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/con/ ~ I'd like to make a confession that I am a 23 ...
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File 128898546.jpg

I'd like to make a confession that I am a 23 year old woman now. A college graduate. Work full time. Have a steady boyfriend. And I had a sexual relationship with 2 men when I was 8 and 9 years old.

I met my friend's uncle and her uncle's friend when I had a sleep over at her house when I was eight. Her uncle and his friend touched me, tongue kissed me, had anal sex with me, and ejaculated on me, and had orgies with my friend.
I found the experience weird at first but I really had fun with them and they were very nice to me. I kept going to my friends, and we did other "normal" stuff, like play video games, play outside, watch movies, but in addition to that, had sex. I actually never had vaginal sex back then, other just having myself or someone else touch me there.

Looking back, I really have fond memories of it, pretty much like other enjoyable experiences in my childhood. My parents don't know anything about it, or anyone else for that matter. I have kind of hinted to my boyfriend about it, he seemed surprised but cool about it. I wouldn't tell him much other than I kissed a man when I was eight.


OK, I'll bite, this sound very interesting.

Tell us a little about the first time with them. How did that work, had your friend engaged in sex with them before?

They must have told you not to tell anyone. Doesn't sound like they threatened you or had to for that matter.

Also, how old were they? Were they married? Did they have kids themselves?

How much did you know before then, did you know about masturbation, for example.

Did you orgasm with them? Did they make you come or did you make yourself come?


>I actually never had vaginal sex back then, other just having myself or someone else touch me there. 
I always believed the main reason girls get traumatized in pedophiliac events was due to forceful penetratation in a pre-pubescent and unprepared vagina. You kinda reinforced my theory, thanks.

>> File images.jpg

>I always believed the main reason girls get traumatized in pedophiliac events was due to forceful penetratation in a pre-pubescent and unprepared vagina.

Yes, that could be. I doubt I would have been traumatized if I had done vaginal sex, but they made sure they didn't cause me any physical pain. And also they told me I wasn't ready for "real" sex yet.

When I did anal with them, that sometimes hurt, but as soon as I let them know they pulled out.

>Tell us a little about the first time with them. How did that work, had your friend engaged in sex with them before? etc..

Actually, I didn't ask my friend if she did anything with them or not. The first time was very gradual. We were first just playing video games, and then tickling started. Then touching, then mooning/stripping. It seemed more like I was role playing. That is what was so fun about it for me. Pretending to be a woman, accept it was a joke. Like I was in a comedy movie.

They told us not to tell because they would go to jail. I thought they were joking, but they said that there are crazy people who think it's wrong to do what we are doing. It never made sense to me then, since it was not painful or harmful or anything. as I got older I realized why though. I never felt that they or I did anything wrong though.

I guess they were about 30. I am not really sure. I don't think they had kids or were married, but I am not sure. I only talked with them when I went to sleep over.

I knew that babies came from sex. I knew that grown ups had sex because it felt good. I knew that sex was when a man put his penis in a females vagina. I knew some phrases that kids would use at school, like "blow job", and "gay".

I never masturbated back then, or before then. I only pretended to be married when I played with dolls or something with my friend. So I did kind of pretend to have sex, but nothing real at all.

I didn't orgasm with them. I felt good rubbing, but it wasn't orgasm. It was more just a fun time, acting silly.


Thanks for sharing this. It is hard to claim that these sexual activities were harmful to you. This seems clearly like 'playing doctor' in terms of its long term effect on you, right? Fun but largely forgettable and didn't seem to become a problem for you with relationships as an adult. The fact that you had your friend with you and there was more than one adult probably made it seem OK.

I take it that they didn't come in your mouth or even make you suck them. Anal sex seems aggressive, but I remember associating my ass with sexual feelings at an early age. Actually, the word 'naughty' is probably the best way to describe that feeling, 'naughty' in the same way my penis was naughty. So maybe playing with one's ass seemed more obviously pleasurable than fellatio to a young girl. Especially if it means coming in your mouth or on your face, which is less playful and more controlling or aggressive.

That they were careful about what they did makes me think that they were experienced and sophisticated pedophiles. I think successful pedophiles are careful in their handling of children and intuitively know the boundaries they shouldn't cross with the children they engage.

