bad. I regretted that I said it as soon as it came out.

Natalie was not one to take that sitting down, and she responded with something like, "Well, if you don't want everyone in the house to hear you jerk off, how about moving the headboard away from the wall. And, by the way, isn't jerking off in the morning and at night enough? Do you really have bother us three times a day?"

It was true I sometimes masturbated in the morning before getting up and sometimes just before going to sleep. And sometimes the same day. In addition to my typical afternoon fap. Still, calling me on it pissed me off even more. But the only thing I could think of to say was something like, "At least I don't stick paper tubes up my twat!" I used that vulgarity to try and hurt her and I immediately regretted that also.

Well, the war was on and we didn't talk with each other for a couple of days afterward. I felt humiliated, but I had to admit it was pretty funny busting in on my like that. I must have been a sight. It was just my pride that prevented me from apologizing to her. I even moved the headboard away from the wall after I tested it and realized it did bang a little. I was pretty sure my folks didn't hear anything from their room or the living room. Of course, being older hippies, they would have been OK with it anyway. But I guess Natalie did.


Then something interesting happened which changed everything.

I had been sick with Mononucleosis over the spring and summer, but had recovered by the time school started. I had been cleared to go back to school, but they wanted to keep doing blood tests for at least 6 months after. A few days after our argument, they did a blood test and the results showed that I could have some serious liver problems or damage or whatever. They thought it could be hepatitis. They wanted to do a bunch of tests, like cat scans and whatnot and I would have to stay at the hospital for about 3 days. It turned out to be nothing at all, but at the time we didn't know that and I had to go to the hospital.

As I was getting my things together to go to the hospital, I heard Natalie crying and so I went into her room. She said she was really scared for me and hugged me tight and told me that if anything ever happened to me, she didn't know what she would do. I thought the tests were bullshit because I felt perfectly fine. But I also realized how much Natalie loved me and how much I loved her and we hugged for a few minutes. I even got a little teary and told her I loved her and she shouldn't worry.

I apologized for things I had said in anger and told her that busting in on me like that was pretty funny. We both started laughing about the whole thing. She hugged me and told me that she masturbated also, but "not as much as you" and playfully grabbed at the crotch of my Levis. I was totally unaware that she did that.

The second day I was in the hospital, Natalie came and visited me after school. I was bored as hell, just watching TV in my single room, so I was very glad to see her. We chatted a while. Then she said "I'd go nuts here. I couldn't jerk off because a doctor or nurse might walk in." At first I thought she was making a joke about our argument, but she was serious.

"So, have you done it? What if they were to walk in on you?" she asked. I told her I didn't do it not only because of that, I also didn't want them to see cum stains on the sheets either. I was half joking, but Natalie looked shocked.

"You can really shoot sperm?" she asked. I told her yes.

She immediately closed the door and told me she would stand close to me to shield me if someone came in and they wouldn't see anything, and that I should jerk off right then. She also said she would get a wash cloth and clean it up so no one would know. I didn't know whether she was serious or not, but she sounded very earnest.

"Really? Or do you just want to see me shoot?" She smiled and said both, I could get off and she wanted to see it.

I hesitated a little. She really insisted so I made her promise that she would show me up close how she inserted a tampon. She immediately said "Deal!" I realized I should have asked to see her masturbate, but she had agreed to the tampon thing and so it was too late.

It sounds funny, but we thought that this was like an experiment. Natalie wanted to see a guy shoot his wad and I would show her. I wanted to see a girl insert something in her pussy and she promised to show me. It didn't seem so sexual, but just like the Crazy Eights thing we used to do.

But by that point I had an erection, so I pushed my pajama bottoms down below my hips started stroking. Natalie put her hand on my thigh just above my knee and began gently massaging back and forth a few inches and it felt good for her to do that. After a couple of minutes, I ejaculated. It wasn't spectacular, it didn't spurt out, just sort of poured out.

Natalie smiled and went to the sink and got a wash cloth and wet it with warm water and wrung it out. She came back and cleaned me up. I was still a little hard and she gently picked up my penis and washed the semen off and cleaned the semen off my hand and stomach. all in a very tender and loving way. She then took the cloth back and rinsed it out and came back to the bed.

We laughed and I asked if she saw what she wanted to see, after all it wasn't so spectacular.

She said it was "way cool" and she had always wanted to know what it looked like.

I told her she made a promise and would have to keep it when I got back home.

"Of course I will." She kissed me on my lips, said goodbye and left.


The day I came home from the hospital, Natalie had some school activity and she did not have dinner with us and got home about 10:00PM. My folks went to bed about that time and I was just in my room on my laptop or something. I wasn't sick or anything.

She quickly got undressed and put on only one of my t-shirts and came straight into my room. She hugged and kissed me and told me she was so relieved that I was OK and was glad I was home. She kind of touched my thigh and said, "Hey, let's play Crazy Eights like we used to." We really never actually played doctor as such, but invented a strip version of Crazy Eights. I can't even remember the exact rules, but we both always ended up without clothes at the end.

I told her she promised about the tampons, though I felt like an idiot reminding her. She said she was going to do that, it was just she wanted to have some fun first. So we played strip Crazy Eights and in about 5 minutes we were nude, facing each other cross legged on the bed, which was kind of how it always ended up. This time my penis was stiff and sticking straight up. I told her we needed to be careful and we decided to lock my door.

So it became show and tell. Natalie inserted two tampons and I got to pull them out by the string. It was really stupid, but my erection never sagged. Natalie was excited too, I could tell because her nipples were a little swollen and darker than usual. I told Natalie that I wanted to see her masturbate and she lay back and just started to manipulate the flap of skin surrounding her clitoris while massaging her breast with the other. I got up close and watched.

After awhile, she got backup and gently wrapped her fingers around my penis.

"Its getting pretty big, how big do you think it will get?"

I was so turned on by everything, I couldn't even answer her, even if I knew. She started to stroke me, not fast or hard, just gently.

"Feel good?"

I could barely utter the word "Yeah."

