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No. 166347 Quote [Report]

a long time ago..like 30 years ago,i was about 20 and my niece was about 7.i was babysitting her,my sister was out all night alot those days meeting some guy.i was helping my niece with her homework and this day she had to do a science thing,it was about tastebuds,she was supposed to blindfold a subject and have them stick out their tongue and apply salty,sweet,bitter,etc to different areas of the tongue and ask if the person tasted it etc.evidently you only taste certain things in certain areas of the tongue.
i told her i would do the testing and write her responses down and all she had to do was re-write everything in her handwriting and her assignment was done.
i used a necktie to blindfold her and sat her on the arm of the couch,and i told her i would tie her hands behind her back so she would not try to cheat and remove the blindfold.
i went to the kitchen to get flavor supplies and she sat giggling.in the science book they used q-tips to apply the flavors.i used my finger at first with syrup and then my thumb with peanut butter.
i was getting an erection watching her suck the things off my thumb and feeling her tongue licking.
she was having fun and the "experiment"more or less was forgotten about and it was just her enjoying sweets and me getting off on her sucking stuff off me.well,by now you probably know what i did,i pulled out my dick and she sucked strawberry jam off of it.she never said anything about it not feeling like my thumb and i continued to use only the jam and no other tastes.
she never said anything about "thats still jam try something else" or "thats not your thumb what is that?"
and i just dipped my cock in the jam over and over and stuck it in her mouth and let her clean it off.she didnt complain when i moved it in and out of her mouth even after the jam was all cleaned off.i think she knew what was going on even at 7 years old.she had seen my brother in laws hustler magazines before.she just giggled when i pulled out. i'd say ready? and she'd giggle and shake her head yes. i did this until i had an orgasm and ejaculated in her mouth.she cleaned it all off like it was jam and when i pulled out of her mouth she licked her lips and giggled an odd embarassed sort of giggle.
we stopped then and just cuddled and watched tv.the next morning i was scared she would say something around my sister or to her.she did not.
the next night i asked her if she wanted to do the "taste experiment" again and she excitedly ran and got the neckties to blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back. we did the same thing without any pretense,i just dropped my jeans and she more or less gave me head until she swallowed my ejaculate after only on dip in the jam.we did this all summer every night.after a week it took me almost an hour to finish and she never said a thing while we did it or afterwards and we always cuddled on the couch and watched tv when we were done.
i moved out of my sisters house after that summer and school started again.we still never talk about it and she is 30 years old now.every family gathering i see her and feel odd and almost want to ask her about this but am scared,i get the feeling she also wants to ask me but is scared.we still get along great and love each other very much.i'd hate to ruin things ,should i ask her if she remembers the "taste experiment"?

>> No. 166352 Quote [Report]


just talk to her about her life, and somehow work in how you babysat her, and that way it wont seem weird to bring it up.

>> No. 166353 Quote [Report]

unless youre prepared to maybe have another taste experiment(since it becoming weird can IMHO only happen if you dont like it now that she's older) do not bring it up. SHE KNOWS...you should know better too you dummy. 

>> No. 166362 Quote [Report]

At any time during the summer did she ever ask to play the taste game?

>> No. 166363 Quote [Report]

she asked "are we gonna play the taste game tonight?" and whispered it in my ear,she sounded kind of excited about it but only remember her asking a few times,maybe 4 times the whole summer. most of the time we were just sitting on the couch and i would say ready to play the taste game and she would just run and get the neckties to blindfold her with and sometimes she picked out chocolate syrup or jam or what she wanted,but after a few weeks we didnt even use the flavors. i just put on the blindfold and she sat on the arm of the couch and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.she would giggle and i would rub my dick on her tongue for a few minutes then she would lean forward and suck it like a lolipop untill i finished,she would swallow all my ejaculate and then i would say wow you did it good that time! then i would pull up my pants and take off the blinfold and we would cuddle and watch tv. its just so odd she never said anything,not what is that i'm sucking or what is that stuff i swallow or anything at all.

>> No. 166364 Quote [Report]

i would like to play the game with her again,she is still hot now she is older.but it was only like 100 days of her whole life,i dont think she remembers it really. i get turned on so much when i remember it,she was really good and sucked so hard and didnt choke when i went deep in her throat when i orgasmed.i have been with many chics alot older who cant handle my dick throbbing in their throat as i ejaculate much less swallow it all while i am in their throat. in all honesty i have never had a satisfactory blowjob since my neice. sometimes i close my eyes when a chic gives me head and try to pretend but its not the same as her lips wrapped around me at the base of my cock at all...

>> No. 166366 Quote [Report]
File 1283733210073.jpg


>> No. 166368 Quote [Report]

next week we have family thing.i am gonna see her again.maybe i ask her if she remembers back when i babysat her and move on to say i really enjoyed our time together,if she seems ok with that maybe i ask her what she doing later and if she like to go to a concert with me...maybe?

