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/con/ ~ A Christmas Story for My Fellow Perverts
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File pinkRobe.jpg

When I was in the seventh grade I started to go to church at the local Calvary Chapel. I didn't attend because I believed in Jesus but at first I did have sort of had an open mind. But a lot of popular kids were going and it was a hip thing to do. I wanted to be popular and this was something I could do to associate with them without being popular and they couldn't really exclude me either. I was social climbing as my mother used to say.

A really popular guy in one of my classes was also pressuring people to go and I was beginning to see that I didn't believe any of it, but in my 7th grade logic had decided to attend until the next calendar year and just stop. I noticed that a couple of people from school had stopped going and nothing happened to them, like they didn't die or anything. More important, they still were popular and it wasn't really a big deal.

The guy's father was an assistant pastor, I think he was full time with the church, meaning employed by the church. He was married to a really young woman named Mary who was his second wife. The story was that his first wife, the mother of the kid in my class, had died of cancer and shortly afterwards he married Mary. By the time I was in seventh grade, Mary was in her mid-twenties. I think the story was usually told in such a way that would make you suspect he had been fucking her all along, but that idea was completely lost on me, being just a kid. She was a very pretty petite strawberry blonde with medium length hair which she would often wear in a pony tail. The pony tail was the epitome of fashion for girls in my class and the fact that this really hot adult wore her hair this way was awesome.

I always saw her at church services, of course, and like all the Christians they just love to see you attending their church. She would smile at me and occasionally hug me when greeting me either before or after the service. She did that to many of the kids, both boys and girls. She knew many of them because her husband was some sort of youth pastor. I drew the line at attending the youth bible study which you had to do in order to join them on their other activities like camping or whatever. But it was very cool to be hugged by her and she always smelled great and was soft and warm and always happy. She definitely was the kind of woman I would fantasize about, like she would be exactly someone I would marry. I had started masturbating (with dry orgasms) during the summer before my seventh grade and needed plenty of fapping material and she provided some good stuff.

Mary also worked at the local drug store which eventually went out of business when the Walgreens opened a couple of blocks away. It was a small store, but had a lot of magazines and that is where I bought a lot of computer magazines and comics. Between church and buying stuff at the store, we sort of recognized each other and she began to call me by my name. I was always hesitant to call her Mary, being an adult and all, so I would find ways of phrasing things so I wouldn't have either to call her by her first name or by her official "Mrs. Smith."

It sounds funny now, but at the time I wanted to be an architect. I loved very cool looking houses (still do) and once I bought a magazine with home designs. It had some really cool pictures of exotic houses and I realized it was the kind of magazine that adults might buy when they were thinking of buying a house. Mary was at the check stand and I had to make the calculation of buying it and looking like some sort of dorky homo kid. With anyone else at the counter I would have bought it no problem, but I was just semiconscious around Mary. Maybe my fantasy about marrying someone like her played into my self-consciousness. In the end, there was nothing else interesting that I had not read so I took it to the counter and bought it.

Mary looked at it and smiled and said, "I would have thought you would be buying Maxim." Actually I don't remember her exact words but it was something like that. Maybe she said Playboy. I think I told her I wanted to be an architect, which made it worse as I knew I must have sounded like a little kid telling an adult I wanted to be a fireman or something like that. I couldn't help imagining her telling her step-son about the magazine. Crap.

Actually, if I had the ability to fantasize the way I do now, I would have wondered whether her step-son had seen her pussy, smelled her panties or stuff like that. But I was only twelve and just beginning to get into fapping and that level of sexual thinking.


Anyway, it was the week after Christmas and early one afternoon I went to the drugstore for a magazine. I didn't see Mary in the store and I was slightly disappointed. But as I walked out and down the street next the store's parking lot, I heard someone call out my name. I looked around and it was Mary.

She was smiling and chatty, though she didn't hug me. She made some small talk and I really didn't see where she was going with the conversation and I was thinking to myself that this must be like my parents talking to someone when I really want to get going. It seemed to me that they talked endlessly about boring shit just to be polite, except that they seemed to be into it.

Then Mary told me her husband and her son were at a retreat and she was just getting off work and would be going back to her house. I knew they lived really near the beach somewhere and she asked me if I would help her take down her Christmas tree and afterwards I could go for a swim at the beach with her. We live in the South along the Gulf and the water is around 70 even in December. Cold for some, but a lot of people enjoy it. It's OK.

I can't honestly say at that point that I thought she was planning on trying to fuck me, but I knew something was up and I sort of panicked. I started making excuses, including that I didn't have my bathing suit, but they were lame enough that she easily countered each of them.

Finally she said, "Come on now, it will be fun. I'll drive you back home when we take the tree to recycling."

I was sort of trapped, it was a soft trap, so I relented and said OK.