After a few minutes I ejaculated, spurting cum all over the place and Natalie squealed in delight. She just loves that.

She got up and got a towel and wiped me off. She then again lay on the bed and started to masturbate. I took over for a little bit, but when she got close to coming she took over, frigging harder and faster than I and came real fast. We kissed a little knowing we had crossed over some line, farther than just playing Crazy Eights.

I began to have doubts about what we had gotten into, and said so to Natalie. After all we were brother and sister. Natalie frowned and said it was OK, no one cared. We were just experimenting, finding out about stuff. Besides, she said that this was not sex, not even oral sex. It wasn't anything I couldn't see some mornings if I wanted to, rather than trying to watch her in the mirror. Natalie had busted me again.

That became the template for the next few weeks, we played almost every night until we went to Maui. Just show and tell, a little kissing and masturbation to orgasm. Every night that she entered my room wanting to play, I really wanted to do it, but after masturbating and ejaculating I always kind of felt like it was wrong. That feeling lasted until I got horny again. And after a while, it didn't seem so bad, even after coming.

And I stopped fapping three times a day.



I have kept a journal since I got my first laptop in the 7th grade. I have a lot of detail about our relationship. I think I could go through and count the times we had sex, but have never done that.

For example, here is an entry from March 4, 2005, I think it was a Friday night. Natalie would come into my room after our folks went to bed, typically after 10:00PM, they were pretty regular about that. This one night we didn't check and we were almost caught. I remember this and if I posted the story, I would add some more detail from memory.

March 4, 2005

Nat and I were almost caught last night.

After 10:30PM, we had been making out and Nat was sitting on my legs ready to go.

Dad tried to open my door and luckily we remembered to lock it. I could hear Mom walk down the hall towards Nat's. She jumped off my bed and I pulled the covers up over me. Our shit was on the floor and he started to knock and called my name.

She opened the door just as Mom walked in through the bathroom. She stood there nude and I thought maybe her panties were on top of the clothes pile on the floor. I was ready to shit.

He asked what was going. She told him she was trying to take a bath, but I owed her money and I wouldn't pay. WTF?, but it worked. I had no idea what to say, She is awesome.

He told us we didn't live in a nudist colony. HaHaHa, good one! Then told us not to loan each other money if we didn't pay it back. They came in to ask us if we would help in at the nursery on either Saturday or Sunday.

She took a bath after they left, just in case they came back. Ha!

Afterwards it was a huge turn-on and we couldn't stop laughing at first. We fucked twice. Got to sleep around 1:00AM.



I have kept a journal since I got my first laptop in the 7th grade. I have a lot of detail about our relationship. I think I could go through and count the times we had sex, but have never done that.

For example, here is an entry from March 4, 2005, I think it was a Friday night. Natalie would come into my room after our folks went to bed, typically after 10:00PM, they were pretty regular about that. This one night we didn't check and we were almost caught. I remember this and if I posted the story, I would add some more detail from memory.

March 4, 2005

Nat and I were almost caught last night.

After 10:30PM, we had been making out and Nat was sitting on my legs ready to go.

Dad tried to open my door and luckily we remembered to lock it. I could hear Mom walk down the hall towards Nat's. She jumped off my bed and I pulled the covers up over me. Our shit was on the floor and he started to knock and called my name.

She opened the door just as Mom walked in through the bathroom. She stood there nude and I thought maybe her panties were on top of the clothes pile on the floor. I was ready to shit.

He asked what was going. She told him she was trying to take a bath, but I owed her money and I wouldn't pay. WTF?, but it worked. I had no idea what to say, She is awesome.

He told us we didn't live in a nudist colony. HaHaHa, good one! Then told us not to loan each other money if we didn't pay it back. They came in to ask us if we would help in at the nursery on either Saturday or Sunday.

She took a bath after they left, just in case they came back. Ha!

Afterwards it was a huge turn-on and we couldn't stop laughing at first. We fucked twice. Got to sleep around 1:00AM.

>> File maui.jpg

Not sure if anyone gives a rats ass about my confession, but it has to be better than the spam.

6 months ago I sat down to confess my story and the first thing I wrote was the first time my sister and I had sex. I don't really have journal entries for the whole Maui trip, it was before I learned how to encrypt text, but I remember it pretty clearly and I wanted to write about it before I forgot details, it being 8 years ago.

Around Christmas, a few weeks after Natalie and I began almost nightly sex play, our Dad decided to take us all to Maui. We had gone a couple of years before and stayed in a condo. For whatever reason, this time we were going to stay in a nice hotel. I think the nursery was doing really well and they just decided to stay in a hotel this time. They reserved two rooms, one for them and one for Natalie and myself. They told us it would be just like our old house. I think that they arranged for the rooms to be together, connected by a door, but when we got there, the rooms were in a different building even. My folks didn't hassle the hotel over this, they just asked us whether we could be trusted and we assured them we would be fine. We were good kids.

We were there for a week. As I mentioned we had continued our making out and masturbation play nearly every night, but the first night on Maui we had just flown in and we were too tired after a long day and dinner. But the next morning I was feeling horny and seeing my morning wood, Natalie decided to shower with me and helped me masturbate until I ejaculated.

That afternoon, our folks decided to have a romantic dinner on the other side of the island and gave us some money to order a Pizza in our room and told us to watch a movie or something like that. We got to the room and I opened the telephone drawer to get the phone book to get the number of a Pizza place. Beneath the phone book next to the Bible I found a three pack of condoms that some previous guest must have left. This was great, we laughed and looked at them. Natalie tore one off and opened it and we played around with it. We made it into a balloon and were trying to bat it about waiting for the Pizza guy. When he knocked on the door and we popped it and put it in a trash bag.

We ate the Pizza and selected a movie and began to watch it. It was pretty boring, though there was a soft core sex scene near the beginning. Natalie and I mocked the scene and finally Natalie got up and took one of the other two condoms. She took off her camisole top (she didn't have a bra on) and dropped her shorts. Wearing only her panties, she jumped on my bed, telling me she wanted to see me come while wearing it and watch the sperm fill the tip. I was totally up for it, what with watching Natalie's bikini clad body all day, the sex scene and now seeing Natalie's perfectly shaped breasts up close. Her nipples were distended and dark, so I knew she was very turned on. I was very hard when I got up to strip my shorts and t-shirt off. I then lay on my bed with my back against the headboard.