>> No. 166369 Quote [Report]

keep us posted

>> No. 166370 Quote [Report]
File skeptical rhino.jpg

While I can understand wanting to hear how things go, it does seem a bit odd for anon to request being updated.

Anyways OP, you are the epitome of the creepy uncle. I can see alot of ways that this could go, and alot of them are very bad. I see good reason why she'd say she doesn't remember, but whether it's denial, trauma, a lie, or just an unimportant forgotten memory, you'll never know.

Stuff happens at younger ages, it's not that big a deal. However, I think you are getting too carried away. If you think about it you are a relative who is saying "you gave me good blowjobs when you were 7, want to do it again?"

This isn't /adv though, so I won't talk further.

>> No. 166375 Quote [Report]

we talked at the family outing and i was afraid to bring it up but felt like it was just below the surface in both our minds,almost like we were both getting hot like a date kind of thing. she invited me over saturday to go swimming in her pool before they let the water out for the winter.her daughter is having a pool party and she wants me to cook hotdogs etc on the grill.she is a single mom like my sister was. we will see how it goes.

>> No. 166377 Quote [Report]

this is as intriguing as it is fucking weird. let us know how that shit goes.

>> No. 166378 Quote [Report]

Yes!! Updates!!

>> No. 166380 Quote [Report]

hey, the slow clapping epic guy here again, keep us posted, this sounds like its going to be good! play it slow though.

>> No. 166386 Quote [Report]
File 18985930ECY.jpg

everything went good and i cooked hotdogs and burgers on the grill and played in the pool with my nieces daughter and her friends. i even threw my niece in to cheers from the kids. she seemed kinda flirty or horny the whole time,but i was afraid to go near it at all.we both act like we are on a date and if we bump into each other away from people like in the hallway or something we would just start making out like mad and duck into a room for a quickie..its like that kind of energy between us. she did say she was loosing her babysitter who lives next door and i told her if it was just weekends or fri nights i could help out,cuz i have work mon-fri and school mon-thur.in the eves. she kinda looked at me out the corner of her eye with a...grin?...smirk?
i changed the subject real fast and she seemed at ease but the rest of the night she kinda looked at me with a ...devilish smile?
i just looked her back and smiled.
she never answered me about the helping her babysitting issue but after i left is seemed like she was considering it and would let me know or..maybe she had another option or offer to wait on? anyway it went well and i think now she does remember what we did a long time ago but does not hate me for it or enjoyed it ..or maybe liked it?

>> No. 166389 Quote [Report]

I thought the cook out thing was on Saturday, your post was on Thursday? Maybe she asked you about the baby sitting thing so that you wold bring up how u used to babysit her.

>> No. 166406 Quote [Report]

it was friday when she asked me to cook out..post here says sat?? then it was wed when i posted how it went..post here says thur?? i dunno..maybe time zone thing?
anyway i AM gonna babysit for her. thats all thats new so far.

>> No. 166411 Quote [Report]

i am a lil buzzed.i babysat for my niece today, it was a trip,my neice left telling her daughter to be good for me and do what i tell her etc. ..she looked at me and smiled her odd smile. when she left we had dinner and settled in to watch shreck..it was like a dejavoo of a long time ago and now was my neices daughter not my neice,,but other wise,same thing,,real weird but kinda kinky dejavoo thing....we got very close tonight. was just like me and my neice but 30 years later and was me and my neices daughter...i ama bit drunk now so will tell more when i wake up.

>> No. 166424 Quote [Report]

the babysitting thing went ok. my neices girl is cute as hell. i didnt do anything but enjoy her company and get to know her better. when my neice got home i was sleeping on the couch,she woke me and asked how things went..i said good.then she went into her daughters room and i heard mummbled talk for quite awhile. my neice came out and KISSED my forehead?..odd,she smiled and said thanks for watching katy,she really likes you.
the next morning my neices girl came out and climbed under the covers with me and we watched tv.i got a woody while we spooned and watched cartoons. she rolled over during a commercial and whispered "whats the taste game?" i freaked. i told her its a secret,my face was red as hell i could feel the heat. she noticed too..thats all .i left about an hour later kissed them both goodbye.
now i wonder what is up..my neice must have said something to her daughter but i am scared what and why now.

>> No. 166425 Quote [Report]

She liked what happened and is basically offering you this chance to get the daughter as well?

Seems suspicious though.

