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/con/ ~ I find flat chested chicks to be nasty looking.
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I find that flat chested chicks are nasty looking. Its almost like you are looking at a dude, whats the point in that if you are a heterosexual male? I realize that there a lot of adult women out there with the chest of a boy or man and that they can't help it, but that's just how I feel. I like chicks to have breasts and the bigger the better assuming those are natural breasts and the chick is not morbidly o-beast. I do not know why I like breasts. I do not know. Maybe breasts are a sign of womanhood and no breasts are sign of man or boy hood. Now I apologize if this hurt or offended anyone who likes flat chested chicks nor am I calling anyone a closet homosexual for liking chicks with boy or mans cheast.


I like some flat chested chicks cause of their pointy nipples

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