We drove to their house near the beach. It was not that big, but it must have been very expensive and even I thought about how they would be able to afford it on a pastor's salary.

She told me to relax, have a seat on the couch while she put things away and changed out of her one piece white polyester dress/uniform. She had a great body and looked good even in that kind of quasi-medical dress.

She returned in a bikini, well maybe not a bikini exactly, but a white two piece bathing suit. I felt a familiar tug between my legs and began to worry about standing up with a raging boner. She had a bathing suit in her hand and came over and said, "Put this on, we can go for a swim." It was obviously her step-son's. I said, "Don't you want to take down the tree?" She laughed and said that we had plenty of time for that.

She told me that swimming the in the middle of winter was her favorite thing, but that her husband and step-son, didn't particularly like it. She liked to swim with someone, not alone.

The beach is nice white sand and she took some Cokes and chips in an insulated bag and a couple of large beach towels. It was nice, we swam and sat on the beach taking in the sun. I'm not into the winter thing, it's better during the summer.

But I saw a lot of her. I got great views of her tits and occasionally a peak at the top of her large red nipples. I had a boner much of the time and was relieved when we actually went into the water. Her step-son was pretty big for his age, bigger than me, so I my hard-on had a lot of room and when sitting could hide it pretty easily. When she said she wanted to swim, I sort of made it a game, saying we should race to the water as I thought running would hide my boner better. Of course, at some point you just can't hide it. She didn't say anything and she didn't stare at it or anything like that.

I also couldn't help but look at her pussy, trying to make out her crack or anything, really, but couldn't make out anything except some stubble at the top of her legs. It really was incredible, like I couldn't control how turned on I was. She wasn't nude or anything like that of course, but just imagining her body underneath two skimpy garments was enough. This was my first intense sexual experience.

When it came time to go back to the house, I volunteered to carry the insulated pack she brought out. I looked ridiculous, I am sure, lugging this thing in front which should have been slung over my shoulder. It probably was pretty obvious that I was hiding my boner, but it was better than nothing.


We finally got back to the house. She told me to jump into the shower in her step-son's room and that she was going to shower in her bedroom. I thought about what it would be like fapping in her house, but the counter thought was fapping in her step-son's shower. That was way too gay. My thoughts were interrupted when Mary opened the door slightly, but didn't look in. I didn't even have time to say anything when she yelled into the bathroom that she had put a clean and dry bathing suit on the bed, to put it on and we would sunbath on their deck for awhile. She then shut the door. It scared the shit out of me.

I finished in the shower, the fright ending the boner I had. I dried off and went into the bedroom and found clean, dry bathing suit. I thought briefly about putting my clothes on and telling her that I needed to go home, but that thought was interrupted by her voice saying she would only be a minute and to come into the living room for a minute and wait for her. I heard her using the hair dryer.

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch after putting on the bathing suit.

A few minutes later she entered the living room and started chatting away about how much she enjoyed the beach and swimming, especially during the winter. But she wasn't in a bathing suit, she was wearing a pink terrycloth robe. I couldn't tell about any panties or swimsuit bottoms, but I could tell she wasn't wearing a top.

She had a couple of Cokes in her hand and put them down on the coffee table and sat down very close to me. Close enough so our thighs were touching. I wanted to ask whether we were going to sunbath or even take down her tree, but couldn't get the words out.

"Let's talk for a minute. I'm thirsty and would like to get to know you a little better." She took a drink of her Coke and after putting it down, she put her hands on my thigh.

I jumped a little and my boner was again in full effect. I was half horrified and scared but also liked the feeling of her hands on my thighs and the feeling in my cock and balls was indescribable.

"I think you are a very cute young man, but you seem so shy. Most of the young boys at church are so loud and extraverted. I like the way you are and your shyness is cute. I just hope you like me, you know, I want you to be comfortable with me. I know I am an adult in your eyes. You like me don't you?"

I managed to say "Yes, your great" or something like that, I don't remember exactly.

She said a few more things like that and then just stopped talking, but kept her hand on my thigh.

I really couldn't say anything, just couldn't speak.

"I know how hard it must be for a shy young man like you to get to know girls. It must be hard even to talk with them right?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so." or something similar.

"It's OK, I understand that. Girls your age are going through the same thing I think. At least I did." I really didn't believe that she had that problem, she probably was as hot as a seventh grader as she was sitting next to me on the couch. But I really wasn't going to say that. I really couldn't say much of anything.

"Its a wonder that anyone your age has a girlfriend at all!" she said laughing. "Do any of your friends have girlfriends?"

"Uh, no, not really," then I remembered that her step-son had an adorable girlfriend on whom we all had a crush. "Well, some do, I guess."

She laughed again, evidently knowing what I was thinking. "My step-son thinks he has a girlfriend, but really he is afraid of her, of what she thinks of him and what everyone thinks of them. You should hear him go on and on about it. It is a very natural thing at your age."

