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/con/ ~ I was going through my 14 year old daughter's...
No. 167571 Quote report

I was going through my 14 year old daughter's laptop last night because she told me that she couldn't boot it up. I got it booted OK, it wasn't really broken. She left to go to cheerleader camp on Friday. I snooped a little bit and looked into her My Videos directory. There was a pretty large zip file and I clicked on it, but it asked for a password. Anyway, I was curious what kind of video a 14 year old girl would want to encrypt. I tried a few passwords and the name of our cat was the password that opened the zip file.

I was shocked. It was a very explicit video of her. She does a strip tease from a dress she often wears to school and does one of her short cheers nude, which involves a leg kick. She moves the laptop around then lays down on her bed and spreads her legs. She moves the laptop around some more so she can see herself and then frigs herself and evidently cums. She then wipes herself with cleanex and then she turns off the laptop video camera.

I have not seen my daughter's private parts in a very long time. I knew that she has matured, of course, because of living with her and her mother and overhearing them talk together. But I haven't really been involved in her personal stuff like that at all, other than having had to get a plumber's snake when she flushed her first few tampons down the toilet. At 14, she looks very mature down there, with hair and all. At first my plan was to show the video to my wife and let her deal with it. But then, maybe it is just harmless and talking to by daughter about it would break some trust between us. It probably would be embarrassing for her anyway.

The real problem is that after watching it a few times, I got hard and finally jerked off while watching it. I made a copy for my laptop, encrypted with another name and password, of course. Since then I found myself hard just thinking about the video. And then this morning when my wife was out of the house I started up my laptop intending to delete it, but I just ended up watching it a few times and finally jerked off to it again.

I just don't know what to do. I am ashamed of myself, but at the same time I have also enabled remote desktop on her laptop, so I can monitor things to some extent.

She'll be back Wednesday.


You should be ashamed to go snooping through your daughter's folders. That said, the video isn't her physical self and I see no reason why you shouldn't wank to it. If you find yourself wanting to fuck your daughter, that's more of a problem. Enjoy yourself.


any change of you posting the vid here???


Of coarse not because he made it up


There are no "no CP" rules for this board, so why not post it?


i had a boner reading the description.  would love to see the video privately.  :-)


Something is happening that I didn't want to happen. I've become obsessed with my daughter and her sex life and not necessarily in a fatherly way. I decided to go through her laptop again and I also decided to search through her room. I needed to be careful as my wife would ask me about what I was doing and I don't think I would have a good answer. She is in IT and tech savy, so I can't really BS an answer about snooping on our daughter's laptop, let alone her room.

But first I spent all of Monday night surfing 'camwhore' boards trying to see if her video could have been posted. She doesn't look 18 at all, but you can always get a thumbnail where the women in the video looks different. Posters always find the one frame that makes an old skank look 13 and hot. I think it also must work the other way. I really didn't find anything except there are a lot of camwhore sites out there. I want to look at the p2p networks, but a couple of years ago, my wife busted me downloading some "questionable content" on Lime Wire and even though I pleaded ignorance, I had to promise not to use any p2p again. Maybe that is where adolescents post their sexting, but haven't been able to check that.

Yesterday I came home during lunch and searched her room while my wife was at work. I found myself going straight to her laundry hamper. There was a pair of panties, a bra, Levis, a sweatshirt and a towel. The panties were damp -- like her mother, she rinses out the crotch before she tosses them in the hamper to be washed. Go figure. She keeps a very neat room, so I had to be very careful or she would notice. I was able to fish a used tampon out of her bathroom trash basket, but I decided to let that go. If my compulsion gets much worse, something like that could end up a fetish item, but I am not that bad, yet. I moved through her bedroom and looked through drawers.

In the drawer next to her bed, there was a treasure trove of sex items. I found a pocket rocket and there was a hairbrush with a smooth thick handle that I doubt is used from brushing her hair. There was also a small bottle of K-Y jelly. She must have acquired them after she did the video. There was also a prescription for birth control pills with a product information pamphlet. If she is taking them, she took them to camp. I noted the name of the doctor and will try and find out who her doctor is without raising suspicion. This is something that my daughter and her mother would have plotted without my knowledge.

In her desk drawer was something alarming and I am not sure what to do. There were three pills and a handbill to a Rave. I looked on Google and the pills are Ecstasy. There is a note on the handbill signed Jill, who is her best friend from down the street. The message on the note indicates that they have not yet taken the pills, but are waiting for a Rave they could sneak into. I know that my daughter is very attractive, even aside from my fatherly bias, she won 9th grade Palm Queen. Jill just turned 15 and is very hot. This could be big trouble and I have to find away to intervene in the drug use before she get started. This is something I will have to deal with, but, not before I work through my temporary (I hope) obsession.

Last night, using RDC, I installed 'Recuva' and found three green lighted deleted wmv files. One was not was not playable, even though it said it was recoverable, it obviously was not. But the other two...


Recovering data is so fun. The problem with recovering videos is that some times i will take different ones and mash them together thinking it was one video.
As far as the E pills and the rave goes, is there a way to accidently find them if you are in charge of clean her room or something simular?
I am interested in the videos you did find. Are they "interesting"?


oh... as far as the obbsession thing, maybe its just the thrill or something new and forbidden. Could also be the sneaking around "spy vs spy" thing.


I now know where my daughter gets her sex education. I will call my daughter Holly. Actually, the video might be a year or

more old as I can tell from Holly's hair.

This video is of Holly and Jill. They are in our master bedroom laying in front of their two laptops. They are interacting

with Jill's laptop, it looks like my daughter's laptop is there just to video their activities and is right next to Jill's.

They never look into Holly's camera.

It is a 28 minute or so video. They are logged into some video chat application and are talking with one or more boys or men

or men disguised as boys.

At first nothing is really happening, except they lay prone talking and giggling and reading the screen, except there is no

sound. They are wearing short dresses, but they get up and go into the bathroom. After they return, they are not wearing

underwear and pose for like 10 seconds facing away from the camera, hiking up their skirt showing their ass. The very low

camera angle makes for a very nice view of them. Jill's ass is pretty much filled out but Jane's is slightly underdeveloped.

I had an immediate hardon. They lay back on the floor again and silently read the screen for the next two minutes. You can see

their pussy cracks also as their legs are spread a little. They lay down.

The next part is incredibly sexy. They are watching something and then their expressions show "jaw dropping" surprise. Their

shocked expression lasts for exactly 40 seconds. Apparently, they are looking at a penis for the first time. The really sexy

part is that they are also hugging each other and at one point Holly lays on Jill's back and rests her head on Jill's shoulder,

sort of like they both want to see exactly what the other is seeing. They turn and whisper in each other's ear, giggle, laugh

and have the greatest time. I know it is not sexual, girls do stuff like that, but it is very erotic to me. Just watching

that 7 minutes of them hanging all over themselves, preening each other's long hair, putting their arms around each other's

neck, sticking their tongues out and touching them and what not is totally fapable.

During this 12 minute period suddenly there is audio. But is hard to hear because the sound recording is not that high quality

and they are giggling and moving around. I decided to run down to Radio Shack to get a headphone extension so I could use my

Bose sound cancellation headphones on my stereo through which my computer plays. It is at times still hard to hear, because

they move around and whisper some time. And some of the time they are off-camera and saying things.

They said "show us your penis again." They ask him/them a few times, but it is not honored again. They even promise him that

they have not seen his face. But he/they do request (through text read by Holly) to "get on my hands and knees..," which they

both do facing away from the camera, giving an excellent view of their pussies and assholes. The resolution isn't great and

there is a slight pixilation, but you can make out pussy and asshole details. The pose lasts for about 10 seconds and they

both again face the laptop and Jill says, reading the screen, do you want to rub it? My daughter replies. "Nooooooo" and


Funny thing, they are asked to show their breasts, but they don't want to because they think they are too small. They don't

care about showing their pussies and assholes, but showing their breasts is a big deal. They sit up, grab nearby pillows and

slowly reveal just the top of their smallish breasts.

There is weird conversation and it is difficult to say whether they are talking about themselves or reading on the screen. I

think that the boy/boys were trying to teach them how to masturbate because they said "let's go try it" and move off camera.

Jill comes back and says that "it makes Holly want to pee."

"They want us to touch our pussies." Jill, on her knees, pulls up her dress and touches the top of her pussy with her index


They argue about showing thier pussy and eventually they both lay back and spread their legs open to show their pussy for about

3 seconds.

Holly briefly sits up and runs her finger up and down her pussy crack once and says to Jill "Now it's your turn."

Then Holly reads the screen and remarks that she doesn't know what a "kilt" is and Jill corrects her, saying it is "clit" not

"kilt." She says something and Holly says she wants to check it out and goes off camera. She comes back and again lays on

Jills back and rests her head on Jill's shoulder.

At that point, Holly and Jill hear a sound and they both jump up and run into the bathroom.

The video ends.


The second video is similar to the first, but this is evidently at Jill's house during a sleepover and there are 4 girls, Holly and Jill and two others who mostly stay out of the camera. I don't know their names. The scenario is the same, they are video chatting with someone or more than one guy, and Jill is drinking from a can of Miller Genuine Draft.

This is an hour video and much of the time, nothing is going on except they are running around a lot. But at one point they do watch some guy who is evidently jacking off for them, though I think he just stops before he comes, they later ask him to do it some more. He then asks them to masturbate for him, and they have a big discussion and nobody really wants to do it, but Jill eventually says she will do it. "Kiss me through the phone" plays in the background.

Jill is wearing a tank top and flannel pants. Jill lies close to the laptops and grabs the waist of her pants and pulls them down and off and tosses them aside. She is not wearing any panties and as slides a little forward, she presses her index finger at the top of her pussy. Her pussy is bald, she must shave it. One of the girls off-camera says that sometimes she uses Q-Tips. I assume she means to stimulate her clit, but it is sort of hard to hear her talking. Jill then pulls a pillow behind her head and some other girl moves Jill's laptop close to her pussy.

Jill then starts to masturbate and she knows what she is doing. She uses her middle fingers to rub her clit. She is really into this and she begins to pant a little bit. The other girls are whispering and giggling in the background. After about 90 minute, she stops. Her fingers are wet, so she sort of surreptitiously wipes them on the carpet. Someone tosses her pants and then the laptop is moved back.

Jill's show sort of disrupts the session. Nothing much happens after that, except that the girls ask the guy to "do it some more, you know, to the end" evidently they want him to cum. But he refuses and then the video ends a minute or so later.

It's sexy, but they never get around to do anything as sexy as the deleted video number one.


The two deleted videos were sexy and fapable, but Holly's cheer and masturbate video gets me hard immediately.

But I had to deal with the Ecstasy/Rave issue for Holly's good. I won't be able to do anything to prevent her from that stuff when she is older, but I can right now. The problem is that there will be a blow-up that involves her mother and I thought it would interfere with my new obsession related activities. Right before Holly returned from camp, I opened her email by guessing our old cats name -- we had to put him to sleep around Christmas time. I didn't do an extensive search, I decided that I needed to be careful about that.

On Friday, Jill came over to the house (she lives pretty close) to sit by our pool and to wait for Holly to get back from an appointment with her dentist. I think the appointment was really to get birth control pills, but I decided to play that whole thing dumb. Actually, Jill comes over often to lay by the pool with Holly, but unfortunately, I am usually not around to see her in her bikini. I decided I would have a chat with her.

I went out and sat down in the lounge chair to her. She smiled and we chatted about school and Holly's cheerleading. I then got serious and told Jill that "we" had found something "very disturbing and even shocking" while Holly was at camp and "you know what it is." I thought if I put it this way, she wouldn't think it was just me snooping around her room, maybe her mother found it and maybe we didn't even find it in Holly's room.

Jill took off her over-sized shades and immediately went from looking like a confident 15 year old hottie without a care in the world to a vulnerable adolescent in a world of trouble. Just was I had intended.

So, you know what I am talking about. I really don't want you to lie about it.

She got up from her prone position and started to stammer.

I said, "Please tell me the truth we both know. I have the evidence, so don't lie. It will be much easier for all of us."

Jill started to cry. Between sobs, Jill told me that a friend had given the pills to her, that she had given them to Holly as a joke, that they really hadn't intended to go to a rave, it was really a joke. Honest.

I didn't say anything for a minute or two, I just let the silence do the talking.

I looked her in the eyes, "We are also very concerned about how you two are using the internet." I was surprised I said it. But the truth is that watching her cry and being in total control over this hot 15 year old and looking at her unbelievable body covered only a little bit by her pure white bikini had me very hard. My internet comment just slipped out, I had not intended to say anything about it.

Jill's put her head in her hands and began to sob.

I moved over from the lounge chair I was sitting on to her's, and sat right beside her and put my arm around her. I got a good view her left nipple.

"Jill, I understand these things. By itself, the stuff you do on Holly's laptop is not a big deal. But I worry about you and Holly online. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, that's all. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, that sort of thing normal for women your age."

I paused to gauge her reaction. She looked up and stopped sobbing.

I continued, "I know you guys are really good kids. It's just you are messing with something that could put you into a lot of danger and that's why I am concerned" I wanted to be vague about what exactly what I was talking about, it was either the drugs or the videos or both.

