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/con/ ~ Confession of guilty pleasure
No. 167050 Quote report

File 20211566uVQ.jpg

So, I'm not going to lie -- I'm attracted to young boys,and I also have a thing for exhibitionism and voyeurism. I was on my way home from college classes yesterday, and right down from the college I attend, there's a bend in the road, and then a small creek. There's an elementary school farther down,and then, farther on my way home, a middle school. I saw this little blond-haired boy,about 10 or 11 years old sitting at the creek with a fishing pole. He was a little bit chubby, and pretty cute for his age. As I passed by him I yelled "Hey, cutie!" at him. I felt good that I let out some of my repressed sexual desires toward the boy. I don't think he even heard me. He kind of turned his head to the side and then back,and then back to the creek,pretty quickly. I noticed then that my dick had gotten pretty hard over this boy. I turned the car back around, drove back and then parked across from the creek. He looked back and noticed that I was parked there and he kind of kept looking at me,wondering what I was doing. I took out my cell phone, and pretended that I had just parked to get off the road while I talked on the phone. I began masturbating over him. I've only ever masturbated over a boy with him that close to me once before, a long time ago. So, because I was across the street, he couldn't tell that my pants and underwear were down,and that I was jacking off over him right in public. It was great, because just as I was almost half way to climax, he stood up,and turned around, and just kept looking over at me. I managed to look into his face from the time I was half-way into masturbating up until I came over him,shooting my cum into my car and onto/into my pants and underwear. I don't know if he was getting ready to walk over to my car or to walk home,but I managed to finish over that cute blond boy's face while he was right there watching me masturbate,and he didn't even know it. It was the most thrilling and hot sexual experience I've ever had.


When I was 16 I fapped to one of my younger cousins when she was playing outside in a swim suit. I was watching her from in the living room looking out the window. The fear of getting caught turns me on even more and I used to fap in public places when I saw some hot loli's,but that was a long time ago...


That's pretty hot! good true life tale of distance molestation! bump!


GTFO fucking faggot! You fags are the cancer of pedophilia! Even more worse thna the rapists! When i think about you ugly faggots, it always reminds me how pathetic it is to call pedophilia a mental disorder, cuz being a fucking fag is the most misbegotten and abhorrent sexual attraction i can think of.


I fail to see why that matters especially considering how they all look the same from behind with their hair slicked back in the shower. A tight asshole is a tight asshole and your dick doesn't care who it belongs to.

>> File gtfo-and-take-your-fail-with-you.jpg

>>I fail

See? That`s the problem with you fucking faggots. You don`t even have the slightest clue about what it means to love a girl as a man. My condolence to you faggots. Most of you freaks of nature even don`t became fags because you rather love boys than girls, but simply just because it`s more easier to get someone to fuck. You fucking faggots disgust me on the whole line.


u is.


naw, im just spreading some truth!


I think homosexuality is kinda icky. But you, sir, disgust me.

>> File 633580796860484029trollmu1.jpg

I guess, that`s just because you don`t know how to appreciate the art of trolling.




nice gabe! bet you wished he was in the car with you jacking you off!

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