>> No. 166430 Quote [Report]

i think the same,but when they were talking after she came home maybe she was just checking to see if i did anything with her,then she was happy i did not do anything and figures i outgrew the behavior by now. or,she may "kinda" remember what happened and is just checking ,like a test. or..its a trap and she is setting me up to get busted with her daughter since so long ago i got away with it! but that would not seem right ,she wouldn't use her girl in such a way or set her at risk just to prove something. i am babysitting again in an hour,she is going to be in ***** (large city) till tomorrow afternoon. evidently she trusts me...or does now.
but my neices girl "whispered" in my ear whats the taste game!? and was smiling and excited..this echos in my head all day now.

>> No. 166433 Quote [Report]
File 1287269742334.jpg

sounds to me like she gets off on thinkin of her cute kid swallowing your jizz too!
plus her kid was not scared..but excited when she asked about the taste game..her mom must have not said anything bad about the idea..i think shes kinky into her kid swallowing yer dick like she did!

>> No. 166434 Quote [Report]

...Wow! Next time when you babysit at her house,check the place for cameras. It might sound a little crazy,but you never know.

>> No. 166436 Quote [Report]
File youre-fat-dr-phil.jpg

hey, the slow clapping epic guy here once again, this has become like a weekly thing to check for me. I think it may be a bad thing that she asked her daughter if you played that game with her. Mothers are protective of their daughters, so don't anything like that with the daughter unless you call your niece and just come out and say, your kid keeps asking about the taste game, what did you tell her? and I promise you will get an answer, one that wont hurt you in anyway. keep us posted. Its some sick shit that a mother will get of on there young kid eating cum. Some of there people here are dumb fucks, just ask your niece the exact question i told u.

>> No. 166437 Quote [Report]

Been watching this thread for a while, and I would tell you that something just does not smell right about what is going on. Its not that I dont doubt that your niece actually enjoyed what you all did years ago, but its awful fishy that she is throwing her kid at you. Sometimes in this day and age women will do a complete 180 and go after people who molested them even after keeping quiet for years. It smells of entrapment. I would really follow what the others have suggested. Check really carefully for hidden recording devices. And stay away from the daughter. Have a face to face with her about it or better still tell her you want her to participate by tying and blindfolding her daughter that way she will be equally as guilty if she has some hidden agenda. Good luck ..

>> No. 166442 Quote [Report]


Yes, good plan, combine these. Ask her about what she said to her daughter. Also ask her how she feels about it. It's a safe way to find out information, possibly settle the past, and possibly open a door in the future. If she wants anything to happen try to invite her to participate in some way. If she liked it she may have no reason to refuse.

>> No. 166450 Quote [Report]

i didnt ask my neice yet what she told her kid or anything.,but while i was babysitting her daughter i did look around for a camera etc..nothing., and she asked me again about the taste game. she said "why is the taste game a secret?" i said " it was something private a long time ago thats all.." kinda hoping to blow it off and maybe she forget about it. instead she says "it was private for just you and my mom?" i said "yes."
i tried to look back at the tv and look annoyed so she would drop it.
so she says "well my mom told me it was fun and you and her used to play it when you babysat for her when she was my age.. and when she got home the other day she asked me if we played it so if it was private for you and her only why did she ask me if we played it?"
it took me a minute to gather my wits and i was beginning to sweat,i felt scared,but the words :my mom said it was fun.." kept ringing in my ears.

so i said i dont know,maybe it was just a test to see if i am keeping our secret,because it was a private thing with me and your mom only.
maybe i will ask her later,now forget about it and watch the show..
she cuddled with me and watched tv till she fell asleep.i carried her to bed and tucked her in. as i was walking out of her room she woke and said "maybe we can play the game and then me and you have a secret too"
i said we'll see now go to sleep. she asked me to leave the door cracked.
i could not sleep.
i fell asleep about 3 or 4 i guess..when i woke uo my neices kid was under my cover on the couch spooned against me watching cartoons and i had severe morning wood.
i got up to go piss and when i turned around she was running away from the door and jumped under the covers,she was spying on me!
she knew she was busted and was all giggles,i tickled her and told her she shouldnt be peeping like that.we had a fun day and she did not go out to play till her mom got home.
i chickened out on asking my neice anything.
i told her everything went good and she behaved and left. she was pleasant but tired. i stopped down the street and my neices kid ran to my window to give me a goodbye kiss. thats all...

>> No. 166451 Quote [Report]

wow, didn't expect that. Now its a must that you ask you're niece, call her up and ask her what she told her daughter, because she keeps bringing up the taste game. Don't be scared just call her up and say you need to talk to her about something that's been bugging you since the first time you babysat, and do not bring up that her daughter said it was fun unless she said something like, those were fun times.

>> No. 166452 Quote [Report]

wow...you people are retarded

>> No. 166453 Quote [Report]
File god-kills-kitten-troll.jpg


He be trollin'.  Boxxy (all hail) sings a song about it on the JewChoobs

>> No. 166454 Quote [Report]
File 20141362pGu.jpg

i'm too scared to bring it up with her.
i have thought about it and tried but always chicken out at the last minute.
what if i bring it up and she suddenly freaks and gets flashback memories and goes off on me or something weird and ...legal?
but in a way i doubt it from what her kid been saying,it just scares the piss out of me to actually talk about it,i mean it IS illegal and i could get in deep shit even tho she seems ok with it now..

