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/con/ ~ cp conviction?
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I`ve been using one and the same computer in a certain internet library since some time now, and i already downloaded tons of cp on it. since i`m in an internet library, i don`t really care bout the protection and post on shitstorms pretty carefree. now, after bout a year, the library owner showed me a prosecution letter he just received. though, it doesnt say anything about cp. it just says, there were two music files illegally downloaded (called tom`s dinner and hardbassxyp, or something). i didnt download this, but could it be, that the prosecution just didn`t want to write it was cp? i`m kinda confused now and don`t know if i should come back here anymore. what do you think?


Dude I would just be careful from now on. You are taking a huge risk at the library,and I think its more safe to have anything to do with cp at home vs going to the library. I think you are more likely to get caught with having anything to do with cp at the library vs downloading cp at home. Remember this though, regardless if you download or upload cp at home or the library you are still at risk for getting caught,just keep that in mind.


thanks for the reply! idk...i think, i will just dont come here for bout 2 weeks anymore. then ill come back and see what the owner tells. if he says, the computer and time of downloading fits to my pc, i will just run away, or something...

did you ever knew anyone who got caught? i still see this whole illegality of cp as a little myth, sometimes...i know, it sounds foolish, but i still cant really imagine to go to jail for something like this...but ill definitely be more careful from now on...this sucks...


"did you ever knew anyone who got caught? " Yes I have and the funny thing is,it was a cop that got caught with cp LOL(but sad at the same time.) I dont think everybody gets caught possessing cp,but it is something you shouldn't take lightly though! To be honest I am surprised you didnt get caught at the library. Dont ever take the cp thing lightly because if you where to ever get caught,you would be screwed for life. All I am saying is use more caution,because you can never afford to let your gaurd down,even if it is unlikely for you to get caught,still use caution. "this sucks." When it comes to being a pedo life in general sucks.


Get your own fucking computer!


Yeah, you need to take it seriously. Look at some articles on the web and you'll read about people going to jail just for having even one bad pic on their pc. And if suspicions are really big, a pc can be deeply scanned to check for deleted images. (There are a variety of software that "undelete" images, like Recuva, but of course law enforcement would use high end software.) I think depending on the state you live in (or country), you could get charged for every single bad pic. That can add up to staying in jail for decades.


The good news is that that letter probably means exactly what it says.

The bad news is that that library computer is now under legal scrutiny. If you have the opportunity, grab a secure erasing program and erase every related file you have on there, your internet history, cache, temporary internet files and all that crap, and write over the harddrive's free space for good measure. (ccleaner and eraser can do this for you).

And be more careful in the future. Regularly using the same public computer is *less* secure than using your own, not moreso. All the same precautions remain necessary.

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