Natalie said she wanted to put the condom on with her mouth, She said that her girlfriends told her how to do it. Actually, Natalie needed much more practice doing that and after a few tries, we laughingly decided she should just put it on by hand. But in the process I felt her warm wet lips on the head of my penis and I nearly ejaculated. She got it on with her hands and began stroking my cock.

I could barely talk, but I asked her to "put it in your mouth, its OK because you won't be touching it directly, only the condom." She rolled her eyes at my logic, but sure enough she took my penis into her mouth. It was unbelievable. That was the instant that I knew we were having sex and there was no way to deny it.

Natalie said she wanted to watch me come in the condom so I was to tap on her shoulder when I was about to come. I did that and she pulled her head away and just started stroking hard and fast and I came, filling the tip with semen. It was awesome feeling and Natalie was totally into watching it.


We started to watch the movie again in each others arms. I was nude and Natalie was wearing only her panties. It was a long movie and lasted another hour. I placed my hand inside her thigh and gently started to massage it. She turned her head and kissed me on the lips. I occasionally ran my middle finger along her panty covered lips.

When the movie ended, Natalie turned to me and said, "Let's use the last condom, I want to feel what its like to have you inside me. She reached over and got the condom and slid her panties off. I had already come twice that day and the last one was a pretty big orgasm not long before. I told her I wasn't sure I could get hard. She smiled at me and kissed me on the lips again and proceeded to take me into her mouth without the condom. I got hard really fast. She gave me the condom and I opened it and unrolled it on my wet penis. She whispered to me that she was so hot and just wanted to feel me inside her.

She straddled my torso and she guided my penis to the mouth of her her vagina. Natalie is a petite girl and we discovered that her vagina was quite small compared to my erect penis. So we kind of fumbled around and it was a little awkward, but once we got the head in, she pushed down slowly until I was fully inside. I could hear her breathing in my ear and she was breathing very hard, grunting and almost moaning as she slowly moved her hips up and down. I was so excited I came right away and and I was pretty sure she hadn't come. We held each other a very long time and kissed. We eventually got up and got ready for bed. She told me that it felt really good for her, but she didn't quite come. She said she was very close though.

Pangs of guilt came over me and I knew we had crossed the line, even if we hadn't before. I had bad dreams that night. But when we woke up the next morning, we realized we hadn't been struck down by lightening and the police weren't surrounding the hotel to arrest us. We laughed about that and made some jokes about it, and being struck down by lightening became our own little inside joke. And we were both extremely horny and immediately had to figure out how to get more condoms, where to get them and how to ditch our parents after breakfast, etc. etc.

That turned out easier that we thought.

My folks had met another couple last night in the bar, luckily they didn't have kids with them, and they all wanted to drive to Hana. It would take them all day and they wouldn't be back until late. We had done that the last time we were on Maui, but it is a really winding road and Natalie got car sick, so we didn't didn't think it was that great. We told them we would rather go snorkeling and that we would rent some gear in town where it is cheaper than the hotel and do that.

My folks were all for that and gave us a bunch of money for that and lunch and dinner.

We went into the little town next to the hotel and did some shopping, but mostly we were looking to buy condoms. I told Natalie that I would just go into the local drug store and ask for them and buy them. She said she thought I looked old enough and they wouldn't hassle me. She was right. The clerk at the counter was a young guy, probably 18 or even younger, so it was no big deal. I got a couple of three packs.

We got back to the hotel after renting our snorkeling gear and having lunch and it was a little after 1PM. We had talked about going snorkeling and then do the sex thing that night. But as soon as we closed the door to our room, a wave of horniness came over me and I threw my arms around Natalie and asked her if she was thinking the same thing I was thinking. She giggled a little, but more like the nervous giggle of someone very turned on and wordlessly pushed my walking shorts and underwear down to my feet and from her knees my sister began to fellate me.

Given the choice of sex vs. snorkeling, pretty much sex wins every time.

We spent the rest the of the day having sex. It was like a honeymoon I guess. We came up for air about 3PM in the afternoon and went out to the pool for a Coke. We then waited in front of the little gift shop until no one was in there except the clerk and then I went in and quickly bought a tube of KY Jelly. We practically ran back to the room and continued to play with each other until well after dinner time. We eventually just ordered room service. I am not sure how many orgasms we had between us, but I must have ejaculated three times.

For the first time I kissed Natalie's vagina and I must have spent more than an hour licking her all told. She would orgasm when I licked her on the right side of her clit for a short while and I loved the way she smelled and tasted. And she also must have spent a good hour sucking me "bareback." She even let me come in her mouth without protection once and she spit my semen out into a towel. That is so hot to me and it is a little treat she lets me have every once in awhile. We also experimented with 69.

And we had intercourse. Sometimes to orgasm, but sometimes we just stopped to rest for a few minutes and then try oral or just to make out or listen to music and talk. And then we would start again. Natalie likes to be on top and I like to pound away missionary style. We switched around. We also tried dog style. It was unbelievable and we eventually got into an easy rhythm with experience. Natalie even let me put my penis in her vagina without a condom for a little while, as stupid as that was. It felt so good. I didn't really pump much, not wanting to ejaculate, so I just held her and felt her tight wet warmth.

Later that night our parents called us when they got back to the hotel to tell us they were having a night cap and to meet them in the restaurant-bar and we would talk about what we did that day. They felt a little guilty leaving us while they went to Hana. Natalie's vagina and legs were sore. Her legs were sore probably from me pushing them up to her chest when I was pounding her. She loves it when I do that. The head of my penis was a little sensitive too, so we giggled as we kind of limped into the restaurant. We just told them we went to the beach and snorkeled and went into town. We told them we had a blast and that made them feel good. Natalie and I played footsie under the table when we were telling them how great it was to snorkel.