"Look, I don't want to make a big deal about this. Maybe I don't have to talk with your parents. Maybe we don't have to ground Holly or take away her laptop. I'd really rather not."

I continued.

"You are more mature than Holly. Holly is still young and I know she looks up to you. I think that is great, but you have to understand that your actions have consequences and you can teach that to Holly better than I can. Maybe you and I can figure some way to fix all this. If I knew you understood consequence, that will make me feel like Holly is safe."

Jill looked up and sort of gathered herself. "Really? You won't tell my parents?"

"Well, I just don't really know what to do about this. It is all about understanding consequences, If you can convince me you do, I think everything is OK."

"Yes, that would be great. Honestly, it was all a joke, a big mistake. We were all just joking around. We didn't know anyone we were talking to, honest. We never would take drugs, they tell us about that stuff at school. We are very careful about being online, honestly. I am so embarrased."

"Don't be. I just want you guys to have a safe summer."

She studied my face and I have her a fatherly smile.

I said, "Let's both think about this over the weekend. Don't mention this to Holly, I haven't decided how to deal with this, maybe we don't even have to say anything at all. If you tell her, then it will become a big deal and your parents will hear about it. But maybe we don't have to talk to your parents and show them everything. I know you don't want that. I don't even want to do that.

"If there just would be some way you could show me that that you understand actions have consequences... You know, if you were younger, I would just spank you, and then you would understand that as a consequence. But now you are a young lady, so..."

Jill laughed and the same time she sniffed a tear away. Two seconds elapsed and I quickly followed up: "I'm kidding of course, I just need to show you that the things you guys are doing have consequences, that's all."

At that point, I think she was beginning to put 2+2 together about what I was getting at.

She said, "I'm really sorry and I hope we can work this out, we can come up with something."

I got up and told her that Holly would be home soon and to remember not to mention our conversation to her. She told me she wouldn't tell Holly. In fact, she said she would leave before Holly came home and just hang by herself over the weekend.


Sadly.... that last long post was a video easily found on this site. Fakefag.


Sadly? Fuck no, that's awsome. GIve us the link!


I was surprised the phone in my cube at work rang because no one ever calls me on that phone. It was the receptionist who said "Jill is on the line." It took me a second to realize Jill was Holly's Jill and not another Jill I work with who works at another location for my company. Somehow Holly's Jill found out where I worked and called me.

She sounded very distraught. I immediately forwarded the call to the empty conference room near my cube and ducked into it and closed the door. I asked her what was wrong. We hadn't spoken since our poolside chat. She said that she was in trouble and that she thought I would help her out because I knew the kind of stuff they were doing on the internet. And that she trusted me and that I understood her like her parents never would.

I smiled slightly.

I immediately asked her if Holly was involved and she said no, this was something that happened when she was alone. She told me she was just playing around on the internet video chatting and one of the guys was now asking her to do "a lot of stuff" so he could watch. She said that she just sort of flashed him and he later said that he had recorded it and said that he was going to send it to a bunch of guys at her high school and to all the elders and staff of her church. Jill is an enthusiastic member of the local Calvary Chapel and she had recently asked Holly to join her youth ministry there where she is a "peer counselor."

I thought you only chatted with guys you don't know.

Jill said that she didn't know it was him, that she just saw an icon and that he said he didn't have a camera so she couldn't see who he was. She said she didn't think that anyone would fool her like that.

My eyes rolled.

I asked Jill how well he knew the guy and she said she knew of him and once was in the same class with him. They talked a couple of times in class but that he was "kind of a tool" who knew a lot about computers and she was not surprised when he somehow showed up in her chat session under some fake name. He sent her screen caps to her in her email and Jill said you can clearly see her face "and some other parts of me." I told Jill to calm down, everything will be fine and that we could probably solve this without getting everyone involved like her parents. We just needed to figure it out.

Oh thank God you are helping me. I don't know who else to turn to. I really don't know what I would do without you. You are my savior. I don't know how I can repay you.

I told her that Holly had gone to some cheer activity and would not be home until late in the evening and Jill said she knew that from talking to Holly last night. Jill added that she hadn't said a word about our poolside talk to her.

My wife had gone to help her mother for a couple of days, so we had a little time at my house, but it had to happen pretty fast. I told Jill to meet me at my house in 2 hours and just come over as if she were visiting Holly to use the pool. I told her the side gate would be unlocked and she could just lay by the pool until I opened the sliding door and then she could come in and we would "fix things." I told her we needed to be careful and not arouse suspicion from the neighbors. I also told her to bring her laptop.


I blew off work immediately and told people I had a problem at home I needed to solve. No one cared, of course.

I got home and immediately unlocked the gate, but made sure all the house doors were locked. I was hoping that Jill would strip down to her bikini and that we would have our conversation with her dressed like that.

I paced back and forth in our master bedroom waiting for Jill. I can see the whole backyard from a window in our bedroom, but I didn't want Jill to see me watching her. Finally, Jill came through the gate and set her bags down next to the lounge. She looked around, but not up at the Master bedroom window or anywhere on the second floor, so I relaxed and just watched from above. Jill did an awesome strip tease without even trying. She was wearing a pullover hoodie and she pulled that over her head to reveal her white bikini top. She had to straighten the top as the hoodie caught the right cup and pulled it up a bit to reveal an expanse of milky white breast just to where the nipple began. That contrasted nicely with her sun darkened skin. I was getting hard.

She then unbuttoned and unzipped her tight fitting Levi's and pulled them down slowly, gyrating her hips to get them down. There were tight and form fitting, so she had to be careful not to pull her bikini bottoms down with them. She then carefully folded her clothes and bent over to stuff them into her beach back. Jill has an unbelievable ass. She then spread her beach towel out on the chair and lay down and opened a book.

At that point I was very hard and briefly thought I should masturbate just to take the edge off. But I didn't want to wait too long, so I went downstairs to the sliding doors and unlocked it and opened it slightly and stepped away. Jill heard the door and looked around. She put down her book, got up and picked up her laptop and walked to the sliding door and entered the house. I was standing by the kitchen bar, smiling.

Sorry about the secrecy of this, we just need to be careful, that's all.

She whispered "that's OK."

You don't have to whisper now, we are fine and no one can hear us.

She came over to the breakfast table and took out her laptop and powered it up.

My plan was to talk to the boy and it would be easy to get him to agree to back off and maybe even delete the file. Guys have been given long prison terms for this kind of blackmail and at work I had printed out a news article describing one guy getting 20 years in prison for blackmailing some pathetic chick on some internet chat. I wanted to just to talk with him, tell him I was Jill's father and threaten to turn him into the police. I am a pretty big guy and people don't usually fuck with me. That should keep him quiet.

As for Jill, I wanted to get a copy of all of her hot videos and also to see what he had on her. I also needed a printed copy of the email to confront the blackmailer. I told Jill to reply to his email, agreeing, but setting it up for a few days later so I would have time to talk with him.


I need to see exactly what you have been up to. I need to see what videos you have made. Jill blushed and said she only had two videos and she had not given them to anyone. She just did them for herself, just because it was fun and, you know, sexy.

Just you masturbating? I adopted a professional tone as a doctor might.

Well, no. On one, I was with a guy and, uh.

Can you show me?

She clicked through to her My Videos directory and there were a few videos. She clicked on one. She and a guy wearing an Ed Hardy hat are sitting on a bed right next to each other. I guess it was her bedroom. The guy has an hard on and is putting on a condom. He finally gets it unrolled on his dick. Jill is nude, but has her hoodie draped over her legs so you can't see her pussy or even if she is wearing panties. You can see her nice young tits, though. She then kisses him on the lips and then his cheek and then goes down on him. The video is just about a minute long and ends with her head bobbing up and down.

I take it your not a virgin. I said it with a staight face, just the facts Miss, just the facts. She said that she was a virgin, that she didn't go all the way and have sex. She said that she had "done oral on two guys" because she really liked them and was also drunk.

My erection was pretty strong and I knew it was getting pretty obvious. That was OK, I had to move from my "professional" relationship with Jill, to a sexual one. A blowjob would be outstanding, I thought, but maybe there would be other stuff first.

We were able to print the email and it was fun and totally sexy to see her walking around in my house with her bikini and sandals. I sort of wished I had some surveillance cameras.

I took the printout and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. I studied the email.

Jill sat next to me. I to her and told her that having those videos put her in danger, that it was not a problem at all for "us" to find them on Holly's laptop. It might even be possible for someone to hack via wireless into her laptop at school or the library and get the videos.

Jill looked stunned and said "your kidding! Really, guys do that? So they can blackmail you?"

Well, probably not blackmail you so much. But the videos are sexy and they masturbate to them. I slightly moved my leg to reveal my stiff dick against my pants.

Jill glanced at my leg and looked up at me. Did you, I mean, uh, did you masturbate to, uh.

No, no. of course not. Holly is my daughter!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean...

I know what you mean, I said softly, smiling slightly. You are a very sexy young lady. I know you are my daughter's friend but I can distinguish between you and her.

Jill took a deep breath and moved very close to me. I'm glad you find me sexy.

I've been thinking about you and what you said. You know, about consequences. I am just so grateful that you are helping me.

She moved even closer and hugged me tight. Her voice broke, but not quite into tears, but sounding fearful. "I just want this all to end. Can you do that for me? I know that I can make my boyfriends feel really good. Do you think I can do the same with you? I mean, uh. Can you just make this all go away?"





With that Jill placed her hand on my thigh, just inches from my bulging penis. Not on the same thigh on which my dick was laying, but her hand was very close. She gently rubbed my thigh and it felt almost like she was stroking my hardon.

Yes. I can make this all go away. I will take care of you, you can depend on me and no one will know. She buried set her forehead on my chest. I put my hand on her shoulder and began to finger the straps on her bikini top.

Jill began to breath heavily pulled her head back and licked her lips. She then ran her fingers through her hair. I knew that she was really an exhibitionist at heart and would really get off on showing me her body, even for a guy "old enough to be her father."

She said, "Do you want to make love to me?"

No, no, I think you will meet the right boy and that is how that should happen. It will probably very soon. We both laughed. I don't want to be the one to take your cherry.

She laughed again, "Well, then..."

Seeing you in the video touching yourself was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Maybe you can start by doing that for me right now.

Her face brightened and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and started to undo my belt. I helped undo the button and unzipped my pants, slightly confused as to what she was going to do. We both pulled them down and then my boxers as well. My stiff cock popped out of the boxers.

I don't like to masturbate alone, she laughed as she took my stiff dick into her hand and stroked it twice.

She stared at my prick for a few seconds. I said, "I guess I am a little bigger than 'Ed Hardy.' At first she didn't get it, but then laughed and said, "Totally."

She then got up and undid her top. "My boobs, they're still growing" she said as she dropped her top and moved her upper torso to emphasize her white budding breasts contrasted against her tan.

She then slowly slid her bottoms down and flicked them away from her with her feet. She kicked away her leather sandals.

I moaned, "Fuck!" It was the only thing I could think to say.

She smiled, and sat down at the end of the couch and slid her legs over my lap and rested her head on the arm rest. I gave her a small pillow from my other side for her head.

I stroked her legs and then rubbed my cock against their freshly shaved smoothness, leaving a little pre-come on her calf. "Sorry!" I said wiping it off with my hand.

I looked up to her pussy and she immediately raised and spread her knees and took her fingers and spread her pussy lips. I saw a gleaming angry red pussy wet with lubrication. She was totally wet.

I turned a little to face her and I gently started to massage her right foot. This is something I learned to do for my wife who always asks me to do it.

Jill smiled and leaned back and put her hands behind her head. Keep doing that, it feels soooo good. After a minute I massaged her left foot.

She started to slowly and gently massaging the top of her pussy crack. There was no urgency and she started to talk to me. I let go of her foot and started to slowly stroke my dick. We carried out a very nice conversation while engaged in mutual masturbation.

You have a very nice house. I wish we had a pool. Yes, it's nice. Are you looking forward to next year? Yes, I'll be a sophomore. I like our school, some of the teachers are really cool.

This is how young "teens" fuck. They are not driven to orgasm like porn stars or experienced adults. They seem to take all day, doing a little of this and a little of that. And it is very hot to experience, but not necessarily to watch and fap to.

Before I knew it, I began to feel like I was getting close to coming. Jill was definitely enjoying herself, she wasn't close to coming.

Easy for you to cum with your finger? Jill giggled, "No, I have use a vibrator deep inside me, that gets me off real fast."

I took my hands off my cock, somehow I didn't want to get off without her.

Did any of the boys "give you oral?" No, they just want me to do them.

Would you like me to? My wife tells me I'm pretty good at it.


I got up and took her hand and we headed up to the master bedroom, the site of deleted video number one.


As we entered the bedroom, I said, "Let's use the bed rather than the floor, its more comfortable." Jill blushed.

She lay down on the bed and I got between her legs. I started by kissing her breasts and then gently rubbed them. Jill moaned and closed her eyes.