>> No. 166455 Quote [Report]

Your still lucky though. I wouldnt go for it if you think it is risky,also if you fear death or getting arrested then its best to leave things as they are. Life is full of risks and you have to be willing to accept the worst possibility,but regardless you already won.

>> No. 166456 Quote [Report]

First off this guy is stupid, Second why build us up just to be scared, unlike him i'm actually trying to help you. Im not saying to blurt it out, but say it non nonchalantly, im sure you can do that. And you will not get arrested man, shes of age, and if she didn't rat on you now then she cant again, and she seems to love you so she wont fuck you over.

>> No. 166459 Quote [Report]

>>166456 "first off this guy is stupid." You better not be talking about me punk.

>> No. 166460 Quote [Report]
File 1275935046058.jpg

>>166459 Oh i'm talking about you, "courage bitch"

>> No. 166462 Quote [Report]
File sweet-asian-girl-flips-the-bird.jpg


>> No. 166468 Quote [Report]

First of all correct he cannot get in trouble for what he did to the moother, he is worried that IF he does the same with the 7 year old he might get in trouble. That is a rational fear.
I have been watching this board for a while and will say I don't share the same joys you guys get out of this stuff.

Just a guy I would say confront her about it.  ask her why she told her daughter that, but don't come across as angry, go about it in a curious way. maybe she has a thing for you?

I think it is weird that she would offer her daughter up as bait to get you in trouble cause that would make her a little more fucked up then previously thought.

I would say play it cool with the kid, and ask her about why she talked to her daughter... hell throw in would you like to play it again?

>> No. 166469 Quote [Report]

I think she asked her daughter about the game to see if she would tell on you. Since the mother cares about her child so much, she would want to know if she was molested and if she can trust you. Saying that it was a fun game can only be a tactic to assure the child shes not in trouble for telling you the truth.
Of course theres always the other end of the spectrum that she actually did enjoy it when she was younger and wants her child experiencing the same thing. I highly doubt she wants her child experiencing this even if she did enjoy it before.

>> No. 166470 Quote [Report]

Seems to me that she wants her little girl to share an experience she remembers fondly. I say talk to her openly about it and if she is good with it you can play the "taste game with her daughter and give her some great memories also. It sounds to me like she really wants to do this, go for it dude.

>> No. 166485 Quote [Report]

since last i been in here....
she (my neice) did like it,she did want her daughter to know the same feelings she felt,not about taste or any guyb shit all emotions and sharing type stuff.. been alot going on fill u all in later...

>> No. 166486 Quote [Report]

sounds good

>> No. 166494 Quote [Report]

You either just blew my mind or told me nothing. Whatever you said I don't understand anything other than you will tell us later. Nothing in 4 days, you still around right?

>> No. 166496 Quote [Report]

Nothing more OP?

>> No. 166499 Quote [Report]
File 122158961683.jpg

i babysat and after putting my nieces kid to bed she came home and i was sitting there drinking crown royal..i had the nerve to ask her if she remembers the taste game we played when i used to sit her..she sat down and said "Oh the science experiment!..yeah i remember(giggle)..
so i asked her what she thought about it now..
she said she knew what i was doing back then and she was not dumb..she said she knew guys liked that kind of stuff and it made her feel like we had a secret nobody else knew about and she said she used to wink at me when other people were around (i dont recall that) and it made her feel big and important (she giggles again)
i try to giggle with her..
so i say,what did you tell *****(her kid) about it?
"Oh..did she mention that?..i just thought maybe you played it with her the first night you sat with her..since..you know..you did with me.."
(i'm shaking my head no now)
"but she said you didnt and asked me questions so i just told her it was private between me and you and it was a long time ago.."
she stands to go into the bathroom and says "dont worry about that,you were always my favorite uncle.."
i drink another shot.
when she comes out toweling her hair i get up to leave,she says i hope you and **** get to be as close as we were..i didnt have much of a dad and she doesnt either...
i say "shes a little doll,and smart a a whip to.."
goodnight she says...goodnight i respond then i went home.
i tried to tell you guys about it when i got home but i couldnt keep my eyes open.