It is also hard to imagine that the Uncle "just happened" upon a situation in which he fell into a sexual relationship with his niece and her friend. I can't imagine just being told by a friend of mine that he "had this sex thing going with his 8 year old nice and she has a cute friend of the same age, and why don't you join me" unless they had discussed sex with children at length and decided they both were into it. If that were the case, it wasn't the first time for them or the last.

Your post has caused me to think about what I would do if I were in the Uncle's friend's situation, having been invited over on some pretext and was told at the last minute, "Hey, these little chicks are really hot. They stripped for me and we played around, they even let me put my dick in their ass." Or what I would do if I happened to be hanging with you guys innocently playing video games and watching things unfold. I don't consider myself a pedophile and have seen the damage it does to some people. On the other hand, I have looked twice (carefully) at an adorable pre-teen on occasion. I suspect that I would chicken out. If I were a seasoned pedo, I probably would know how to handle the children, but in truth I would just probably excuse myself and leave if you were to come over to me and moon me.

I would have looked carefully, though.

>> File face.jpg

Yes, I admit that when I got older and started looking back at the experience, one thing that seemed a little uneasy to me was knowing that they probably did this with other children. Depending on what these other children were taught, they may look back and feel that they have been wronged by such an experience.

Still, i can't possibly imagine that those guys would do something with any child if the child was scared and told them no. they were very nice and fun. Maybe it wasn't genuine, but it seemed like it was to me. Most of the time we spent together was not sexual.

Back then, my parents did actually tell me not to let anyone touch me in my private areas and things like that, but I guess I viewed that kind of like "don't eat candy for breakfast". But my parents are quite liberal about sex anyways. I haven't told them anything about this experience, but if I told them about it now as an adult and told them that I liked the experience, they might be OK about it. I wouldn't want to risk telling them about it though. Pedophilia is not really a topic that comes up much. For all I know my dad could have been violently sexually abused as a child and has a hatred for anyone who sees a child sexually.

>Fun but largely forgettable
i wouldn't say that it was largely forgettable. It definitely was something I hadn't really done before, so it was new and exciting, and weird, but yeah it didn't seem like a turning point in my life at the time. It became more significant as time went on actually. I still don't consider it "my first time", since, even though it was fun, I really wasn't significantly sexually aroused.

All this being said though, I think it is dangerous to do this with children. Even though they may not object, and may even enjoy the experience as a child, they may later be "taught" how bad and wrong and harmful it is and 10-20 years later come and try to track you down or something. I am not sure how something like that works in a court of law, since what evidence would there be? But it is a witch hunt with things like this nowadays.


I'm glad you weren't traumatized or forced. It's good to hear that you look back on it as a positive experience.

Do you think you were more sexual at a younger age than your peers as a result of this? Does this experience play a part in your sex life today ( age play for example, or an attraction to much older men )? Do you ever look at pre-teen girls now and get sexually aroused by thoughts of giving them pleasure like you received at that age - or do you get turned on by thoughts of watching these girls experience what you experienced.

Just curious, not judging. I've chatted with girls who had experiences in childhood that have all or just some of these feelings.

>> File unledrkj.png

>>All this being said though, I think it is dangerous to do this with children.
But you have to admit, that most of the danger merely comes from the social stigmas regarding pedophilia. If the authorities would be a little bit more open minded towards it and would stop hiding the truth, depending on the circumstances (maturity of the child, did the adult or the child ask, etc.), there still might be a risk, but definitely less, than how brainwashing the social stigmas are currently.

>> File joker2.jpg

im glad to hear of this il save this thread on copy since it looks like the mods may be sweeping in soon (hoping not) but its nice to hear from a first persons point of view



Thanks for sharing this. I guess even with society's moral bullshit some kids just don't get scarred from sex.  It all depends on the kid though. From what I have seen as a child kids (not all) are way more sexual than adults. Hell I have a pretty high sex drive,but back when I was 10 years old my sex drive was at least twice as strong! Many kids enjoy sex as long as its not forced on them,anyways this thread is a good read.