I leaned over and kissed her belly button and ran my tongue from there to the top of her crack. She lifted her head to watch me. I told her just to relax, she didn't have to watch me or even think about me. Just feel the sensation. Her head dropped down and she shielded her eyes with her arm. I spread her lips and gazed at her wet inflamed pussy. I gently placed my tongue on her clit and tasted her juices. She moaned and started to breath very deeply. I continued my probing and put more and more pressure on her clit and Jill responded with deeper breathy moans and she grabbed some of my hair with each of her hands. She pulled me tighter and I knew that was a signal that I was hitting the right places.

I felt her hips twitch and I could taste a new wave of pussy juice.

I was pretty sure she had an orgasm, but I thought she was just beginning.

I knew I shouldn't do it, but I just couldn't help it.

I moved away from her pussy and said. Jill, I want to make love to you. I want to give you the biggest orgasm you have ever felt. I want to feel my penis inside of you. I want you to feel a large man inside you.

Jill moved her arm and opened her eyes and moaned, "Fuck me, Fuck me now."

I got up and drenched by dick with k-y jelly. I had never had a virgin before, so didn't know exactly what to expect. I placed the head of my dick right on her clit and rubbed it back and forth. She shuttered again and came, but she still wasn't through.

I moved the head up and down her slit a few times and looked at Jill. She had her eyes closed and lips pursed and had grabbed hold of the pillow.

Are you ready?

Hmmmmmm, she nodded her ascent.

I gently pushed and met with a very slight resistance. And then pushed a bit harder and entered her almost all the way in. Her pussy was hot and wet and she kept moaning. I stopped for no particular reason other than making sure everything was cool. I guess I had just broke her cherry, but I wasn't sure that was it. Oh well, she wasn't a virgin any more, one way or the other.

I laid down on top of her, on my elbows so as not to put too much weight on her. I was preparing for some heavy pumping, I knew I wouldn't last very long. I slowly moved in a rhythmic fashion gather speed and concentrating on the tightest pussy I had ever had. Jill was moaning, off in her own little world. I wondered what she was thinking. Maybe she was wondering what I was thinking. We would never know.

I kept pumping harder and faster and eventually she pulled me close hugging me for dear life. She was coming like she never had before. She dug her teeth into my shoulder and dug her finger nails in my back. That hurt a bit, but I couldn't hold out any longer and shot a huge load deep inside her.

We held each other tight for what felt like an hour, but was probably only two or three minutes.

Eventually I recovered enough to pull out and lay next to her. I looked at her and said, "Any regrets?"

She kissed me and said, "I might not be a virgin when I marry, but I don't think any virgin has ever come as hard as I did their first time." She looked at my flaccid dripping cock and laughed.


This is cool, but did this really happen? This is supposed to be a board for real life confessions, not fiction.

In some ways this is patterned like the story in http://ichan.org/con/res/167432.html because it sets up a scenario with a budding teenager who gives blowjobs to boys, describes a dilemma that the man has to ponder over what to do, then the man gets in over his head and goes farther than he expected initially, with intense sex and very detailed back-and-forth dialog between the girl and the man where only some of the dialog is between quotation marks.

If you are a fiction writer, you are a very entertaining one.






Taking care of punk blackmailer was pretty easy. This stemmed from two facts. The first is that his father is an Under Sheriff for the county. Deputy Sheriffs are the guys riding around in patrol cars. Under Sheriffs are the high ranking politicians that actually run the department. I am sure his father explained to him what it would be like in jail for the son of a ranking Sheriff. The second was very practical. He had a job at Radio Shack and I caught up with him as he was getting into his car at the mall. He had his laptop and everything.

I dressed in my best MIB suit. At 6'5" and 200lbs I am not a guy for a high schooler to argue with. We had a brief talk and I walked away with his promise never to do anything like that again and with his laptop. I told him I would give it to Jill once I was sure the caps had been deleted. I actually will use dban to erase his disk beyond recovery and then give it to Jill to return. It is not a guarantee that he doesn't have a copy (he probably does), but I did tell him that if the image ever surfaced on the internet he would go to jail. As he drove off, he looked like a kid who wanted to get home to change his underwear.

Jill was a little more difficult. She called me at work again and thanked me for helping her out. But she also said that she had mixed feelings about "our time together," that while it was pleasurable, she thought we shouldn't get together again. I had asked her go ask Holly for the pills back, using whatever her excuse. She did that, the pills disappeared but the note was still there. Close enough.

"I think everything is OK, now." she said, "I've learned about consequences. I'm just feel a little uncomfortable around Holly, that's all. And 'Ed Hardy' and I are beginning a deeper relationship, you know uh..."

I assured her everything was cool. I said that I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable at all. We've all learned something here and we can just move on. Now that she wasn't a virgin, fucking 'Ed Hardy" wouldn't be such a big deal for her. Probably the way this should work out.


A few weeks later on Saturday night, Holly and her mother had flown to Arizona to a cheerleading workshop at the University of Arizona over the weekend. I was alone and it was about 9:30 when our phone rang. It was Jill.

Sorry to bother you.

That's OK. Is there a problem?

Oh no, not really. I just wanted to talk to you.

I felt a tingling in my balls. I somehow knew I might be fucking Jill again. I pulled down my sweat pants, pulled out my hardening cock and started to stroke. As I listened to her young and sexy voice I remembered her walking around my house in her bikini and leather sandals that wonderful day. That was so sexy.

So, how are things? Thanks for getting the pills.

That's OK. I'm really sorry about that whole thing.

"Forget it, its ancient history."

I had my period last week. I didn't get pregnant.

Oh,I should have told you that I had a vasectomy. I can't make you pregnant.

A what?

Google it.

Jill was in front of her laptop and I spelled it out to her and we talked about the article on Wikipedia. "Cool," she said.

So, how are you doing with 'Ed Hardy,' I imagine you have made him a very happy guy by now." I chuckled.

"Well, yes, I did," she laughed. "He is a very nice boy and I like him a lot. I don't exactly know how to say this, but he is not very mature. Like you."

To be expected. He's a high school kid. Was he mean to you or something?

Oh no, he's a sweetheart. It's just that when we, uh, "get together..."

You mean sexually?

I just don't know who else to ask about stuff like this, you know? Not even Holly. I hope you don't mind.

Sure, go ahead. I'm no sexologist, but I do have some experience. I quickened the pace of my stroking.

A what?

Never mind, what do you want to know?

It's just that when we've been together, it doesn't last very long. You know what I mean?

You mean he comes right away?

Yes, exactly.

That's a problem with some boys and even men. I think you just have to work that out with him. It takes practice. Sometimes it is just the excitement of a new experience. You know you are a very sexy young woman.

"The first time I tried to put on a condom he, you know, came. It got all over everything. And that was when I only was doing oral. I just barely touched him. Then when I first decided to go all the way, he couldn't get it inside me before coming. It's a little better now, it just doesn't last long enough."

Hmmm. You mean like 2 minutes?

No, like 2 or 3 seconds. He comes really really fast.

Does he spend any time getting you ready? Does he stimulate your clit? Do oral?

No, he goes right for the condoms. I think he's afraid he is going to come before he gets inside me if he does anything else.

What about after he comes?

He just wants to leave and go play video games. I don't think he realizes there's a problem. He just gets off me and leaves.

That's not good. Have you talked to him about it?

Yeah, once. He just doesn't get it. He didn't understand. But there is another thing, that's even more important to me.

What's that?

"He just doesn't fill me up like you. I just don't, you know, feel him like I felt you. You know, real deep inside. I need that. Remember when I told you my fingers won't make me cum, I need my vibrator? It's like that. I need someone, you know, bigger than he is."

I don't think that's unusual.

I just miss that feeling from you. I've been thinking about that since we were together. I've been thinking a lot about it tonight.

There was a moment of silence.

"Are you touching yourself now?" I asked, stroking at a pretty rapid pace by now.

"Yeah," she answered softly after a few seconds. She pronounced the word with a very sexy inflection.

I grunted as I ejaculated all over my sweat shirt.

I immediately coughed to cover my ejaculation grunt. "'scuse me. Yes I am, as a matter of fact"

"So, uh. I know that Holly and her Mom are away for the weekend," Jill stated as sort of a half question.

"Yeah, I'm just here alone, I was watching a movie, now I am talking to you" I said. I think my voice sounded a little shaky.

Would you like a visitor?

You mean tonight?

I will be very careful. I will come through the gate. No one will see me. My folks were out hiking all day and they've gone to bed.

Yes, of course. I want to be with you. The outside front porch light is on, but come through the gate like before. The kitchen lights will be on, just come through the sliding door, I will open it and will be there waiting for you.


I knew it would take her only a few minutes to walk to the house, so I scrambled around and jumped into the shower and put on some shorts and a t-shirt.

I went downstairs and unlocked the sliding glass door. But nothing prepared me for what was to transpire.

Jill was not alone. She was with a young blonde girl. And I mean young.

They came through the open door and Jill came over and hugged me. I asked her who her 'friend' was and she introduced her as Daphne.

I said hello to Daphne and I asked if she wanted something to drink and brought her a Coke. I asked to speak to Jill alone for a second. We went into the living room.

Jill, what are we supposed to do with Daphne? Does she know why you are here?

Of course she does. I'm babysitting her and had her spend the night rather than do it at her house and get home late. She's cool, she won't say anything. She'll just stay down here and watch TV.

"I will not! You promised I could watch!" Daphne had silently followed us into the living room.

I turned around and looked at Daphne closely for the first time. She was a few years younger than Jill and even younger than Holly. She was a pre-adolescent girl but I couldn't guess at her age. She had long blonde hair that someone had braided in corn rows. She was tall for her age, almost as tall as Jill and very skinny. She was wearing tight denim short shorts and a halter top. She had a tiny but surprisingly shapely ass. A wide smile revealed large crooked front teeth.

As Jill and I discussed the issue at hand, the more I sensed a budding but already strong sensuality in Daphne and started to imagine what she looked like nude. I felt my cock harden some more. I turned to Jill and asked "How old is Daphne?"

"It's not polite to talk about me as if I am not in the room! I am perfectly able to answer that question. I am 13 years old and in 9th grade."

I was going to ask if she was in school with Holly when Jill said is a disgusted voice, "Daphne is 11 and in the 6th grade."

I was still a little skeptical, but decided it best not to pursue the question.

I am not sitting downstairs watching TV while you guys having all the fun. I get to watch, you promised!

"No, I did not promise. I promised to do your hair, which I did, that's all. Now just sit down and watch TV. Besides, you said wanted to be a lesbian, you told me that!"

Oh, brother, I thought, so this is what adolescent girls talk about. I looked at Daphne's expression and knew that the current line of reasoning would not work. This is the kind of stupid crap that Holly would pull all the time. Go on a booty call to her girlfriend's father and bring someone she's baby sitting. Totally classic.

"I'll just sit in the corner and watch, I promise!" Daphne whined.

I sat down. I needed to clear my head and decide what to do. But for some reason, I kept looking at Daphne and started to imagine if she were to participate in some way. I should have kicked them both out right then. But, I was totally hard, so sending them home was not an option. I knew, if anything, I had to fuck Jill. But I wondered what Daphne knew about anything.

"Watch what?" I asked. "Just what do you think you would see?" I really wanted to know what she knew. I had copied all of Jill's videos from her laptop when she was here before. She had quite a porn stash. Only two videos were of her, but a lot of adult porn. I thought she probably showed Daphne some of them.

I want to watch you and Jill make love. I'm old enough to masturbate, you know. Jill even let me use her dildo!

I looked at Jill, who glared at Daphne.

"Now Daphne, would you please excuse Jill and I. I just would like to talk with her in private, OK? It's nothing against you or about you," I lied. She walked into the hall and sat on the stairs propping her head in her hands with her elbows planted on her knees. If she was going to let us talk, she would not let us go upstairs and lock ourselves in the bedroom.

Jill and I went to the other couch and set down. We both started to giggle, but not loud enough for Daphne to hear. So what do we do? I asked.

Jill leaned over to me and grabbed by arm with one hand and searched my pant legs for my stiff dick with the other. She had no trouble finding it. "I'm sorry, its just the way it worked out. I really want this, I've been waiting all day. Don't you want it too? This might be our only chance for awhile."

Of course, sweetheart. But I think we may have to let her watch. Is that too weird for you?

Jill thought for a second. "No, I guess not. She's just a goofy little kid. She'll keep quiet, she's cool." Jill looked me in the eyes and smiled softly.

Jill then took her hand off my cock and gently rubbed by cheek. "Let's go upstairs and 'make love,'" she said as she kissed me on the lips, her tongue probing my mouth.

We heard Daphne run up the stairs.


fucking daphne


Enjoyed the story so far, so is this the end of your post or what? Kinda left everyone hanging here hahahah..


Sorry about my erratic posting.

Holly can go into her bedroom, close the door do nude cheer routines and masturbate uninterrupted and even host a nude video chat. With impunity. I am under strict orders from my wife, given when Holly was 13, never to go into her room unannounced. She didn't really say that this was so that she could masturbate in private, but I think she knew I understood the idea behind this. And until I discovered the Ecstasy and her videos, I thought nothing of it.

But, my wife does not let me chan-surf while locked in our bedroom. Whenever I am online, my wife sneaks up on me and asks "What'cha doing, Honey?" In a nice way of course, because she is genuinely interested in things I am interested in. Except sex with under age girls.