>> No. 166500 Quote [Report]
File sisters (7).jpg

after that night i am under the impression she wants me to be emotionally close to her daughter and assumes i dont do stuff like the taste game anymore.as if,she looks at it like it was something "we" did..when "we were little"
and i think she was just double checking the 1st night to make sure i have grown out of such things.
since that night i have babysat 2 more times.
the next time i sat, my nieces girl asked me again about the taste game,she does not forget anything.
i told her to ask her mom about it.she didnt bring it up anymore.
the next time i sat with her she said "my mom said its ok if we play the taste game uncle *****
so you can tell me what it is now..
she had a devious smile on her face and i said "your mom did not say that! you are just trying to trick me into playing it!" and she laughed and i tickled her ribs til she wet her pants. i think i was right..she was trying to trick me,she never said for sure and i am NOT going to bring it up with my niece anymore.

>> No. 166501 Quote [Report]

W-wow! Even if you did play the game with the little girl and her mom tried to set you up,honestly she would be just as guilty as you. Hmm...tough call. You should have video taped the conversation you had with her. That way you could play the taste game with her daughter and if her mom ever tried to do anything just tell her mom that you video taped the conversation you had with her and if she tells on you threaten to show this in court,that way she goes down with you. Thats my opinion though. Do what ever you want,i dont know her so wouldnt be able to tell you what to do. I think the whole situation is weird in general. I rarely hear about stories where a mother incourages her daughter to have sex with her uncle or any guy in general.

>> No. 166502 Quote [Report]

No, no. Regardless of whether the mother wants you to or not, this is no more the mother's choice than prearranged marriages and whatnot. The girl has no clue what these things mean and would probably be easy to get the game going with, but even with mother's consent the daughter is not mature enough to be able to decide. Even with mother's permission, the daughter could still be fucked up from it.

Likeliness of this happening, and whether it's wrong is debateable. However, as someone who lives in fear of what you did before, you don't want to do this again. Wrong or not, it is illegal, so you are best to avoid it.

If you have a preference for little girls, then that is just preference, which happens to not be easy. If you have a compulsion to do this despite what a bad idea it is, that means you are the type that needs help. It's an easy thing to find someone to talk to about it, the hard part is finding out if they know what they're talking about.

If she wants you there for her daughter than that is good. I'd say the mother is fair game and you got lucky, perhaps both of you benefitted from it. It certainly isn't acceptable by society, but that's the only reason there's anything wrong with it, aka traditional bs you can ignore. If you two can really get along, then that actually looks like a family, although it's one that you may have to keep a secret or two about.

The worst you could do is try to be the father and the pervert to the girl. I just wanted to make sure you didn't forget the part about where mom's permission means nothing. I try not to give advice on /con/, but here it is.

If it helps, I think even first cousins can reproduce without problems, not posiitive, but pretty sure. I do know what what we think makes mutant babies is wrong, and 2nd is often legal, so 1st must be it. You like both of them, they like you. You should see what she thinks of it, she may not even need to be convinced to get together. Although the problem could be your lack of interest, I can't say I remember everything you ever posted about your preferences. Open your mind, see the potential, take it.

>> No. 166504 Quote [Report]

what an exploitable pic

>> No. 166506 Quote [Report]

yeah...lost in space, ...WARNING WILL ROBINSON! WARNING!

i hear ya.

>> No. 166508 Quote [Report]
File 19531538xTb.jpg

if i were you i would not be able to avoid the inevitable.i can tell you dream of your nieces kid sucking on your cock and swallowing your cum just like her mommy did when she was a little girl.
everytime you sit her you probably watch her eat and see her lips smacking and get a woody imagining her blindfolded with her mouth open wide and her tongue sticking out waiting for your cock.i dont blame you but if you do go through with it i would NOT tell the mom. what i would do is ...hehee, play the game with her and tell her its your secret and not even her mom can know,then tell the mom she kept bugging you about it so you had her taste some jelly off your finger just so she would stop bugging you about the damn game.
then..wait,maybe 3 more babysitting episodes and if all is cool,plant your dick in her sweet little mouth and let her suck all the jam and syrup off of it she wants and enjoy getting some good head a few times a week!
maybe even video the time you only used your finger and show the mom and then wait.
she sounds like the type that would laugh and say "oh well you got her to stop bugging you about it!"

>> No. 166521 Quote [Report]

What the fuck makes you think mother and daughter aren't closer together than to a fucking uncle? That's some pretty shitty advice, bro.

>> No. 166534 Quote [Report]

Not like any of this is real anyways bro.

>> No. 166562 Quote [Report]

You should just rape both your neices.

>> No. 166652 Quote [Report]

ive taken a couple psychology classes.. believe me when i say the mom wants you to do the same to her daughter. she is turned on by this and is giving you the green light. it is a fact that people who have been prayed upon (molested) reenact the trauma and it becomes a source of attraction for them. she'd love for nothing more than to see you with her daughter. imagine a three some or something.

what i dont get is what is taking you so long?

