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/con/ ~ I've been molesting my mother in her sleep. ...
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File 1296503775496.jpg

I've been molesting my mother in her sleep.

You see. She has to take these slipping pills to sleep. And when she does, she's out like a light. Nothing will wake her up. So at about 1am(when the drug is in full effect) I sneak into her room and play with her body.(Divorced so she sleeps alone).

The best days is when I'm sneaking around and I can hear her using her dildo. When ever she does that. I'll fuck her in her sleep. I also fuck her raw because she's on birth control.
(She's on birth control pills because it helps balances out hormones or some shit)


If she's asleep enough to let you fuck her, she's asleep enough to let you take pictures...

...unless, of course, she's only pretending to be asleep because she's feeling lonely. That's an interesting fantasy right there, pretending that she's pretending.



>I've been molesting my mother in her sleep.

That is.....so fucking gross.....



Don't judge. We haven't even seen pictures of his mom yet.

OP: post pics of your sleeping mother.


That is actually natural, believe it or not.


If she's hot, no one can blame you. She is still a woman, after all. I say go for it, and enjoy it.

Post pictures of your mother sleeping here, if you can/want. I think that everybody here at least deserve to imagine how its like to molest her.


yes. pics please.


How old are you?


op needs pics


Agreed wholeheartedly and 5th that request


ha, everyone wants to see your mom naked :D including me

>> File Tsumugi Kotobuki POIDH.png

you know the rules.


bumpin til pics.


Please post a picture of her face, OP.

At the very least, please post a picture of her body.

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