I had a very close call the other night, so I have to be careful and it has been very difficult to find the time and space to recount and post my confessions.


Anyway, as Jill and I ascended the stairs, I knew I had to concentrate on Jill even though I was dying to see what was going to happen with Daphne. There is a natural rivalry between the two, even though they don't realize this yet. And Jill could cause me big problems if she thought I was more interested in Daphne, or rather if she noticed that I had any interest in Daphne at all. A pubescent three-some would be totally out of the question.

As we entered into the room, Daphne was going through the top drawers of our dresser.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm looking for a vibrator.

"Daphne!," I said sternly, raising my voice, "we agreed you could watch, but you have to do just that. Otherwise I will kick you both out right now! There is a very comfortable chair over there. Just sit there. I don't care what you do there, but you need to just sit and let us alone!"

OK, she said as she closed the drawer and plopped into the large padded arm chair, which was really more like small love seat.

I turned around and Jill had gone into the bathroom and was peeing. I started to undress, quickly ditching my top and I slowly pulled off my underwear letting my stiff dick free. I absent mindedly watched as the tip of my cock broke free of the waist band of my underwear and spring up. I smiled a little at that and I looked up. Daphne had silently gotten up from the chair and had tiptoed up to two or three feet from me and evidently watched my stripping. She giggled a little but her eyes were as wide as saucers staring right at the purple headed monster.

"Can I touch it?" she asked.

"Of course not. Now please sit down," I answered, trying to imagine what it would be like to be stroked by an 11 year old hottie.

The toilet flushed and Jill came into the room, totally nude. Her skin was flawless and her nipples were slightly distended. She came over and put one arm around me and grabbed by prick with the other hand and began to stroke it gently.

"God, you're hot. That feels awesome." I said. We moved over to the bed and both jumped on.

"I want to play with it a little."

I lay back with my head on the pillow and Jill pushed her way between my legs. She took hold of my cock and started to stroke a little.

"I know you don't need a condom, but if I blow you, you won't come in my mouth will you?"

"Baby, you've got me so excited, I will really have to try and control myself, but I will do my best." I laughed, "But I think I can last a few minutes." We both made eye contact and immediately was reminded how gorgeous Jill really was. Even though the thought of her soft mouth on my cock would ordinarily have driven me to the edge, even more exciting was the thought that Daphne was going to take in this whole thing. My whole consciousness was moving from Jill to Daphne. It is just that Jill was going to provide the physical stimulation. And indescribable stimulation at that.


Jill bent over and took the head of my penis into her mouth and gently stroked my shaft with her right hand. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then opened them slightly to look over to Daphne.

Daphne had pulled off her short-short jeans and they were sitting in a heap next to the big padded armchair. She was sitting with her knees wide apart and one foot was placed on top of the other. Her pink 'little girl' panties were bunched around her ankles. She had her left hand on her knee and her the bent index finger of her right hand was frigging the very top of her tiny pussy. Tiny lips were peaking out of Daphne's seemingly endless slit, the way little girls are before they reach puberty. I never thought of that as sexy, but Daphne, with her long blonde hair and heart-breaking face, exuded primal sexuality. I noticed her large mouth with fat sensuous crimson lips framing her crooked kid teeth, contrasted to her very pale blonde complexion. Her eyes were glued onto Jill's now bobbing head, and those eyes were deep blue. The sight of Daphne sent a jolt of electricity through my balls.

I gently lifted Jill's head off my cock and I told her I wanted to kiss her pussy while she did my cock.

Jill smiled and turned around to accommodate my request.

We worked our bodies to the point I had an unimpeded access to her intoxicatingly fragrant pussy and her tiny slit of an asshole. This was the first time I had been able to look closely at these and my sexual attention moved away from Daphne back to the gorgeous young girl who was giving me better head than my wife had ever given me. I couldn't take the simultaneous stimulation of Jill and Daphne, so I just lay back and closed my eyes while gently stoking the inside of Jill's pussy with my index finger. I rubbed just below her pee hole, where the g-spot is. Jill started to moan and to push back against my finger. I could feel a fresh gushing of lubrication surrounding my fingers. I wondered whether she would ejaculate.

After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a minute or two, again I slightly opened my eyes. Of course, Daphne had gotten off the chair and was standing with her knees touching the bed watching Jill suck my cock. Daphne had her fingers in her tiny pussy and had her mouth open, occasionally licking her lips.

I needed to stop the blow job, otherwise I would just come.

I gave Jill a little kiss with my lips and tongue on the skin between the back of her vagina and her anus.

Jill groaned and looked up and after a second screamed, "Daphne! God Damn you! Get out of here! Get away from us!"

I was hoping that Daphne would just go back to her chair and not leave the room and she did just that.

Jill turned around and she still had an angry look in her eyes.

I kissed her on the lips and said, "Baby, you make me feel so good, I want to fill your pussy up as deep as I can.

Immediately her expression softened and she kissed me back.


Jill then reached back to may wet and throbbing cock and positioned my now dripping cock head at the mouth of her even wetter pussy. Slowly she pushed herself onto the shaft and I just had to close my eyes and experience the exquisite feeling of my stiff prick entering the too small opening of adolescent pussy. When she got it all the way in, I reached back and lightly fingered her anus. Jill groaned and moved her hips to meet my probing finger. I also reached down and felt the base of my cock. In fact, even though I was all the way in, there was still a few inches that remained. I was in as far as I could go, but there was still a few inches of cock left.

Jill then started to slowly pull my cock out about an inch and then sat back with all the force she could. "Oh God, you are in so deep and it feels so good," Jill moaned. That was her technique. Push hard to get me as deep as possible and then to slowly pull forward a little more and then push back hard. She was trying to scratch an itch deep in her pussy and was moaning with every stroke.

I glanced over to Daphne who, for some reason and pulled her pink panties up, probably when she walked over to the bed. She had her legs splayed over the arms of the chair and was frigging her pussy, with both hands inside her panties. Daphne then started to moan, even louder than Jill. Maybe not louder, but she had a high voice, unchanged by puberty, so her moans were loud and shrill.

Jill's moans were low and breathy, but they were accelerating in their tempo. She had now abandoned her careful and slow stroking with her tight pussy and was just moving back and forth as hard and fast as she could. Her moans had become disconnected from her stroking, now seemingly at random.

I looked at Jill's contorted face as she shivered through two hard orgasms, but continued to stroke. I felt myself beginning to come. Jill's eyes were closed so I glanced over to Daphne who was by now shrieking with her eyes closed. Her hips were furiously humping her hands.

I shot at least 5 big loads into Jill as we both collapsed in each other's arms.

Daphne stopped shrieking, but was breathing very heavily, as if she had just run up the stairs.

Jill snuggled against me and looked me in my eyes. She hadn't caught me looking at Daphne. "I'm exhausted," Jill said, and kissed me lightly on the lips. I love the feel of your chest and I love the feel of your penis inside me. She dropped her head so that her left ear was over my heart. I looked at Daphne in the other direction. She was smiling. She got up quietly and pulled off her panties and placed them in the chair. She then put on her short shorts and picked up her flip flops and tiptoed out of the room.


That's awesome that you got two young girls to moan and orgasm at the same time.


Fake... If you had the vid you would have posted



Regardless of whether it is fake or not, I think OP has huge talent as a writer


You GTFO? Stupid child


poke it poke it! Good story, lovin it. Flap atk


poke it poke it! Good story, lovin it. Flap atk






Oooookay now it's getting too young for my tastes Im out.



>> File noname.png

I had gone to the mall, ironically to the Radio Shack, to pick up a special battery I needed and sat down in the food court with a hot dog. Our would be blackmailer wasn't there, but I wouldn't have cared if he was.

A girl with longish curly brown hair sat down across from me, about Holly's age. I had never met her before or seen her before and didn't think she was Holly's friend. She was actually quite plain and had a receding chin that gave her a white trash look, but not in a sexy way. Just sort of in a plain way. And she was slightly overweight and some acne as well.

"How's it going?" she asked casually as you would ask a friend, looking around at nothing in particular. As if we had planned on meeting here.

I answered OK, but wasn't sure what was going on.

"I've been shopping this morning and would love a couple pairs of jeans and a few other things, but don't really have the money."

"Oh, I see," I answered, wondering whether she was doing some kind of new begging thing I hadn't heard about. I started to think that jeans would exactly be flattering on her frame, but that doesn't seem to occur to some girls and women. I just sort of smiled and gathered my stuff and trash and began to get up.

"You want me to show you?"

Finally I said, "Well, I am a little busy and I am not sure..."

She smiled a little as I answered and interrupted me, "You're Holly's Dad, right?"

"Oh yes," I smiled and answered. I was still a little caught off guard, but now relaxed a little.

"Holly is very popular and a cheerleader. I had her in a class last year and she seems very nice."

I smiled and started to thank her for the complement about Holly, but then she dropped the bomb.

"I'm Daphne's sister. She told me all about you."

I stared at her in stunned silence as a feeling of dread came over me.






why did it take OP 6 months in between posts??


It had been a little while since I had last seen Jill. Three weeks at least. We had developed an on-again/off-again relationship. The session with Daphne was never repeated and, in fact, the next day Jill called me at home and told me once again that having a sexual relationship with me, while pleasurable, wasn't right and made her feel really uncomfortable around Holly. She said that she wanted to stop and even asked me if I would turn her down if she called me again. I agreed, but on Thursday morning I got another call in my office which I also took in the conference room. Jill said that see was bored with school and had had a big fight with one of her teachers and left campus.

Jill said that she was at a Starbucks near school and wanted to meet me there and talk.

I don't think that is a good idea, besides I think I am supposed to turn you down when you call me.

She laughed and said, yes, it probably would be a good idea if we didn't meet, but she woke up that morning very horny and just couldn't get having sex with me out of her mind, try as she might. I hoped she was talking at an outside table away from anyone who might be listening.

"Well, my wife is home today, so we couldn't meet there anyway."

"Can't we find a place to spend a little time together? I mean, maybe go to a nice hotel or motel and spend the afternoon with each other. It seems like we are always in such a rush. I'd like to spend more time with you. And not be interrupted by anyone else."

"Well, bringing Daphne wasn't my idea."

"I know, I'm sorry, but isn't there a way we can get together today for the afternoon? I really want to be with you today. Maybe we can try some new things."

I had a full hard-on upon hearing that.

Hmmmmm. I mentally ran through the possibilities. Blowing off work is easy, that would not be a problem. II moved around the small round conference table to face away the from the glass wall and door. I didn't want anyone seeing the nice erection that had popped up inside my light gray slacks. I began to run through my mind how this would work. Taking a 15 year old girl to a hotel would be very risky.

But first things first. Trying to figure out where to pick her up would also be a challenge. Jill was too young to drive and the Starbucks where she was is always full of students from the High School. I asked whether she could find a way to get to the mall where I could pick her up, say, on level 3 of the adjacent parking structure. It would be unlikely that anyone would see us that way. Of course, the parking structure was full of video security cameras, but unless something weird happened and they went and reviewed the tapes, no one would know. It wasn't like I was kidnapping her and they would be sure to check the video. So, for my purposes, just not to be seen by anyone we knew was all that I was really worried about. Jill said that she could just take the bus the short distance to the mall and would be their in about 15 minutes.

"Cool. Walk out of the Elevator/Stair foyer at 11:30 sharp and I will be driving by slowly and she should just get in the car. Don't make a big deal about it, I will stop the car long enough so you can approach the car, open the door and get in. Don't say hi or wave or anything like that. Just get in and we will leave. The parking structure exits on a busy thoroughfare where there are no sidewalks, so no one is likely to see us while walking by."

The hotel part would be a much bigger challenge, but the thought of spending 5 or 6 hours with Jill somehow gave me the confidence that I could figure it out while driving over to the mall. And I was dying to find out what she meant by trying "something new."

I didn't have much time. I decided just to leave work and not tell anyone. They would call me on my cell if they needed me for something, but they never usually do. And I can check email while gone. It would not be a problem. I simply walked out of the office without putting anything in my cube away. It would make people think I had just stepped away. My hands were trembling as I grabbed the handle on the door to the office as I left.


We settled in and Jill dutifully hid in the bathroom when the food and wine arrived.

I also put on the men's robe which fit perfectly and had some masculine detailing. We looked like we were starting out our honeymoon.

We ate some and I had a glass of wine as did Jill. We chatted a little.

Jill then got up and untied the from of her robe and walked over to me, moving the serving cart out of the way. She dropped to her knees and looked at me and said that she wanted to give us both some relief before we "really got down to business." She untied my robe and opened the lapels to reveal my nude body and my penis that was lying flat against my abdomen. It was semi-hard and I had been off and on hard since she called me and it came to life when to cool air of the room came in contact with it.

Immediately my dick started to stiffen and Jill gently kissed my scrotum and stuck out her tongue and traced a path up the underside of my now stiff cock. Jill then reached over to the serving cart and got a glass of ice water and took some of the ice and water in her mouth. She put the glass down on the floor beside her and lifted by cock with her hand and engulfed the head of my cock with her freezing cold mouth full of chilled water.

It was shocking but felt unbelievable. She tongued the head of my cock until the water warmed a little bit. "Is this what you mean by 'trying new stuff?'" I giggled.