From that point on, we were experienced lovers and we have never looked back. There was no real shame after that day.

There have been times since then when we haven't been together for awhile for whatever the reason. When the horniness has really built up that way, we sometimes end up spending all Saturday or Sunday afternoon just having sex. It is great, but doesn't quite match that first trip to Maui.


This is a nicely written account and whether or not it is true it doesn't matter, I enjoyed reading it, so thanks.

If it is fiction, then you have a good imagination and have conjured up a good story.

If it is true, then I can't help feeling you have created a monster problem for yourselves, but good luck anyway.



Bet you their both from Kentucky, their all into that sh*t down there.



Bet you their both from Kentucky, their all into that sh*t down there.


you know, even us girls like a hot story, and yours was great. Makes me wish I had gone after my brother...It would have been easy because I caught him once peeking though a crack in our bathroom door at me...when i was showering. So I know he would have done it with me..
So.. is this the end of the story or is there more?

>> File urine-test.jpg


Not the end of this, there is more and Natalie and I both went home for Easter and I am still writing about that. But I was going through my journal as I remembered a few times other times we were actually caught. Not by our folks, though I still can't believe we weren't totally busted the time I described.

We were caught at least twice and I will describe one of the times that I remember and found a journal entry. But there was one other thing that I remember, but I can't find anything about it, so this is just from memory.

So, not only were we worried about being caught in the act, we also worried about side effects from our sex tripping us up. The first problem was "Honeymoon Cystitis" that Natalie picked up in Maui. She started to have a burning sensation when peeing the morning we were to return to the mainland. My penis seemed like it grew in length from the time I first masturbated in front of her in the hospital to the time we got to Maui. And as I said, Natalie, at 5'5" is a bit petite and her vagina is very tight. She loves me pounding her missionary style, but she needs a lot of lubrication or it begins to hurt. We were pretty sure the burn was related to that.

It got pretty bad and we Googled the symptoms and freaked a little when we saw the obvious diagnosis: honeymoon cystitis.

But, in any case, Natalie had told Mom and Natalie went to the Doctor who called it "urethritis" after asking Natalie if she had been having sex recently. Natalie told me she denied it and was worried that the Doctor might give a gyno exam to determine the state of her hymen, which she had torn a long time before. But her Doctor was ultra-cool and actually had asked it to be helpful and told her that there were many causes that were not sexually related. She prescribed some drugs and that was it.

As Natalie was leaving the exam room, her Doctor asked if she was on birth control pills, and Natalie, in a knee jerk reaction, said "No, why would I need those?" But she realized that her Doctor knew she was sexually active then and was probably just suggesting that it was something she should think about, just to be medically helpful to her patient. Of course, Natalie realized that she should have asked for some and we could have done away with the condoms much sooner. But somehow Natalie was thinking that the Doctor suspected that Natalie was having sex with her brother. But of course, that was just plain stupid, why would anyone think that!

About 6 months later, Natalie finally made an appointment with her Doctor to get birth control pills. We did Google research and determined that many girls her age had them. It was easy and the Doctor prescribed them for "irregular periods" as a cover story to tell my folks. As smart as our hippy parents are about those things, my folks bought it hook line and sinker.

That night when she got her pills, Natalie was at some school activity and didn't eat dinner with us. I knew the real story about the pills of course, but I wanted to see what they knew or thought. They had been talking very obliquely about Natalie's Doctor appointment and I asked what the deal was. My Mom told me it was none of my business and that Natalie had a simple problem for which she just needed to take "some medication."

I pressed them by saying they discussed my Mono with Natalie in great detail, why would they not tell me about Natalie's illness. Mom was irritated that I kept asking, so she finally told me that Natalie was having "female problems" with her menstruation, it was not serious, but she had a prescription and that was it. She then said she didn't want to talk about it any more. Natalie and I eventually concluded that our folks understood that the pills were to prevent pregnancy and, being hippies, they were glad she had thought of it and took the initiative to get them. They just didn't dream that they were preventing the birth of the child of their son and daughter.

I got a kick out of that and so did Natalie when I told her about the conversation. I was hoping to have sex with her without condoms that night, but we had to wait until they took full effect.


First a little more background about my folks.

The family lore goes that our grandparents lived in a commune back in the late 60's and that is where my Dad was conceived. Our grandparents passed within a short time of each other a few years ago. My Dad always said they were farmers, and that is more or less how he got into the nursery business. But Natalie and I have concluded that they were "farmers" only in the way that people who cultivate weed are "farmers." They were great to us and we loved going to their ranch in Montana, but we never saw them do any farming. My Dad was very close to his Dad, so we never said anything about it.

Natalie and I shared our room in a very old small clapboard house, our room was a long ago addition that someone had added with a bathroom attached to it. It might have been built as some kind of guest room to be rented out. When my folks got married they rented this tiny house on one acre of land and started selling plants from a roadside stand in front of the house. I imagine they also sold weed they got from our Grandfather, but by the time we were in grade school, they had opened the nursery and that is a totally legitimate and very successful business. Natalie and I know this because we help with the books.

We tease our folks about being hippies, but actually they are pretty normal upstanding parents. It is just that sometimes the influence of their hippy parents shows through.

For example, one day our folks decided that they wanted to provide us with the sex education they felt the public school we went to would not provide. So they bought this sex education book and give it to us. It had a lot of text describing everything from birth to sexual intercourse to puberty. But the best things were the drawings. They were very detailed, including, as I recall, depictions of circumcised and uncircumcised penises, both flaccid and erect. And, of course, both the internal and external views of a vagina, including pubic hair. There was even a drawing of a couple in the missionary position.

That night, Natalie and I -- we were both still in grade school and in old house -- stayed up really late looking through the pictures and reading some of the chapters to each other. It was sort of a joke to us and we laughed at a lot of stuff in there and we were having a great time. We were sitting facing each other on my bed and handing the book back and forth, making comments and laughing. Well, we woke up our parents who finally threw open the door, very annoyed, to see why we were up.