Did you have sex as a child? Was it with a male or female? Do you believe that a child can be not damaged from being in porn as well?


Yes I did have sex when I was a child. The first time I had sex was when I was seven years old and it was with a boy my age. The boy came onto me and I just went along with it. Honestly I enjoyed the experience at the time. 

The second time I had sex was when I was ten years old and that's when my sex drive was outrageous. Hell I used to think about sex pretty much all of the time! Anyways once I turned nine I started having sexual desire towards girls,but once I turned ten...honestly I don't know how I was able to control myself and not commit rape.  Still one time there was this girl on this bus i rode and we sat almost right next to eachother and we started talking about being seen naked etc and before I knew it we were having oral sex on the floor under the seats. Sadly after that I no longer received any blowjobs with my other female partners,but I did get to lick some loli pussy. Even without blowjobs I just loved having their bare pussies in my mouth,by the way these girls were around my age so they were like nine and ten years old. I love loli pussy,lol I remember the texture perfectly,I mean they are so soft and warm and hot as hell. 

I also used to watch porn when I was 13 and back then I was attracted to women. I would steal playboy movies from my moms boyfriend and I would watch them often. At one point in time I was really fascinated with women,I mean I always wanted to know what a woman's breasts felt like.

Anyways once I became an adult and had sex with a woman for the first time I realized I wasn't truly attracted to women. Of course I went through this long phase of denial about being a pedo,but I won't go into that because that is a long story. 

As for kids being in porn,honestly I think in some cases it can damage a child. I mean it depends on the situation first of all the child must be willing to be seen naked and have sex etc. As long as you don't go against the child's will the child would be fine,but if you force a child into doing something they don't want to do then it would be more likely for them to be damaged. Still if sea pea were to be legal I think kids should only be in softcore films vs hardcore xxx films. I mean Im not saying being in a hardcore xxx film is wrong,but I think it would be bad for a child to be in such a film. I mean I think a child would taken advantage of if they were in a xxx rated movie,a little girl could be forced into sucking up to 20 dicks in one scene and end up swallowing a glass full of cum.  I mean I guess if a lg really wanted to do something like that then by all means have at it,but i think allowing a child to be in a xxx rated movie is pretty much the same as allowing a child to be a hooker. I don't think that's right,however I don't have a problem with a child being in a softcore film,I mean the child would have simple sex vs sucking 20 dicks or doing other nasty crap. As long as the child is fine with it and the child is having safe and simple sex then I don't see a problem with it.


why don't they call me? I would join the orgy!



I think a child would taken advantage of if they were in a xxx rated movie,a little girl could be forced into sucking up to 20 dicks in one scene and end up swallowing a glass full of cum.

Read more: http://ichan.org/con/res/168229.html#ixzz1ugqeGkM0

I'd pay good money to see that lol


I'm not into that sort of thing,but the thought of a loli eating something with my cum in it turns me on. LOL I wouldn't mind seeing a little cutie eat a pizza with my cum all over it. Of course as long as the child wanted to do it then I don't see anything wrong with it. 

>> File JBGfg2djpr80m.jpg


Lol, yeah, I would jerk off and cum into a small jar, topping it up frequently, then when I got the opportunity, I would add some to my niece or cousin's ice cream. Once I pissed in their apple juice. Also I would push a lollipop up my ass and give it to them.....


Well I like the ice cream part lol. 

I don't think OP is here anymore,but I would like to comment on "Looking back, I really have fond memories of it, pretty much like other enjoyable experiences in my childhood." I heard about a study that pretty much states that at least 40% of "sexually abused victims" actually enjoyed the sexual experience and that's WITH SOCIETY'S BRAINWASHING and moral bullshit. 

The rest of the scarring comes from society's reaction towards kids having sex with adults. As for the other sexually abused victims,they were scarred because an adult either forced the child into having sex with them or an adult physically harmed the child by penetrating them,or giving them an std etc. Still I think I can finally say that I am 99.999999% sure that it's society's reaction towards kids having sex with adults that truly scarrs most children with sex,and the rest of the trauma comes from adults forcing or physically harming a child with sex.