>> No. 166655 Quote [Report]


do it bro, this guy has taken a couple of psychology classes

>> No. 166676 Quote [Report]
File b505e989.jpg

well..i just got back in here,psychology guy is/was correct. long story,but just got done moving in with my niece,will fill u in later,gotta take u-haul back and i'm tired as hell...

>> No. 166678 Quote [Report]

Is that your niece?

>> No. 166682 Quote [Report]

c'mon OP tell us the climax of this. waitin so long to see whats coming next.

>> No. 166687 Quote [Report]

You talking about me or the "yeahh, yeahh" psychology guy?

I'm surprised this is still active. Other than 1 or 2 pointless things I don't check this site much. Unfortunately /adv/ is pretty slow, and /con/ became /csb/.

I said a few times it's nice to have a chan you can check every 2 weeks.

Anyways i'm still around. I think I see what happened.

>> No. 166822 Quote [Report]
File 1279273246438.gif

i am a happy man and dont need innernets no more.
sorry guys but i think is best if i dont talk any more.
tc all ( :

>> No. 166823 Quote [Report]


>> No. 166843 Quote [Report]

stfu samefag! If he leaves isn't that 10-20% of our /con/ population gone?

>> No. 166857 Quote [Report]

This is a good example. Instead of adults doing this something like this could be done with adult/child sex. If a loli wanted to have sex with an adult, she could rub her vagina against his penis and that way both of them enjoy the sex and nobody gets hurt. Wow,I wrote a lot today.

>> No. 167226 Quote [Report]
File 124439184698.jpg

just popped in to say hi!..everything is going great here!,have a new job and still living at my neices house and babysitting her kid,we are very close now ,shes great and smart as hell...well tc you guys and good luck with whatever is goin on with you!

>> No. 167228 Quote [Report]
File pure44_35a.jpg

if this is really tru, then im so fucking jelly! (...except your niece is a scarecrow, of course...)

this sounds like a good story for a lolicon manga, or something...anyway...the story strengthened my believe, that having sex with children isn`t always wrong, again...and it made me kinda horny...thanks op!

people who read stuff like this, (which sounds tru and believeable) and still pretend stuff like: "pedos who act their urges out, are all psychos!", are just stupid and blind as fuck.

>> No. 167441 Quote [Report]

I've fed lots of young boys my semen in food, ice cream, cakes and drinks. i'm thinking of stocking up a supply and keeping it in the fridge or freezer so that I always have it to feed to little boys. little boys love sweet, foods especially with whip cream. I think that I can save up a huge amount of my semen and mix it into whip cream to where the boys will be eating a few huge loads full in each serving. i love to see a cute boy smile at me as he eats a chocolate cupcake covered with whipped cream with a ton of my cum. there are quite a few boys who have eaten a LOT of my semen.... all cuties!

>> No. 167638 Quote [Report]

just had some time and wondered if this was still here. my story is true and everything is great with us.i hope u all find happiness.be kind ,look people in the eyes.listen carefully when people talk.smile.

>> No. 167641 Quote [Report]

There is a newer version of this story here:


The stories themselves are nominially preposterous and have the same basic premise -- 'secretly' feeding a child semen disguised as something else.

The responses in this thread must be frustrating to Ryan Sr. who is really looking for universal condemnation of the perpetrator, which, of course, he will not get here. Subconsiously he knows this, but sets himself up for disappointment and for rejection of this belief that what his molester did to him was devistating, which of course it was.

I hope he shows these stories to his therapist, maybe it is even part of his therapy (or side effect of therapy).

Good luck to you, I wish you well

>> No. 167645 Quote [Report]
File youre-fucking-retarded.jpg

>>The stories themselves are nominially preposterous and have the same basic premise -- 'secretly' feeding a child semen disguised as something else.


I didn`t read the other story, but in this story it wasn`t 'secretly feeded'. The girl in this story might not realized what was going on in the beginning, but it turned out that she liked it and wanted more.

I think, it was quite risky what OP did in this story, but can you really blame him for this? I think, most guys in his agegroup had did the same in this situation.

If you are talking about totally hoodwinking someone, then that`s just wrong, but before you try to condemn this OP here, then you should read the story first, before you reply.

>> No. 167646 Quote [Report]

I'd like someone to post a link to an ama video of an adult chick swallowing a guys come and obviously enjoying it -- like eating chocolate cake, for example.

I am not even sure you can find an ama video someone creaming on a chick's face and the chick saying that it was great, she wants more. Many do it to please their guy, or probably just to play "porn star" but it is pretty clear it is not something they get off on.

And don't post any bangbus or vivid video pro shit, because those skanks are so totally gone, you wouldn't be able to tell.

A 7 year old child deep-throating and swallowing? I don't think so. I agree that that is "preposterous." A 7 year old would just puke.

