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/con/ ~ confessions
No. 166993 Quote report

A little about me, I tturned 18 a bit ago, sstill in HS, and that's all you gotta know  

1) I get off on older woman, like 30-40 yrs old, and I hit on them as often as i can. It got bad like really bad,  baenough that i ended up fucking my gfs mom who has just turned 37. I flirt with alk of my moms friends as well and they love it. For some reason just the way they do things gives me a raging hard, their experienceand all. Like i have fucked close to 15 girls my age, trust me all of it sooo fucking worth it, but the lack of experience just fucking kills me.

2) obviously i flirt,and obviously i kinda dig milfs, wellmy next confession is, from age 15 to now 18, i have fucked 4 woman over the age of 30, one being my gfs mom, 2 being ome of my sisters friends mom, and btw my sisyer is only 13, and the 2 others being random thirstbuckets i managed to spark convos with. Is this wrong?

3) i lost my virginity at the age of 15, to my gf that was 14 at the time, since then i have fucked 19 girls off of memory, my age and older, behind her back, so obviously cheating. Do i tell her or keep getting her pussy and moarr

3) very unlike me, when i was 17, my sisters friend was over who was 13 at the time, the living room was too cold and my sisters room was being renovated so they slept in my room. i also slept there, and wow, what a night. i was on the phone with my gf, my sister had fallen asleep amd her friend was awake texting. she was laying at the side of my bed while my sister was laying at the foot of my bed. well i had my hand kinda floating out by my aide Nd she started to play with my fingers, almost like footsies but with hands. well, she started to tug on my hand and i quickly relaXed it and she started moving it around. it ended up on her legs, which by the way were smooth as fuck and then i felt my hand go between but happened to be the ends of her shorts and onto warm shaved pussy. i was in shock but quickly learned i had nothing to be afrqid of when she staryed to thrust her self against my hand and fingers. she started to moan but i quicly shut her up when i took the hand that she wasnt using to hold my mine and put it on my cock. she knew exactly what to do and gave me a better fap than i can give my self. i came within minutes and she did the most unreal thing at the time, and likced my cum clean off her fingers took my hand which was rubbing her virgin pussy and asked me.to fuck her, sad to say, i refused and told her i would some other time. she texts me everyday asking when she could aleepover next and shit. my question to this one is ahoud i fuck her and continue this amazingness or stop.

4) i have fucked all of my best friends gfs, exes and current. i feel bad but cant bring my slef to tell him. 

5)best one of all, senior year now, and i havent told a soul, but i finger bang one of my teachers everyday and she swallows my cock like a champ,  this is btw one of the best things to ever happen to me

5) i hate myself for all of this, i feel so wrong in doing what i do and have done, happy to say that i got my self checked out and i came out negative for everything, yet i feel dirtier than a bitch with blue waffle. am i god, and good at what we do best, or am i just a pos amd should stop everything?

Ps, my goal for before i graduate is to fuck thqt teacher and continue to fuck her even after graduation.

that was my baggage, i have more ajd could go into detail for all u sick fucks, and for all u pedos, teen pussy will never grow old, but unfortunately u are. so get used to shit your own age, i know im contradicting myself when i say this since ive nailed matures, but shit, thats just me.


well the begining of your 2nd #5 seems true. rest is lies.

still, no harm with any of it, nothing says there is anything wrong with any of this. moms are fair game, may get awkward if you ever became your friends dad or anything, but w/e.


If some of that is true, you are living the life... cheers


not a single lie my friends, this is what i've been doing and have done. not sure if its living the life with all the guilt i've accumulated, but whatever.


I say well done ol chap


>fucked hot moms at age 15

Also, are you attractive at all? What would you rate yourself when it happened? How tall are you? Do you look young or old for your age?

Holy fuck, MILFs are the sexiest fucking women on the planet, please please give me your wisdom, OP.


I'd give anything if one of those teachers are my girlfriends You fuck all the time, im still a virgin with women and im in my early 30s. But i am also a crossdresser Son so i dont think women want a pussy boi like me.>>166993

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