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/con/ ~ Pedo or ephebo...maybe both.
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I like girls from ages 9+. I don't know why....can someone relate and help me?


If your also attracted to minors at least 14 years of age then you are a pedo and a ephebo. So basically your a pedohebophile,which is a real name that is used in the medical community. 


Normally I would make my own thread,but I don't have a regular PC so I can't. I hope OP doesn't mind if I borrow this thread,I just want to use it for the purpose of explaining my theories about pedophilia. Sadly it's kind of late...and I'm tired so I might just post a part of my theory for the night and post the rest of it tomorrow. 
I would have done this a lot sooner,but lately I have just been so damn depressed and it's gotten to the point to where I can't even watch tv,and all I want to do is sleep,but now I think I have built up enough motivation to function so here it goes...
Before I begin with the origins of pedophilia and where it may have came from I first want to cover some VERY IMPORTANT FACTS about pedophiles. Im doing this just incase there are a bunch of newfags here and I am also doing this for the die hard anti-pedos. Sadly nowadays many people don't really know what a pedophile is,and many assume we are either,child molesters,adults that kidnap kids and the worst of them just assume we are like serial killers. Many people get these ideas from the media. For many years pedophiles have been under the spotlight when it comes to catching the attention of the media,but what you don't know is that the media is only targeting a SMALL MINORITY of pedophiles.
If you were to read a psychology book you would know that the overwhelming majority of pedophiles in the USA ARE NOTHING like those sadist sickos you see on tv. Even the department of justice will admit that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of pedophiles do NOT act on their urges and "molest" kids. There is also a little twist to this though,unlike what many people may believe,most child molesters are not pedophiles. It's a proven fact that most child molesters are HETEROSEXUAL'S rather than pedophiles. These types of offenders are known as situational child molesters.
Most situational offenders often have sex with children for a number of complex reasons,but one of the most common reasons is mainly a heterosexual will see a child as something like a substitute for having sex with an adult. Often at times some situational child molesters have a hard time finding the right type of sex partner and they feel like they can't attract partners their own age,so they target kids and have sex with them just for the sake of getting laid. In my honest opinion,I think it's pathetic how a person that is NOT attracted to a child would simply risk harming a child just because he can't find a woman his own age. I mean COME ON FOLKS,JUST GO FIND A HOOKER,hell at least you get to have sex with someone you are attracted to!!!
I don't want this post to get too long so I will just explain about what a pedophile really is. In short a pedophile is an adult that is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. Sadly the APA doesn't seem to acknowledge pedophilia as a sexual orientation,but that may change soon. Many doctors in the medical community are starting to label pedophilia as a sexual orientation and the APA is actually considering to change the definition of pedophilia and label it as a sexual orientation. Still take my word for it folks,pedophilia IS indeed a sexual orientation. Anyways I will stop right here for tonight and continue this tomorrow. There is still so more that needs to be explained...well good night. Next topic: Traumatized children. 


Wow. Somehow my paragraphs got screwed up.



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