They saw what we were doing and went into shock, sort of. They obviously never thought that we would read the book this way. They expected that we would be much more modest and look at it alone. But of course we went through it together and were having a great time. We would even flash each other after we saw a picture of something. We saw the erect circumcised dick, I would pull down my pajamas quickly and pull them back up. We saw the hairy vagina and Natalie would show me her hairless vagina. Luckily, our folks didn't see any of that. But even that was not as sexual as it seems, but we both were probably just a little titillated by the book.

Now our hippie parents didn't get mad or anything. They just gathered their thoughts and took the book and told us to get to sleep. We never saw the book again and it was never mentioned again. But, not long after that, our parents decided that our house was too small and we needed a bigger one in which Natalie and I had our own rooms. Natalie and I talked about it and we both were going to miss talking late at night, but we also thought it would be cool to have a room to ourselves. They decided to build a brand new house of the location of our old house.


We were caught in the act by someone else, though, when we both were in High School. And we know that if the guy turned us in, we probably would have been taken from our parents and separated from each other. We were just plain lucky.

It was Natalie's senior year in HS and my Dad was a member of a certain service club. He had been a member for a few years even though the chapter had been on the decline. Still I think he thought it would be good for business. The club had organized a family oriented camping trip to a desert area not too far from where we live. It was for a long weekend of three days in the middle of winter. We would leave Friday afternoon and caravan to campsites on Friday and Saturday. Then go hiking and stuff.

Natalie and I didn't really want to go because the service club families were a little too weird for our taste, but we thought my Dad and Mom wanted to do it because Natalie would be going away to college soon and we used to go camping when we were younger and they sort of wanted to rekindle that fun we used to have. You can't really do that of course, but we decided we would have a good attitude about it and go and try to have a good time anyway. We were such good kids.

Because Natalie is adorable in a girl-next-door way, there is always some old geezer who takes a liking to her. We are never sure what they have in mind, but probably they have some fantasy that they can hang out and somehow end up having sex with her. Or maybe they just want to hang out with her to watch her unbelievable butt and boobs to have some fapping material. Who knows. Natalie and I have discussed this a few times.

Anyway, when we arrived at the clubhouse, a Geezer took one look at Natalie and lit up like a Christmas tree. He kind of sauntered over to our parents and began chatting them up. He was from some other chapter and they didn't know him. He brought his fat wife and two chubby boys who might have been twins and an equally chubby daughter. Actually, he was probably in his mid thirties, but a geezer nonetheless.

Geezer began by hinting around that maybe our families should consolidate our stuff and go as sort of a team. Even my Dad kind of blew him off and he hadn't even seen the dread on Natalie's face when Geezer suggested it. That was a good sign.

We hadn't been camping in years but we had a lot of cool camping stuff, and we had a lot of fun getting it out and putting it all together. Natalie and I had a tent we shared and our own backpacks and that kind of stuff. Our folks had their own tent and the cooking gear and so forth. No one would ever think that a brother and sister sharing a tent was weird at all. It's camping. Sharing a room until late grade school might raise eyebrows, but camping is different.

Except to Geezer. In the conversation, it came out that Natalie and I would sleep in the same tent, and Geezer said that he and his wife always wanted their boys to sleep in a tent by themselves and that his girl needed privacy. He was trying somehow to cast aspersion on our sleeping arrangement and was hinting around that his daughter might be a little lonely in her own tent and that maybe Natalie would like to share his daughter's. I should have been insulted, but I let it go, especially when my Mom and Dad did not respond to his comments.


We had fun, actually. The Geezer was OK and actually knew something about hiking. His kids seemed OK as well, but we were determined to keep our distance. It became obvious when we setup at the first campsite that Natalie and I would not be doing our sex thing, all of our tents were too close. So, we just shrugged and decided to go with the flow. This kind of thing would happen all the time and it just would make us hornier when we got home.

Until Sunday. The campsites didn't really have any facilities, except they had some port-o-potties. We were roughing it, as it were. Our last campsite was near a desert stream that ran with very cold water in the winter and spring from snow in the nearby mountains. We would break camp mid-afternoon and be home by early evening.

Natalie decided that she wanted to "freshen up" somewhere along the stream, which meant basically taking a sponge bath. She mentioned this to my Mom and Dad. Of course, I would go with her and be a lookout and protector. She told them I would go with her and we would be OK. My parents were fine with it.

Of course, Geezer heard Natalie tell my folks and immediately tried to insinuate himself in the conversation. He said that his daughter would just use some bottled water they brought, but might like to join Natalie but his boys liked the grit and dust. No doubt. But we had to ditch the Geezer kid fast and without saying anything we got up from eating breakfast and Natalie put her stuff in a stash bag and I grabbed a towel and we set off to the stream. As we walked away, we heard Geezer say something, we were not sure what, but something like "be sure to pick a spot downstream."

We walked quite aways down the stream thinking that if we went pretty far, the chubby Geezers couldn't make it that far. We set our stuff down. Natalie stripped down and took her sponge bath with a face towel. I stood behind her looking towards the direction of camp, thinking if anyone came I would just shield her with the beach towel. Anyway, she eventually asked me to sponge her back, which I did, and paid special attention to her tight ass and also I decided that she didn't a good enough job on her breasts, especially her nipples. The cold water on her nipples made them swell and darken. I dried her off carefully. The creek looked inviting, so I told Natalie that I was going to wash up also. I stripped down completely. We changed places and I washed myself and then handed the face towel to Natalie. She smiled and thouroughly washed my penis and soon I had an erection. Natalie joked that the only reason I came with her was to get a blow job and I laughingly said "Of course!" It was warm and we were dry so we were both nude and Natalie folded the beach towel to provide padding for her knees on the hard ground. She positioned herself in front of me and took my penis into her mouth.

