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/con/ ~ I am now the leader of the Lapsed Catholic Church,...
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File Daddys Lil Slut 1.jpg

I am now the leader of the Lapsed Catholic Church, and here are the rules my friends: Thou shalt not? Fuck that! Thou fucking shall!!

So here's the deal - this is going to be a tad long. I've posted some confessions on Motherless and AnonIB before. Now I'm trying iChan. Moralfags are going to hate, but everything I do is legal. I had an account on Motherless under the name SlutsNeedUse. I posted photos of submissive girls I've Dom'd/played with. They were labelled Sluts 01 - 05 (there are other girls I played with, only just those 5 were posted). If you want, hit up Google Image Search, set Safesearch to Off, and google that name, you'll get whatever pics still exist.

Anyhow, for a few reasons, I nuked the Motherless account. For one, one of the sluts was no longer comfy with her photos being posted there and we're not seeing each other any longer (I can't help what Google keeps). For another, I kept getting requests to whore out the girls. I'm not a fucking pimp, nor do I pay for these girls, nor are they for sale; they're just kinky friends. Beyond that, too many people wanted personal details, face shots, etc.

And finally, a few of the girls wanted to sell their panties. Sweet. I posted an add with panties from one girl, but most of the replies were from guys wanting me to hook them up with underage girls or CP. Fucking hell, where do you get that from "Slutty 18 year old girl selling panties?" For those that were legit, thanks. The girls (two of them so far) are still selling, just not on there.
So... that's gone, but there are still a few things I want to share.

1) My old confessions on other boards were mostly about younger girls. 16 and 17. I've fucked a bunch since I hit my 30s. 16 is legal where I live, with no restrictions as to age gap. The girls I post photos of are 18 mind you (it's legal to fuck a girl who is 16 at any age here, but the age to do porn is still 18). Now I've gone down that road again, getting sucked off by a 16 year old girl about a week ago, and making her squirt off a vibe. She fucking drenched the sheets! Will have some more fun with her in future, but that's just one confession of a few.

2) The photo you see at top is one of the girls from my older posts, but a new shot. Got those panties for her off an online store. I have a matching pair for one of my other subs as well. She's such a good Daddy's Girl, and yes, she was fucked in them. I'll post the back of them in another post.

3) I'm willing to take requests. That's not a confession, just saying. Within reason. No "find a nun fill her with cum make one of your girls lick it out" shit. Reasonable.

So that's my confession - I play with a lot of 16-19 year old girls, in fact in the last 5 years I've now been with 20 girls between the ages of 16 to 22; 5 of them were 16 to start. Only two were 20 or over to start.

For all the guys out there lusting after jailbiat - just find a state or country with a lower age limit (without a close in age clause), and be a reasonably nice guy. Helps if you're a perv; girls these days love to experiment.

I'm also curious if anyone else round these parts has done this.

k. I'll keep an eye on the thread if anyone wants some more pics, has questions, etc.

>> File Daddys Lil Slut 2.jpg

One of my goals for the summer is to have this girl, or my other sub who has the matching pair (in black) walk out in public with them. Will see how that goes over ;)

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