I smiled a little, making a mental note to consider that piece of information when I was in a different frame of mind.

There was another minute or so of silence.

She then lifted her hand off my thigh, and ran her fingers through my hair. As we both shifted our position I glanced down at my raging boner which was pretty obvious and as I looked up, Mary had somehow loosened the top of her robe so that I could almost see her belly button but could clearly see much of her breasts, but not her nipples.

"Would you like to look at all of me? You know, my breasts and between my legs? You must be a little curious, right? I think I can see that." She smiled very sweetly and kind of mused my hair gently.

I looked more closely at the separated lapels of her breasts and then slowly looked up at her face. She had a very slight smile, she was scanning my face for a reaction. I finally said "I guess so."

She tousled my hair with a big smile and got up and took my hand. "Come, let's go into my bedroom, it will be more comfortable."

As I got up off the couch, I realized my answer was pretty stupid so I said, "Yes, I really would like to see you" but as it came out of my mouth it sounded even more stupid.


We went into the big bedroom which was very nicely decorated and very neat and tidy, like the rest of the house. She told me to sit down on the bed and I complied. She stood in front of me and dropped her robe. My hands were trebling. I saw her large red nipples for the first time. Her tits weren't particularly large but her nipples were pretty big. I then looked at her face and saw that she had a very slight smile and her eyes were tracking my eyes.

"Go ahead and look. Take your time."

My eyes took another brief look at her tits but then traveled down to focus on her pussy. She had mousy blonde pubic hair that was pretty dark brown. This was just before everyone started shaving there and she had very a very soft downy hair and I stared at it for a minute or so.

"Are you surprised I dye my hair," she asked with a laugh.

I laughed a little.

I looked up again at her tits and then her face. I was too embarrassed to ask to see her ass.

"I am sure you want to see my behind," she laughed and I agreed, glad that I didn't have to ask.

She turned around and I stared for a minute or two.

I was trying to think of a way to ask to take a closer look at her pussy and ass, but she anticipated me.

"Let's change places and you can take a closer look." She didn't laugh, she just knew what I was thinking.

She sat down on the bed as I got up and revealed my hard on in the bathing suit that was quite a bit tighter than the one I was wearing earlier.

She looked at it and smiled a little and said, "We will deal with that a little later."

She then drew me to her and grabbed my hands and placed them on her nipples. "Be gentle with them, now, they are very sensitive." I started to rub them, too hard I guess, and she put her hands on them and said, "Softer, gentler, OK?"

I began again, being as gentle as I could.

I was surprised when she said "That feels really good." I couldn't believe I could make her feel good.

She then scooted back on the bed and lay on her back and raised and spread her thighs to give me a good look at her vagina. I looked for a minute until she told me to get closer to look as closely as I wanted. I got really close and saw that her pussy was really red and wet. I wasn't sure what the wetness was, but it didn't smell like pee. I did smell her musky vagina odor and it was one more stimulus that was about to overload my twelve year old brain.

Mary reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips to reveal a drenched clit and pee hole. She said in a hoarse voice that I could touch her clitoris, but I recall that she called it her 'bump.' "Gently, though, very gently. More gently than my breasts," she said. Mary told me it is the most sensitive part of a woman's body. I reached down and touched and very gently rubbed it a little and heard a moan coming out of her mouth. It scared me a little, no understanding the sexual process at all. But then she told me that it felt really good to be rubbed there, as long as I was very gentle.

She then told me to move my finger along her slit and feel the wetness. She told me that women who are excited by a man's touch get very wet and that it is a sign that I was making a woman feel really good. I was getting the hang of this and starting really to get into it. My nervousness and fear were melting away.

She then got up off her back and asked me if I would like to see "my behind up close." I was a little embarrassed. I was turned on by the thought of it, but didn't really want to admit that I wanted to see the place where she shit. I just couldn't imagine her on the toilet shitting, she was too beautiful and petite for that. Of course, I knew she did, but it seemed shameful for me to be interested in that, let alone sexually excited by it.

Anticipating what I was thinking, she told me it was OK, men like to look at it, but it was a very private area that some women didn't want men to see or touch it. But she was OK with me looking at it because she knew I was just curious.

She got on her hands and knees grabbing a pillow on which to rest her head. She spread her thighs pretty wide and I could easily see the patch of skin between her now dripping pussy and round, pink asshole. I wanted to touch it but for some reason dared not to, but I put my head close to it and took a slight breath through my nose. I smelled only her pussy. Suddenly she reached around with her hands and spread her ass cheeks. This opened her anus slightly and I wanted this part of it to last a little while, but she did that only once for a moment. She immediately got up and sat on the bed.