I was in heaven and I had my head down watching Natalie gently stroking me with her mouth and right hand. I was getting ready to come when I heard a noise and when I looked up I saw Geezer. He was really close, like 10 feet away by that time, and approaching from our side. There is no doubt that he saw my penis in Natalies' mouth. He stopped in his tracks and his jaw dropped. Natalie had not heard a thing and just continued. After a second, I jumped back and yelled at him, "What the fuck are you doing here?" Natalie got up and just started to dress as if nothing had happened and she handed me my underwear and pants, never looking Geezer's way.

Geezer was without words and I guess I can't blame him. So I just verbally attacked him. I told him he had no business following us out here while we were bathing and that he should just leave Natalie alone and we were sick of him following her around.

He backed away and said that he was sorry, he was just taking a morning walk and wasn't trying to snoop or anything.

"Bullshit you pervert!" I yelled.

I told him to get away from Natalie and stay away or we would call the cops. It was the only thing I could think of.

He just looked at us for a second stunned and turned around and started walking back to camp, very very fast.

Natalie and I got dressed and went back to the camp. We really didn't know what to expect when we got back. We decided that we would say that Natalie did not have any clothes on when Geezer sneaked up on us and we told him to go away. Natalie was going to say the guy was a creep and she was embarrased about the whole thing.

Noting happened. Geezer didn't say anything to our folks and stayed away from us for the rest of the day. It bothered us and we decided never to do something like that again. We promised never to do each other except in our bedroom. It was a promise we kept until the next time we were caught.

In retrospect, it seems unlikely that Geezer would have said anything. I think he realized that he would have looked bad following us out there.


In spite of my reservations about seeing Natalie, I was excited about it and so was Natalie. We each decided to take Good Friday off from work and make our separate ways to our old house and it would give us a chance to have dinner together that night, just Natalie and myself. We thought we would be around our folks all weekend and especially on Easter Sunday when we would have our traditional non-religious Easter dinner late in the afternoon.

I hadn't had sex since Natalie and I last saw each other almost two months ago and I was pretty horny. I assumed that Natalie and her fiancé were fucking regularly, so she I thought she wouldn't be in the same state of horniness as me. Going through my journal of our high school years really turned me on. After reading some of the entries and remembering some of the things we got into and the total turn-on it was, I decided to write about it in more detail and that eventually led to my posts on ichan. After writing for a couple of hours, I would have a hard on and would hit my porn stash of young Russian couples pretending to be something like Natalie and myself. I broke up with my last girlfriend last summer and haven't really been aggressively looking for a replacement. After graduating from college last spring I got a job as an editor for an advertising agency, hoping to eventually write novels for a living. Unfortunately, I work in their Web division in a suburban industrial park with technical people writing and editing advertising copy and am not located anywhere near the main offices where all the hot marketeers hang out. And I haven't done much personal writing except for the ichan stuff.

We both arrived within a few minutes of each other late Friday afternoon, and our folks normally stay late on Friday at the nursery, so we had some time together alone and decided to go out to dinner. We went to one of our favorite Mexican places and it is dark and intimate and we were surprised that there weren't many customers for a Friday.

Natalie and I got around to talk about us and I think we really needed to have this conversation away from our parents, obviously, and even away from our family home. I asked Natalie if she loved him. She said "of course, why do you think I want to marry him?" This question sort of went back to the time we were in high school and both were very jealous. There were a few incidents similar to what I described with my erstwhile girlfriend Trish, including times when Natalie dated someone I thought she was especially fond of.

At first our jealousy got so bad we eventually decided that we could date "casually" other people but we would not have sex with anyone but each other. That decision really was great, we concentrated all of our sexual energy on each other. In high school we both would date every once in awhile -- Natalie more than me -- and it would not bother us. In fact, when Natalie and I came home from dates, we were normally very horny and had great sex. We would even make out with our dates to get a little hot and ready for each other.

When Natalie went away to college, things changed quite a bit, of course. She went to a college in a "big city" two hours away. The first year we would see each other frequently, like very other weekend. Either Natalie would come home or I would drive up to see her. But Natalie began to date and although we didn't discuss it much, she did had sex with some of the guys she dated. She would hint at that and I would always ask her if she loved him. She would smile and always say no.


I thought about going to college at the same school, but ended up going to another university in the same city. We were around 45 minutes apart, but still didn't see as much of each other as before. We did meet on weekends when we weren't doing anything else. There were a few periods of time when we saw each other every weekend and one night during the week. But that would slack off during other times, like finals and stuff like that. Natalie was in Alpha Gamma Delta, though never lived in the sorority house. However, she was fairly active and that took a lot of her time. I had an on again -- off again relationship with a girl during much of my college years. In the end, though, sex with Natalie would always trump sex with my girlfriend.

The conversation got really serious after I asked her if she loved him. Natalie said that she felt like our sexual relationship was really holding us back from moving on in our lives. She felt that it was not an evil thing we were doing, but it was like a soft drug, like weed. It wouldn't kill us, but we just needed to stop, cold turkey. She said in earnest that she had met someone she thought she could spend the rest of her life with. He was a little older than her, a surgeon with an established practice who was 34. This was 11 years older than Natalie, and she protested that she knew what I was going to say. No, he was not too old for her.

"Does he satisfy you sexually like I do?" I asked.

Natalie protested that it was not a fair question. We had been lovers for almost 10 years, how could he be as good as me. I was flattered. But she immediately said that that was exactly why we needed to move on. We talked about it and Natalie was making perfect sense. In fact, I began thinking that I really should begin aggressively looking for a relationship, maybe even join something like match.com, which I have been considering. Maybe even go visit my college girlfriend who was now living in San Francisco and who had emailed me inviting me up to visit. My college girlfriend didn't really want to break up, but did get this great job in tech in SF and decided she needed to take it.

Natalie frowned a little when I told her what was going through my mind about match.com and my old girlfriend, but said that that was really the best thing for both of us. We could be really cool brother and sister to each other like every other brother and sister in the world. Her voice broke when she said it and then smiled a slightly forced smile and then looked away. We were silent and I think that Natalie wanted to cry, but held it in. Her eyes were a little watery.

This would be a very difficult transition.