How do I know this? I owe most of the credit to Dr. Richard Green who was one of the doctors that played a big role on taking homosexually off of the DSM. Green thinks that pedophilia isn't a mental disorder,but he also thinks that adult-child sex should not be allowed. Another popular researcher Bruce Rind Ph.D thinks that adult-child sex isnt abusive unless the child is forced into having sex. Rind goes into great detail about how most of the time adult-child sex isn't always traumatic until society tells the child that they were abused.

There are more doctors that I would like to mention,but I don't want to spend too much time explaining everything. Even with all of this medical evidence though,I still wasn't really sure about adult-child sex being harmless,until I found out that at one time,even the APA admitted that adult-child sex isn't as harmful as everyone once believed. Sadly congress immediately bullied the APA into taking back that statement. 

So there you have it folks,a while back even the APA said that adult-child sex isn't as harmful as many have believed for so long. So I think it's safe to say that it is a proven fact that adult-chid sex isn't always abusive.

I think it's going to be a while before we know the true cause of pedophilia. This subject really lacks research and right now people are just closed minded on the subject. As one senator once said "It is beyond the realm of possibility that we're even here today talking about this. But what are we to do when we have groups like the APA who don't stand up and say that this is sick and twisted. I don't want to understand pedophiles, I want to put them in prison."


I am having problems with my device and it's messing up my paragraphs. Forgive my errors. 


Of course many victims of sexual abuse "enjoy" part of it. That's part of the great shame of being abused. When people tell a child how horrible what was done to them was, and yet it felt so good in one way, that really messes a kid up. You can't control how your body feels. If some old fuckers tied you up and gave you a blow job, you would get a hard on and shoot a load, no question about it. Does that mean you enjoyed the experiece?!? Of course not.
So stop trying to justify sexual abuse of kids.


>So stop trying to justify sexual abuse of kids.
He isn´t trying to justify sexual abuse of kids. The only one here who is advocating this are you. Always funny to see how you brainwashed anti-pedo nazis just blindly listen to what others tell you.

The only thing which can mess up "kids" (i´m using quotation marks here, because for many of you even 17yos are ostensibly still kids) are brainwashed, neurotic assholes like you, who don´t have the slightest idea about how real abuse or pain actually looks like.

Funny how it´s a proven fact that our society actually doesn´t the slightest shit about pedophilia, since almost all studies are merely based on the 5% who get caught, plus it´s proven fact, that the vast majority of "abused children" actually enjoyed what happened, as long as it´s consensual, until brainwashed know-it-alls like you feel the need to shove down your Christianity poisoned opinion other peoples throats, and perhaps even force the "kid" into therapy, or lock it up, to be able to enjoy the advantages of your "protection".


This is an interesting thread.


There is no "as long as it's consensual". If we're talking five, six year old kids here, they don't have the knowledge of sex to understand that they have the choice to say no in such a situation. You think the majority of adults will say "you know, you don't have to do this if you don't want to"? If you do, then you're incredibly naive.


anal sex is complicated, I highly doubt a little girls asshole can take it (most adult girls can't).

so I think this is all bs.

probably coming from someone who seeks justification...


Can you back up your claims? You say there is no studies on pedos but then go on the say it's a proven fact kids enjoy it... care to provide links to both? No-one will take you seriously if you don't. 

Not that they do anyway. 

KIDS DON'T LIKE IT. This is why it's illegal. This is why society frowns on it. This is why you don't see kids fucking. This is why kids NEVER come on to adults (funny how it's only the actual pedos who seem to get hit on, hmm..). This is why this shit is wrong. Ask anyone who was molested by an adult and you will see that they hated it. That's right, leave your little depressed 'society hates me' basement and you will see that oh em gee, not every 9 year old wants daddy and his friends to fuck her!

Can I back up these claims? Yes, unlike you. It's easy, search for 'victims of molestation' 'i was molested' 'molestation support' or anything to do with molestation. Until you can do the same NO-ONE will take pedos seriously.

(And yes, I've seen newgon, WOW one website with 50 year old articles which reference 'minors' not CHILDREN)

- Molested adult who is sick of this shit. Straight from the horses mouth. Lemme guess... brainwashed, etc....

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