Jill pulled her head back and swallowed. "I'm just getting started, do you like that? I read it in Cosmo."

"Very interesting and, yes, I like it. But it is cold!"

By now my hard on came up in full force and Jill got up and pulled me over to the bed with both hands. She jumped on the bed and grabbed a pillow and lay her head on it and spread her thighs. Her pussy crack was bright red and she briefly ran her right middle finger from bottom to top.

"Fuck me now, I want you inside me deep. Don't kiss me, don't do anything but put your stiff cock inside me. I want you right now, I've been waiting all day!" She was breathing deeply, almost panting.

I practically dove on top of her. I pressed my cock head into her pussy and Jill reached down and guided me in. Once my head just entered her pussy, I grabbed her calf and lifted them over and pressed her knees into her chest.

"Fuck, yes!" she moaned.

That gave me the leverage to slowly sink my throbbing prick deeper and deeper into her wet pussy.

"Harder, don't play with me!"

"I'm going to give it to you the way I want to give it to you. You will get it hard, but I am going to play with you first!"

"Oh, Daddy! Please fuck me hard, right now, please." she begged.

I was totally getting off on teasing her and making her beg. And she was getting off on it also. This was the third time I had fucked the shit out of this 15 year old and she and I knew exactly what she wanted, me inside of her as deeply as possible. After slowly sinking my prick deep inside and pulling it out equally slowly 3 times, I decided to start pounding her.

She wanted it and I wanted to give it to her. Her face betrayed the delicious agony her pussy was experiencing.

I withdrew as much as possible without popping my cock out, and shoved it back in completely. Hard and fast.

Jill grunted and tried to tell me something but couldn't get the words out. From then I pounded her pussy mercilessly until even I thought I might be hurting her, but I could hear inarticulate words and I could make out her attempts to say the word "Yes!" This was the only signal I needed to continue.

But not for long. I was ready to explode and I just couldn't hold back, even though I wanted the pounding to last forever. I buried my cock as deep as it would go and started spurting load after load of hot white semen. I felt Jill's teeth dig into the top of my shoulder and her fingernails dig into my back. As she let out a loud orgasmic moan I could feel the vibration of her voice through my shoulder.

I collapsed in a heap on top of her. After a minute I raised my head and looked at Jill.

She looked at me and smiled and said "Please don't ever tell me you that you won't meet me to fuck me like that."

Jill paused a second or so. "Now we can we have the rest of the afternoon to play some more and get into some new things."

>> File Tsumugi Kotobuki 47.jpg




I laid back to catch my breath and understood exactly what she meant by getting some relief. I more or less had a hard on since 11:00AM and it was close to 2:00PM. I was still turned on, especially when looking at her nude ass as she jumped off the bed and over to the serving cart to get another glass of wine, stopping briefly to put on her silk robe.

"Will you buy me this?" she turned and smiled. She was holding open the lapels, letting me look at her tits down to her pussy and then quickly covering her beautiful body and tying the robe loosely with the sash. I could still see the inner outlines of her pubescent tits.

I laughed and said that it was evidence we didn't need anyone to discover.

I told her to bring the wine over to me, I didn't want Jill to have too much and she already had a glass. We would share the second glass. Beside I didn't want drunkenness to interfere with anything we got into. On the way back to the bed, she took her iPhone and plugged it into the clock radio which had a iPhone/iPod connector. She selected some music that I wasn't very familiar with, maybe Taylor Swift, but whoever it was, it quickly faded into the background. I thought we needed some metal.

Jill jumped on the bed and gave me the glass and I took a sip and set it on the side table. She then got on top of me and kissed me lightly on the lips and snuggled.

So, I said what was somewhat on my mind, namely "What do you think we have in common?"

She smiled sweetly and said that I had a penis that was deep enough to give her an orgasm. What more could I ask?

"Does your wife let you come in her mouth?"

"As a matter of fact, no she doesn't"

"Have you ever let 'Ed Hardy' come in your mouth?"

"Fuck no, he couldn't get it into my mouth before he came."

And on and on...

We talked and played a little for the next hour or so. Jill wanted me to rub her back. She got up and slipped off her robe and got back on the bed lying face down. I started on her shoulders and worked my way down to the small of her back. She had a few knots which I treated with gentle pressure and she thanked me with relaxed almost orgasmic moans.

I moved down her to her feet and gave her feet my special treatment. Jill was in heaven and so was I. I had gently spread her thighs before I massaged each foot and had a clear view of her open pussy and anus. My cock started to stir. I then started to work my way up her calves and thighs.

I laid myself prone between her thighs and traced my finger lightly over her buttocks, then slowly massaged them in a circular motion. My head was inches from her tight ass and I had a full erection forcing itself into the mattress.

Jill turned her head to the side -- it had been buried in the pillow as I worked my way around her body. "You know, I discovered something, uh, that felt really good the other night. I don't know why, I wouldn't think it would feel good, but....

"Do tell."

"I was using my vibrator and, well, I sort of started playing with the other hole, uh, you know."

"You mean your navel?"

"Silly, no. You know what I am talking about."

"Your mouth?"

"No, now come on!" Jill snapped, sounding a bit annoyed.

"If you want to be a good lover and have a good lover, you have to learn to communicate. I might know what your talking about, but you have to say it. So say it."

She hesitated for a second. "You know, my butt."


"Yes? and...."

"It felt surprisingly nice."

"Did you put your vibrator inside, how deep?"

"Not too deep. I didn't want to hurt anything. I thought maybe you could help me, you know all about this, you are the expert."

"Did you bring your vibrator?"

"My pocket rocket."

We decided to play a little with it and thankfully she had brought a small size plastic bottle of KY Jelly. Jill said she thought that she might get hemorrhoids if she stuck it in too far. I told her that her anus could take quite a large object as long as she prepared for it and if she thought about it she knew that that was true. SHe giggled a little nervously. Maybe not take larger things in the beginning but she could work her way up to them. We could start today and see how far we could go.

I thought that this might be a little messy, so Jill took off her robe and tossed it aside and I went into the bathroom and got a big bath towel. We resumed our positions with Jill's hips atop the towel.

First I put a little dab of lube on the tip of her rocket and a small dab on her anus. She giggled and said that she didn't think to use lube. I gently started to probe her asshole with the tip of her vibrator. I didn't turn the vibrator on, I just wanted her to get used to feeling something inside her back there and just wanted to make her comfortable. As soon as I started to probe, she tensed up and I could feel resistance from the tight sphincter of her asshole.

"Jill, when you tighten up back here, it makes difficult to put this in. All you have to do to relax is to strain a little, you know, like when you poop. That will relax you there and it will be much easier."

"But, what if I, uh, you know..."

"No, don't worry, you won't fart or crap or anything like that. I think you will find it will make you feel really good, honest."

I renewed my gentle probing and could feel Jill grunting and this loosened her sphincter just enough so that her hole swallowed the rocket to its thickest part. I stopped to let her get the feeling of it.

You OK? How does it feel?

" It makes me feel full, it feels good. Just be slow and gentle, OK?"

I didn't say anything, just started to rotate the vibrator slightly to the right and then back to the left. Jill moaned.

I then withdrew the vibrator about an inch and began pushed it back in slightly, and then back and forth a little bit.


"Do you want me to turn on the vibrator?"


I switched the vibrator on and immediately heard the tell-tale buzz.

"Stop! stop!" Jill yelled, laughing and shaking her ass. I didn't have the rocket in very far and when she shook her ass, I immediately withdrew it and turned the vibrator off.

"She laughed and said that it was too intense, just move it in and out a little, that feels really good."

I put down the vibrator and gently rubbed the orbs of her ass and kissed each cheek.

"I then picked up the rocket and again gently probed her anus.

This time Jill's natural reaction was to push against the blunt but pointed end and it easily slid all the way to my fingers. She intuitively knew how to relax her ass, now that she had done it once. I began to slide the silent rocket in and out and Jill's hips began to meet my slight thrusts. Jill moaned and let out a "Oh, yes."

I did this for a minute or so.

"Do you think you would fit? I mean, you're bigger than the rocket." Jill asked.

"Maybe. We can try. We can just take it slow and easy, maybe build up to it if necessary."


"I don't think I would let anyone else in the world do this to me. I know you won't hurt me or anything like that, you'll just take it easy," she looked at me with a slight amount of anxiety showing on her face. She was asking me as much as making a statement.

I smiled and said "Baby, you know I'd never hurt you. If it hurts, just tell me and I will stop." There are times when chicks like Jill want it and want to be treated roughly, but this isn't one of them. I'd never fucked anyone in the ass before, my wife won't even admit she has an anus. So this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wanted it to go well.

We got into a classic doggy style position after I repositioned the towel and took the KY bottle in hand. L lubed up my cock and ran some more down Jill's butt crack after slightly pressing my cock against her hole. The lube gathered around my cock and against her hole. Using the cock head, I pressed some the jelly inside her anus.

I felt Jill press slightly against my cock and I watched as she grasped the pillow with each of her hands.

"Try it now...."

I pressed lightly at first, but I met resistance. This was not going to be as easy as her pocket rocket.

"Ready for a little more pressure?"

"Ummm, yes, I'm ready"

I began to press harder and the tip of my dick made a little headway, in fact, my head made it part way in, but I heard a loud gasp from Jill.

"Ah, ouw, ah!!"

I immediately eased back a little. After a second or two, I said "Let me try it again. This time, try and relax like you did with the rocket, you know, grunt."

Again I rubbed the end of my dick against her hole, spreading more lubrication. And then put a lot of pressure on her sphincter. Jill arched her back and I could feel her strain and the tip of my throbbing cock made it all the way in.

"Hold it, Stop Now Stop!!"

I stopped, but did not pull out of her ass.

"It hurts, I don't think I can take any more, OK?"

I immediately pulled my cock head out as she strained against and as my cock popped out, Jill farted a little.

"Maybe that's all for today, what do you think?" Jill asked.

"It's up to you. You are very tight back there and maybe we can try another time."

She then sat back on her haunches as I looked at the head of my cock and saw a small fleck of blood. I immediately grabbed the towel and wiped my cock and then Jill's ass crack which was loaded with lubrication. She look back and took the towel and wiped some more, not noticing the blood.

"It was a start, anyway." I said.

"Maybe I should stick with a vibrator!" and we giggled, but I realized then she would never let me try again.

I went over and poured the last of the wine and drank it myself. I had ordered a airline sized bottle, and it was getting late and I would have to start thinking about taking Jill home.

We got back on the bed and relaxed a little when Jill got on top of me and kissed me. "You are so good to me, thanks."

She then got up and told me to sit in the chair, she wanted to thank me in a special way. I complied. Jill got a hand towel and put the bath towel on the floor for her knees.

"I am going to let you do something to me even your wife won't let you do." she said smiling.

I knew exactly what she was talking about and leaned back with a big smile on my face.

"Just let me know when you are going to come, I am not swallowing it, just letting you come!"

With that, Jill started to work on my cock with her mouth while stroking my cock with her right hand. I wasn't long before I was ready to spurt.

Jill's head was facing down, deeply concentrating on her task at hand and I tapped her on the shoulder and told her I was going to come.

She did something that surprised even me, she forced her head as far down the shaft of my cock and made it pretty far down. I started to come and she slowly backed up and opened her mouth slightly to allow some of my come to dribble out of her mouth. It turned out to be too much, she pulled her head off my cock and spit the semen mostly into the towel, but some of it landed on my silk robe.

"Oh Baby, if only you could teach that to my wife!"

"Are you going to buy the robe and make her clean it?"

We laughed.

We never tried anal sex again. We talked about it and Jill was still worried that she would get hemorrhoids, maybe she was right, who knows. But that afternoon was even better than the first night of my honeymoon, sexually speaking.




A few moments of awkward silence ensued.

I had actually thought about something like this. Not to be confronted by Daphne's sister, but the idea that someone would find out something and make some sort of accusation. I first thought about this after Jill and Daphne left that night and I didn't remember to pick up and get rid of Daphne's panties until the next day about an hour before my wife and Holly returned from Arizona.

I thought that as long as I wasn't caught "red dicked" so to speak, it would be hard to prove anything. Of course, you never know what teenagers would say or do under any circumstance, let alone an eleven year old. Especially one being pushed by an outraged parent.

So, in working through the possibilities, a mind experiment that I performed, I basically imagined that I would deny everything and not acknowledge anything to anyone under any circumstance.

There was a famous doctor and scientist who was doing some JailBait while teaching her karate or shooting guns or something like that and she decided to turn him in a few years later. The case was featured in the newspapers over a pretty long period of time as he was arrested, denied everything, eventually went to trial, was convicted and is now in prison. The cops got the girl to meet him in some store and talk about what they did and ask for an apology, which I recall he gave her. It was recorded, of course. They even exchanged emails talking about their relationship. That really nailed him, there wasn't much he could say during the trial. The guy was some famous pediatrician scientist, I think, but still got 20 years in prison or some really long term.

I never in a million years would have imagined myself in that position when I read it, but something about the whole case stuck in my mind and returned to me as I began my relationship with Jill and as it turns out, Daphne. I thought it would be harder for Jill to make trouble for me, but Daphne turned into the wild card.

