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/con/ ~ A couple of days ago I went to a middle school as ...
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A couple of days ago I went to a middle school as part of an anthropology research project. There was a cute little black loli and a cute little white loli that I got the chance to talk to a little bit. It really breaks my heart that I will never see them ever again in my life.


Why are you so sure you will never see the little black loli again? You've talked to them and it's more than likely she will fancy you and will be looking for you, as you are looking for her. Don't go too far with your hopes - she isn't going to fuck but her company will give you a lot of pleasure. And in three or four years time . . .


No its good, that way you wont get in trouble.


You could go back to that school again for a "visit," maybe to pass out goodies on Halloween Day and say it's an appreciation project or something. It'll be a chance to go to every classroom while you secretly scan around for the girls. :D And when you see em you can wave, say "Hi, I remember you!" Then you can call them over, whip out some papers from your pocket, and show some fun looking graphs and charts (with funny characters on them and stuff) that showed the result of your anthropolgy project.You can say "This is the project I worked on last time I came, blah blah blah," then you give em lil index cards with the URL for the educational Facebook club page (that you made in advance along with the cards), and tell em to visit and 'Like' the page. Also at home (ahead of time) create about 10 fake kid profiles on Facebook, have each one 'Like' that educational page you created, just so that the two girls won't be the only ones 'Liking' it. Finally when they 'Like' the page, you'll see them and add them as Friends, and you get to keep in contact with them forever and ever. XD

Of course, if they're not on Facebook like so many other middle schoolers these days, then all your work would have been for nothing. D:

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