Natalie and I drove home after dinner and chatted with our folks for awhile and after they went to bed we watched TV for awhile. While turning around the channels, we landed on TCM where the movie that we saw that night on Maui was playing. We kind of laughed a little bit and then decided that because it was late, we would just go to bed. We didn't mention the movie other than to say it was the movie we saw. The movie wasn't really that good, we wouldn't watch it again, in other words. But I couldn't help remember that beautiful night that we first made love, I mean really made love, when I entered her the first time after she took me into her mouth without a condom. I am sure she remembered it also.

Our rooms have been kept the same since we both moved out, so they are very much the same as when we were in high school. It was around 1:00AM and I surfed around for a bit and then hopped into bed. I decided to close my door to the bathroom. As long as we were going to be like any other brother and sister, I thought that was the right thing to do. I didn't do it out of anger or to prove any point, but it just seemed like something we should start doing. I jumped into bed and tried to sleep, but it took awhile to quiesce my mind which was engaged in deep obsessive thought about my current dilemma. I am not sure when exactly I nodded off but I did eventually fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

Next thing I knew it was 8:00AM in the morning and Natalie opened the door and came into my room. "Go running with me?"

Natalie was dressed only in a pair of medium blue compression shorts that matched her blue running shorts that she had yet to put on and a white cotton wife beater of mine without a bra. Her body was perfect as always, her ass and thighs accentuated by the compression shorts. She looked adorable and drop dead sexy with her nipples visibly pointing through the thin cotton fabric of my cheap undershirt.

"Don't tell me you are going to wear that outside without a bra." Natalie gave me a certain look and said that we would not meet anyone on the 3.5 mile route we usually ran. We both took up running in High School and used to run together until she went to college. We both run regularly, just not often with each other. This was like the old days. I looked at her and said that that wasn't the point. I told her that her tits would begin to sag if she ran without a bra, but in truth I was enormously turned on by the way she looked and her perfect breasts and nipples. She threw the towel she was holding at my general direction and told me to hurry up and get ready.

Our folks had already gone to the nursery and left us a note saying they wouldn't be home until late afternoon or early evening and we would all go out to dinner when they returned.

We went on our run, it was warm and a little humid and we were both sweating and by the time we made it back to the house we were drenched in sweat. Natalie had not put on a bra but at least had put on her running shorts. The white tank top was soaked around the neck and arms and you could see much of her breasts, wet t-shirt style.

We went into air conditioned house and drank some water and juice and ate a little fruit while we cooled off a little. As I recovered from the run, I began to feel the familiar wave of horniness and was thinking to myself that I would just have to put up with the feeling until Natalie went somewhere and I could fap. Maybe twice in a row.

We were still both a little damp when Natalie rubbed up against me to pour me another glass of water. Not in a sexy way, but just sort of naturally, but, of course, it couldn't have been just an accident. I smelled her musky sweat. I love the way Natalie smells after she works out, sweaty but not overly strong but with it a slight but definite musky odor not unlike her vagina when excited by my tongue. She knows I love that smell. At first she thought it weird or gross, but she also told me that she liked the masculine sweaty smell I have after working out also.

I took another drink, and told Natalie that I was going to shower and get dressed. I sort of was warning her about me wanting to shower which I ordinarily would not do, even for those times that we wouldn't have sex, like the uncounted school day mornings, because it just wouldn't have mattered. Natalie and I would coexist in the bathroom, both getting ready at the same time in various stages of undress. No big thing. Whoever got their first got to use the shower/tub, but I wanted to get their first because Natalie would often take a long time to shave her legs and vagina and all that stuff, if she hadn't the night before.

But today was different because of our decision last night and I really didn't want to see Natalie without any clothes as I had the beginnings of an erection even now when we both had clothes on. I knew I would be totally hard around a nude Natalie.

"So?" she asked with a slight smile.

"You are really going to make this whole thing difficult, aren't you?" I said with a chuckle.


I went to my room, got undressed and was adjusting the shower when Natalie came in, topless, and pulled down her shorts and compression underwear, sat on the toilet and began to pee, spreading her thighs in an exaggerated manner and arching her back. I gave her a withering look. She had an impish smile on her face. We had gone through a short golden shower phase in High School that began in an almost identical situation when I was trying to get into the shower one Saturday and Natalie "just had to pee." It was a total turn on and our golden shower thing ran its course with us peeing on each other as sort of foreplay. Like a lot of things we had gotten into over the years we moved on and hadn't really done it in awhile. It was fun, but the novelty wore off and it actually was a little bit of a hassle also.

Natalie wiped herself and got up, pulling her shorts back up. I was totally hard.

"Who are we kidding? We will never stop, whether I get married or not." Natalie stepped over to me and hugged me tight. My hard penis was trapped between my stomach and hers. I could feel the cool wetness of her still sweaty body and I breathed in deeply, my nose resting gently on her hair. Her smell was intoxicating.

In High School we would sometimes have sex after running together, somehow our sweat just turned us on and one afternoon we just couldn't wait until later that night and took a chance that our Mom, who was in the Kitchen cooking or something, wouldn't hear us.

Like that first time, I took Natalie by the hand and led her to my bed. I laid down on my back and Natalie knew exactly what I wanted and what she wanted. She peeled her pants down and stepped out of them, flinging them across the room with her foot. She then mounted me so that her vagina and anus were inches from my face. Sweat mixed with now copious vaginal lubrication ran thickly down her inner thigh and created an aroma that acted like a direct injection of testosterone into my balls. First I traced my tongue along the dribble of fluid running down her thigh and tasted its saltiness. I then buried my nose and mouth into the crack of her vagina as deep as possible -- I would have pushed my whole head inside if I could have, I was that turned on. Natalie, as is the way she always does 69 on top, was not going to begin to suck me until she had at least one orgasm, but was certain to let me cum in her mouth.