I gathered myself a little and looked into the pudgy girl's eyes and said, "I'm sorry, the name doesn't ring a bell, is she also a friend of Holly?"

The nameless girl frowned a little and snapped, "No, neither of us are friends of Holly. Jill is our sitter sometimes. You know Jill right?"

At once I realized that my new friend wasn't 100% certain about the veracity of what Daphne had said and had just asked me whether I even knew Jill.

"Well yes, I know Jill, she hangs out with Holly sometimes and lives down the street from us. So you are Jill's sister?"

I thought I could confuse the conversation even more if I just played very stupid about the whole thing. It would play into her adolescent perception that adults just don't get it. Most of all I just needed to get the fuck out of the mall and go home.

"No, I am not Jill's sister, I am Holly's sister..." She practically yelled in frustration.

I would have laughed and made a joke if I wasn't scared shitless. But she was flustered and I could now just walk away and she probably would not chase me.

"Look, it has been nice talking with you, but I better be going, I am running behind schedule. Say hello to your sister, Jill."

I then turned and started walking, put my trash in the can and made a beeline to the exit to the parking structure. I wasn't even parked there, but it was the nearest exit and I was counting on being able to lose the kid in the 5 story staircase.

Which I did. Unfortunately, it didn't solve my problem. When I got home both Holly and my wife were there and were planning on us going out to eat that night. And when I looked into their faces, I knew how much trouble I could be in and how damaging this whole stupid thing could be to them.

I could end up in the same prison as my pediatrician friend.

What to do.

>> File Suigintou 70.jpg


>What to do.

Keep going that's what.

>> File Kornheiser More.png


I can't tell you what a nightmare the next few weeks were like. I was extremely paranoid to the point that I literally broke my cell phone up into pieces and tossed it into a dumpster near work. I closed my account with Sprint and went to 7/11 and bought a phone paid for monthly with a new phone number. I was afraid that Jill, Daphne or even my new friend would call and create a record. By closing the account, they couldn't do that. I was still exposed as I had stupidly called Jill when we were at the Hyatt, but it was only one call and that was not much of a record and I thought a single call wouldn't be evidence of anything. And at least it would be harder for them to get the phone records rather than going through my phone.

I even started looking for a way to move out of town. My wife laughed when I suggested that we needed more space and that maybe we could find a place in a better school district. Even more worrisome was that Holly evidently was having something like a falling out with Jill, at dinner one night she said that Jill hadn't invited her to a party Jill was having.

I knew that Jill was distancing herself from Holly because of our relationship, but I worried that somehow this could be another big problem if Jill decided to confess to Holly that we had been more or less regularly been having sex.

After that revelation, the next day I decided to stay home from work and look through Holly's emails and see if there were any other signs of trouble. There weren't any recent emails from Jill, but I did find an interesting one.


Hi Holly Girl!

It is so exciting that you will be going to Washington DC for the Cheer Nationals next week, you are sooooo awesome! Thanks for helping me with my routines! I hope by the time I am in High School I will be as good as you. I think my gymnastics training will help! OMG! I can't believe how lucky I am to be working with you!

Also check this youtube:

http://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=XVYMCLjs_Cw

She's an absolute doll, don't you think? She lives in Australia, but she was born in Tonga (her Mom, who is a Filipina, was a missionary in Tonga when she was born and her Tongan name is Amaakee and her beautiful name means "Hope" in Tongan).

Anyway, I told you about this creep who has been following me around, randomly showing up at my house, my gymnastics workouts, our middle school awards ceremony, almost anywhere! My Mom thinks he's cute (GMWAS!) which makes sense because my mom just turned 46 and I think he might be a little older than her. I wish he would take her out on a date because she needs a good hard fucking! LOL!

Since my Dad and Mom separated a few years ago, I hear her using the vibrator almost every night. I wish they would just divorce and get it over with, but Mom doesn't want one and insists on asking Dad about every decision she makes about us kids, and he is not even living with us. My sister and brother agree with me that this guy is a real weirdo, but they also think it would be good if he hooked up with Mom, it would calm her down.

But I absolutely refuse to go anywhere with this guy alone, but my Mom says I should be polite to him and his sister as she goes to the same school as me, though I think my Mom is just hoping he will hit on her (we all do). So anyway, I agreed that when absolutely trapped, I would go, but only if there were at least 2 others with me!

Did I tell you about the time he snuck up on me when I was asleep while working on my tan in our back yard? He just showed up unannounced and he snuck up on me and as I woke, he was sniffing me near my behind. I don't even want to know what the hell he was trying to smell. Can you imagine the nerve of that creep? It scared the daylights out of me and I did this great kicking maneuver while laying on my stomach, landing one right in his solar plexus.

I was upset and crying. I made up a bullshit story about being molested to keep him from touching me, but he really didn't get the message. When I told my Mom, but she just said not to worry about it, he was probably trying to get the nerve up to ask her out on a date by being friendly with me. OMG! I couldn't believe it!

I've told you about the times he took us to the mall and different places (I would never go alone with him, as I said). One time we went to the mall and he just followed me around checking me out. Can you be more obvious!?! It got so bad that when the creep went into the men's room, the security guard came over and asked me if the old guy was bothering me. I told him, yes, but my Mom made me go on this outing, LOL. OMG BFF! Can you imagine!!??

Well in order to get away from him, I ducked into Victoria's Secret, but sure enough he showed up in the store and started showing me underwear he said he wanted to buy me -- ridiculous looking crap that old women like my Mom like to look at in catalogs but would never buy anyway! OMG! I couldn't believe it! I'm surprised he didn't want to buy me crotchless panties -- LOL!

So I just grabbed a swimsuit that looked halfway normal and took it into a dressing room to try it on. More than anything I was trying anything to escape the creep. I got as far as pulling down my jeans when he just wanders in as if there was nothing wrong with an old man walking into a dressing room occupied by a 13 year old at Victoria's Secret. Luckily I was facing away from him and he didn't get a peak at my pussy. How gross would that have been. OMG, I couldn't believe it!

I told him to please leave, but he just smiled and said he thought I needed help "tying all those strings" on the bikini. Hey! I learned to put on a string bikini when I was 10, OK? LOL! OMG! Can you believe that he said that?

He finally left after I promised that I would come out and show him how I looked. Are you kidding me? You want to tie my bikini strings? OMG! Get a clue!

Now, I won't tell you what my BF and I did the time we both went into the dressing room at Abercrombie. I wasn't trying on a bikini but I did let him get a good look at my pussy. And it was also the first time I swallowed. I didn't want to leave his juices on the floor, so didn't have much choice. I also got a little rug burn on my knees -- LOL, I couldn't believe it!

But, anyway, the creep insisted on buying me this awful pair of underwear. Even worse, when we got to the checkout, he had this obvious bulge in his pants. Anyway, the Victoria's Secret clerk noticed it and was all, hey, isn't she a little young for you? but he just laughed it off.

I guess I would like the underwear he selected for me if I were a stripper. Thank God I don't have to wear them, they are totally gross. I showed the underwear to my BF and we had a big laugh, and I put them on and well, I won't tell you what we did while I was wearing them, but afterwards we used them to wipe up our little wet mess (well, I guess I have to admit that when I am with my BF, it is never only a little wet -- LOL!.

And don't get me started about what the creep did on Halloween! Right in front of his sister and my sister. OMG, I couldn't believe it!!

Then I went to his sister's 13th birthday/sleepover and it turns out they live on a farm. OMG, I can't believe it! Who are they the Beverly Hillbillies? Not only is he a weirdo, but he's also a hick! Gramps! get Little Luke and Hassie, the barn's on fire! LOL!

And, of course, he was all over me. I fended him off the best I could. I challenged him to some chess as I thought at least that would keep him across the table from me. But he was all over me anyway and he put his hand down my pants. Gross! I bit him and that put a stop to that! He got up and ran into the kitchen and I saw through the door he was wiping the front of his pants. I can't imagine what exactly he was wiping, except maybe he came in his pants when I bit him. OMG! Can you believe that?

You would think he would get the message after I kicked him in the chest and then bit him in the face.

But I guess not, as there is more. His sister and I shared a bedroom that had a bathroom and a shower connected to it. The creep thankfully slept in another part of the house, but he decided to shower very early the next morning in our bathroom and not his. OMG! WTF? I got up to go to use the toilet and he had been showering for like 30 minutes, and I was like, hey I really need to use the toilet, so I reached into the shower and turned the hot water off. I think he might have been jacking off or something -- Eeewwww -- it took him a minute before he jumped out of the shower and started chasing after me. At least I got him out of the bathroom so I could finally use the toilet. I let him run past me and he jumped on the bed where his sister was still sleeping. Great, let him try and fondle her for a while! I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door and locked it.

BTW my BF and I had sex in my shower just the week before, didn't I mention that to you? We almost got caught, but it was great! Let me put it this way, I knew that working on gymnastics would be great for keeping slim and for doing our cheer routines. But I never imagined it would come in handy having great dirty hot sex with my BF while standing up. He is constantly amazed at the things I can do with incredibly flexible legs and my outstanding upper body strength.

OMG, look what time it is, I need to get to school! See you during our next cheer practice!




I was relieved that there were no problem emails, but I decided that I needed to keep track of her emails every week.

But as I pulled out of the driveway to go to work, I noticed a beat up old car, a dirty, rusty late 80's Hyundai Excel that had seen its better days. That car probably had never seen better days, come to think of it. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood and even the kids in the neighborhood have pretty nice cars. When Holly gets old enough I will have to get her a car, and she (and my wife) would never agree to a car like that. I couldn't make out who was sitting in the driver seat, but it appeared to be a young girl.

I didn't think any more about it until I left the parking lot exit where I work. Our building is at the end of a short dead end street that is lined with tall shade trees. The street will be completed as the industrial park where I work adds buildings. The shade of the trees and the waning light prevented me from seeing the driver, but my anxiety level increased dramatically.

Was it a tail? A detective or undercover police? Deep inside, I knew it had to be my new friend.

>> File Kevin Blackistone Really.jpg




Still working on the next chapter? I can't wait no more. Lol

>> File lh-600pix.jpg

I decided that I had to kill my new friend.

The day after I first saw her following me, she surprised me as I was getting into my car at work to go home.

"I want to talk with you about Daphne and Jill."

"Look, I don't know Daphne and barely know Jill. What is it you want from me?"

"I just want to know about that night at your house. You can deny it if you want and try and confuse me as much as you can. I believe what Daphne told me and I just want to talk with you about it, that's all."

"I honestly don't know what you are talking about and I still don't know who you and Daphne are. I don't mean to be rude or anything like that, but I need to leave now and go home. I am sorry I can't help you."

"OK, I can wait. I will wait for you to talk to me. I have all the time in the world. I am not going anywhere."

And then she left, got into her Hyundai and drove away.

She started parking down the street from my house early in the morning and followed me to work. And then waited for me to leave. When I went to lunch, she wouldn't follow, but she would be parked in the same place on the dead-end street adjacent to my parking lot until I left for home. Or sometimes in the afternoon she wouldn't be there at her parking spot on the dead-end street, but would be parked down the block from my house when I got home. Not everyday, but most days of the week. It was a full days work for her when she did show up. If she was there at all, she would be at my work in the morning and parked near my house in the evening. It got so that I wondered where she was on those days she didn't show up.

A couple of days later, at dinner, Holly told us she had seen the rusty Hyundai and knew who was in it. Her name was Kim. Holly said that she had walked down to the car to say hello and Kim told her to mind her own business and stay away. Holly said that she mentioned it to someone at school and learned that there was a rumor that she was pregnant from some married man, but Holly didn't believe that. But she evidently had just sort of dropped out of school. She wasn't a very good student, but she seemed nice enough, but was just a little weird. Holly said that she had a class with Kim but she didn't know her well as the girl was a junior. Holly said that her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother and a little sister.

Holly didn't mention her after that, probably didn't notice her. After her conversation with Holly, Kim didn't park near the house in the mornings, but she would just be waiting at work for me.

I thought about confronting her, but I didn't want to make a scene anywhere someone might see. She stayed pretty late into the night, I am not sure how late, but well after I went to bed. I had to go outside to see if she was down the street. It was nerve racking to have to sneak outside and around the side of the house so that Holly, my wife and my new friend, Kim, would not see me.

Something had to happen. This had to come to some end. I decided it would end when I ended her life.


I thought I could make it look like a suicide.

I would circle around to the back of her car without being seen. I would then sneak up behind the car on the sidewalk and then step into the street. I would walk up to the driver side window. If the window were open, I would stick the gun inside and shoot her in the face. I would then drop the gun into her lap. It would look like she had killed herself. I think if the window were closed, I would just rap on the window and she would open it, and I would then shoot her.

I couldn't do it in my neighborhood. But the industrial park where I work is right next to a large undeveloped field of land. And Kim always parked near the dead-end street facing the driveway where I drive out. She always is in the same place and always is facing the buildings where my office is located. After about 8:00PM in the winter it is really dark and the trees obscure the one or two street lights around the dead end.