>> No. 167647 Quote [Report]

What is interesting about the story is the dilemma faced with a 50 year old man who is facing the consequence, after 30 years, of molesting a 7 year old girl one or two evenings. Will she remember because of a chance meeting? Will she tell? Will he face the same consequences as the priests we hear about seemingly every day? That dilemma is interesting even if the story itself if not true.

In fact, in my practice, I hear this anxiety from some of my older-middle aged male patients who discover they have ED or other sexual problems as they enter middle-age. Back in the day, chances were that the 7 year old would not have told anyone and the molester would have been absolutely safe. Now, with with so much publicity about the Catholic Church, the Dugard kidnapping and other news items, and a real effort of schools to talk to children about inappropriate sexual contact by family, babysitters, and so on, the chances of a molester getting caught is quite high. And there is some chance that even a fifty year old will be called out by an adult who decides after many years to blow the whistle.

But my original point was that the structure of story is pretty obvious. If it is pure fantasy, then the imagery is pretty clear. The feeding of semen into the mouth of a unknowing child. Yes, later it is revealed that she "knew" of the feeding, but much much later in the time line of the story and only after much anxiety on the part of Ryan Sr. about what the child, now an adult, really thought.

If the story is true, and I have no problem with someone believing it is true -- sometimes preposterous stories are true, then the molestation on the part of OP is most likely a replaying of the script of his molestation. Someone played "a fun game" which ended in the molester coming in Ryan.jpg's mouth. But I assure you, if the story is true, it still is preposterous. A 7 year old child would never enjoy a 20 year old man coming in her mouth. She might be in denial about it and that is frequently what happens. OP is totally in denial about his compulsion 20 years ago to pull out his penis and put it in a 7 year old's mouth.

And the cycle of molestation continues.

>> No. 167685 Quote [Report]

>>A 7 year old child would never enjoy a 20 year old man coming in her mouth.

You are right! I guess, women in general actually don`t really like cock at all. They just pretend to like cock, because we expect it from them and they just do it to please us. Apart from that, he could at least lick her little pussy once in a while. Just giving her some head was very selfish from him. Shame on you!

>> No. 167686 Quote [Report]

Or, maybe he could have just left her alone to begin with.

Obviously there are exceptions, but I think that women (BTW, I don't consider a 7 year old -- a child in the second grade -- to be a woman) are not crazy about guys coming in her mouth. My girlfriend routinely lets me do it, but you should see the expression on her face when I come. You've seen the identical slightly nauseous expression in true ama blowjob videos and you know what I mean. She tells me it is something she does because she loves me and wants me to feel good. As altruistic as I am, I come in her mouth to make her feel like she is making me happy!

As for a second grader? I have to believe it would be like wanting an adult to piss in your mouth. Why would she expect any different unless she had been molested before and knew the difference between pissing and coming?

>> No. 167697 Quote [Report]

Who are you to judge about what a 7yo should feel when a 20yo guy comes in her mouth, huh? You are just another one of these "civilized" dumbfucks who love to hate pedos and generalize every child-adult sex act to molestation and abuse. No wonder when children regret their curiosity, afterwards, since this world is full of hypocrites like you. You better should stop to domineer over children by using arguments which simply base on your own believes. It´s always the same. Children aren`t able to consent, children aren`t able to have fun with sex, children are too stupid for this and that. You know what? FUCK YOURSELF dumbfuck!

>> No. 167701 Quote [Report]

So you wouldn't have minded your dad cumming in all of your food when you were a kid, or smearing your toothbrush with cum? Cool. 

And lol 'How dare you say kids hate sex you know nothing about children! You know nothing about kids!!!' *swears down that ALL children are ready and waiting for sex from 0 months upwards regardless of the mountains of research and studies that's been done to prove otherwise*

Try harder faggot.

>> No. 167722 Quote [Report]

>>So you wouldn't have minded your dad cumming in all of your food when you were a kid, or smearing your toothbrush with cum?
How retarded are you trying to equalize such situations with OPs story?! These are totally different things, since the relationship in Ops story wasn`t based on hoodwinking, but merely on an accidentally slip-up by OP. Apart from that, if the girl didn`t like it, why do you think she still wanted to do it with him afterwards? If you really think a 7yo girl would be so awkward that she did this, although she hated it, just to please him, then you really must have been an extraordinary retarded kid back then!

>>swears down that ALL children are ready and waiting for sex from 0 months upwards
I never said ALL children are ready for sex from 0 month upwards. I can`t really tell at what age a person is able to understand the essence of something so simplistical and natural as a sexual pleasure. Though, i know for sure that children are already sexual beings from 0 moth upwards and i`m sure MANY children are already ready for a sexual relationship (even with an adult) at the age of the girl in OPs story.

Like i said, i never said ALL children are ready for it. YOU are the one who was generalizing here although there are thousands of studies and proofs that children can have fun with child-adult sex and absolutely don`t regret it, even as adults.

