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/con/ ~ boys
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i am a woman in my mid thirties and for years i have had fantasies about showing my naked body off to young boys. i want to see pics of women with young boys but it seems these pics dont exist as i have looked on the web many times. do any other women share my fantasies ??


hi jane

i am now in my early forties but still have a good body and a nice ass. i have been letting young boys fuck me for about ten years now, my hubby approves and my preference is for boys aged 8 to 14. i just love those young dicks. have had six boys so far and two of those were at the same time


"Wow, that's great..."

Great to hear from you ladies - It's about time females are coming out to talk and share about their pedophilia experiences and fantasies...

Let me say, "Welcome to our world..."


Welcome to Ichan jane. Its good hearing from female a pedo. I know you are not alone,I bet there are many female pedos out there,people just think female pedos are super rare,but I think they are more common than anti-pedos think.


tbh sounds pretty samefag to me

i will be (pleasantly) surprised if this is legit


OP here, yes it was samefag, I suck dicks.


you should send me some pics ;)


Nice to see the young-loving women posting once in a while =)

Always been one of my fantasies to see a woman with a younger boy...


its a real fetish shared by many guys and girls alike on this site go to home adult shotacon many pictures are animated but hey ya get what ya get


Yes, Pics!

>> File Kornheiser why.jpg

>no pics

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