But I wasn't thinking about that. I wanted to devour Natalie and I thought maybe I would cum by just eating her out. I knew I could make her cum by licking the side of her clit, but that would be at the end of my tongue's leisurely sex tour. I pushed my tongue deeply into her vagina and licking up to back of her slit. My nose was planted against her anus and I inhaled a little and detected the same sweaty musk of her vagina. I raised my head and planted a gentle kiss on her anus and Natalie slightly shook her butt. Natalie didn't like me to kiss her anus, we had done some anal things, but although it seemed pleasurable to her, she never got over the feeling that it was somehow dirty or whatever. Hell, maybe it was dirty, but it was something that turned me on a lot, so every once in awhile I would treat myself. Just a simple little kiss.

My tongue then moved to the skin patch between her tiny anal slit and the back of her vagina, and Natalie, as always, responded by pushing back a little, signaling that it felt good to her and to continue with it, which I did. I then moved around to her rather large lips and separated them and concentrated on licking her clit. Natalie moaned and tightened her fingers around my rock hard penis and when I pulled my head and tongue away for a second to rest, Natalie tongued my pee hole and then the rest of my head. She then stopped, waiting for me to continue.

I went right for the clit, pressing my tongue to her clit's right side. That lasted only a minute or two and Natalie orgasm, signaling it by a long breathy moan, the rapid contraction of the muscles around her anus and the drenching of my tongue and face with a cascade of lubrication. My face and Natalie whole vagina-perineum-anus-butt-crack were soaking wet. I continued to press my tongue until she relaxed and the anal contractions stopped.

Then I felt Natalie take the head of my stiff penis in her mouth tongued the head. She then started her skillful stroking and rhythm with the manipulations with her mouth and tongue on my cock-head. I lasted only a minute or two when I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. I stopped ejaculating but Natalie kept me in her mouth with her lips tightly closed over the upper shaft of my cock, holding completely still while she swallowed every last drop. This was the first time she swallowed all of my come.

Natalie laid down at my side and we spooned and I held her. I felt like I could never let her go.

We eventually looked at the clock and it was around 11:30AM. We looked at each other and knew exactly what we would be doing for the rest of the day.


I am very much enjoying your story, just so you know


Natalie and I spent the rest of that Saturday afternoon, or I should say the next 2 or 3 hours, making love, revisiting almost everything we had done over the years, if you count the beginning of this encounter as a golden shower proxy. In the later afternoon after we finished and cleaned up and had some lunch, there seemed to be a lot to say, but we never got around to say it.

Not that we avoided talking about us, we didn't at all. We actually had a long discussion about my journal and my writing and Natalie's diary. Natalie is smarter than I am but never really got into writing. She was much more into athletics rather than the more introverted writing thing. But she did say she occasionally would read diary entries of our high school years and we swapped our versions of notable events, like our experience with Geezer. She had a slightly different recollection of some of the events, even though my journal and her diary were both written almost immediately after the particular event. We laughed about the different perspectives we had.

That was a fun conversation and was really the last deep conversation we had and almost none of it was about our future. I guess this is something we can't fathom or plan for, it will just unfold. Natalie and I haven't talked since Easter and that is pretty unusual for such a long time period.

But a few weeks after Easter I got a phone call from our Mom telling me that Natalie and her fiancé were going to elope. By now they have left for a three week wedding and honeymoon starting in Las Vegas and ending in Bali. It sounded great but a bit puzzling since they were planning a pretty elaborate wedding. The elaborate wedding thing sort of surprised me as it wasn't something I thought Natalie would be into, but I just concluded I was wrong about it. But the change was still a little surprising as evidently she had ordered and paid for a pretty expensive wedding dress. Her fiancé is very wealthy, so I guess that is not a big deal.

Oh, and I am going to be an Uncle.

At the end of the call with my Mom, she casually mentioned, after a little chuckle, that Natalie said she just found out she was pregnant and of course I would be an Uncle. I think my Mom chuckled because she also got pregnant with Natalie before my folks got married and they too eloped, so to speak. They just had a scaled down wedding, being hippies, they weren't really bothered by their "premature" pregnancy. So what could they say now?

Frankly, I don't know what the future holds. I guess at this point I have to get on with my life. I suppose that it means that we will continue with our sexual relationship at least until I meet my wife. Then I have to decide whether to continue.

But it does feel cool to be an Uncle.

>> File DCM001M02.jpg

Natalie emailed me a wedding picture of her and her new husband. They returned from their extended honeymoon a couple of weeks ago. She said that she was going to visit our folks and wanted me to come down and visit also. Our Mom had called me a few days before telling me that Natalie had a miscarriage and that she would be coming home for a weekend just to be with her so that she could recover a bit from her loss.

Of course, I could have been the father but I guess that is irrelevant now. The reality that our relationship has to come to the end really sank in during the month they were gone. I have been emailing my old girlfriend in SF and we have generally talked about me going up to see her. I don't see that is being viable in the long term. I have also posted a profile on one of the online dating services and that hasn't resulted in anything too promising.

I haven't responded and really think I shouldn't go. But what is worse is that I am very horny and am sick of fapping to Russian porn. I told Natalie by email that I might have to work that weekend, but of course that is a lie. She called me and left me a message saying she wanted to talk with me and catch up. I think she wants to talk about the pregnancy.

Frankly I don't think Natalie is coming home to recover from her loss. I think she wants to fuck me. Right now I don't even want to return her phone call. I think if I go home, we will just begin our sexual relationship again. There is no way I can resist if she wants to start again.


"Being only 13 months older than me meant that Natalie and I went through puberty at more or less the same time

In fact that's unusual. Girls are a year or two in advance of boys at this age, in physical, mental and emotional development.

>> File nGg7T.jpg

If your going to make up bullshit stories then post a picture, make sure its not one that's currently doing the rounds on the internet. 
Oh and before you say, thats me or whatever, this is a prom picture and the guy in the pic already commented on reddit about it. 

Snarf Snarf


What took you so long, Mr. Snarf?

I couldn't decide on a decent model for Natalie, so picked Allyson and a proxy. The subject prom pic would have been better.

Also, the story is based on this reddit post


which I thought was an awesome story framework. I think brother-sister incest is a great subject.

Hope you enjoyed the story....

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