Mary got up and said she really had to pee and took my hand and told me I could watch. She led me into the bathroom which was also very neat and clean and feminine. She sat on the toilet and I could hear the urine splashing in the bowl as I watched from the side. I was fascinated and turned on by the way she arched her back. I once accidentally walked in on my Mom while she was peeing, but it didn't turn me on like this. She finished, controlling the stream like I would do and then she grabbed a length of toilet paper and wiped herself from the front twice, inspecting it between wipes.

She got up without flushing and said, "Your turn" with a big smile on her face. "Come on now, don't be shy. I let you see me and watch me pee. Now I want to see you. She was laughing as she said it. And I was OK with doing it, but just didn't quite know what to do. Like was I supposed to flush first or take off my bathing suit or just pull it down a little.

She giggled cutely and said, "Here sweetie, let's do it together." She stood guided me in front of the toilet and stood behind me, resting her head on my shoulder as if it were a big joke, which I guess it was. She then tugged the bathing suit down to mid-thigh and rubbed my thigh and told me "Now go!" I sort of giggled and was surprised and relieved, so to speak, when a light stream came out of my dick. I finished quickly and she said, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it. Now I've seen your dick and you have seen my pussy. Were even, no big deal right?"

I laughed and looked at her in the eyes and for the first time I think I smiled. We both laughed again.


She led me back to the bedroom and at her direction I got on the bed with her. We got into the position of facing each other but very close. My legs were underneath hers. She had retrieved a vibrator from the bathroom, I think, but I didn't actually see where she got it from.

She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I played with myself. Feeling a sense of confidence with her, I told her I did. She asked me if I knew what an orgasm was, and I told her I did and said yes when she asked me if I came when I played with myself. She also asked me if I produced any sperm or semen when I came and I told her no.

As we were talking, she moved her right hand to my penis and began to manipulate it. She didn't really stroke it, but just sort of fondled the head. I immediately regained my erection that was lost when peeing. She silently continued a bit after asking her questions. Finally she told me that it wouldn't be before long that I would shoot sperm out and that I looked very normal, maybe a little bigger than normal, meaning my penis.

She then moved around and told me that she was going to stimulate me with her mouth, but she didn't me to orgasm, that I was to tell her when I was ready to come. She lay on her stomach between my legs and told me to lay all the way back, which I did. I felt her mouth on my cock and it was unbelievable, many times better than the wonderful feeling of her fingers fondling the head of my cock.

I began to feel something in my balls that told me that I would be coming soon, so I dutifully said "I think I am going to come in a second."

Mary lifted her head and smiled at me and told me that showed her how mature I was. She moved up the bed next to me, grabbing her vibrator and spreading her thighs and began masturbating, moving the vibrator up and down her slit, pausing each stroke at her clit for a few seconds. She looked at me and said "Let's masturbate together, I think we are both ready to come."

She then just turned her head away from me and looked at what she was doing and I took that cue and started my familiar stroking. I started stroking frantically, I was ready to come and I thought I would burst if I didn't. I came right away with a shutter. I was certain that sperm or semen would shoot out the end, but it didn't happened. It wouldn't happen for another year.

Mary didn't last long either. She worked her white plastic vibrator back and forth and let out a long groan, which signaled her orgasm.

We both relaxed on the bed. It wasn't five minutes before I was ready again. Mary giggled and said that I should go ahead and masturbate some more, that she would help me. But she didn't masturbate herself. I stroked for a few minutes but I knew this would take a bit longer now. I asked if I could look "between her legs some more" and she got up and straddled my legs facing away from me. I had a perfect view of her anus and very wet pussy and this was enough to put me over the edge for another orgasm in about 30 seconds.


And that was it. Eventually we both got dressed and Mary told me she wanted to talk with me about what happened. I sat on her couch, but this time she sat on the matching love seat perpendicular to it. She told me that God had a plan for my life and that part of that plan was for me to remain a virgin until I got married. She told me that she wanted to satisfy my curiosity about sex enough so that if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't be tempted to have sex with her, because doing that was just not in God's plan. It was OK to masturbate and I could remember this day when I did that. But I should be very careful with girlfriends as touching or exploring each other's body would lead to sexual intercourse and that was not the best thing for either me or my girlfriend.

Mary then drove me home, we didn't really talk much on the way home. I never was with her again. A few years later, I was comparing notes with someone with whom I had gone to school with since fourth grade and after a long discussion realized that she had done the same with him (he also went to the church) and later still we discovered that there were many other boys who got the same treatment.

Every Christmas I think about Mary and wonder what she is up to these days. She would be quite old by now, so I am sure she has since retired trying to prevent boys from losing their virginity before marriage. You hear all the time about older women and young boys and the take is that the boy is very lucky and she is doing him a favor.

I do look back at the experience fondly, it certainly was one of the best sexual experiences I ever have. But still there was something wrong about it, something that bothers me to this day.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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