I had a weapon, a .22 caliber pistol my Dad gave me when I was in high school. It is cool, but I never really shot it except when I first got it years ago. I thought it was untraceable, I have no idea where my Dad got it. And I think it would work great as a murder weapon. I had read somewhere that professional killers often use a .22 caliber pistol. The bullet does a lot of damage inside the skull and be sure to kill, but would not be powerful enough to blow the back of her head off. I guess it would not make that much of a difference. I thought that I would jam the barrel in her mouth, that would make it seem more like a suicide.

I took the pistol and a couple of rounds to work with me and left it locked in my desk. I waited for one of Kim's days off and waited after work until it got dark. I then loaded the gun and took it out into the field near where Kim regularly parked. No one was around. I fired two shots into the ground. I knew it wasn't particularly loud. Up close, louder than a fire cracker, but not very loud if you were a ways away. I put the gun into my coat pocket and casually walked back into the office and locked the gun back into my desk. Nothing happened, no one heard or saw anything. I thought this could be a perfect murder.

My wife and Holly knew about my .22. So I had to buy one if they asked about it after Kim killed herself. I would go down to Wall Mart or where ever and buy a .22 pistol and place it in my home safe, so that my wife could look and see the gun was still there. She wouldn't be able to identify the specific gun if her life depended on it.

The murder plan was coming together. Strangely enough, my nerves started to calm down. It wasn't a complicated plan and it didn't involve anyone else. Even if it the police decided it was murder, I didn't think they could relate it me. It was just some troubled teen who no one really understood killing herself. It happens quite often, I was pretty sure.

I was ready to go, I just had to pick a night and do it.

>> File CC-82-057-800.jpg

I waited two days before I saw from the lobby window that Kim was parked in her usual location at 5:00PM. My plan was to wait for about 7:30 or so when there was virtually no one around and do the deed. I didn't count on the rain. It wasn't raining hard. But the rain was good, it would make it harder for anyone to see. And the wind and rain would also dull the sound of my .22.

I was calm and ready to go. Time passed slowly and finally 7:30 rolled around but I decided to wait until 8:00PM just for good measure. I unlocked my desk drawer and pulled out my gun and loaded it with 3 shells. Not sure why, but just 3 shells. I put on my leather gloves and wiped down the gun with a cloth I otherwise used to clean my monitor. I put on my full length London Fog raincoat and stuffed the gun into the right side pocket and the small gun easily fit completely covered. I left the building.

Kim was looking down and did not see me exit the building. I walked along the side of my office building and around the dead-end barrier, distancing myself from it by quite aways, creating a substantially circuitous route to the sidewalk along which her car was parked. It was still raining, and, in fact, the rain was coming down harder as time went on.

As I approached her car, I stepped off the sidewalk and approached the driver's side. The driver's window was closed and the windows were slightly steamed over. I stood at her door. I took my left hand out of my pocket and knocked on the window with my knuckles. I had my right hand in the other pocket with the gun.

Kim looked up with a slightly puzzled look on her face. I definitely had surprised her. The seat was pushed as far back as possible, I guess, and she was typing on a notebook computer on her lap. She was wearing white ear buds which were connected to a Shuffle laying on the passenger seat. She opened the window a few inches, but didn't say anything.


This was definitely a hitch in my plan. She was supposed the roll her window completely down so I could reach in, jam the gun in her mouth and shoot. And the laptop presented another problem. Why would someone kill themselves with an open laptop, working on who knows what kind of document, her last words as it were. A friendly email to her grandmother?

I immediately realized my plan was worthless, and worse, I realized I didn't have the balls to do it anyway.

I relaxed a little and said, "What is it you do all day?"

She took the ear bud out of her left ear and squinting at me replied, "What d'you say?"

Oh, fuck, I said to myself, it is going to go like this?

"What are you doing?"

"Writing, that's all," she said, her head turning back and slightly down to focus again on the screen.

"Writing what?"

A few seconds of silence.

"You're standing in the rain," she answered without looking up and continuing to tap the keyboard.

A few more seconds of silence.

"The passenger side is unlocked," she finally said, eyes still locked on the screen.

I stood there a few seconds and then went around to the other side and got into the car. Kim had removed her ear buds and put them with the Shuffle into the dash console.

"So, what are you writing?"

"I'm just learning to write. So mostly I journal. But I just finished a story."

"You follow me around to write?"

"I need to talk with you about Daphne. My car is as good a place to write as any. No one bothers me."

It started to rain very hard. It was impossible to see more than a few feet outside the car. And it was loud, large drops pounding the rusty roof and hood causing a low pitch rumble.

"You can take off your coat if you like. It's wet and I don't want to get water on my laptop. Its the only thing I own that is worth anything." Still not looking up. I struggled, but finally got the coat off, and I tossed it into the back seat, careful not to let the gun come out of the pocket.

She stopped and looked up and around and then at me. She studied my face.

"You don't go to class any more?" I asked.

She rolled here eyes and focused back on the screen. But eventually we began to have a reasonable conversation. Kim told me that she was inspired to become a writer by her English teacher who encouraged her. In fact, the teacher told her that all she had to do to become a writer was to write. But she said in the end, she realized it was all a mis-understanding. Her teacher was just like everyone else. And she hated everything about school except writing for her English teacher. She also said she didn't have many friends and she thought that most of the kids at school were too immature. So she just decided to drop out. She just didn't see any value in school for her.

"What's the story about?"

"It's about a student who falls in love with her teacher. It ends in a big misunderstanding."

"Sounds interesting. Sounds autobiographical."

"I guess, a little anyways. I'll read it to you if you like."

It was a long story about a disaffected young girl who falls in love with her English teacher, a young woman in her late twenties. It was a story that was made up of 5 anecdotes that are interwoven and connected by seemingly unconnected events. I was astonished. It was a very good story and much more interesting than I expected. The best part was when the student meets her English teacher in the gym locker room, alone after school. The student was a Lacrosse player and the teacher had just returned from jogging. They meet in the shower. The description of the scene was astounding and totally erotic. Not pornographic, there was to sex as such, but the detailed description of the teacher was a turn-on, down to Kim's breathless uttered description of her teacher's "feathery down the shade of light caramel that framed the folds between her thin but muscular thighs." I thought that Kim was describing something that she had actually seen.

We were silent for a few seconds after she finished, we both were lost in thought about what she had just read, listening to the relentless pounding of rain.

"I wasn't prepared for it to be that good. But you are a great storyteller."

She told me that she wanted to write a companion story about the same girl who also falls in love with her math teacher, but really didn't know how to write about it. I told her that I thought she was good enough to make stuff up, she should just try that. She told me that she wanted to write about having sex with both, but she had never been with a woman. Or a man, for that matter.

I became aware that my dick was beginning to harden.

We talked for another hour at least. She told me much of her life story, mostly about her family moving around and her parents ugly divorce. She didn't mention Daphne. I suddenly realized that I was very hungry. I hadn't much of an appetite at breakfast and lunch, what with preparing myself to kill this girl I was talking with. Now that the plan had been abandoned, I relaxed and realized I needed something to eat. I told her that I would buy dinner if she would go with me to dinner. She agreed, but wanted me to buy her some gas, she was running really low.

Which I did. We also had dinner a Denny's, lingering in conversation for another couple of hours. I looked at my watch and I realized that it was 1:30AM in the morning. I panicked. My wife and Holly would be frantic. I have never disappeared before like that. I told Kim that I needed to get back to my car and go home. I also asked if we could meet tomorrow, maybe for lunch.

We have to talk about you and Daphne first. I think it might take some time.


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I wasn't hungry anymore, but now I began to realize how tired I was. And I had a bit of a toothache that radiated down my jawline. It wasn't bad, but annoying. I probably needed a root canal.

Kim said we could go to "The Big Drip," which was a funky coffee place that was open 24 hours catering to the nearby community college. It had the usual couches and love seats and comfortable chairs. I decided that I wasn't ready to go home and agreed.

We arrived and Kim ordered us both extra large Latte's and we sat down at a table facing from each other. The hot sweet drink woke me up and energized me a little bit.

"I am not trying to put you in jail. I just want to know about the night you were with Jill and Daphne, that's all.

"When we first met in the mall, it sounded like you wanted me to buy you something."

"Yes, I know, but I was just a little angry at you I guess. I guess I am not as angry at you now, you seem like a nice person."

"Why would you be angry?"

Kim told me in so many words that she was jealous of Daphne. Daphne was a really cute little girl and gets all the attention between the two of them. Kim had hoped that as she got older, she would get to experience cool stuff before Daphne but that hadn't really been happened. Kim told me of her loneliness and the fact that she didn't have many friends. There were a bunch of things that Kim attributed to Daphne's cuteness that she herself missed out on. Kim had hoped that she would have "an experience with a man" before Daphne did, but that I had taken that away from Kim and that was the thing that really made her mad.

"But I never touched Daphne, I promise you that that is the truth!"

"But you touched Jill, right? And Daphne saw and heard everything. All I want to do is write a story about my math teacher, and Daphne knows more than I do about that stuff."

"Knows more than you do? What do you mean?"

"I mean she knows what it looks like, what men look like. What its like for a girl to be with a man."

"Well, not really," I said, "I can't say she saw anything more than what you can see on the Internet."

"But that's different. That is not real. Daphne is 5 years younger than me and is more experienced that me. She will probably have sex before I do."

My erection started up again, but as I took a swig from my Latte, my tooth and jaw throbbed a little more. I thought that this revelation could be a solution to this whole mess right now.

"Is that what this is about? She will lose her virginity before you?"

Kim was silent for a minute. "Its not just that, I just want to experience stuff so I can write about it. I want to know about your relationship with Jill. Does she really love you? Do you love her? What about your wife and what about Holly?"

I smiled an assured Kim that Jill and I were not in love, we were just caught in this sex thing that really didn't make any difference to either of us. It was already over. It was a mistake. As I told Kim about Jill and me, a combination of truths and lies, I was just hoping that she wasn't recording me. I didn't see how that was possible, so I tried to put it out of my mind.

I reached over and placed my hand on Kim's. "But it is mostly being a virgin, right? Do you want to do something about that tonight with me?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, giving me a sly look.

"I think you know what I mean. We could go to a motel and you can learn some things that Daphne hasn't learned yet."

Almost without hesitation, Kim replied "You are not going to make me put it in my mouth are you? I gag really easy."

I laughed. "I think you have been watching too much porn."

Kim blushed.

"Its up to you. There is a motel pretty near here and we can get a room. By morning you will be much more experienced than Daphne. If you want. Otherwise, I should be getting home."

"OK." Kim said simply and got up to leave.


I had never registered at a hotel or motel where you paid cash for a room through an opening in a bulletproof glass partition. It was a busy place and I had to wait for a couple of people in line and there was a Pizza delivery guy wanting to know why the guy who ordered the pizza is not answering his door.

I had told Kim to wait outside in the car. I didn't want anyone to see me and her entering the room together, but this turned out not to be much of a concern. I think this hotel, on the edge of a old gritty area of factories and warehouses, might be the one place in town that no one would even notice an adult male entering a room with a 16 year old girl.

But as planned, I went in the room and Kim, who saw which room I entered from her parked car, came to the door and knocked lightly and I let her in. The room was as you would imagine a $55 per night room and Kim and I took a few minutes to make sure the thick curtain blocked out any view of our activities from the outside. As for sounds we would make, who knows. The outside was bathed in a bright yellow orange glow of powerful sodium lighting that gave the parking lot and the two story motel an other-worldly look. Every room door and window in the two story cinder-block building was visible from the parking lot. I went outside to see if I could see anything inside our room, even by pressing my face against the outer edges of each of the window. I am sure I didn't look suspicious at all.

Inside had an old tube TV setting on a Formica plastic, but wood grain counter attached to the wall next to a recessed space that acted as a small desk. It didn't have a drawer, but a nook underneath where the phone book and bible was kept. It seemed clean enough.

But Mr. Pizza delivery guy hammered on the door, yelling Pizza! and we ignored it, it was just that guy trying to find the guy who ordered his pizza.

Kim sat on the edge of the queen size bed that dominated the room and looked at me with some anxiety showing on her face. Her hands were clasped together and her fingers were in slight but constant motion. It was a little awkward, I suppose, we were their to have sex but I wanted to go slowly with this and try ease her anxiety. We both knew why we were there but I thought that maybe she was having second thoughts or perhaps maybe just realized what it was she had gotten herself into.

"I want to see you undressed first," she said before I had a chance to say anything. It sounded more like she was trying to negotiate more than anything. I thought this was great, she could just tell me what she was ready for and what she wanted me to do. I would be glad to fill in the details, as it were.


My cock started to get hard as I began to take my shirt and then my pants off, leaving only my boxer shorts on. My tooth throbbed a little and I began to shiver slightly as a cold sweat broke out on my forehead and I began to breath heavily. I also became a little dizzy. But that passed in few seconds.

I smiled at Kim and stepped over to her, facing her with the opening in the front of my boxers right at Kim's eye level. My fast emerging erection pushed at the fabric of the short leg of the boxers.

Kim turned a little red, didn't seem to know exactly what to do. I smiled at her for a second and said "Go ahead, touch it, see what it feels like."

"Through your underwear?"

"You can start with that. Really you can touch me anyway you want."

She brought her trembling hands up and gently ran her fingers along the shaft of my penis over the thin fabric. It felt good, it also tickled. My cock began to stiffen even more and created a large bulge with the tip of my cock head beginning to peek out of the bottom of the left boxer leg.

