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/con/ ~ Alright, here's a confession for you. Three y...
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Alright, here's a confession for you. Three years ago I was making out with a chick in her bedroom - we had just met a month or so ago, and we had talked on the internet about fooling around. Well, I was in the moment, and I was very worked up. I kept trying to do things, like pull her top down, or pull out my cock, whatever, but she would shake her head. But we continued making out and then a little while later I would try the same things again. Eventually she got tired of me coaxing her and gave me a blowjob... and later, when it sank in that I'd pressured her, I felt like absolute shit. I mean, I fell apart. I told her I was sorry and she said it was fine and she didn't hate me...

Well last night I started thinking about all the bad shit I'd done in the past and that transgession popped into my mind. So I sent her a facebook chat message saying I was sorry again. This time she deleted me. So curiously I sent her a message asking her why she deleted me, and her boyfriend messeged me threatening me and telling me to leave her alone. So I told him I was sorry and then backed off. Well, fuck, that just made me feel worse. So here I sit, still with this fucking shit on my conscience, hating myself for what I've done. There are a lot of other reasons I hate myself, but that's one of the main ones.


it's possible she thought you were bringing it up to get some more action. guy, it's over so get over it.

women crave just like men do, she simply responded to your hard on and sucked you off--it's nature. this may be a bit of news to you. your apologies mean well but it's not the right thing to do and if you had continued dating you would have seen that on your own. she'd be sucking you off and your loads would be a basic biological sign that you like her.

i recommend you stop masterbating for a good 3months and find a new lady friend in the mean time, take it slow you'll be a man in no time.


thats some fucked up shit on her part. get over it. either she really wanted to suck your dick or she's so fucked up in the head that she has no confidence and let the pressure get to her easily. Now if you forced her to suck your dick and she was crying and begging to stop then you wud be pretty fucked up and should go kill yourself. You obviously have a conscience and it wasnt as big of a deal as ur making it out to be so it's all good.



No, I would never do anything like that. That's not in my nature. But to me it felt damn near close enough to rape to feel shitty about it later. But I suppose I should put the past behind me and move on.


Life is a learning experience. Stop ignoring overused statements and pay attention to what that means.

If she wasn't scared for her safety then you forced nothing.

This is good, you now understand consequences, and may even avoid becoming a typical man, and could be something better.

3 years in between contacts means you are a complete stranger, and people avoid their problems. Welcome to the internet, you aren't a person with feelings.

If she didn't even respond herself then she sucks, not that it isn't normal. If he responded with that aggression then she probably fed him some bullshit story to make you out to be an enemy and make herself feel better for ignoring you.

You know whether you are good or bad, and you choose what you will be from now on.


That's why you hate yourself? I hate myself because my sole goal in life is to fuck my sister.


You "pressured" her into doing it? Sounds to me like she's pretty fucking submissive and you shouldn't have apologized at all, since that put more focus on you being wrong.

Then either she felt upset and got her boyfriend to message you, or she gave him her password and since he's a controlling asshole (perfect for her) he took care of it.

That's just how I see it. It could be different I'd have to be you to know the situation well enough to say.


Don't beat yourself up cause she was a whore. its her fault, not yours


 "Enthusiastic Yes" is more real than "lack of terror"- settle for nothing less

And uhh...stop apologizing. You pressured her for sex, that's fucking scary. SHE never wants to talk to you again. By apologizing, you put HER in a position of fear, all to ease your concience.


Its ok man, just let it go.

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