>> No. 167725 Quote [Report]

Could you provide links to some of those studies? it would really help me out in future debates/arguments.

>> No. 167729 Quote [Report]

Go to: http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBsQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fnewgon.com%2F&rct=j&q=newgon&ei=JGEsTvr_IMXMswbA1fnXCw&usg=AFQjCNEKV4iRv-KXplRRta6j9X7AYSqv-g&cad=rja

You almost can find anything there.

>> No. 167921 Quote [Report]

Shit this is still going? Guess im not helping hehe

>> No. 167922 Quote [Report]

Newgon is shit btw. Nothing but studies which never actually say 'child, children, etc' only minors or under 18s or even non-adults. Not one of those articles says CHILDREN and GROWN ADULTS. All of it could easily mean 16 year olds, 17 year olds, 14 year olds fucking their 19 year old, 20 year old partners, or partners of the same age...basically it's extremely easy to dispute and doesn't entirely help our case. I'd suggest finding something better which actually says 'children are fine with it' but in fancier terms, obviously.

This coming from someone on your side.

>> No. 168177 Quote [Report]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread. Thank you for your story, OP.

>> No. 168179 Quote [Report]

Sounds to me like justaguy, just got lucky. XD Don't worry, I was all for it the entire time. And remember, use high capacity memory cards in your camera so you can record in HD video. :D

>> No. 168419 Quote [Report]
File img 2012_2_25.jpg

hi everyone!
just thought i'd drop by and tell you all i am moving out of my nieces house,everything still going good here and we still getting along great!

>> No. 168488 Quote [Report]


so nothing else happened?

>> No. 168592 Quote [Report]

How anticlimactic.
Like most things in life.

>> No. 168686 Quote [Report]

wow this is still here huh?!...LOL

well i moved into an apartment about 12 miles from my niece's house.every friday my niece pulls up in front about 4p.m. and drops off katy,she runs dragging her backpack to give me a big hug and a HUGE smile. we are VERY close..on sunday about 6p.m. her mom pulls up to honk and my nieces daughter slowly and sadly walks back to her car.
i rarely talk to my niece anymore she waves from the car,evidently she does not spend any time with her daughter either.i think her head is up her boyfriends ass so far she is ignoring her kid and everything else in her life.
they are supposed to get married this fall.
my katy does not like her moms boyfriend and i think she really just wishes i could be her new stepdad.i tried to tell her everything will be ok her mom is just in love right now and things will return to normal after the wedding...she looked at me sad faced and said "this IS normal,me and you have fun every weekend and miss each other all week and my mom ignores us.."
she is doing good tho- i help her with her school work and we go to the beach and cook out and cuddle and its great.i just know her mom is going to regret this lost time with her daughter..

>> No. 168687 Quote [Report]

the part that bothers me is...well..i kinda like her leaning on me so much and feeling closer to me than her mom or grandma or anyone.
i enjoy being her number one..and even tho i have dated a couple times i really do value my time with her more than anything else in my life.
when i played the experiment with her mom so many years ago it was just fun and i was a horny dog,but i had "a life" apart from that.
now i spend all week looking forward to her coming over..when i shop i look for stuff she would like food she likes surprises for next friday etc..
i know its not...umm..healthy? but wtf we have fun together and she gives me something to look forward to and i help her with schoolwork and advice about life...good advice i hope..odd as it seems we seem to have a mutually beneficial relationship and need each other right now.
but it bothers me that her mom just...grew away from her...kinda dumped her..thats what it feels like when she drops her off,like shes dumping her/getting her out of the way.
it hurts because she is SO smart and so cute and has such a great sense of humor and she loves ironic things..and her mom knows nothing about this beautiful little creature it seems.
oh well..take care,maybe i'll pop in again.

>> No. 168688 Quote [Report]

the part that bothers me is...well..i kinda like her leaning on me so much and feeling closer to me than her mom or grandma or anyone.
i enjoy being her number one..and even tho i have dated a couple times i really do value my time with her more than anything else in my life.
when i played the experiment with her mom so many years ago it was just fun and i was a horny dog,but i had "a life" apart from that.
now i spend all week looking forward to her coming over..when i shop i look for stuff she would like food she likes surprises for next friday etc..
i know its not...umm..healthy? but wtf we have fun together and she gives me something to look forward to and i help her with schoolwork and advice about life...good advice i hope..odd as it seems we seem to have a mutually beneficial relationship and need each other right now.
but it bothers me that her mom just...grew away from her...kinda dumped her..thats what it feels like when she drops her off,like shes dumping her/getting her out of the way.
it hurts because she is SO smart and so cute and has such a great sense of humor and she loves ironic things..and her mom knows nothing about this beautiful little creature it seems.
oh well..take care,maybe i'll pop in again.

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