Kim was not the cutest girl and wasn't even close to the sexiness of Jill or even her sister Daphne. But the look on her face and her timid virginal way she was experiencing my cock was a total turn on. Jill was sexually sophisticated virgin when I took her hymen. She had seen a lot of porn, and in fact she was sort of a cam whore herself.

Kim was, at the same time, seemed to be enjoying the covered feel of my cock but at the same time seem scared as to what was about to happen.

"Daphne wanted to touch my penis, but I wouldn't let her. You are now sexually more knowledgeable than your sister," I said.

Kim smiled and that statement seemed to relax her a little.

"Not that big of a deal, was it?"

Kim smiled again.

"Go ahead, touch it directly. It feels great when someone touches the head. It will make me really hard."

Kim wordlessly reached into the left boxer leg and stroked my cock and I hummed my approval.

All of a sudden Kim jerked her hand back and said loudly "Its wet!"

"Its OK, its just a little pre-cum. I didn't pee. Sex is always wet."

She wrinkled her nose.

"OK, let me get a towel, we'll be able to use it later I am sure," I said softly, walking into the bathroom and grabbing a very thin and course cotton bath towel and bringing it back out into the room. I resumed my position in front of Kim and tossed the towel on the bed next to her. My erection was now in full effect. "Go ahead and pull my underwear down."

Kim looked up at me again, her anxiety level seemed to increase a bit when I said that. She raised her left hand and tried to pinch the elastic around my waist but couldn't grasp it between her fingers. She then then brought up her other hand and placed both on either side of my waist and tried to pull the boxers down, but merely succeeded in rubbing the outside of my thighs. Kim looked up at me and pulled her hands away as if she made some mistake and didn't know what to do.

"Look, relax, just pull them down, you can touch me, put your fingers under the elastic and pull."

I took her hands gently and put them on each side of my naked abdomen just above my underpants. "Go on, its OK" I smiled. Her embarrassed fumbling was intoxicating and as much of a turn-on as fucking Jill.

Kim laughed slightly and jerked them down, not quite getting the over my blood engorged cock.

"Keep going, don't give up now!" I laughed.

She tried again, this time releasing my cock from the white cotton allowing my now blue cock head to stare her in the face. Jill stopped and gawked as I stood in front of her with my boxers midway down my thighs.

"Cool, huh," I said gently, looking into her eyes for her reaction up seeing by cock.

Kim seemed mesmerized. She hadn't said anything in a few minutes so I asked her "You OK? Want to keep going? We can stop if you like."

That snapped her out of her silence. "Oh, No! No! I want this, I want you to, to, uh..." Her voice trailed off as if she couldn't find the words to complete her sentence. But I was pretty sure she wanted me to fuck her.

"Touch it some more. Grab it with your fingers and stroke it, it feels really good."

Jill complied and I could see her breathing deepen and her face turning red. She was shaking off her embarrassment and becoming turned on.

"You like?" I asked and Jill nodded.


"You can kiss it if you like."

"I don't know. It's wet again," she said, watching a drop of semen collect at the head."

"Just wipe it. You don't have to put it in your mouth if you don't want. Just lick the underside, especially around the head."

She took the towel and carefully wiped the head dry and pushed the erect shaft against my stomach and stared at the underside for a second or two.

"Just kiss it right under the head. You might like it. I know I will."

Kim leaned forward and touched the upper shaft with her lips. My cock was aching. I was amazed at how good it felt with so little actual stimulation. I waited a little for another kiss, but that was not forthcoming.

"Let's get more comfortable. Why don't you get undressed."

"No, I can't. I'm too fat, you won't want me if you see me nude," she said with all seriousness.

I place my hands gently on her cheeks and moved her face so that it was looking at me directly. "Sweetheart, I am more turned on now that I ever was with Jill or my wife for that matter. Just relax, I guarantee you and I will enjoy this if you just relax.

I then slid my hands down and began pull her top off. Kim said, "Wait, can we turn off the lights? I'd really like that much better."

Had I been in some normal frame of mind, I might have accommodated her request. But as it was, I was turned on beyond belief. I wanted to see her pussy and tits more than anything. and I wanted to take her virginity. And I wanted to see it all happen. No lights out sex this time.

"Let's just start with your top, you can leave your bra on."

Without waiting for her reply, I pulled the t-shirt over her head and tossed it aside. "Now lay down."

She moved back and lay down, propping her head on a pillow. I lay down next to her and leaned over and kissed her forehead. At the same time, I began to massage her smallish breasts over her bra and gently worked my fingers over the soft skin of her stomach down to the top of her blue jeans.

"Feel good?"

Kim nodded and I moved my hands over her blue jeans and rubbed inside her thighs. I could feel the warmth from between her legs and as I ran my and over the crotch seam, I felt a little warm wetness. I moved my hands back up to her bra and worked my fingers underneath the cup, finding her hard nipple. I kissed her again, this time on her lips and slid my hand underneath her body to undo her bra. She raised her shoulders to allow me access and after a few seconds struggling, we removed her bra.

I moved to the end of the bed and pushed her thighs apart looking closely at her breasts. The nipples were very red. The breasts were not large, but again the circumstance made her smallish breasts and small amount of fat just added to the excitement.

I moved forward and sat on my knees between her spread thighs. From between her legs, I leaned over and kissed on the lips some more, also massaging her breasts. I stopped and leaned back and took her hands and guided them back to my cock. "It needs more attention."

She laughed a little and took it with both her hands and started stroking. I began to massage her breasts again until I realized I was beginning to feel like cumming. I took hold of her hand to stop her stoking and told her that I didn't want to cum on her stomach. I wasn't sure whether she understood what I meant so I told her that if she kept stoking, I would ejaculate on her. I wanted to cum inside her. She asked me if I had a condom and I told her that she shouldn't worry about getting pregnant, I had had a vasectomy. I was expecting to have to explain that to her as I had to with Jill, but Kim said she knew that, Daphne had told her that.

Without saying a word, I unbuttoned the top of her jeans. Kim grabbed my hand and said, "I am wet there, I think I might have peed!" she said with some panic in her voice.

"I don't think so, you are wet because you are turned on. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything, just don't worry about it."

Kim relaxed and release my arm and put her arms to her side as if she wasn't really sure what to do with them.

I peeled her jeans down and pulled them off of her, one leg at a time. I then looked at her panties which were soaked around her crotch. I looked up at her and smiled. "I think you might be a little excited by the look of your panties. You masturbate don't you? You must get real wet."

Kim was breathing pretty heavily by now and answered, "I've never felt like this. Masturbating doesn't do anything for me. Are you going to put it in now? Will it hurt much?"


I wanted to lick Kim's virgin pussy, so I told her we weren't quite ready yet. As I lay down between her legs, I moved close to her pussy and smelled the musky sweat that was seeping out of her pussy. I rubbed the inside of her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. I heard Kim moan in kind of a high pitch yelp, almost as if I were scaring her. I looked up at her and her face was contorted with lust.

"Oh God!" Kim yelped.

I spread her wet pussy lips with my fingers just in time to watch a little gush roll out of the bottom of her pussy and disappear into the skin surrounding her asshole and butt cheeks. I stiffened my tongue and ran it along the length of her vagina. She grabbed my hair and began pull my face into her wet gash. I concentrated on stimulating her clit and Kim reaction was immediate."

"Oh, oh, oh..." she moaned in her high pitched sex voice.

"Oh please, stop stop!"

But I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm and I was not about to stop. I continued to concentrate on her clit.

"I, I, Oh God!" she yelped as I felt her thighs tighten around my head and her hips jerked uncontrollably. The orgasm lasted a few seconds and she finally relaxed.

I moved up and laying on top of her supporting my upper body with my elbows. I pressed my impossibly hard cock at the entrance of her virgin pussy.

"I'm ready, now, please!"

I applied a steady pressure as my blue head pressed against her hymen. It was tight. Kim grabbed and held me as if her life depended on it. I looked at her face and her eyes were tightly shut. I gently kissed her forehead and thrust as hard as I could and I felt her hymen give way as my cock pushed relentlessly into her.

Kim screamed something I couldn't understand. I stopped with my cock as far inside her tight pussy as it would go. But Kim could only take about 3/4 of my full erection. I could hear and feel Kim breathing hard and eventually she calmed down a little.

"You OK?"

"I'm OK, it pinched a little, that's all"

I began to slowly stroke and again Kim began her rhythmic high pitched moaning right at the time I could feel a gathering in my balls as I prepared to explode inside her. I continued to increase the pace of my stroking and Kim matched each stroke with a high pitched yelp. We both were heading for an orgasm and Kim held onto my arms tightly. After two more strokes, I couldn't hold out any longer and shot a huge load of hot cum into her pussy. It was the strongest orgasm I have ever experienced.

We held each other tightly and and after a minute or so, Kim slowly relaxed her grip and we both caught our breath.

Eventually, I raised my hips up and looked down and was shocked to find blood all over our thighs and the polyester bedspread.

As I said, sex is wet.

>> File 315526202_7e6b066293.jpg

It actually wasn't that much blood, but Kim was so wet, the blood mixed with her spend which increased the volume a great deal.

I was relieved that when Kim looked, she just laughed a little and said, "Wow!"

I looked over to the small bed stand and the clock radio, but the time was just flashing 12:00. I looked at my watch and it was 4:58AM. I was exhausted as I laid next to Kim. I didn't want to close my eyes as I thought I would just fall asleep. Kim said, pretty seriously I think, that we should get some coffee and go another round. She was ready.

My jaw started throbbing and I still had to figure out what I would tell my wife and Holly about why I didn't come home. I decided to get up and clean up as much as possible and get Kim to drive me back to my office to get my car. I would make up some lame bull shit and suffer the consequences. At least the Daphne/Kim problem had been solved. I just needed to get home.

I never made it. I started to get up, but all of a sudden felt a great deal of pressure on my chest. The shooting pain in my jaw had expanded into a full blown headache and I started my cold sweating again and I began to feel a bit sick to my stomach. I felt as bad as I ever had in my life, to the point that I had to get up and do something, but I wasn't sure what. I looked at Kim who was looking at me oddly and talking to me, but all of a sudden I couldn't understand what she was saying to me.

I sort of got up and tried to walk to the bathroom, but immediately fell over in a heap on the ground. I fell and I couldn't get up, as they say. And I couldn't talk, either.

That was the last thing I remember.

I regained consciousness a day or so later, I had had a heart attack and when I got to the hospital, they took me into surgery right way for a bypass. It was during surgery that I had a pretty serious stroke. My wife and Holly were very concerned about me, of course, and were at my bedside when I eventually came to. It took me awhile, days, actually, to put together my memories of that night. I am still partially paralyzed on my right side and have difficulty speaking sometimes.

I have been in rehab and literally have not been able to use my laptop much at all and that is the reason why there was so much time between posts on confession. By now, pretty much, writing on my laptop is about all I can do until I get better mobility and return to work.

My memory has come back pretty much, especially the events leading up to that night and that night as I have transcribed it here. The detective told me that the paramedics had been called at about 5:30AM that morning at the motel, but when they arrived a few minutes later I was the only one in my room on the floor unconscious. Police officers interviewed some people at the motel, but for the most part no one said they knew anything. They found my gun and that was really the only thing they were interested in and evidently tried, without success, to match it to weapons used in crimes that night.

As near as I can piece together, Kim saw that I was in very bad shape and called 911 and immediately fled the room, got into her car and drove away or at least melted into the crowed as a 16 year old runaway. The detective that I talked with about the gun said that they didn't know who called 911, which was from a young female from the phone in the room.

I think the detective figured out what actually happened but couldn't get any proof of it. I don't think he suspected an underage girl, but probably figured I had hooked up with some street walker. He asked me if I remembered who I was with and I just said I didn't remember anything. I think he decided I had my gun for protection in the lousy neighborhood.

My wife and I haven't yet discussed what happened that night in detail, but she did say that she thought we ought to go into marriage counseling which we are going to begin next week. I am not sure what I will say, probably make up some bullshit about that being the first time with another woman, maybe even say it was a prostitute.

The bad new is that my heart attack and stroke has really taken a toll on my libido and my ability to get hard. My Doctor says that probably has a lot to do with the meds I am currently taking and that at this point "I am *not* healthy enough for sexual activity." He said that could change and that eventually could get to the point of using Viagra or something like that.

As for Jill and Kim, well it was great while it lasted. I haven't heard from them and don't expect to. I know that Holly told Jill about my heath problems so she probably knows more than Kim at this point.

I just hope Daphne keeps her mouth shut.


Had the same deal.  When I was 17 I was had a chance to have a threesome with a 11y and a 9y. Took them to this dirty ass motel I had been by b4. Told the guy at the desk they were my disasters and we where homeless. Guy called my b.s and told me it would coast 250 for the nite. Didn't have that much cash v but offered both there panties to him and 100 bucks.   He agreed and have hd a key. Ifucked the older one first who unfortunately want virgin and a I was fuckn the lil one who was def a virgin and moaning loud as hll he came n and told me he was gonna cal the cops if he didnt get a bj from one if em. 


I found pics on my daughters computer.  love them and jerk off too

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